Brick Manufacturing Machines

Although concrete / flyash blocks have a proven track record and are used extensively in developed countries but they havestarted getting wider acceptance in India only few years ago when Equipment manufacturers focused on providing machinery which offers superior quality of blocks using less manual labour, environmental impact and feasible production cost.

NBM&CW initiated an interaction with various players in this segment on following points:
  • Reasons for the late acceptance of flyash/concrete bricks products despite several advantages over conventional bricks?
  • Demand Forcast-brick manufacturing machines in India.
  • Government support needed for the promotion of these products.
  • Product range of the companies' dealing with this segment.
  • Quality control system placed in the company and focus on R&D activities
  • After sales service and availability of spares parts facilities.
Responses received from the major companies of this segment are presented here:

Hess India

HESS India
Mr. Manoj Kumar, AMICT, Managing Director HESS India
Reason for late acceptance in India: There are two types of ash coming out from industries basically called as top (fly) and bottom (pond). Cement, Readymix and few other industries started using the bottom ash in early days but the bottom ash remained in the ash ponds creating environmental problem. In the beginning, the government provided carbon credit facility to ash utilisation which was withdrawn later.Secondly, the import taxesand freight cost is another factor. Thirdly, thelack of awareness of ash products and their benefits compared to clay bricks.

Demand forecast: There is a huge potential in India for the latest technologies and universal machines. Only fly ashutilisation or brick production is not the target. The same machines can produce avast range of products which can be utilised in the construction of buildings, roads, bridges, parks and other amenities.

HESS India
Government's support & incentives: The government should control the extensive usage of agricultural clay for any other activities. It should restore the carbon credit policy for the utilisation of ash products and the import of machineries related to that. Government could draft a proper system to monitor and implement these kinds of systems. For this drafting and implemen- tation, they can take the advice and support from experts and consultants. Proper planning, implementation and schedule need to take place under the guidance of professionals with international experience.

Company's products offerings: Hess is the biggest machinery manufacturer mainly for concrete industry for the production of AAC (Autoclaved Aerated Concrete), Fly ash bricks, Concrete blocks, Concrete pipes, Slabs and Interloc- king Pavers. We do turnkey job also and this will help the new comers very much. We have experienced people in different positions who can support as and when needed and this will help to keep up with the schedule. Now-a- days time is money and any of the project within the time schedule is vital.

Quality control systems: As a 60-year old German company, quality is the important factor to us. To maintain the quality, we import the key and critical components from Germany and simple itemsfrom India. Considering our long-term of experience in the international market, we do have a certain systems and the best partners in each field. Siemens, Bosch Rexroth, Lenze and SEW are few partners associated with Hess in the long run. Customers feedback and our internal design facility also help us to be in the top position. Almost all the machines can be upgraded at any point of time and all the machines are equipped with a modem system which will enable us to check the electric, electronic and software issues from our 24/7 service centres.

After sales services & spare parts availability: All the Hess machines are using standard components from International suppliers with original model and serial numbers. Secondly, we have service facilities in most of the countries and all the machines are equipped with modem system to check for electrical, electronic and software problems at any time.

Hess is in the process of starting the service and parts facility by end of this year. Apart from that Hess decided to start assembly of machine in our Bangalore facility which will officially open before Excon 2011.


Mr. T.P. Soji, Senior Manager Marketing, Pakona
Reason for late acceptance in India: More than 50,000 mega watts of power generated huge quantity of flyash as waste product. The storage of flyash has created environmental pollution which is hazardous to health. To prevent the Flyash from getting airbone, the dumping sites have to be constantly kept wet by sprinkling water over the area. Thus, this large quantity of flyash can be used for manufacturing flyash bricks. Flyash bricks are superior to clay bricks due to high strength, dimensional accuracy, less water absorption, better compaction and requires less mortar during plastering. Traditionally, Indians are using clay bricks for a long time. Due to lack of awareness of the product and its advantages of flyash, users are not familiar with its utilization process. Transportation cost of flyash from power plants to distant locations increases the cost of flyash which will make flyash bricks expensive. The government is not promoting usage of flyash bricks since production of clay bricks is highly labor oriented and it provides employment to people in rural areas.

Demand forecast: Various models manufactured by Columbia Machine, Inc. U.S.A. are capable of producing 50,000 to 300,000 bricks per day. Builders and developers who are into Special Economic Zones, townships and residential complexes are purchasing our plants for manufacturing blocks, bricks and pavers for their captive consumption. (Quality conscious builders who are having less requirements are also purchasing bricks, Pavers and Blocks from building material suppliers who manufactures concrete products from Columbia Machines). Good clay is not available for manufacturing clay bricks. Due to non-availability of good clay bricks and scarcity of manpower, builders have started using fully Automatic Columbia Concrete products plants for manufacturing Hollow/Solid Blocks, Pavers and Flyash Bricks for their requirements. Builders and entrepreneurs were purchasing local or manual machines of low investment, however due to bad quality concrete products manufactured by these machines, now have switched over to fully automatic machines which guarantees a premium selling price.

