Rising demand for crushed aggregates throughput from road construction projects is driving crushing and screening equipment manufacturers to undertake design improvements in their plants and machines. The challenge is to align products to meet quarry owners’ requirements. P.P. Basistha reports.

Plant 4

Mr. Abhijeet Pai, President at Puzzolana
Puzzolana Machinery Fabricators is expanding its product range and exploring new market areas for deployment of its machines. Enlarging its business of tracked crushing and screening solutions, the company will be launching a new range of track crushers and screens during Excon 2017. Mr. Abhijeet Pai, President at Puzzolana, informs, “These plants will be more environment friendly as they will be designed to deliver lower operation and maintenance costs. Our 250-tph track plants that were launched in the recent past have got an encouraging response from the market due to their advanced designs, resulting in optimum performance. Customers are taking the advantage of electric power as alternate (wherever available) thereby saving on the energy costs.”

Puzzolana is looking at new mineral processing sites for its tracked crushing and screening machines. Its crawler units, both primary crusher and screens, can be used in demolition and recycling of concrete / building waste. Its diesel electric crawlers can aid the crushers in tunneling operations, its roller screens can be deployed for removal of the tunnel’s excavated rocks, and the washing systems can be rid of all deleterious materials, and clean the aggregates.

Moving towards higher capacity machines, the company has added a new range of jaw crushers with the same drive motor. Further, to meet demand for bigger secondary crushers of +400 tph, it has added a new cone crusher. The bigger machines will reduce the number of machines and accessories, which in turn, will reduce the cost/ton of production, and enhance efficiency.

“To improve the life of the wear parts, such as for abrasive ores like quartzite, we’ve extensively studied the wear pattern and profiles of jaw Plates and cone liners of such plants and developed specific designs to suit the applications,” informs Mr. Pai.

Puzzolana customers are serviced by the company’s engineers who visit the sites and recommend the parts that the quarry owners should stock. Spare parts are also available with its dealers. “We have a wide network of dealers in India as well as in Africa, Middle East, South East Asia and Bhutan. We also offer annual maintenance contracts, besides periodic checks of plants and advise on operation, maintenance and refurbishment of equipment periodically, as part of product support packages,” says Mr. Pai.

Mr. Ramesh Palagiri, MD, Wirtgen India
Wirtgen India is looking to enlarge business, based on the advanced features of the Kleeman crushing and screening solutions. Mr. Ramesh Palagiri, MD, Wirtgen India says, “The Kleeman screening units have an area of 9.5 m2 in the upper deck, and are available as twin-deck (MS 952 EVO) and triple-deck (MS 953 EVO) screens. They boast a high production output with capacity for up to 500 tonnes per hour. In order to guarantee an optimal material outflow, the feed hopper has a very large feed capacity and opens in the direction of the material flow. Loading is effected using a wheel loader. However, this is also possible with an upstream crushing plant. If this has a lower discharge height, the side panels of the feed hopper can be removed for improved loading.”

He continues, “The MS 953 EVO is equipped with a large feeding conveyor with a width of 1200 mm, whose incline can be adapted hydraulically to the material flow. The screen angle of the screen box can be varied for different applications for efficient classification. Thanks to the use of impact plates at the conveyor discharge and at the screen feeding area, the material is evenly distributed and the plant is protected against wear. Support feet at the screen box ensure enhanced stability when loading with the wheel loader.”

He explains, “The Kleeman screens features high levels of flexibility. The screen media of the MS 952 and MS 953 EVO can be changed quickly for different operating requirements. The screen media are easily accessible from all sides and are secured with wedges. Other service components, such as the large engine compartment, are also easy to service. There are useful additional options for the plant. An optional belt cover and a water system at the fine grain discharge conveyor are offered to reduce the amount of dust when working in densely populated areas.”

Mr. Palagiri adds, “The screening plant is controlled via a user-friendly, mobile control panel. It can be connected at three different locations on the plant. The safety of the plant operator is increased with the improved visibility of the folding and lowering functions. The control panel has an intuitive design with a clear, coloured display of all controllable machine functions.” Kleemann crushing plants, according to the company has carried some recent innovations. This includes, CFS – Continuous crusher feed system, diesel – electric drive; crusher de-blocking system.

