Eicher Pro 8031XM truck for mining industry provides greater productivity and delivers high performance in tough conditions

Eicher Pro Tipper Truck

When it comes to mining trucks, what sets apart the extraordinary from the ordinary, is the 'Extra' that makes the difference and delivers the competitive edge. Our innovative approach offers technology, products and services that deliver extra performance, uptime, productivity and fuel efficiency.

So, we've engineered trucks with extra power, stronger chassis, efficient driveline, and a world-class cabin to deliver that 'Extra' to our customers. We understand that trucks shouldn't come to the service centre, but the service centre must go to the truck. That's why we offer on-site service support to enable extra uptime. We have also gone a step further by offering driver training to get the best out of our trucks and have introduced telematics, to improve overall operational efficiency.

In short, XM is more than just a product; it's a consolidated offering that provides 'Premium experience at Value'.

Eicher Mining Trucks- Extra Mining Extra Advantage

Mining companies face a challenging business environment with weakening prices prompting belt-tightening measures across the board. At the same time, trends towards resource nationalism and greater environmental and social expectations mean that maintaining a social license to operate is more directly linked to value perceived by host countries.

Mining vehicles have to take a lot of load. And we don't mean just payload. They have the added expectation of being reliable enough to perform in extreme working environments and still be economical. They must be extra robust and rugged. And they must deliver extra performance and generate extra profits.

'Higher productivity at a lower cost per ton', that's the mantra we hear from the Mining industry. The Eicher's Pro 8031XM is the right answer for the road ahead. It satisfies the highest demands of productivity. The 'Bigger, Faster, Smarter' mining product is designed to provide greater productivity to lower miner's cost per ton. It also opens up a new dimension in transport efficiency to get extra revenue and to maximize profitability.

Productivity by Design – Extra Gain at no extra cost

Mining is more than just transportation. Our products carry out important jobs. We can cope with the most demanding requirements of the mining industry – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Productivity is one of the most important aspects of the business that leads to higher revenue. It's basically doing 'as much as you can and as fast as you can'. It is not only about the capacity of the truck, but also the speed and availability. With the peak torque available over a wide speed range, you have all the power that you need right through the operations, leading to faster average speeds and turnaround.

The Productivity of the Eicher Pro 8031XM arises from its core design where each component meets higher standards of reliability. Eicher Pro 8031XM is designed to deliver high performance in mines through its next-generation VEDX8 Engine based on Volvo group technology. Powered to deliver a staggering 330 HP, the engine offers power-on-demand to deliver better pick-up, superior gradeability and higher tractive force at wheels to reduce trip time and maximize productivity required for tough mining operations. With this rugged power, the truck also combines economy.

Eicher Mining Trucks with Superior Fuel efficiency to go the 'Extra Distance'

Fuel efficiency plays a pivotal role in a market where fuel prices are unstable. Which is why we have created products to ensure they go that 'Extra Distance' on each litre of fuel. In today's fast growing emerging markets, customers are demanding great fuel efficiency and uptime, while looking for reliable and durable products at an affordable price as well as complete aftermarket support. The right truck at the right price with great service.

The new Eicher Pro 8031XM comes with a well synchronized driveline that is designed for superior fuel efficiency. Delivering a peak torque of 1200 Nm over a wide range of 1200 to 1650 rpm, it ensures that you have the required torque right from the start and it stays with you throughout, resulting in overall superior performance and fuel efficiency. A wide economic speed range of 900 – 1600 rpm helps to get the maximum fuel efficiency.

The new Eicher Pro 8031XM comes with a unique 'Fuel Coaching' feature that further enhances the fuel efficiency by providing real time information to drivers, guiding them to drive in the most optimized gear to achieve superior fuel efficiency. No wonder the new Eicher Pro 8031XM has the best-in-class fuel efficiency.

Rugged and Robust Mining Trucks– Extra Tough for Extra Rough

Mining throws numerous challenges from multi-shift operations to heavy load movements round the year on gradients to unpaved dusty roads. That's why you need a Mining Tipper that's rugged and robust and delivers in extreme working environments. The Eicher Pro 8031XM is designed and rigorously tested for delivering high performance for moving loads with ease in such tough conditions. It delivers higher fuel economy too.