Government's support & incentives: Government bodies / institutions should educate architects, builders and masons about the advantages of flyash /concrete bricks. The government should amend the rules and policies making it mandatory the usage of flyash bricks near thermal power plant in a radius of 100-150 kms. However, transportation of flyash makes flyash an expensive by-product. The government should also make arrangements to transport flyash at a subsidized rate for manufacturers who are having factories away from power plant. Government should not charge any manufacturing duties, sales tax for flyash/concrete bricks. Further, the government has to make arrangements for loans at lower interest rates for such manufacturers.

Company's products offerings: Columbia Machines manufactures and sells various models in Indian market which can produce upto 300,000 flyash bricks or 150,000 pavers, 50,000 hollow/solid Blocks or 25,000 retaining wall blocks per day. Columbia Machine produces economical pallet handling systems ranging from simple Hydraulic Offbearer to fully automatic Pallet transporter system which requires minimum manpower. Columbia Machine, Inc. USA is a single source for all equipment right from Batching Plant to Cuber including moulds. Columbia machine uses the Principal of Vertical Mould vibration which ensures high strength, minimum cement consumption, better compaction, uniform composition, uniform height etc. Columbia machines are versatile machine and are capable of manufacturing all concrete products by simple change of mould. Columbia Machines have manufactured more than 100 crore (1 Billion) high strength pavers all over India which is equivalent to 25 million square metres. We have sold more than 150 fully automatic machines all over India.

Quality control systems: We have manufacturing facilities in USA and Vadodara, Gujarat. In our factories, we have three stages of Quality Assurance. We have a full fledged quality assurance department to take care of incoming, in process and final quality tests. Equipment are passed through Factory Acceptance Test before despatch. Columbia Machine, Inc. USA has got a separate department at Vancouver USA dedicated for R&D and Application Engineering (AE). Our AE team takes feedback from Customers and gives feedback to R&D department which designs and develops customized solution. Our AE department in Baroda conducts trial for our customers in developing new concrete products.

After sales services & spare parts availability: We started our manufacturing unit in 1999 with full fledged service team based at Baroda and Mumbai to take care of our customer’s service requir- ement. We always keep stock of spare parts at our factory in Baroda and we ship it to customer at the earliest by Air Cargo or by overnight courier. We train our customer’s operators at our factory before despatching and further train them in their plant immediately after commissioning of the Plant. Through this two phases of training, the customer’s operators and technicians will be able to operate the plant. Many of our customers have placed repeat orders which itself explains our prompt after sales support.


Mr. Sandeep Dave
Director - Marketing
Mr. Shakti Nissonko
Marketing (Pan India),
Neptune Industries Ltd
Reason for late acceptance in India: The major barriers identified in the acceptance of Fly ash/ Concrete based bricks or blocks are awareness & availability of technology and financial capabilities. The end users such as builders, architects etc. also lack information on the benefits of using these eco- friendly, high strength bricks in building construction.

Demand forecast: The existing conventional brick kiln owners are still reluctant to go for technology advancement mostly due to lower awareness level along with the finance aspects of it. They have apprehension about the acceptance in the market for these products. However, we have found a new market segment wherein forward looking entrepreneurs are keener in setting up these eco-friendly fly ash based brick/block plants and even the light weight high strength Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Block making plants. They are knowledgeable and are quite aggressive in their approach for the future prospects of Fly ash based products such as Fly ash bricks, Concrete Paver & Blocks and Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Blocks etc. Also we see real estate developers, Cement manufacturing companies; steel & thermal power plants and civil contractors as the next future market segment.

Neptune is proud to have implemented the largest fly ash utilization programs to produce Fly ash bricks/ concrete paver and block in India. We have successfully implemented projects in NTPC Dadri, NTPC Sipat to produce 50,000 to 1,00,000 fly ash bricks per day. Also we have successfully commissioned plants in Jindal Steel and Power Limited (JSPL) Raigarh to produce 50,000 bricks per day. We are in process of commissioning a Fully Automatic plant at JSPL, Raigarh in Joint venture with FRIMA GmbH which will have a capacity to produce approx. 3,00,000 bricks per day.

Some of our esteemed custo- mers are Balaji Fly Ash PVt. Ltd., Usha Martin Limited, Uttam Galva Steel Ltd, Janki Corp. Ltd., Nirma Limited, Salasar Steel and Power Ltd, Chiripal Group, Atul Ltd etc.

