The CM1600 Series is formed by four brand new models and two more to come in the coming months
Comansa Flat Top Tower Crane
Comansa CM’s new series is formed by flat-top tower cranes with maximum load capacity of 10 and 12 tonnes.

Flat Top Tower Crane
All the cranes from the CM1600 Series feature frequency controlled mechanisms and the PowerLift system.
Tower crane manufacturer, Comansa CM, part of the Linden Comansa Group, proudly announced the launch of a new series of flat-top tower cranes. Four new models with maximum load capacity of 10 and 12 tonnes are already available, while two more will be arriving before the end of this year.

The new cranes from the Hangzhou factory are models 16CM185 10t, 16CM185 12t, 16CM220 10t, and 16CM220 12t, all with maximum jib length of 65 metres. The cranes 16CM260 10t and 16CM260 12t will be launched soon with jib length of 70 metres. All the cranes from the CM1600 Series, feature flat-top design, frequency controlled mechanisms, different options of hoist speeds, and the PowerLift system. This new CM1600 Series allows Comansa CM to fill the gap between the CM1100 Series (with max. load of 6 and 8 tonnes) and the CM2100 Series (upto 25 tonnes of maximum load capacity). Sales Manager, Mr. Andy Huang says, "Comansa CM's range is now even more complete and allows us to be part of all types of projects, from small residential to large-scale industrial and infrastructures."

Comansa Top Tower Crane

NBM&CW November 2016