Putzmeister Concrete Machines Pvt. Ltd. is a 100% subsidiary of Putzmeister Concrete Pumps GmbH, Germany — an acknowledged leader and global supplier of concrete pumps, tunnel machines, industrial pumps and mortar machines.

Putzmeister develops, produces, sells and serves customers worldwide with high-quality and high-technology machines in: Stationary Concrete Pumps, Truck-mounted concrete pumps, Concrete placing booms and accessories, Industrial technology, Mortar machines, Conveying of non-pumpable material - Telebelt.

A mission of excellence

Putzmeister's Growing Presence in India
Putzmeister India has been the first to roll out bigger boom pumps from India. The company's 100,000 sq m state-of-the-art plant at Goa started assembly of 32m boom pumps in October 2008. In March 2009, it introduced 36m boom pumps on a 3-axle homologated truck, as per the weight norms of Indian road regulations—making them the first such truck mounted products, approved for Indian roads, in the country. These also helped Putzmeister to corner over half of the total boom pump market in India.

Keeping up the tradition, Putzmeister launched a truck mounted 42m boom pump on an Indian Truck in October 2009 and followed it up by introducing the breakthrough truck mounted 46m boom pump — that has brought never-before capability and reach in mobile concrete pumping in India. Putzmeister is simultaneously offering a wide range of stationary concrete pumps for nearly all applications. The latest addition to the product range is the high pressure stationary concrete pumps BSA 1404HD. The pump is a special development for India and can effortlessly pump concrete up to heights of 100m. At the same time the pump is available with 3 different engines and is the most fuel efficient trailer pump in India.

Technological Innovation

The core competencies of PM India lie in its products, quality & service.

Putzmeister brings the latest technology being used worldwide to India such as free flow hydraulics, S-valve, cross outriggers, highly wear resistant steel components & many other advanced features. All features, like the diagonal support system, the S-Valve technology, the Z or RZ-folding system of booms or free flow hydraulics has set the standard in this industry because they added value to the business of customers. Putzmeister Concrete pumps are the most competitive construction machines as for as value for money in concerned. It has specially developed machines for the Indian market, which can withstand the toughest conditions at the job site and contains the latest technology at the same time. The outstanding diagonal support system can compensate the week structure of the Indian truck chassis. The separate deck engines are delivering the required power to drive the boom and to pump the concrete but only consume 50% of the fuel which a truck engine will use if deck engine is not available. The free flow hydraulics circuit consumes less oil and so the customer saves money at every oil change.

"Today, customers are looking for Latest technology, low maintenance products.

Putzmeister's Growing Presence in India
Putzmeister products offer an attractive blend of high technology and low operating & maintenance costs. "All our pumps, stationary or boom, are equipped with the latest S-valve technology, which is much superior to other contemporary technologies. It prevents frequent breakdowns and ensures uninterrupted flow of work, unlike pumps using any other technology", says Mr. Michael Schmid-Lindenmayer, the Managing Director. Adding to this, he said that since all Putzmeister pumps have lower operating and maintenance costs, PM is known for "better value for money."

Growing Presence

Putzmeister's Growing Presence in India
The company has a countrywide marketing and service network. Besides the four major metros, it also covers cities like Jamnagar, Goa, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Lucknow, Cuttack, Chandigarh, Jammu and Pune. "Our service Engineers not only have a comprehensive know-how of concrete pumps but they are also given strong applications knowledge as well. This is a big advantage of dealing with a company like Putzmeister that is dedicated to concrete pumps", said Mr. Schmid-Lindenmayer.

Putzmeister pumps have been deployed at various prestigious projects and are the first choice of Indian Real Estate and Infrastructure companies all across India. Putzmeister machines are working for the construction of various Prestigious Projects like Delhi Metro, expansion & modernization of International Airports at Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and Bangalore, construction of various power plants, hydro electric projects, LNG tanks, refineries, ports, roads & bridge construction & various high- rise building projects.

Putzmeister is the champion in highrise pumping. Major projects worldwide are executed with its equipment. Putzmeister has the Largest Truck mounted concrete Pump in the World – M 70

After sale services

Service & Parts is another area in which PM India is very seriously focusing upon. PM India has established a 24x7 service support to provide prompt service to its customers. PM customers can dial a Toll free number in case of any Service or Part related problem & their problem will be immediately attended.

Besides the Product Performance and Quality, after Sale Service is decisive in India. Concrete pumps are exposed to abrasive concrete and all components are subject to wear and tear. Concrete pumps need regular maintenance where the customer needs regular support. That is the reason why Putzmeister has set up a wide service network in India. Putzmeister is present at every location where its pumps are working and has decentralized Parts warehouses at Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi, and Pune.

A second aspect of Service is the training for the operators. Putzmeister conducts operator training in its facility in Goa and in all major cities in India.