Government's support & incentives: Proactive role of Governments e.g. preference for use of the new products in government projects would build confidence among end-user and enhance market for new resource efficient brick products.
  • The government can also consider some fiscal incentives, tax benefits e.g. lowering of sales tax for promotion of these products.
  • While the brick sector must strive for these improvements, government must provide industrial status, accessibility to easy term loan etc to brick sector.
  • The role of co-financing in the project is very important. The past record on financing brick sector is not very encouraging. However with new forward looking entrepreneurs, the financial institutions should support and consider loan assistance to viable projects.
  • Promotion of light weight bricks in RCC structures is more relevant as bricks/blocks will be used as a filler material and not as a load bearing material.
  • Role of institutions such as TERI, BMTPC are very critical in Training & awareness building.
Company's product offerings: Neptune Industries is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Plant and Machinery for Fly ash utilization, Heavy Clay & Building Materials, Ceramic, Sanitary wares, Insulator, Refractory Ceramics, Tableware and Tiles Industries.

Neptune Industries Ltd has been actively involved in promoting Fly Ash utilization technologies in India for almost 12 years. Neptune has developed Powder Compacting Technology for Fly Ash Bricks making plants with Hydraulic Press, where upto 70% Fly Ash can be used.

Neptune offers the following Plant & machinery and Turnkey based Project Solution for producing innovative Eco- friendly Fly Ash based products:

Powder Compacting Technology for Fly Ash Brick Plant:
  • Neptune Lite – 1000 (Capacity 1000 Bricks/Hr.)
  • Neptune Lite – 1500 (Capacity 1500 Bricks/Hr.)
  • Neptune Lite – 2000 (Capacity 2000 Bricks/Hr.) Vibro Compacting Technology for Fly Ash based Brick, Block and Paver making plant:
  • Neptune Vibro 5000 (Capacity 5040 Bricks/hr or 2880 I-Paver/ hr)
Neptune – Frima Concrete Paver & Blocks Technology: A JV with FRIMA GmbH – Germany for higher capacity Fully Automatic Concrete Paver & Blocks Technology
    • Capacity 3,00,000 brick/ block per day
    • Alpina Neptune Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Technology (AAC): A JV with Alpina Industriale SpA – Italy for Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Technology (AAC)

  • Capacity 200 – 600 cubic meter per day
Quality control systems: Achieving Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal. Continuous process improvement through active participation of all employees is our thrust to achieve leadership in quality, price and delivery. We have our dedicated Research & Development team comprising engineers who focus on future technology developments. Neptune is quite aware of the modern day global demands with respect to systems. It has an elaborate quality assurance system in place. We have got inspection facilities across four stages inbound stage, Processing stage, Final stage and ITR test stage.

After sales services & spare parts availability: We operate out of our Sales & Marketing Head office in Ahmedabad. We have got our Business associates in Kolkata, Ranchi and Pune. Pre-sales consultancy puts Neptune’s experience at the customer’s disposal i.e. each single project is elaborated in accordance with requirements and limits of the clients. This means a highly qualified consultancy with regard to technological development and guaranteed efficient performance. The after-sales service represents the long-term guarantee for the investment of the customers has made by associating with Neptune. We not only provide original spare parts on demand but also an on-call service to ensure a prompt arrangement of the service team.


Mr. Udey H Sardana,
Area Manager-India, Prensoland
Reason for late acceptance in India: The construction Industry is driven by the natural/local availability of Raw materials like Aggregates, Sand, Fly Ash etc. There was abundance of top soil in Northern India, which was good for making bricks, and hence we see extensive use of Red Bricks here. South India, on the contrary has red soil which is not good for making bricks, and they were hence, forced much earlier to look towards Concrete as an option.

Fly Ash products are based on the Puzzolanic reaction of Fly Ash, Lime and Gypsum, which requires a lot of energy in the form of Autoclaving to be able to make a good and strong product. The curing infrastructure in this case requires a much bigger investment, and the manufacturers escape that, by replacing some quantity of Fly Ash with Sand and by adding some Cement to the mix design, compromising the environmental and technical characteristics of the Fly Ash Brick, making it relatively weaker when compared to a Red Brick.

Demand forecast: Hollow Concrete Blocks are now finding much better acceptance as they are lighter and better insulated. They require way lesser mortar for joinery of wall, and need much less mortar of plastering. The final product, the wall made is cheaper, stronger, better insulated (Reducing the energy requirement of the building for Cooling and Heating) when compared to a Red Brick Wall. Indian Standards, allow for using upto 30% fly ash, when making Hollow or Solid Concrete Blocks.

Solid blocks are also finding better acceptance against the Red Bricks, as the wall made with Blocks is much superior technically to a Red Brick Wall, at the same price.

