liebherr ltr 1220 ncc
NCC Ltd. has taken delivery of a Liebherr LTR 1220 telescopic crawler crane, which is equipped with polyamide pads for operation on metro site. The crane is currently working on the Nagpur Metro project. In this project the crane hoists girders for the two new metro lines which have a total length of 38 km. Here, the pick and carry characteristics of the telescopic crawler crane are a great advantage.

Liebherr LTR cranes are crawler cranes with telescopic booms. They feature short set-up times and particularly high flexibility in use. Fitted with a telescopic boom, they do not need space to assemble and erect the boom. Since crawler cranes are not supported, they can be fast relocated on the job site and are again immediately ready for operation. Another benefit is that they can march with full load, giving a distinct advantage over mobile cranes.

Liebherr has delivered a new LTR 1220 telescopic crawler crane to NCC Ltd. Hyderabad for its Nagpur metro project. There the crane's is used for lifting of girders. With the crane unique feature of pick and carry capacity, it is an ideal equipment for girder placements. Liebherr is convinced that the use of such a crane for the first time in India, will give a big opening to this technology.

The LTR 1220 comes with double grouser crawler pads, which are useful in off-road operation. For operation inside a hall or on the road, polyamide plates can be installed on the double grouser crawler pads to protect the surface of the floor. Fitting of these polyamide plates takes a few minutes.

NCC is associated with Liebherr since 2010. They operate already a Liebherr 400 tonne crawler crane and a 200 tonne mobile crane in various projects. NCC contributes to India’s progress through landmark infrastructure projects which demonstrate far-reaching impact, even beyond the realm of construction.

NBM&CW July 2017