Prof.Sonali Mohit Kankriya, M.E (Infrastructure Engineering & Management) Lecturer- S.S.V.P.S.B.S.D College of Engineering Polytechnic Dhule (MS)

Concrete is traditionally a solid, substantial building material. It needs a makeover. Small buildings are replaced by high-rise buildings and skyscrapers. There arises one of the major problem in deriving natural light in a building, due to obstruction of nearby structures. To overcome this problem, artificial sources are used to illuminate the building, but artificial light leads to increase of heat level in the buildings. To evaluate the effectiveness of the smart transparent concrete, the present study aims at producing the concrete specimens by combining glass rods and optical fibers with different percentage and comparing it with the normal concrete. Two tests are carried out-Compressive test and Light Transmission test and cost comparisons are also done.


A. General
Concrete has a key role in development of infrastructure & housing. Concrete has been used since Roman times but its basic component has remained the same. Three ingredients make the dry mix, coarse aggregates, fine aggregates, and cement. Due to great economical growth, urbanization, population growth, space utilization worldwide, there is drastic change in concrete technology. Most of the big buildings are built close to each other, all in the same areas like sky scrapers. There arises one of biggest problem in deriving natural light in buildings due to obstruction of nearby structures. When buildings are stack closed to each other, there is not much natural sunlight passing through it. Translucence is doing a great deal to change that image of concrete through the score of creative and sustainable application for their patterned light transmitting concrete.

B. Power Consumption
In total domestic usage of electricity, 30% of electricity is used for lightening purpose only, so it is necessary to utilize natural light for illuminating interior of building.

1) Optical Fiber
An optical fiber is a flexible transparent fiber made of glass (silica) or plastic, slightly thicker than a human hair. Optical fiber is a three layered cable made up of Buffer coating, cladding and core. And light transmission carried out through the core of fiber.

NBM&CW February 2017