Pre-cast Concrete Products are all about adding more value to your Concrete when you manufacture the products on Prensoland machines, using state-of-the-art technology of Vibrocompaction. These machines are now finding more buyers as they are more dependable, and the products manufactured on them make the construction Faster, Cheaper and Greener.

Government's support & incentives: The government needs to have a taxation policy that encourages the use of Greener Construction products that are made using Fly Ash, or have better insulation qualities making the buildings more eco-friendly.

Company's products & customers support services: Our company provides turnkey solutions to set up Vibro Press installations for making Hollow/Solid Concrete Blocks, Pavers, Tiles, Kerbstones and many more profiles.

We also provide turnkey solutions for manufacturing pre-stressed Concrete Products like Hollow Core Slabs and Beams of Concrete, Stadium Seats, Wall Panels and much more.

Prensoland is in this business for over 50 years and its machines and designs have matured with time. Backed by a strong R&D team, we are now selling the 6th Generation of our machines, and have patents and design rights for some of our technologies. Our machines installed in any part of the world, can be connected to the central server in Spain over the internet, and we are able to run, scan and diagnose the machine problems while sitting in our support centre in Spain. We encourage our customers to have the necessary spare parts for the machine, which minimises the downtime if any. While installing the machines, we train the technicians and operators of the customer to efficiently run and maintain the machines.

We have made more than 1000 machinery installations, and have satisfied customers in more than 50 countries. The oldest working machine is 42 years old and still going strong in Mexico. We have very strong and authentic experience and expertise in the field of Precast Concrete Production lines and practices. We are now equipped to share this experience with you through our associates and presence in India.

Fujian Quangong

Fujian Quangong
Ms. Sandy Yuen,
Fujian Quangong Machinery Co., Ltd.
Reason for late acceptance in India: Tradition is rooted in people’s mind. Also, traditional materials are cheaper and more widely accepted. When the living standard increases, people start paying more attention to the quality of construction materials. Start, together with the environmental protection signal, the superior materials (like flyash/concrete bricks) are getting popular.

It takes time and more money for people to accept new materials. New materials produced from industrial waste give people the impression of harmful effect. Like China, fly ash bricks are becoming popular only since 1995. Flyash is cheaper than normal construction materials and has a good insulation property. Together with its environment- friendly characteristics, it eventually earns the public recognition.

Demand forecast: It is believed that the popularity of bricks manufacturing plant will keep on increasing. The demand and supply of the bricks is set to go up every year.

For the demand aspect, the increase of living standard and population would lead to a huge demand of houses in India. Together with the safety awareness of building design, the society pays more attention on the quality of building materials. Supervision and quality control is widely adopted by the industry.

Fujian Quangong
Rapid industrial development increases the supply of bricks in India. Blocks making companies sharply increase. Local and overseas brick manufacturing companies keep a healthy competitive environment in the fast growing industry of Indian construction machinery. Technology, quantity as well as productivity of brick production improve. Some block making machine companies provide a set of comprehensive production lines with easy operating and automatic systems. This encourages real estate developers to set up this profitable block making business.

Government's support & incentives: The government promotion is essential because without the government support, nothing can be easily and widely accepted by the society in the shortest time.

Secondly, for quality control, environmental protection as well as resource allocation prospect, regulation and policy can be implemented to restrict the use of conventional bricks in some region. The government can impose heavy tax or provide more additional regulatory requirements on the conventional bricks. Tax reduction should be imposed on the flyash and other environment-friendly materials for promotional purpose.

Company's products offerings: QGM is the only provider of Integrated Solutions for Concrete Block Making in China. We have large R&D, Design and Production teams to tailor-made the design for customers. According to the budget, land size, location, production output and product requirement, we offer different degrees of automatic production lines to suit the needs of customers. If customers have special needs, we will tailor–made the special production solution for them.

We provide comprehensive turnkey solutions based on the application of German frequency conversional technology. In the fully automatic production line, from materials batcher to the picketing machine, the whole procedure is fully automatic and just needs 3 workers in operation. Workers just need to touch the Siemens PLC screen to control the whole block making process.

Quality control systems: QGM has a large team of Quality Control in more than 10 production stages from production materials to packaging process according to the 6S and ISO9001 Quality Management System.

Our main focus is the commissioning procedure of finished products. To ensure the whole production line is working well, QGM has commissioning workshop for every component before painting and packaging procedure. We spend 20-30 days for this rigorous and significant process. All inferior goods are eliminated. Our 100% Quality Control gives high guarantee for customers.

With 28 R&D top engineers and 60 technicians, QGM has been consistently supporting its customers from around the world with up-to-date development. In the same pace with international well-known European block making enterprises, quality of QGM machinery is in the top international standard.

After sales services & spare parts availability: Machines from QGM are distributed to more than 100 countries. To provide efficient after-sale services, QGM has 10 overseas offices and 25 warehouses, including India.