Plant Optimization

Mr. Ashoktaru Chattopadhyay

According to Mr. Ashoktaru Chattopadhyay, Head of Crushing and Screening business - Sandvik India, “We are delivering solutions, that goes on towards understanding customer requirement and provide the best solution by using each crusher in circuit for optimum use.

Sandvik Crusher 440
The plant needs to be balanced so that our O&M is least in the indusry. This is being done through right product placement, right installation and and total life cycle support towards the crushing requirements of the client. In accordance with this, we have made our selection of VSI and cone crushers more flexible, so has to accommodate higher volumes of feed materials, for higher production of crushed aggregates with higher reduction ratios and sand.”

He says, “Our CH540, 180 tph cone crushers delivers between 0-20 mm of manufactured sand, CH 440, 300 tph cone crushers produces between 0-40 mm aggregates while our CH 550, 400 tph crushers provides throughput between 0-40 mm of crushed aggregates.”

Mr. R.S. Raghavan, MD, Proman

Taking cognizance of higher throughput needs, Proman is offering its new heavy-duty Projaw 5040 jaw crushers and Procone 5010 cone crushers. According to Mr. R.S. Raghavan, MD, Proman, “Pro Jaw 5040 jaw crusher is designed based on our vast experience in the Indian rocks and crushing industry requirements.

PROMAN new launches
The biggest jaw from Proman’s stable, designed on finite element analysis, is capable of accommodating 1-meters boulders to produce between 400-500 tph aggregates. Our Procone 5010 cone is unique machinery which can accommodate 8-9 inches of feed material and can produce 180tph to 200tph of 0-20mm of crushed aggregates in a two-stage option which is very useful in the granite applications. As a secondary provision in a three-stage combination, it can be opened to 45 mm to produce feed to a 600-800HP VSI for producing 350-400tph of high quality sand and aggregates.”

He informs, “Proman jaw and cone crushers are designed for optimum crushing ratio, along with design flexibility, and options such as automatic lubrication, easy closed side setting, and standard automatic tramp relief. Further, our cone crushers’ liners do not need backing compound, our vertical shaft impactors are serviceable from the top, and have drop in tips, so the units are easy to service. For ease of transportation, assembly and dismantling, they are designed such that they can be mounted on skids, fixed, or wheeled.” Proman provides operator training at sites and at its facility, and has deputed service engineers across the country.

Propel Industries is set to introduce its new tracked, three stages, 200 and 250 tph jaw and cone plants, along with three and four deck screens. The new plants, manufactured at the company’s new facility at Coimbatore, will be targeted at road contractors and producers of commercial aggregates.

Mr. V. Senthil Kumar, MD, Propel Industries
“The dual powered, diesel electric plants score over other competitive products, where the engines drive the hydraulics, which in turn power the machines. In our new simplified tracked plants, the generators will directly drive the motors, thus making power transfer more efficient. This will make the machines more fuel efficient, reduce maintenance, and improve productivity,” says Mr. V. Senthil Kumar, MD, Propel Industries.

The tracked plants will be offered to customers with an option of Caterpillar and Scania engines. Propel will also be introducing higher capacity skid and mobile configured crushers. “Targeting limestone production for cement industries, we are working on higher capacity, close side settings adjusted, 600 tph jaw crushers. The unit, with an opening of 1400x1200 mm, will be able to accommodate 1-meter boulders easily,” adds Mr. Kumar.

Cone Crusher QM350

Propel manufactures jaw and cone crushers between 150-200 and 250-300tph. Its vertical shaft impactor line comprises 75,100,150,200 and 250 tph.It has made improvisations in its cone crushers to optimize operations of the plant owners. The improved cone crushers can now be altered to produce manufactured sand. The crushing chamber can be altered by changing the concave and mantle. This will reduce the gap between the concave and improve production of fine aggregates and sand. Propel’s sand washing and classifier equipments, Prowash 100-150 and 200 can produce plaster and manufactured sand from the cone crusher simultaneously during the operation process.

Mr. Ajay Varma, Director, Marsman India
Marsman has introduced a new range of jaw crushers for the primary and secondary stages. The units comprise PJC 30”x20”, PJC 44”x33”,PJC 48”x38” primary jaw crushers and SJC 42”x09” secondary jaw crusher. Mr. Ajay Varma, Director, Marsman India, informs that the new range of jaw crushers are fitted with hub and sleeve, making withdrawal process easier. The advanced jaw crushers come with hydraulic systems for setting the jaw plate for the desired output material.

