The brand promise made by German company Layher, has held true for over 65 years as the company continues to deliver more speed, more safety, more customer proximity, and more future solutions: values which strengthen our customers' competitiveness in the long term. With our innovative systems and solutions, we're making scaffolding construction simpler, more economical and, above all, safer.

Mithilesh KumarMithilesh Kumar, Director, Layher Scaffolding Systems Pvt Ltd
The Layher Protect-System is a cassette enclosure system for the most stringent requirements in environmental conservation, traffic protection and noise insulation. The airtight connection of the cassettes ensures that they can be used as a dust and noise protection wall, for example, during asbestos clearance or restoration work. They can be used all year round for buildings, scaffolding covering, façade appearance improvement, event solutions, sandblasting, partition walls etc.

The Protect-System, which is compatible with Layher Allround Scaffold equipment, comprises individual 1.0 m high cassettes in the length of the corresponding scaffolding bay and holders matching the scaffolding system. The individual cassettes are made of profiled aluminium frames with a galvanized steel sheet attached to them. The cassettes are sealed off from one another by an all-round rubber section. In the translucent cassettes, the steel sheet is replaced with a transparent rib-reinforced panel. The cassettes can also be designed as sound-proofing cassettes by providing an insulation mat on the galvanized steel sheet.

Application and advantages

Layher Protect-Systems are used for different applications such as protection against noise pollution, dust-proof walling, and for safety and security in areas under construction. "The system has a comprehensive construction kit made up of cassette elements. Depending on the needs, they are provided with a galvanized steel sheet, a translucent plastic ribbed panel or real glass," explains the project director.

He adds, "This permits work in daylight conditions and allows visitors to peek behind the scenes. By means of cassettes of different lengths and special corner elements, we can adapt temporary partitions made from the Protect System to the given geometry. An all-round rubber seal on the cassettes ensures a neat and precisely fitting connection to the adjacent elements. The temporary partitions can thus seal off individual areas and allow operations to continue without obstruction – both in front and behind them."


Layher Protect systems are suitable for maintenance of rail coaches under temporary shades before construction of a permanent structure for them. The advantage that a temporary structure offers is that the maintenance work of rail engines/wagons/coaches can be done at a short notice.

This was a challenging task for the project of a company specializing in property and project management: "Site protection is becoming increasingly important in construction projects, especially in locations for metro train maintenance in a small space. Layher has provided the right solution with its new, innovated protect systems that also provides daylight inside the shade. When we erected the temporary partition wall we had to keep a number of factors in mind: we had to assemble it quickly in order to meet our schedule, and we had to give it an attractive appearance in keeping with the prestigious surroundings. Such requirements cannot be met by ordinary tarpaulins."

Removal of individual wall cassettes

To remove individual wall cassettes, the appropriate upper holders of the wall cassette must be dismantled and the upper cassette tilted outwards. The lower wall cassette can now be lifted and removed. The removed holders must be bolted back in their old positions. To remove the cassettes, the handrail of the scaffolding must not be removed, unless the risk assessment by the scaffolding erector calls for further measures to prevent falls.

LayherCorner Design and side section

Making the Transition

For the transition from the wall cassettes or translucent cassettes to the building, the ground or the roof, or for corners, the connection profiles can be fastened both horizontally and vertically to the cassettes. The connection profiles permit the connection of a slide-in tarpaulin, metal sheet or wooden board.

The commissioning team consisted of three sections with a total area of 700 square metres. The team first put up Layher Allround Scaffolding as a substructure. The system's modular structure assured an exact match to the shape of the building, and its ingenious bolt-free wedge head connection technology saved time during assembly. The wall cassettes and real glass cassettes were easy to mount, even in corner areas. To keep disruption of business to a minimum, the scaffolding erectors worked night and day. The result was an efficient site protection structure that provided ideal conditions for renovation and modernization of the shopping centre.
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