Fujian Quangong
We have all-rounded pre-sales and after-sales services. Pre-sale services include the layout design, technical consultation, feasibility study, cost and ROI analysis. After-sale services include the installation, commissioning, and training. Chinese technician will be arranged to the factory of customer for installation and maintenance.

QGM has 100% quality guarantee and 100% technical support for overseas customers. To minimize the downtime of machinery, all QGM machinery has 1 year quality warranty and unlimited spare parts replacement and consultation system. All spare parts can be replaced conveniently in our warehouse or office in India or in China. To make sure Indian customers can have better after-sales services and get the spare parts replacement quickly, we are going to set up a large-scale office and warehouse in India.

Sree Parijatha Machinery

Sree Parijatha Machinery
Mr. J. Ramesh,
Managing Partner, Sree Parijatha Machinery Works
Reason for late acceptance in India: Fly Ash being a by-product of Coal based power generating plants and Boilers was earlier a nuisance and everyone was clueless as to how to handle or dispose it.

Fortunately due to its excellent pozzolonic properties, it was discovered that it could be easily blended with Cement to produce good concrete products thereby completely eliminating it from the dump yards.

The use of fly as based products started very late in India as compared to western countries. This is due to skepticism expressed by the users due to lack of awareness and knowledge about Fly Ash and its advantages.

In fact, processed fly ash is being sold in packaged bags in some developed countries for various application and the recovery and utilization is very organized and maximized in these countries.

However, thanks to various government initiatives and better understanding and awareness of Fly Ash and it is being extensively used in various construction related materials and products.

Demand forecast: Brick or Blocks manufactured using Fly ash have all the requisite properties required for the construction industry apart from being light weight which is an additional advantage for Builders. Therefore, they were quick to realize its potential because of which, there is a huge spurt in demand for Fly ash based Bricks and Blocks in the construction Industry.

Sree Parijatha Machinery
This trend is expected to continue and the demand for Fly ash based products will definitely increase, which already has created a situation in various Power plants wherein there is a shortage in availability of Fly ash which is also being auctioned or sold at a good price. In fact, the saying is that Power is just a by- product and the Fly ash is the main product !!

Government's support & incentives: Although there has been initiative on the part of the Central Government earlier to promote the use of Fly Ash based products, the enthusiasm for the same has waned of late. To promote better use of Fly ash based products, the government should provide incentives like exemption or reduction in Excise duty and VAT.

Also, since the accessibility of Fly Ash to Metros is quite far in many cases, the government should provide subsidy by way of reimbursing part of the excess Transport costs for the same.

Company's product offerings: Parijatha, is the leading manufacturer of Fly ash based plants in India with the maximum number of plants compared to any manufacturer in India.This is because of our unique systems and technologies which enables us to produce products with the maximum utilization of Fly Ash. This translates to a huge cost saving for the Brick manufacturer apart from importantly maximizing the usage of this environmentally hazardous material for constructive purposes.

The unique Vibro-press technology perfected by Parijatha over the years, has made our range of machines the most successful in the market which meets the customers requirements in terms of excellent cost reduction in manufacture and minimum working/maintenance costs.

We offer complete plants for manufacture of Fly ash based products which incudes the batching plants, Mixers, conveyors, Block machine, Pallet handling systems and related accessories.

Sree Parijatha Machinery
Also, we offer complete turnkey solutions for manufacture of Fly Ash based bricks, Interlock paving Blocks, Slabs, Kerb stones, Concrete Hollow and Solid Blocks and all related products from the plant design stage till the final installation commissioning full production running and handover. More importantly, Parijatha is associated in manufacturing of Concrete products itself for over 35 years which gives us an un-matched advantage of being able to provide our customers with all the technical assistance in setting up the plant, providing of Mix design according to locally available raw materials and continuous technical advice and back-up using our vast knowledge and experience gained over the years. This is something which few manufacturers can match and give our customers immense satisfaction and value for money.

Quality control systems: Parijatha has the best manufacturing facility compared to any manufacturer in India which can easily matchor exceed International standards. We follow the best and most proven machining practices and techniques apart from thorough inspection by qualified engineers. Also, our design team is continuously innovating to ensure that the products are completely troublefree. Also, our R&D team is striving to launch new products, systems and technologies regularly to maintain the leadership position in the market.

After sales services & spare parts availability: Parijatha has a team of very experienced technicians and engineers who take care of the Installation and Commissioning of all our plants apart from providing Service Back up.

Additionally, we have a ready stock of all consumable spares required by the customers to be able to deliver to them at immediate notice. Also, we recommend our buyers some essential spares parts which ensure that there is very little downtime of the machines apart from following a regular preventive maintenance schedule. Moreover, the quality of Parijatha products is such that the need for such a situation is very far between.

