Manufacturers of asphalt batch mix plants are bringing a spate of advanced features in their products which will lower their operating cost and yield higher productivity. They are also expanding their product ranges as demand for longer stretches of road projects continue to gain precedence and making provision in their plants for use of recycled and waste materials.

The improvisations being undertaken along with development of new products are based on specialized technologies for safe and reliable operations of these more technically advanced plants. Contractors, required to deliver the required asphalt throughput and meet the timelines, while keeping operating and owning costs minimal, are also looking for more compact plants for ease of transportation and shorter lead times for their commissioning.

Commercial (Plants) Ammann India

Martinho Fernandes, GM- Commercial (Plants) Ammann India
Martinho Fernandes, GM- Commercial (Plants) Ammann India
The ability of Ammann asphalt batch plants provide the consistency that is crucial to customer’s mix quality.

All plant processes and components are carefully developed to ensure that feeding, heating, drying, screening and mixing seamlessly blend together. Helping integrate all the moving parts is the as1 control system,which provides leading technology with a user-friendly interface

Ammann plant helps the customeru overcome the challenges associated with urban areas – specifically environmental concerns which is in line with our honorable Prime Minister mission of “Swatchh Bharat” by keeping the emission strictly within the limits and have least carbon foot prints, taking an step further on PM’s mission of “Clean India” we are in process of testing the use and integration of Waste Plastic fully automated dosing via advance computer system in all Ammann plants.

Ammann plants are being manufactured in new state-of-the-art facility at Ammann’s factory in Mehsana, Ahmedabad, This production facilities feature better layouts, and therefore higher efficiency. The processes are more technologically advanced as well, with modern robotics used for welding as one example. Customers will see products delivered even more quickly because of the increased efficiency. The robotics processes, as well as a new paint shop, are expected to improve quality.

Ammann has set up an advance training Academy based on Skill India program where Operators, Supervisors, Engineers and Seniors Officers will be trained with elite program so that the equipment could be used at optimum level with minimum maintemance, Ammann academy is accreditated from IESC – The Infrastructure Equipment Skill Council under NSDC – National Skill Development Corporation and supported by CII – Confederation of Indian Industry.

Ammann provides customer support through its 16 offices located across the country, and its mobile vans at the sites, backed by 200 service engineers and 24x7 remote assistance through as1 advance software.

Vibrant Construction Equipments

Kranthi Kumar Ravuri, MD, Vibrant Construction Equipments
Kranthi Kumar Ravuri, MD, Vibrant Construction Equipments
We are giving an option for cold RAP system, for which we have added an extra bin in the hot bin system, in case the client would like to use the RAP system in the future.

We have made extensive changes in our new asphalt batch mix series to deliver the rated output. For instance, to gain maximum heat transfer, we have changed the drum flights design, and are using branded burners like Ecoflame and Benetton for fuel efficiency. Aggregate screening is now being done with lower power.

We are giving an option for cold RAP system, for which we have added an extra bin in the hot bin system, in case the client would like to use the RAP system in the future. The plants are completely transportable in 40 feet containers. A total of 9 trailers would be enough to transport the whole machinery to any site. Earlier, we used around 11 trailers. So, we have brought down the transportation cost of our clients.

Vibrant asphalt batch mix plants are easy to operate and maintain. The hardware and software can be used by any operator with basic knowledge of running the machine. We also provide operator training to our clients on plant operation, maintenance, and basic troubleshooting.

Vibrant supports its asphalt batch mix plants through its team of 25 engineers and provides 24x7 customer support. Our engineers can reach any jobsite within 24 hours of a call to address any problem, and our mother warehouse stocks a complete range of components and spares. Our advanced manufacturing systems, stringent quality control, and reliable customer support gives us a competitive edge in the market.

Capious Road Tech

Kiran Pandya, MD, Capious Road Tech
Kiran Pandya, MD, Capious Road Tech
Our Asphalt Batch Mix Plants are at par with international premium brands but with lesser owning and operating cost.

