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The world is increasingly witnessing a strategic shift by quarry and mine operators. They recognise that to gain an edge over their competitor they need to offer the best quality sand to their customers as the modern day builders require sand within very tight specifications. The old technologies are no longer applicable in modern day sand manufacturing as there has been a major shift in construction industry situation. The cultural outlook of the society has also changed towards mining & quarrying activity and it is considered as one biggest polluters of environment. Thus the washing plants have to operate within strict environment friendly way following zero discharge norms with no pollution of the atmosphere either from materials or from noise etc.

To increase return on investment, construction companies are increasingly adopting manufactured sand to reduce cement consumption and faster delivery of projects through quick setting concrete. Hence they prefer to invest in more efficient sand washing systems such as the popular COMBO plants. These new generation of sand washing plants have been developed in Europe in the last two decades with unique design features which has taken note of the above mentioned deficiencies of the existing plants and also addressed the constantly changing requirements of the construction industry to a great extent. Some of the unique features of these are
  • Mobile and compact
  • With advanced no spill transfer points
  • High quality components and reduced maintenance
  • Offer a simple, one-touch solution
These come with their own electric control panel and are pre-wired. Water conservation being a major concern in India, the COMBO plants are equipped with water recycling and sludge management system, which recycles 95% of used water.

Mobile washing systems have revolutionised the sand and aggregate washing industry in terms of efficiency, allowing customers to wash even the dirtiest of sands and aggregates thanks to its pinpoint accuracy in silt and clay cut points (usually around 75 to 63 micron).

The unique COMBO plants comprising
  • Pre-screening
  • Single or double stage fines washing unit using hydrocyclone(instead of spiral classifiers)
  • With high efficiency product dewatering screens
  • Water recycling and sludge managementinto one compact chassis, the COMBO plant is an all-in-onewashing solution with a capacity range of up to 200 tonnesper hour.
The water recycling and sludge management unit mounted on the same chassis enables user-friendly water management on site that recirculates 95% of water from the sand washing process immediately for reuse. The water recovery system includes highly efficient water recycling unit along with the revolutionary EasySettle technology for faster settlement of the sludge so that more water could be recovered at the earliest. The technology involves addition of special flocculants to the sludge stream from thickener underflow which modifies the solids in such a way that entrapped water is immediately released and there by the slurry density increases significantly. Additionally the solids now would not absorb water and hence can be left in the open. Thus it enables quick removal of settled solids as they are quite dry and thus make the settling pond availability much higher. The water recovery now is almost 95%. The overall plant availability has increased significantly, higher than 90%, and this well compensates the cost of additional chemicals.

Paying particular attention to quality, performance and resilience, all transfer points, pumps and pipes are rubber-lined for maximum wear resistance, screening media use high wear life PU panels and features a high frequency dewatering screen design. Each machine is developed, made to order and tested at the factory to satisfy every requirement set out by the client.

As may be seen these new age plant & technology
  • Can produce both concrete and plaster sand as perspecifications
  • Correct level of moisture in product for concrete making
  • High product yield (no loss of sand)
  • Require minimum footprint
  • Low unit power & water consumption
  • Water recycling and sludge management functions ensurealmost 95% water recovery and zero liquid discharge from theplant area
  • Reagents used during water and sludge treatment are highmolecular weight organic compounds and widely used indrinking water treatment. They are eco-friendly in nature anddoes cause any harm to the environment
  • The noise levels during operation are well below 80db
  • The sludge is recovered from the wastewater as a by-productand could be used for producing bricks and blocks, recoveringalmost 100% of the material in a usable state
For all quarry and mine operators as well as the construction contractors who wish to optimise business operations, the flexibility of new sand washing equipments and the range of applications available to them are set to revolutionise the industry.
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