Epiroc is helping customers maximize use of the latest technologies, and developing new ways of raising efficiency and improving sustainability. Its aim is to ensure that customers benefit fully from the ongoing digital evolution.

SmartROC T35 E: The first ever tophammer battery-electric drill rig from Epiroc is an important step in the shift towards zero emission drilling in surface mines and quarries worldwide. Its design is based on the proven SmartROC T35 surface drill rig. In combination with invaluable experience gained from the development of Epiroc underground battery rigs, this new rig is designed to enhance the environmental standards of quarries and larger construction sites. Besides low emissions, the rig comes with a range of smart features, and delivers high safety, reliability, and performance in a quieter working environment.

“For many years we have been leading the development in lowering fuel consumption within tophammer drilling. With this new solution we are taking a giant leap in the low emissions field – we are practically removing emissions from the actual drilling process,” says Ulf Gyllander, Global Product Manager, Tophammer Drill Rigs, Epiroc Surface Division.

The SmartROC T35 E rig is equipped with both a battery and an electric cable, which improves flexibility considerably. Users can choose to drill with the most suitable alternative for the location and occasion. It also allows for quick and smooth transportation on and between sites. The surface drill rig is fitted with the same type of well-proven batteries and subcomponents as in the Epiroc underground battery solutions. This streamlines spare parts handling and service for customers with different operations.

Bulk Pulverizer Range: Epiroc has expanded its Bulk Pulverizer range with a smaller and a larger model. Secondary demolition is becoming increasingly important on smaller jobsites and the new BP 1650 and BP 4050 are effective solutions for secondary breaking of demolition debris and separation of concrete and rebar. They are also a profitable choice for recycling stations and scrapyards.

Suitable for carriers in the weight class 14-23 tons, the new BP 1650 weighs 1 720 kg and has a maximum jaw opening of 760 mm. The BP 4050 is suitable for carriers of 40-55 tons and has a service weight of 4.550 kg and a maximum jaw opening of 1 200 mm. When developing the BP 1650 and BP 4050, Epiroc focused on fast, effective operation, minimum maintenance, and long lifetime, all of which help reduce total cost of ownership. Both models are available in two versions: standard and an “R” version with rotation unit. As options they can be equipped with Epiroc’s HATCON™ connectivity tool and a water spraying system.

DP 1820, a smaller Demolition Pulverizer: Ideal for smaller jobsites, Epiroc’s popular range of Demolition Pulverizers are highly versatile attachments that make light work of both demolition tasks and secondary breaking of demolition debris. In many situations, one DP attachment is all one needs to handle both jobs.

Epiroc has now added a smaller model to its DP family. With a service weight of 1.820 kg, the new DP 1820 is suitable for carriers in the weight class 15-22 tons, thus making these attachments a profitable choice for a wider range of carriers. The DP 1820 has a slimmer, more robust design with no cylinder rod protection needed. Performance is impressive, with up to 20% more crushing force between the jaw tip and the cutting blade. Wear is minimized by an optimized wear part design which combined with a new speed valve results in lower maintenance requirements. Cutting blades and teeth are replaceable and can easily be exchanged onsite.

New V Cutter range: When Epiroc launched its V-shaped drum cutter concept this year, it set a new standard in trenching and quarrying. The latest VC 1200 is a smaller model suitable for carriers of 15-25 tons. The V Cutter is a new way to work with rock, concrete wall and surface profiling, trenching, soft rock excavation, frozen soil excavation, and demolition. A patent pending solution, it has been rigorously tested in all these applications.

Mounting the drums in a V-shape enables a cut with a flat base and no material is left untouched between the drums. Where a regular drum cutter must move from side to side to create an even trench, an approach that causes extra wear on the carrier arm, the V Cutter can reach the same result by simply going straight. This means the user can dig a more accurate trench much faster. It basically works like a bucket, which makes it easier to use, friendlier for the carrier and a lot less energy and time consuming.

A seemingly simple solution with extraordinary effectiveness, the V Cutter enables energy savings of up to 40%. In addition, compared to a chain cutter the user saves more than 40% on picks and up to 50% on maintenance time. The investment is up to 25% lower than for a chain cutter and the lower weight makes it possible to use a smaller carrier.