SRS Finlay

SRS Finlay
Mr. Yireikan Khapudang,
General Manager - SRS Finlay
Reasons for late acceptance in India: Fly ash bricks have been in the market for quite sometime. However, the quality control at the manufacturing end is very weak as most of these units are owned by small time manufacturers, as a result such products have not been able to gain the confidence of builders and developers.

Though there are few R&D institutes such as INSWAREB which actively promots the use of fly ash. The brick manufacturer’s awareness on the usage of fly-ash is also low as majority of them are in an unorganised sector. For instance, fly bottom ash (FBA) which is a grade of fly-ash generated in every thermal power plant is used extensively to make bricks in Scotland. These bricks are rated as a premium green product satisfying all the UK (United Kingdom) standard building norms. While in India, (FBA) ash is dumped in the pond without any significant value, due to lack of awareness.

The fly-ash quality (chemical composition) also depends on the coal quality used in different plants, so the mix design at one end may not be the same for another region which needs a deeper understanding delaying the process.

Demand forecast: I will not completely agree that every other real estate developer in India is planning to have their own manufacturing plant. A few developers who have gone ahead with such facility are looking for quality building materials; reduce the risk of cost overruns of delay in project timelines due to shortage of bricks. It also reduces the overheads cost by avoiding the tedious job of verifying the quality of bricks in every truck at entry point supplied by many vendors.

As global construction practices get adapted in Indian Industry, which stresses on the importance of meeting timelines and quality, EPC and developers are likely to adapt time tested concrete blocks in their structures.

The Indian market is huge for all equipment manufacturers but a good machine which can produce quality will dominate over the years.

Government's support & incentives: The 70% of India’s electricity is generated through coal fired thermal power plant. Fly ash disposal continues to remain a challenge to many thermal power plants across the country as there was no effective use of fly-ash in civil construction in the past, the accumulation of ash in the dump pond over the years has simply overshot its capacity. Such disposal/storage cost relatively affected the profitability of the power plant.

SRS Finlay
As a result, the government set up a few R&D departments to monitor and implement usage of fly-ash; however tangible results are yet to be observed except for a few construction projects and cement plants that have started using fly-ash of some certain grade.

One interesting trend that was noted is when the project tender specifies the usage of fly-ash bricks usage. The EPC players take initiative at their end to fulfil such norms at the time of bidding, thus creating the demand. Such regulatory steps need to be taken by the government to actively spur demand for fly-ash bricks.

Thermal power plants should provide fly ash at such a rate that the brick manufacturers find fly ash bricks making profitable.

Company's product offerings: SRS Finlay is a Northern Ireland based company which has been into concrete/fly ash bricks making equipment for over 60 years with worldwide presence.

Our machines are popular for their simplicity and easy to operate in design which made us popular worldwide unlike a complicated huge static block manufacturing facility.

The principle of our block making machine is as simple as an Indian made (Coimbatore) egg laying machines, however the size and the scale is 7-8 times more achieving huge reduction in labour coupled with intense R&D engineering design to get quality products.

SRS Finlay
We share all the technical details and operational support to the execution of projects until the clients are satisfied with the product produced.

Quality control systems: SRS Finlay is constantly innovating its products. With over 20 years of experience in Middle East, we have integrated quite a number of localized technologies into our equipment based on application. Our machines are also operating in Africa in extreme conditions; we continually customize our machines to suit the local conditions.

After sales services & spare parts availability: We have sales offices and distributors in more than four cities of India. We offer fast moving spare parts in first deals which are easy to replace and re-run. Our 24 hrs after sales service support number is available to all customers. In case of major problem, our engineers will attend the machine within 48 to 78 hours.


Mr. Ramachandran,
Director, VED PMC Ltd.,
Using of fly-ash bricks/concrete blocks can give more benefits as well as people have to be familiar with its development. This building material is not only easy to use but also cost effective and play major role in providing environment-friendly and sustain- able products of the future by increasing the good impact on the environment and the economy. The scope of improvement lies in the mindset for building the future with strong innovative Green Building products by promoting using, reusing, recycling at all levels of manufacturing or application. We need to clearly understand the importance of successfully achieving a viable integrated product design and to put our best efforts to produce those materials which best fit to the specific geographical location, architectural design, and aesthetic looks through a combination of research, technology and industry experts. The usage of concrete blocks, flyash products at national level needs to be influenced by the environmentally conditional building requirements of LEED®, builders, architects who can influence products catering to Sustainable Sites Credits, Energy & Atmosphere Credits, Materials & Resources Credits, Innovation & Design Process Credits. The core of this issue is to dedicatedly focus on collectively addressing sustain- able future vision 2020.