Marsman is looking to broaden its presence in mobile plants. Says Mr. Varma, “The latest trend in the market is mobile crushing and screening. Our impactor, jaw and screens have been finding favourable response in India and abroad. Demand for mobile crushing has gone up as it enables transporting the plant altogether from one site to another once the project is complete. A major advantage is that the plants can be erected, commissioned and dismantled in the shortest possible time.”


Marsman has also been strengthening its after-sales support to its customers. Mr. Varma, says, “The crushing and screening market is highly service-oriented. We have in place a dedicated team of highly skilled engineers located in different parts of the country, and they are just a call away. Once the machine is dispatched to a customer’s site our service engineer is deployed for erection and commissioning, besides which, is available throughout the warranty/post warranty period.”

The company has a special team of engineers for turnkey crushing and screening plants to assist in the erection, commissioning, smooth running, and to ensure that the output capacity is being met. Genuine spare parts of the company are stocked in various regions to meet urgent demand from users and curtail lead times. The company also offers contract crushing and annual maintenance contracts to customers.

Mr. Haresh Prajapati, Manager Marketing, Gujarat Apollo
Gujarat Apollo is broadening its presence in the mobile plants business and has been incorporating new features in its crushing machines. Mr. Haresh Prajapati, Manager Marketing, Gujarat Apollo, informs: “We have in place a complete range of jaw, cone and horizontal shaft impactors for varied requirements. These include our HSI range of 100-300 tph, jaw impactors of 100-250 tph, and cone impactors of 100-200tph. We have made our cone impactors more user-friendly, for instance, in our multi-cylinder cone impactor, in case of back-up power disruption and stalling of the machine, the crushed material can be easily extracted manually from the crusher chamber.”

Improvisations have also been made in the blow bar setting mechanism of the horizontal shaft impactors. Says Mr. Prajapati, “The blow bar setting mechanism is more user-friendly now, and it is also easier to replace the parts and components in our HSI. Design improvements made in the rotor and apron will now prevent components from falling in the crusher chamber (due to vibration) and damaging the machine.”

The company renders technical support through its erection and commission engineers stationed at quarry sites for two months to ensure smooth running of the machines.

Gujarat Apollo HS14 Impactor

Higher Plant Efficiency & Productivity

Mr. Jonas Nilsson, VP, Volvo India Pvt. Ltd
Having commenced production of its engines for the commercial market at its Pithampur Powertrain facility, Volvo Penta India is looking to tap tracked plants and captive power for mobile and stationery plants, says Mr. Jonas Nilsson, VP, Volvo India Pvt. Ltd., “The new production line will enable us to cut down lead times and logistics costs, and enable us to deliver our engines at competitive prices to Indian and foreign OEMs of crushing and screening manufacturers. Based on proven global technologies of Volvo Penta, we offer tier 2,3,4 certified engines from 5L to 16L with a power range of 143Hp to 768Hp. However, for the Indian market, we will offer 143-320 Hp engines as per the requirement.”

Volvo india
He adds, “Indian tracked plant operators are looking for high crushed throughput, and plants (jaw, cone and vertical shaft impactors) with engines that can crush bigger sized granular sub base boulders with rapid consistency. Volvo Penta engines for crusher and screener applications are calibrated to accept sudden load changes caused (for example) by large boulders being fed into the crushing unit. Our technical expertise enables us to deliver high performing, durable products with higher fuel efficiency, low maintenance, and longer service life.”

Volvo Penta will also be promoting its diesel generating sets for stationery crushing and screening plants. “Volvo Penta powered continuous duty diesel generating sets in range of 250kVA to 650kVA have a proven track record in reliability,fuel efficiency and uptime. We will be looking for more business opportunities through our channel partners Supernova, Sterling & Wilson, Power Engineering, Rai and Kohler,” informs Mr. Nilsson.

Promoting sales through newer product development and advancement in the existing product lines is a notable initiative of the crusher manufacturers. However, retention of business will depend on appropriate, most vital continuous product support as customers may require some time to fully get themselves acclimatized to the newer technology offerings. There will also be requirement of support for erection and operation of plants based on the changing requirement of the quarry owners and operators.
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