The new Eicher Pro 8031XM is built on an 8 mm thick, high strength steel stronger and flexible chassis. The chassis frame is further reinforced with a 5 mm thick inner liner, giving it that extra strength required for mining operations. The all steel welded construction low CG body design provides necessary rigidity throughout the life of the vehicle. The reinforced tipper body with high tensile wear resistant steel and rock breakers on the rock body further strengthens the body for longer life.

Driver Comfort, for stress-free work

Trucks alone don't make profits, but along with the drivers they do. The new Eicher Pro 8031XM cab is designed keeping the driver comfort in mind, so as to provide comfortable and stress-free environment for long working hours. A comfortable and stress-free driver not only enhances the productivity, but also reduces the risk of accidents. The air conditioned 2.5 m wide cab is built with superior quality interiors, driver-friendly instrument panel and an ergonomic seat for stress-free driving. Another unique feature is a wide sleeper berth for the driver to rest during breaks.

Despite being a tough truck, everything inside the cab feels inviting. Sitting in the comfortable driver seat, the first thing that strikes you is the clean design – the dash, steering wheel and instrument cluster. The gently curved dash is designed for an ergonomic and comfortable driving position with all buttons, instruments and storage within easy reach. The instrument cluster puts vital information where the driver can see it at a glance, while the less frequently used controls are further away. The sleek steering column design allows comfortable leg space for the driver. The dashboard is especially developed in raven color for the mining and construction environment, as this colour is less sensitive to dirt.

It's all about safety, comfort, and space for drivers to drive that extra distance. The next generation cab is ergonomically designed and provides a healthy environment for fatigue-free long hour driving

Enhanced Safety

Eicher Pro Mining Truck
When you have round the clock operations in a tough operating environment like mines, safety comes first. The new Eicher Pro 8031XM has been designed keeping these aspects of mining operations in mind and is DGMS compliant.

Superior design features of the Eicher Pro 8031XM ensures the vehicle is stable and delivers safer operations in mines round the year to enable higher uptime and productivity leading to profitability. Additionally, the truck complies with the safety requirement prescribed by DGMS authority through standard and optional accessories to enhance further safety of occupants in mines while driving.

The new Eicher Pro 8031XM is made of high strength steel that meets the stringent European safety standards ECE R29 for cab strength test including front and roof tests. A large windscreen, well designed side mirrors and a blind spot offer superior all-round visibility. The headlights with high illumination ensure safe operations at night and the 3-point safety belt with an audio reminder prompts the driver to use safety belt at all times. The cabin interiors are designed with soft edges to make it extra safe.

After-sales Service

At Eicher, the sale of a truck is the beginning of a relationship. It's the foundation of a partnership. We focus on ensuring that your truck delivers best-in-class productivity, fuel efficiency and vehicle uptime. We also customize our services to meet your specific needs.

We have been constantly redefining our world-class service support. Our network has now crossed the benchmark of 180 touchpoints in India which includes 24 dealerships, 21 site support and 135 technicians- manned sites. Today, we have the largest service network in high performance commercial vehicles in India, bringing world-class service closer to our customers, so that they get the maximum productivity from their fleet. We have also gone a step further by offering driver training and Introduced telematics, so our customers can improve overall operational efficiency.

Eicher's Next-gen technology - Extra Intelligence for Extra Gain

Eicher Pro 8031XM Series of tippers bring the much awaited mining solutions in the value segment with premium features giving the advantage of cost-effectiveness. Eicher LIVE is an advanced fleet management system that allows the management of truck fleets by monitoring their movement, fuel consumption and maintenance need. It offers granular views at the level of a driver, a vehicle and a time span. It's a real time dashboard of the fleet, tracking the most important factors: whether fuel and time is being properly spent, and which trucks may be developing faults, thus allowing maintenance planning.

Product Features

  • The new Eicher PRO 8031XM is designed for a variety of Mining applications
  • Powered by state of the art 330 HP VEDX8 engine; developed on Volvo Group's global platform
  • Large volumetric body capacity for increased productivity
  • Robust axles and stronger chassis built for rough mining applications
  • Optimized gearbox for mining application that delivers a high torque and better acceleration
  • Best in class cabin for driver comfort and productivity
  • Compliant to DGMS requirements through standard, optional and accessories and fitments
  • Has several unique features, and is backed by world class services
  • Unique & best in class site support model for mining customers.
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