The third area in which Putzmeister support its Customers is Application consulting. Pumping concrete is still new to India especially if truck pumps or high- rise pumping is concerned. Putzmeister has a dedicated team of consultants who guide its clients how to organize a job site, so that concrete pumping can be done in a better way.

Talking about the recent recession which India went through, Mr.Schmid-Lindenmayer said "The importance of infrastructure for sustained economic development is well recognized in India. The Government of India is taking initiatives to open up infrastructure development to private participation. Investment in this sector has gained momentum in the last few months and is experiencing impressive growth. The current investment in this sector taps only a fraction of the tremendous potential for infrastructure development opportunity existing in India."

Putzmeister being one of the pioneers in research and development of concrete pumping technology has always strived hard to give the best and the latest to the world. Indian customers have welcomed our latest technology and we are getting very good response. The Indian arm of Putzmeister is also exporting its products to Srilanka, Bangladesh, and South East Asia.

When asked about what makes Putzmeister unique, Mr.Schmid-Lindenmayer said, "Best Product, Best Quality and Best Service". He added that Putzmeister strongly believes in "Serving, Improving and Creating Value at home, in India."

Putzmeister Stationary Concrete Pumps

BSA 1404HD

An upgraded version of Putzmeister's most popular stationary concrete pump model BSA1404D. This upgraded version BSA1404HD is a high pressure pump that caters to concrete pumping to 80~100m building heights. This pump has smaller towing length for better maneuverability in narrow areas – thus most suitable for RMC pumping contractors and infrastructure companies.

BSA 1404 HD has become a huge success among Indian customers since its Launch in October 2009. Putzmeister India has sold over 100 units of this pump since its Launch till now.

BSA 1407D

It is a high output concrete pump (72 cum/hr) with delivery pressure of 106 bar. It is equipped with Big mouth S-valve for easy suction of concrete thus removing the possibility of concrete blockage. The S-valve technology prevents frequent breakdowns giving uninterrupted flow of work, unlike pumps using any other technology. Pump is available with Kirloskar / Deutz diesel engines as well as Electric version (BSA 1406E).

MOLI BSF 1404HD / 1407D

Putzmeister's mobile line pump is a full featured machine equipped with 100m Pipeline, Air Compressor, High pressure flushing water pump with water tank and centralized greasing system. The Mobile Line pump is aesthetically designed to take care of driver’s clear vision of the backside of the truck, unlike other manufacturers.

Putzmeister Boom Pumps

BSF 3609

Two years ago, Putzmeister launched its 36m Boom in India on a 3-axle homologated truck, as per the weight norms of Indian road regulations. It was a big success in the industry, and has helped Putzmeister to corner more than half of the total Boom Pump market share. The pump has got maximum vertical reach of 35.6m (116ft) and horizontal reach of (104ft). The Pump is mounted with separate slave / deck engine for lower operational costs and reduced fuel consumption.

BSF 4209

Putzmeister is the first company in India to launch a homologated truck mounted Boom Pump on a normal priced Truck chassis. This Boom Pump is equipped with 5 arms for better reach and maneuverability even in areas with space and operating restrictions. It has a maximum vertical reach of 41.6m (136ft) and horizontal reach of 37.6m (123ft). It is also equipped with a 137 cum/hr core pump and is mounted on a homologated chassis which is allowed to run on Indian roads. Putzmeister BSF42 is equipped with big mouth S-valve 2318 for harsh concrete. The Pump is also equipped with Free Flow Hydraulics for better performance and low hydraulic oil consumption, Cross Outriggers for better stability with lesser ground space and highly wear resistant steel components.

BSS 4614

The Launch of BSS46 in India by Putzmeister is in line with its philosophy of opening new Segments & making the latest Technology available to the Indian Customers. The Boom Pump is mounted on a trailer. With trailer configuration, it has opened the era of higher reach Boom Pumps in India which till now were restricted because of non-availability of bigger Truck chassis. It is also equipped with a 140 cum/hr core pump and is mounted on a homologated trailer which is allowed to run on Indian roads.

This pump is very suitable for Infrastructure projects like LNG tanks, Chimneys, Power plants etc.

In the past, Indian Customers faced lot of difficulty to get bigger Boom Pumps for the Projects. They had to import these Boom Pumps & these Pumps were allowed to stay in India only till the completion of the Project. Once the Project was over, the Pumps had to go back. In the past PM also imported 52 M Boom Pump for Project in India, & then shipped it back after the Project was over. Keeping these in mind, PM India opened the Segment of larger Boom Pumps in the Indian Market by launching BSS 46 which is India's biggest & only 46 m Trailer mounted Boom pump. BSS 46 is designed according to existing road regulations.

Putzmeister Stationary Booms

Putzmeister's MX Booms are used worldwide on high rise buildings for economic distribution of concrete. These are available in 28m, 32m and 36m configurations. These booms are available with or without counter weights and equipped with Z-folding system for synchronous opening of the boom. The new system requires simple square opening of 1000x1000mm in the slab.
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