Fenesta's Weather-proof UPVC Windows

Fenesta Building Systems, India's leading windows solution provider, specializes in design, manufacture, installation and service of high quality UPVC windows. The UPVC blend used in windows is suited for high UV rays in India. The added product benefits include monsoon stoppers, hurricane bars and structurally strong giant windows. Hence the company has made use of their technical expertise to make products that are suited for India's extreme climatic conditions.

Fenesta is a part of Rs. 3,000 crore DCM Shriram Consolidated Ltd. (DSCL), one of the largest business groups of north India has announced its foray into an all-India retail operation. The initiative is part of company's business strategy for establishing direct contact with its end-users through a chain of retail outlets, which have currently been set up in select metros and mini metros.

Fenesta's Weather-proof UPVC Windows

Many exclusive showrooms have already been set up at Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, and Delhi. These showrooms display the entire range of Fenesta Windows including sliders, casements, tilt and turn, bays and combination windows. The company has also adopted the popular ‘shop-in-shop' concept for marketing its windows. It has decided to tie-up with various players operating in the home improvement fold including C Bhogilal who is a leading store for exclusive international brads in home improvement segment in Mumbai.

Fenesta's Weather-proof UPVC Windows

Fenesta's range of UPVC windows are precision engineered to counter wind loads up to 3000 Pa (249 km/h), a commonly faced problem in highrise buildings during extreme weather conditions. They can also withstand the brunt of heavy monsoon showers. The system is made unique by a special "Hurricane Bar" to resist heavy winds and a "Rain Track" that drains rainwater outside thereby effectively preventing it from seeping indoors.

Fenesta has engineered three innovations in its new "Series 3000 Weather Proof UPVC windows" to keep the rain out:
  • Rain track: It is an elevated section clipped on the inside track of the window to function like a dam. It captures rainwater and drains it out.
  • Sill arrangement: The special system prevents air pressure from pushing the rainwater indoors. Instead, the rain water flows down vertically at some distance from the wall
  • Gradient slope: A track at a downward slope of 5 degrees ensures accumulated rainwater flows out.
In coastal areas, the frequency of torrential rains is extremely high. Worse, they arrive on the back of high velocity winds. The face drainage mechanism in conventional UPVC windows is inadequate for heavy rains as the force of the wind pushes the rainwater indoors. The combined force of the wind and rain annihilates conventional windows. The force is magnified in the highrise buildings where rain spears in at 45-degree angle accompanied by gale storm.

Fenesta UPVC windows are made up of materials that do not deplete precious natural resources. Its eco-friendly concept is now a huge rage among people looking for houses with unique, stylish and user-friendly architectural designs. These windows have been immensely popular among leading builders, architects and interior designers across the country. Since Fenesta's foray into retail, these windows are gaining rapid acceptance among retails clients as well.

"Changing home windows is a hot new idea in home improvement and renovation. Fenesta's exclusive sales outlets in Mumbai and other parts of the country will help us immensely to take our UPVC windows brand closer to the end–customer," Mr. Sandeep Mathur, Business Head, Fenesta Building Systems, said.

Fenesta Weather-proof UPVC Windows

"Fenesta windows are specially engineered to suit the needs of market – the windows can withstand torrential rains and high speed wind which makes them ideal for highrise buildings and heavy monsoon areas," he further added.

These UPVC windows offer a number of benefits over conventional wood, aluminum and steel windows. Some of these benefits, that greatly improve quality of life, are as follows:
  • Noise and Dust Proof: Silicon sealing, multi point locks and non-conducting properties of UPVC make these windows noise and dust proof
  • Ventilation: Ease of use allows ample ventilation and sunlight in the house
  • Maintenance free and long lasting: These windows do not require paint or polishing and are therefore maintenance free.
  • Saves Energy: These windows cuts air conditioning costs significantly.
Fenesta has focused on building a strong infrastructure and 360° service capabilities. The company has technological arrangements with Greiner, Austria, world leaders in UPVC windows technology and Spectus, UK, one of the largest profile suppliers across Europe.

MGS Architecture May June 2009