Caterpillar Vibratory Soil Compactors
Caterpillar introduces the CS533E and CP533E vibratory soil compactors. The CS533E and CP533E Vibratory Soil Compactors share many of the same industry-proven design and performance characteristics of the successful Cat® 500E-Series Soil Compactor models. The smooth drum CS533E is used to compact granular and semi-cohesive soils. The padfoot drum CP533E is primarily used to compact cohesive soils.

The CS533E and CP533E provide excellent machine performance with good operator visibility and comfort. The machines are easy to service, and increase machine commonality across the Cat vibratory soil compactor product line.

The CS533E and CP533E Soil Compactors have operating weights ranging from 10.4 to 12.7 metric ton and feature a unique dual pump arrangement standard on all Cat 500E-Series Soil Compactors. The two pumps provide required pressure and flow to the drum drive motor and wheel drive motor independently, so there is maximum torque and full-time tractive power to the drive motors regardless of footing or rolling resistance. Dual pumps also allow for excellent machine control on a grade in forward and reverse.

The rear axle incorporates a limited slip differential for smooth and quiet torque transfer. The smooth transfer of wheel torque also increases the axle service life. The limited slip differential provides continuous power in soft or slippery conditions by transferring torque to the wheel with traction.

The CS533E and CP533E provide high compaction performance in typical applications where common fill lift thickness is less than 30 cm. Ideally suited for medium to large construction projects with low to moderate grades, typical applications for the CS533E and CP533E include highway or street construction, rental operations and both residential and industrial site development.

The CS533E and CP533E are powered by a four-cylinder Cat 3054C turbocharged diesel engine.

Caterpillar Vibratory Soil Compactors
The engine is certified to meet model year emissions regulations under the provisions of 40 CFR Part 89 Tier 2 and 97/68/EC Stage II. The engine has a gross power rating of 97 kW (130 hp) at a rated speed of 2200 rpm.

The operator’s station on the CS533E and CP533E Soil Compactors is nearly identical to the other 500E-Series Soil Compactors and offers superior comfort, visibility, and ease of operation.

Machine gauges are located on the front steering column for easy reference during machine operation. The instrument panel contains the fuel gauge, vibrations per minute (VPM) frequency gauge (optional), alternator malfunction light and a four-light warning cluster.

The warning light cluster will alert the operator to abnormal machine conditions and allows a visual warning for low engine oil pressure, high engine coolant temperature, high hydraulic oil temperature and low charge pressure. An audible alarm will also sound along with the respective visual warning light.

The propel lever and parking brake switch are located to the right of the operator’s seat for convenient one-handed operation. The grouped controls feature a height adjustable, padded wrist rest that can be positioned to the desired level of the operator.

The suspension seat is fully adjustable. It slides forward and backward, with bottom cushion height and suspension stiffness adjustment. Flip-up armrests and a 76 mm wide retractable seat belt are standard.

A bolt-on, two-post ROPS/FOPS canopy or a ROPS/FOPS cab is available. Two cab configurations are available; one with full climate control including heater, defroster and factory installed air conditioning. The other cab configuration features heater and defroster only.

The operator’s platform is enclosed by handrails and features angled foot rests for sure footing on machines that are equipped with a ROPS/FOPS canopy.

Low sound levels at the operator’s station and at ground level allow for greater operator comfort and less noise emitted to the surrounding environment.

Large isolation mounts under the operator’s platform isolate the platform from the machine frame for reduced vibration levels for the operator. Both machines feature a standard floor mat on the operator’s platform that provides the operator sure footing and also reduces noise and vibration transmitted to the operator.

Operator visibility is exceptional due to the rear hood design. The sloped fiberglass hood provides excellent visibility to the outside edge of the rear tires and to the rear of the machine from the operator’s station. The sloped hood allows the operator to see obstacles measuring 1 meter high and 1 meter to the rear of the machine. From the operator’s station, there is excellent visibility to the drum for precise operation.

The CS533E and CP533E use the proprietary Cat eccentric weight system with two pod-style weight housings within the drum. This design enhances reliability and makes servicing easier. The eccentric weight features an enclosed casting with repositioning steel shot on the inside. The direction of the weight shaft rotation determines high or low amplitude, which is controlled from the operator’s station. This system provides long service life by eliminating heavy weights slamming together and wedging, causing metal chips that contaminate the system.

The pod-style weight housing is a sealed chamber inside which the eccentric weight spins. The pod is assembled and sealed in a “clean room” at the factory to ensure that the internal components are clean and free from contaminants. The housing has double seals to help guard against contamination once installed. Because of the decreased risk of contamination and the use of synthetic oil, the change interval for the bearing lubrication oil is 3 years/3000 hours.

Replacement is much easier with the pod-style design. The pod can be exchanged while the drum stays horizontal. Simply remove the old pod and replace it with a new one.

Dual amplitude is standard on the CS533E and CP533E, a feature that expands the application range for these vibratory soil compactors. The large spread between high and low amplitude makes it easier for the operator to adapt compactive effort to changes in lift thickness, soil characteristics and density requirements while maintaining top performance.

Service access is simple and convenient on the CS533E and CP533E. The durable fiberglass hood tilts forward quickly and easily for good access to the engine and cooling system. The operator’s station tilts forward to provide access to the hydraulic pumps, hoses and electrical components. A hand-operated hydraulic pump is standard on machines equipped with a cab and optional on machines equipped with a ROPS/ FOPS canopy. The hydraulic pump operates a hydraulic cylinder to raise and lower either the operator’s platform or cab.

The hitch features sealed-forlife bearings that eliminate the need for greasing or maintenance. The steering cylinders feature remote grease fittings to simplify lubrication.

Other features that make servicing these machines simple include leak-resistant O-ring face seal hydraulic fittings, pressure test ports, S-O-SSM valves and ecology drains.

Hydraulic hoses are held securely in place with polyurethane routing blocks. The blocks separate hoses helping ensure that they do not rub on one another. All hoses are protected to help reduce damage during work in confined applications.

The 24-volt electrical system is protected by nylon-braided wire harnesses and all wires are colorcoded and numbered. All weather connectors are used to ensure high system reliability.

The radiator is rear mounted for easy service and access. The isolated cooling system increases the cooling capacity by not drawing warm air from the engine into the radiator.

The oil cooler is also hinged at the bottom to allow it to be tilted away from the radiator to improve access and cleaning.

Hydraulic pumps and motors common with other Cat equipment make servicing easier for mechanics.

Optional attachments include an enclosed cab with or without factory installed air conditioning; operator’s platform lift cylinder; vibratory frequency gauge; rear mounted steel scraper for the smooth drum model; polyurethane scrapers on the front and rear of the drum on the smooth drum model; rotating beacon and a two-piece padfoot shell kit is also available for the CS533E.

The CS533E and CP533E have been designed to comply with applicable OSHA regulations.
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