Infrastructure development is seen as a nation building engine, likewise concrete manufacturing plants work as catalyst to the real estate and developers for providing full fledged automated plants for captive use, while the advantages are in multi-folds such as low production costs, stringent quality control, ready to use on site immediately, saving transportation cost etc.

It’s worth acknowledging the government’s tremendous efforts to boost infrastructure through proper channels and national organization. A similar foundation needs to be set up to support and serve as information source for training, technological research, facility modernization and new products development. A National promotion body to broaden knowledge base and to ensure effective industry participation is also needed.

Established in the 1996, we, VED PMC Ltd, are reckoned as one of the leading manufacturers, and suppliers of Concrete Products and Automatic Block Making Machinery through AME GmbH. Our products range includes a variety like Paver Blocks, Interlocking blocks, Grass Paving Blocks. In addition, we have also collaboration with AME GmbH Austria for PFS 1000 H/Machine, PFS 1300/Machine, Amethyst 1500 HS/Machine and lots more. We are also the specialized service provider rendering Total Solution for Pre-cast plant Setup, Ready made Cut & bend Steel and Plant Setup. Our reinforcement processing services and products are a complete solution for all steel reinforcing needs.

For the first time in India, "The fully Automated and most economical Plant AME GmbH, from Austria" have been installed at VED PMC LTD (our factory), Taloja, Dist Raigad and is in full operation. The single automated machine can produce a range of 100 products. We are collaborated with AME GmbH, Austria for their sales promotion in India. We give complete end to end solution with most economical operations.


Er. Nikunj Bhatt
Director Technical,
Sahjanand Flyash Bricks Plant (P) Ltd
Advantages: Now-a-days, India is in leading role of Green construction projects. The recent development of communication like internet is helpful for studying new technologies used in construction industry in developed countries. Some advantages of Flyash Bricks or Conventional Bricks are:
  • It is eco-friendly.
  • High strength and light weight.
  • Full size and shep saving cement in mortar and plaster.
  • Less wastage and breakages.
  • Effloresce and termite free
  • Reduce dead load on total Building Structure, thus saving steel and cement
  • It is Aging material
In mega cities like Pune, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore Chennai, Raipur, Bhopal, Ahmadabad etc., builders and contractors have installed Brick Plants on sites because of high demand of bricks and they can save:
  • Transportation
  • Brakeage and wastage
  • Quality control
  • Targetive Production.
From power plant major part of FLYASH is captured by cement industries and they are earning handsome profit. RMC plants are also using flyash. Many power plants are charging high price for Flyash, so Brick manufacturer can’t effort and compete market. Brick manufacturers must expect from government.
  • Free flyash
  • Special subsidy for plant installation
  • Special quota reserved of flyash
  • Tax benefit on Final product
  • Compulsory use of flyash bricks in government projects
  • Promotions to Flyash Brick Manufacturers
"Buildwell" has various models of Brick Plant like Semi Automatic – Fully Automatic Models, Production capacity from 5,000 to 50,000 brick production per day.

"Buildwell" Produce machine, Design by 3 D Auto CAD Drawing by Qualified Engineers, and we have inhouse testing laboratory where every part of the machine is tested on Lab instrument before fitting and after completion of machine fitting. In our factory, we produce bricks according to customer’s specification, after 100% satisfaction we paint machine with customer conformation, every time our skilled engineering staff do R&D on latest technology and implement in our machines. Also give benefit to our old customers with reasonable charge or free of cost.

In every part of country, we have appointed sales service – spare parts dealers, we provide them technical training and maintain enough stoke of spare in their stores.

At the time of installation, our technical person will stay at least for 7-10 days on Project site and they will Provide installation – Training how to operate and maintain the plant without taking any charge. After customer satisfaction report, our Technician will handover the plant to customer after that our local dealer will look after Sales Service.
Concrete Equipment - Industry Anticipates Long-Term Demand
Manufacturers of concrete equipment, namely, Schwing Stetter, KYB Conmat, Ajax and Vibrant share with Zainab Faridi the initiatives being taken by them to design and develop machines that can handle complex infra development projects

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Putzmeister showcases range of innovations in Concrete Equipment
iONTRON Truck Mounted Concrete Pump: This innovative hybrid concrete pump gives zero emissions, making it easy to work in an environmentally friendly manner: Simply unwind the cable, plug it in and utilise the power supply on the

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SICOMA Mixers India launches Twin Shaft Mixer with Skip Hoist
SICOMA Mixers India has launched Twin Mixer with Skip Hoist for their OEM customers in India. Earlier, the highly successful skip models were available only with their Planetary Mixers and the Twin Shaft version was offered only through the CKD route