We have made improvements in all our plant models, to curtail redundancy and to deliver the rated consistent throughput as per the capacity of the plants. Our plants are also consuming 10% less fuel and giving the right mix quality.

Usually the aggregates fed into the plants have some moisture content and free dust. Free dust forming the cloud inside the dryer drum interfere in heat transfer to aggregates raising the fuel consumption. We are incorporating indigenously developed pre-screening device in our plants for free dust removal prior to dryer drum. The unique pre-screening system in our plants ensures removal of oversized materials and free dust, effecting better heat transfer to aggregates for producing quality hot mix material at lower fuel consumption. Our fuel-efficient modulating burners, manufactured in-house, comes with advanced feature to balance the air to fuel ratio for retention of heat and facilitate the right level of combustion. These burners are suitable for diesel, LDO and FO fuels. Heavy-duty twin shaft mixers ensure production of uniform and homogenous hot mix materials. Our plants are fully enabled to utilize reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP) materials at the rate specified by department. Some customers and project contractors occasionally infuse higher volumes of RAP materials, which compromises the temperature of the mix materials.

To take care of any inconsistency in loading of the hot mix material due to adverse site conditions or irregularity in availability of the loading trucks for carrying the mix to the site, we are providing a 20-ton capacity inline storage silo in our 120 TPH & higher capacity asphalt batch mix plants. The inline storage silo also enables faster truck loading of the mix without spillage and segregation. For ease of installation, transportation, and dismantling, we are offering skid mounted, modular designed, batching & mixing tower unit.

Capious Asphalt Drum Mix Plants, offered in output capacities ranging from 40 tph to 120 tph, have incorporated the counterflow technology for better heat transfer efficiency, lower exit gas temperature, reduced plant emission and fuel consumption. The drum mix plants with burners for LDO and diesel oil are available in stationery and mobile versions.

Automatic burner, operating on DC-AC current with auto ignition and automatic on/off within the preset temperature range, is the USP of our bitumen sprayers. Auto ignition eliminates the conventional manual burner firing practise and thus the hazards related to it. Auto burner operation in desired temperature range also maintains the bitumen property. The exhaust of the sprayer burner is pollution free due to absence of an unburnt fuel. Our bitumen sprayers are truck-mounted between 4000- 10,000 litres, and trolley-mounted of 3000 litres capacity.

Kaushik Cesan India

Saumil Shah, Director, Kaushik Cesan India
Saumil Shah, Director, Kaushik Cesan India
Our plants consume 4.5 liters/ton of fuel during the heating process as against the industry average of 5 to 5.5 liters/ton, due to our technically advanced burners.

Our 120-160 and 200 tph plants feature Scada-based remote monitoring systems through which remote operation of the plants can be carried out. Information is generated on the volume of bitumen used and the amount of fuel consumed. Our plants are most cost-effective as they consume 4.5 liters/ton of fuel during the heating process as compared to the industry average of 5 to 5.5 liters/ton, thanks to our technically advanced burners developed through our technology partner Cesan. The burners can be used through all kinds of fluids, natural gas and LPG. Our plants give complete combustion, low emission, and high efficiency.

Optimum heating is enabled by the plants’ compact, less volume bag house filters with bigger filtration area. The Normex filter bags are durable up to 200 degrees centigrade. Fresh air systems work at temperatures higher than 200 degrees centigrade. Higher availability and a homogenous mix of the materials are provided by the mixers which are made of high cast manganese and have a double shaft mixing technology.

Based on the technology transfer from our principals and our engineering capabilities, we have made modifications in the design of our plants, in the bitumen tanks, and in some components for easier transportation as per Indian conditions. We have service centers in Kolkata, Guwahati, Patna, Bangladesh, and Nepal, and a central warehouse in Gujarat.

