N.Raj, M.Karthikeyan, M.Arunachalam, G.Jeyaprakash, Athulya.K.V. B.E. Civil, Final year, Nehru Institute of Technology, Coimbatore.


Various research studies in polymer concrete has taken place in the recent years & the main reason of usage of polymer concrete in construction materials is because of comparative high performance, multi functionality and sustainability when compared to conventional cement concrete. Concrete polymer composites are environment-friendly and confirm to concern of saving of natural resources due to the longevity of infrastructures and environment protection. Concrete has high compressive strength but is relatively weak in tension and adhesion and its porosity can lead to physical and chemical deterioration. Polymers on the other hand are weak in compression but can have higher tensile capacities and provide good adhesion to other materials as well as resistance to physical and chemical attack. Combination of these two materials can exploit the useful properties of both and yield composites with excellent strength and durability properties. In this project a comparative performance study of polymer added in conventional concrete and conventional concrete is brought by adding different dosage of polymer to the conventional concrete. Mechanical properties and behavior of polymer concrete and conventional concrete are studied and the better concrete is found from the experimental studies and recommendations are made based on the experimental investigation.

NBM&CW August 2014