Practical applications of UHPC & HPC concrete by generative development and optimization methods – An overseas experience.

Mr. N Ramesh, Director - Talrak Construction Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.
Dr.-Ing. Thomas Teichmann, CEO – G.tecz Engineering

Fiber Reinforced UHPC
Figure 1: Goosebridge, fiber-reinforced UHPC, no steel bar reinforcement inside; production: Romein Beton, NL; material development: G.tecz Engineering, Germany

Ultra High Performance Concrete – Sustainable and Cost-effective

Ultra High Performance Concrete (UPHC) is one of the most modern concretes developed during the last decade. It's a material generally characterized by (although not limited to the one) having a high compressive strength from 120MPa to 200MPa. Of late, more projects are being constructed worldwide which demonstrate the potential of this new kind of cement bonded material.

Modern cement bonded high-tech materials that are developed by employing Nano technology optimizing materials do have better mechanical properties than ordinary concretes or HPC. UHPC not only has the structural performance which is much higher than HPC, but also have ceramic like surface behaviors, impermeability to water and gas, very high heat resistant or work as insulation material. Hence, UHPC will be the next generation high performance material that can be used in classical building applications like structural pre-cast elements, facades, columns etc. That is not all; UHPC can be used in machinery-industry e.g. form-giving tools and integrated parts of machineries. Further, inspiring designers, architects, and engineers see UHPC for new applications where concrete wasn't a choice before.

NBM&CW October 2016