AB Infra Modern Scaffolding systems

Modern Scaffolding systems are witnessing rapid strides as their faster erection and dismantling, safety features, and quicker maintenance are enabling timely project execution, so much so that the traditional timber and bamboo scaffolding are getting phased out. Manufacturers are using advanced materials, improved designs, and better production techniques and technology in their construction. Modular scaffolding, for instance, can be set up on either side of a building and offers a lot of flexibility.

With building shapes and structures changing and becoming more complex, these scaffolds can be modified to adapt accordingly. Besides the regular scaffolding, there is demand for cantilever, suspended, hanging and mobile scaffolding. While steel is the most popular material, scaffolds made of aluminium alloys are also being preferred.

Technical support is also vital for setting up and for dismantling the scaffolding. Safe working of the scaffolding is being done by computing the live & dead loads and ensuring the rigidity of the foundation so that storms, cyclones or rains will not weaken the structure while setting it up. Manufacturers are deploying technical personnel to guide the customer and ensure that all the safety equipment is available at the site and are also training the workers. Maintaining a logbook of observations and sharing the feedback with the customer will help them in their future developments.

Ashok Mandal, Director, AB INFRA Solution
Ashok Mandal, Director, AB INFRA Solution
“We have about 1500 tons per month of production capacity of scaffolding materials and 1000 tons per month capacity of shuttering materials.”

Our scaffolding solutions are based on the requirements of the project, be it a high-rise or an industrial construction. Our solutions and designs are based on all safety aspects, load carrying capacities on the working platforms, strict quality control, and we also provide inputs on appropriate tying to permanent structures. We adhere to the safety procedures of OSHA Guidelines during erection and dismantling of the scaffolds. Our design team provides the necessary design support for enabling the necessary access during work, while ensuring a safe clearance from the walls and other peripherals of the structure. The scaffold design is based on discussions with our customers and their actual requirements, before we arrive at the best and most cost-effective solution.

AB Infra Modern Scaffolding systems

We have about 1500 tons per month of production capacity of scaffolding materials and 1000 tons per month capacity of shuttering materials. Our product line includes scaffolding systems such as Cuplok and H-Frames. Our quality benchmark is evident in our advanced MIG / CO2 welding. An Internal Inspection Report for each item in every stage of production till finishing is prepared and reviewed regularly to ensure the desired quality of the end-products.

We are providing special technical support and services at nominal prices. While recommending a scaffolding solution, we take into account factors such as dead load, live load, bearing capacity of soil, tying the scaffolding at regular intervals on height as well as length to prevent any uprooting, and clearing all overheard obstructions including electrical lines. Our technical support team provides the necessary guidance for ensuring safe erection and dismantling.

According to Mandal, “For good technical support for erection and dismantling of the scaffolding System, one needs the following: a Technically experienced officer, a basic design with complete bill of materials. All materials needed for the job must be available at site. Advising customer to make available at site all safety equipment. Arranging small training for the workers before commencement of the job. Checking all steps at the time of erection as well as dismantling of scaffolding. Maintain a log-book of observations and share the details with the customer for future improvements etc.

Haresh Bhatija, CEO
Maruti Steel

“We are incorporating automation in our production systems in conjunction with the conventional systems and are producing about 300 tons per month of scaffold units.”

Maruti Steel

Demand in scaffolding is changing rapidly; earlier the client would ask for number of props, spans or Cuplocks, but now, we have to give them system-oriented scaffolding solutions (total designing solutions) which are safer and more efficient. The high costs incurred by customers in case of a mishap is a big concern. All of Maruti’s formwork is backed by design calculations, and in many cases the design is vetted by IIT or a third party as per customer requirements. We have a separate team for erection at site and we send our team to train the client workers at site.

Faster project completion work schedule is a major challenge for contractors and project developers. We are making larger panels and designing the columns up to 17 meters single pour, where the time taken for casting columns is two days. The traditional method would take a few weeks for the same work!

Maruti Steel

To increase product throughput and quality, Maruti Steel is incorporating automation in its production systems in a phased manner in conjunction with the conventional system of production. The company presently produces around 300 tons per month of scaffolding units.
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