Epiroc is helping customers maximize use of the latest technologiesIncrease fleet efficiency with My Epiroc: track everything, access from anywhere, act on information any time.

Hydraulic Rock Drill system, HRD 100: For anyone who thinks the handheld drill market still consists only of rock drills based on century old pneumatic technology that is inefficient from an air consumption perspective, here is positive news! The HRD 100 system consists of the rock drill, power pack, and a selection of pusher legs. Together they provide hydraulic drilling that helps users exceed their production targets in a safe way. Due to the hydraulic system there is no risk of losing production time due to poor air pressure at greater depths, and the system is designed to help the user avoid heavy lifting.

According to the company. every aspect of the HRD 100 system is designed to provide a favorable return on investment over a long period of time. The system combines the highest quality parts and materials with active security systems that protect both the user and the equipment.

EssentialLine tophammer tools: As a productivity partner for the construction industry, Epiroc aims to provide products and solutions that will increase the overall productivity of its customers’ operations. This is often achieved by increasing the rate of penetration of its drilling tools and extending their overall service life. But many customers need to perform only a limited amount of drilling and thus, for them, productivity is not the key factor. Epiroc’s EssentialLine of Tophammer products, THE, enables however much or little drilling customers need to perform. The highly competitive tool offers cost per meter drilled with sustained hole quality and safety.

Epiroc is helping customers maximize use of the latest technologiesMobilaris Situational Awareness: example of a tunnel 3D-map.

Powerbit X rock drilling tools: These tools are drill bits with diamond-protected buttons. Using a technology called PCD (polycrystalline diamond), these highly durable tools improve workplace safety, reduce downtime, and minimize CO2 emissions.

The two-millimeter diamond protective layer of Powerbit X gives the drill bits longer service life, which means fewer changes and thus greater workplace safety. In addition, the extremely hard surface of Powerbit X makes it possible to reduce CO2 emissions per drilled meter by up to 90%. What’s more, Powerbit X boosts productivity by offering the full potential of remotely and automatically controlled drilling. The long drill bit life means that it is possible to drill in “auto” mode during lunch breaks, shift changes and blast ventilation cycles.

My Epiroc: A digital platform for customers to manage their daily business, My Epiroc is role based and allows operators, fleet managers, buyers, technicians, managers, and other personnel to work more smoothly and more efficiently. It not only provides them with the tools needed to keep track of the fleet and its status, it also gives insights into fleet service needs, simple ways to track orders, and the capability to follow up on any support requests as they arise. This increases confidence in making the right decisions based on information reported by machines and colleagues.

Epiroc is helping customers maximize use of the latest technologiesMobilaris Planning & Scheduling.

My Epiroc allows people to access important information from their cell phones, using the mobile companion app with offline support, or any modern web browser.

Epiroc improves Mobilaris Tunneling Intelligence: Mobilaris Tunneling Intelligence integrates planning data, work progress data, and asset and person tracking into one decision support system for tunnel sites. With the latest upgrade, it is now easier than ever to achieve higher positioning accuracy without having to expand the network’s infrastructure.

Every tunneling project is unique and consists of equipment from various vendors and generations. Mobilaris Tunneling Intelligence is a technology-agnostic decision support system that sets a new standard for tunneling by integrating data from different technologies into one system.

Epiroc is helping customers maximize use of the latest technologiesMobilaris Operator Client.

The new Mobilaris Companion tag can be used to pinpoint the position of people, vehicles, and moving assets. In the tunnel, positioning is based on low-energy Bluetooth (BLE) connected to 5G, WiFi or LTE networks, and outdoors via GPS. Every tag is connected to the system for visualization and support, and with 5G and Ultra Wide Band, everything is faster and more precise than ever.

The Mobilaris Tunneling Intelligence suite includes software products such as: Mobilaris Situational Awareness, Mobilaris Planning and Scheduling, Mobilaris Operator Client, and Mobilaris Productivity Analytics.
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