Volvo FH Trucks
New Volvo FH - A Powerful, Efficient and Easy-To-Drive Truck for Heavier Loads

The Volvo FH has been the icon of Volvo Trucks for over 20 years globally. After twenty years of patronage and global adulation, it was the time to relook, rework and redefine the image. That's what we did - we worked on the new FH for you, right from the scratch. When we look at the FH now, it looks completely different, however make no mistake, it's still a Volvo FH that you are looking at. Only more rugged, efficient, and reliable.

New Volvo FH Truck with Updated Features

A very distinct identity Asok George and his team who worked on the exteriors had only one priority; that is to give the Volvo FH a distinctive edge. It began with an upright cabin and streamlined windscreen which makes the cabin roomier. The lines of the cabin are fluid giving an impression of a truck leaning forward with its wheels pressing the ground, rearing to go. This restless energy is further complemented with the flowing graphics on the upper edge of the mud guard flaring forwards and downwards; that emphasize the aerodynamics.

A roomy workplace at Volvo, we care for people. Everyone likes to have his own space and this is emphasized in the cabin design. The upright A-pillars make the cabin more spacious, making it an inviting place where drivers would enjoy their work. The windscreen is larger, curving towards the A-pillar, giving a feeling of space. The cab has a high ceiling to further enhance the high overhead space, along with a sky roof, which doubles up as an emergency exit.

Volvo Trucks
No matter how powerful the truck is, it rises to its full potential only when it is in able hands - and able hands work better when the workplace is comfortable. Every element in the cabin is designed with the driver in mind. The curved dash is not only appealing, but has an ergonomic and comfortable driving position. Buttons, controls, storage all are within easy reach. Sitting behind the wheel for long hours can be stressful in cramped spaces, so we have cushioned the seat even more with stronger lateral support and ample leg space. Passenger side mirrors are electrically controlled, so that driver doesn't have to get up and everything is at his fingertips. Should the driver need to take a break while the co-driver handles the assignment, there is a wide lower bunk where he can stretch out for a comfortable rest.

Volvo Easy to Drive Trucks
Making it count where it matters. The Volvo FH is not only about looks and comfort. It is a long-term player. The front axle has load bearing certified for upto 10 tonnes and the rear tandem axle and bogie suspension is designed to handle up to 33 tonnes, making it an obvious choice to take on bigger and heavier assignments with ease. It is now technically rated for GCW of 200 MT when coupled to suitable hydraulic axle trailer; a 33% increase from the classic version. While the exteriors look elegant, the bodyline is robust with a 520 HP engine and a matched transmission delivering the best-in-class efficiency.

The Volvo FH keeps the driver updated with the Dynafleet Online 'Fuel & Environment' and 'Positioning' services. It provides information regarding vehicles performance and location, for better control on the fleet and take required action to improve their operational efficiency. To sum it up, the Volvo FH still remains the flagship model, which transcends its own benchmark time after time and maintains its position of being the most powerful truck on the Indian roads.

New Volvo FH Truck - Characteristics at a glance

  • Distinguished exterior - Upright A-pillar, dynamic forward sloping design
  • Bigger and brighter inside - Upright A-pillar, bigger windshield and side windows, unique roof hatch
  • Unmatched driver comfort - New ergonomically designed dashboard, instrument cluster, Air suspended driver seat, sleeker steering column etc.
  • High load carrying capacity - Technically approved for 200 MT of GCW
  • New 10 tonnes front axle, New 33 tonnes rear tandem axle
  • New 12x24 Tyre size for superior road grip and avoid tyre slippage under heavy loads
  • Electric Parking Brake - The parking brake activation is through an easy-access switch on the dash. Also the parking brake activates automatically when the engine is turned off to ensure high degree of safety even if the driver misses it.
  • Dynaflee Online - 'Fuel & Environment' and 'Positioning' services.
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