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After its success in Gujarat, Qualimark Machines plans expansion in other states across India
Gujarat-based Qualimark Machines is a manufacturer of reversible drum mixers with a programmable water dispenser system; hoppers in capacities up to 1050 liters and production rate of 15 cu.m./hr; mini cranes with lifting capacity of 0.5 ton to 1 ton

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Plaksa Solutions: Revolutionizing Plastering with Italian Mortar Pumps
Indian distributor Plaksa Solutions Pvt Ltd specializes in supplying of Spray mortar pumps used for plastering which are imported from Italy and are being sold across the Indian subcontinent. The equipment includes machines for pumping and spraying of dry plaster

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Gamzen Infrastructure offers specialized Beach Cleaning machines and TMMs for a niche market
Gamzen equipment is offering a range of equipment that includes concrete batching plants, beach cleaning machines, and railway rail track machines. The company is also offering equipment on lease. “We have been in the CE industry since 51 years; we started by manufacturing

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Sunbeam Concrete Equipment
Sunbeam Infra Equipment-(A vertical of Sunbeam Generators Pvt.Ltd), which was took roots in late 2016 for manufacturing Transit Concrete mixers, has progressed to become a manufacturer of a comprehensive range of solutions. Along with generator sets, it offers concrete

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Ajax Engineering expands range of concreting solutions
ARGO 3500, 3.5 m³, self-loading concrete mixers suitable for railway permanent way works, construction of buildings, industrial projects, canal lining and concreting of roads. ARGO 3500 is designed with Dual Engine, the FIRST of its kind in CE Industry

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KYB Conmat eyes the growing concrete self-loading mixer segment
Looking to have a sizeable business presence in the growing concrete self-loading mixer segment, KYB Conmat is promoting its 4.8, 2.8, 4.3, and 4 cum/hrconcrete self-loading mixers(CSLMs), which are BSIV compliant and ARAI approved. The KYB Conmat CSLM has

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Schwing Stetter India Launches 14 New Products
Schwing Stetter India unveiled 14 new products at Excon. An impressive highlight was the Boom Pump S47 - the longest product on display. The other products on display were

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AJAX Launches SLCM with Dual Engine, Self-propelled Boom Pump, Slip Form Paver, Concrete Pump with Electric Drive
AJAX, which offers next-generation 360-degree concreting solutions, has launched products from its entire spectrum of concrete production, concrete placement, and concrete paving at Excon

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Macons Presents Concrete Batching, Mixing Plant, and Socage Range of Aerial Platforms
Macons produces the highest quality concrete equipment for the construction of large civil projects. At Excon, the company presented its turnkey concrete batching and mixing plant solutions along with Socage range of products

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Columbia Showcases Machine with Design Flexibility of Concrete Tiles & Blocks
At Excon, Columbia has displayed a special machine that allows dimension of varying thickness ranging from 25 – 250 mm enabling production of concrete tiles and pavers on a single machine. The increased height of the machine assists in casting

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Schwing Stetter organizes Technovation 2022 - an Experiential Platform for Customers and Vendors
Schwing Stetter (India) recently organized a week-long event ‘Technovation 2022’ at its new global manufacturing hub in Cheyyar, Tamil Nadu. According to V.G. Sakthikumar, MD, Schwing Stetter (India), the key objective of the week-long event

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Concrete Equipment - Rising Demand Driving Upgradations
With infra development gathering pace, demand for concrete producing, transporting and placing equipment is increasing, and driving equipment manufacturers to upgrade their products with innovative features, including digitization

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AJAX Guided by its Customer-First Philosophy
AJAX, the world’s largest SLCM manufacturer, always has a ‘Customer First’ focus, so much so that when it comes up with a strategy for business advancement, it keeps the stakeholders’ interests in mind. The company’s aim

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ApolloCarmix Self-Loading Concrete Mixers now in a Smart New-Age Avtar
As an equipment manufacturing company committed to sustainable environment, ApolloCarmix Equipment Pvt. Ltd., has made all its ApolloCarmix mixers BS IV compliant. Its newly launched CEV Stage IV ApolloCarmix 4x4 concrete

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Schwing Stetter India launches nextgen SLM 4600 with CEV-4 Engine
Schwing Stetter India has unveiled its state-of-the-art Self-loading Mixer – SLM 4600. It will cater to higher output requirements of concrete batching, mixing and placing in the urban development Segment. It is being rolled

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MACONS - MST-4 Self-Loading Concrete Mixer
MACONS, a leading manufacturer and supplier of world-class equipment for use in India and for the global construction markets, has introduced its latest MST series of Self Loading Concrete Mixer

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Sicoma Mixers India implements TUV SUD ISO Procedures
Sicoma Mixers India has successfully implemented TUV SUD ISO Procedures for the scope of Manufacture and Sale of Concrete Mixers and Spare Parts. The company is now ISO certified for

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