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Tower crane anti-collision and zone protection systems are now an essential safety attachment to prevent collisions with other tower cranes and nearby structures.
P.V. Ramdev, Managing Director - Everest Engineering

Everest anti-collision and zone protection systems are designed for Indian conditions such as frequent power failures and fluctuations, heavy rains, and communication disturbance due to surrounding steel structures.

The systems are suitable for any make or model of tower cranes. Their wide screen display, clear indications, alarms and cut offs, enable ease of operation. They can be switched on or off any number of times without crashing the motherboard, and will start functioning within a few seconds when switched on. Power module (SMPS) is kept away from the motherboard to avoid its failure due to the heat generated.

Live communication with other tower cranes and ground monitoring systems are configured with a wireless radio. The radio frequencies are specified by the Ministry of Communication for crane control (non-licensed).

Functions & Advantages
  • Tower crane jib to jib collision will be stopped
  • Tower crane jib to counter jib collision will be stopped
  • Hanging load on the hook will not collide with other crane’s jib or counter jib
  • Live positioning of trolley / hook
  • Live positioning of slewing (rotation) angle.
  • Additional functions of safe load indicator (SLI) are in built:
    1. Load display & cut off
    2. Wind velocity warnings
    3. Hook height
  • Power failure safety: If one tower crane’s power fails, then another tower crane cannot enter the rotating circle of the power-failed tower crane. This is because the power-failed tower crane may rotate in any direction due to the wind’s pressure.
  • History of functions can be downloaded.
Ground monitoring system
We also offer a ground monitoring system, which can be attached with any computer / laptop. Any height extension of a tower crane can be uploaded to all tower crane anti-collision systems from the ground monitoring system; else the engineer would have to modify the height changes on each tower crane after every height extension. 30 tower cranes can be configured with a single ground monitoring system.

Everest Engineering

Installation & Services
We have installed more than 450 anti-collision systems in India within a span of 7 years, all of which are working well. Their installation and calibration are very simple and one can be trained to use the system in a few hours’ time. We have a team of 16 dedicated engineers stationed at various sites across the country to take care of the systems.
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