Ashitech Equipments

Vatsal Patel, Director, Ashitech Equipments
Vatsal Patel, Director, Ashitech Equipments
Our ABM series of asphalt batch mix plants have higher efficiency and low maintenance which enhances their performance.

We will be soon launching our ABM 180 - a 180 tph and ABM 200 - 200 tph asphalt batch mix plants, which have been built completely in house. It will be targeted at big contractors looking for consistent high productivity and throughput for long project stretches. Our other plants include ABM 120 tph and 160 tph, drum mix plants, wet mix macadam plants, bitumen pressure distributor, and road sweeper.

About 30 percent of our users are corporate contractors, who require higher capacity plants. Our ABM series gives higher efficiency and low maintenance. The drum has a roller friction drive technology to reduce maintenance and improve the performance of the dryer. Changing of the aggregates is done with conveyor belts with rubber seals on the dryer drum body to reduce suction of the cold air. The drum has a four wheel drive and a dome-shaped air pre-heat arrangement for suction of hot dust/air from the dryer drum. This improves thermal efficiency & burner efficiency, reduces heat loss & thermal stress on the drying drum and aids power savings. In fact, the burner is specifically designed to minimize fuel consumption and generate the right combustion.

All our prewired plants, which are RAP enabled, are of skid design for quicker installation. Our complete in-house manufacturing, high quality standards, and stringent checks on each and every component, ensures safe and efficient performance of our plants. We have 30 service engineers for erection and commissioning of the plants.

Atlas asphallt batch plant

Nilesh Patel and Bhavesh Patel, Director, Atlas Technologies
Nilesh Patel, Director, Atlas Technologies
We have recently launched new mobile / wheel-mounted 80 tph, 120 tph and 160 tph asphalt batch plants. We have already sold 2 such units in India. We will bring a Speco 180 tph stationary asphalt batch plant for customers looking for high end product and our Eco Mix 1250 model which is rated at 80-100 tph at Excon and also a mobile concrete plant.

There is a growing requirement for more compact plants for use in smaller road maintenance jobs or for laying in road stretches that have time constraints and where shifting of plants and reinstalling them is not easy. Customer also looking for highly mobile concrete plants can benefit from our mobile concrete plants which serve capacities up to 60 m3/hr.

Our new mobile, wheel mounted, 80, 120 and 160 tph asphalt batch plant can be towed on wheels through a prime mover between sites for installation. The wheel sets attached to the bins, drum units, mixing tower units with vibrating screen, enable easy and quick transportation. All the units are mobile. At the site, the plant tower can be hydraulically installed with minimum requirement of any foundation.

Atlas manufactures asphalt batch mix plants of 60-80, 80-100, 120, 160, 200 and 260 tph which are available as skid mounted units with a mobile option (up to 160 tph) as well. Our skid mounted plants come with a welding-free design for easier installation. Our technically advanced burners give higher energy efficiency and our advanced bag house filters require less cleaning. The plants can also be provided with wet dust collector for pollution control. Cold RAP addition can be done directly into the mixers to add 25-30 percent, while hot RAP into the drying drum can be given in the range of 15-20 percent.

The Atlas range of asphalt drum mix plants include parallel and counter flow, wet mix macadam plants, bitumen sprayer, bitumen drum decanter, skid mounted and mobile concrete batch mix plants. With our recent technical collaboration with famous Speco of Korea, we will be manufacturing their top of the line asphalt plants in India and will be showcasing our 180 tph Speco plant at Excon 2019.

The burners, vibrating screens and mixing units will initially be imported from Korea, and the other components and assemblies will be made in India at our new facility located at Mehsana-Ahmedabad highway, Gujarat. We will be promoting the Speco plants in India and also take care of after sales service including spares from India.

With close to 135 Speco asphalt batch mix plants working in India, the plants have already proven their efficiency in performance, accuracy in all the weighing units, advanced control systems, and environmental friendly solutions. Atlas is in the process of vendor development for parts for the Speco plants and will be setting up a separate services team for the brand.
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