Wow what a Bathroom... From Parryware

what a Bathroom From Parryware

what a Bathroom From Parryware
"With two powerful brands in our arsenal, and with the best of technology and design from the world leader Roca, the company is uniquely poised to continue its path of serving the customers and thereby grow faster than the market" — Mr. K E Ranganathan, Managing Director, Parryware Roca.

That is the current market status of this pioneer, in bathroom accessories. Parryware, has carved a niche for itself, on not just the domestic map of bathroom solutions, but also on the global map of Sanitaryware, almost on par with big international players like American Standard, Toto and Kohler.

Parryware, the flagship brand of Parryware Roca Private Limited is the No. 1 Sanitaryware manufacturer in India and the 9th largest in the world. When Murugappa Group acquired EID parry in the late 80's, Parryware became a part of the Murugappa family.

With the Indian Sanitaryware market growing and with large international players entering the market, the group saw a huge opportunity, and in 2006 spun off Parryware– till then a division of EID Parry, into a separate 50:50 JV with the worlds largest sanitaryware manufacturer from Spain Roca Sanitario. With two powerful brands – Parryware and Roca, the company Parryware Roca Private Limited has improved its market presence and share in the last two years. Recently, Roca has expressed its desire to increase its stake in the company. The Murugappa group has expressed its willingness to sell a further 47% stake to Roca and is now a part of Roca Sanitario, Spain.

For decades, the company has been manufacturing ergonomically designed bath accessories that achieve perfect balance on quality, aesthetics and water-saving features. Parryware's bathware that vary from vibrant to pastel shades, ordinary to unique geometric shapes, add to its exclusive and unmatched range.

Today, adding Roca to its name, has added bigger and more challenging roles, for Parryware Roca, with the new responsibility of marketing a huge range of breathtaking bathware, from both Parryware and Roca.

what a Bathroom From Parryware
Mr. Ramesh R VP-Sales and Marketing, 'Parryware Roca Private Limited Chennai, tells us in detail, about the history of the company and its current market status.

Tell us the journey of 'Super Brand of India' Parryware, from ceramic and vitreous bathroomware, to Slimline, then the branding of bathrooms as 'Glamourooms' and today 'Parryware Roca'!

Since its inception in 1952, Parryware has been a people's brand. Beginning with its path-breaking Cascade design, Parryware became a household name in the Indian sanitaryware segment, leaving its competitors far behind. The revolutionary Slimline and polymer cisterns, from Parryware, re-engineered the growth of polymer cisterns in India. Later, Parryware heralded the 'Glamourooms' concept in India. Parryware conducted an extensive research and introduced novel and unconventional colors in bathrooms with an innovative palette of colors. As complete bathroom solution provider, Parryware's foray into taps and fittings, received warm response from consumers. Thereafter, Parryware's recent innovation has been with Crestia, the international collection of imported sanitaryware and shower solutions to cater to the demand of customers in India.

Parryware broke all rules in the Indian sanitaryware market, by introducing contemporary designs, never- before features, better aesthetics, thereby transforming bathrooms into Glamourooms.

Synonymous with innovation and hygiene, Parryware was the first to develop unique features such as water saving dual flush closets, anti-microbial seat covers, electronic flushing systems and hygienic electronic taps. Currently, Parryware enjoys a 46% of the market share in the organized sector of sanitaryware manufacturers in India.

With two brands Parryware & Roca, the company is poised to further strengthen its presence in the Indian Bathroom- Solutions Market.

Has the journey of growth been as smooth as your range of products? What were the challenges faced by the organization in relation to the following?
  • Changes in the Indian sanitaryware industry
  • Threat from smaller, unbranded and unorganized manufacturers
  • Threat from your competitor brands, who sell quality products at competitive prices.
what a Bathroom From Parryware

The Indian sanitaryware industry has witnessed a sea-change. With India emerging as the second largest in the baths and sanitary market in Asia Pacific, the sanitaryware market is poised to grow exponentially. The real estate and construction boom in India has helped in the increasing demand for bathroom products. Secondly, buying homes has become more 'affordable' to Indian customer with several housing finance companies offering attractive home loan packages. The average age of an Indian youth buying his first house is in the early thirties or late twenties. They are willing to spend on their houses and demand the latest international trends and products for their new homes. And thirdly, the 'replacement' market, comprising renovations, home improvements and refurbishments in bathrooms is growing significantly.

These days, the changing economic and social phenomena have created newer challenges and opportunities for bathroom products.

Today's consumers demand quality. Parryware's quality comes at a premium, but consumers are willing to pay for the stamp of quality and credibility in comparison with the unbranded players.

Competition is intense and severe especially with Indian markets opening up and many foreign brands ushering in design and price of competitive products. Today, consumers have a variety to choose from. Being market leaders, it is our responsibility to raise our standards and enhance our product offers based on consumer demand and market supplies.

Also, the Indian real estate is going through rapid corporatization, with large companies entering the market. Parryware is a preferred vendor to most of these real estate companies.

On the trade front, modern trade is just opening up; Parryware–everywhere will be the approach.

What is Parryware's market share in our country vis-à-vis other leading brands like Hindustan Sanitaryware, Madhusudan, and Neyveli Ceramics?

In India, Parryware enjoys a market share of 46% in the organized sector and is the No.1 Bathroom solution provider in India.

What is Parryware's ranking globally, with big players like Kohler, Toto, Villeroy and Boch, who have been leading names as manufacturers in this product-line?

Parryware is ranked No. 9 in the world among sanitaryware manufacturers such as Roca, Kohler, American Standard, Toto, and so on.

Tell us about your Internal Quality norms, to ensure they are exacting International standards?

PRPL is a company that listens to its customers and provides them with quality products in a safe and responsible way. The company is able to deliver this with the help of its unique Integrated Management System (IMS) certified by world renowned German certification agency TUV NORD. This certification provides greater confidence in our operations to customers and other stakeholders. Detailed scope of the certification is made available on request.

Integrated management systems help ensure safety, quality, environmental and business risks are managed right across business. They provide a foundation on which to build a more effective management system and create internal mechanisms to improve business performance.

Integrated Management System (IMS) is the company's most comprehensive quality management tool and hence our most effective means of implementing and maintaining sustainable business practices. It regulates workflows and process responsibility, and accountability within the framework of our quality, health, safety, and environment principles. The Integrated Management System is based on statutory regulations, our commitment to give only best, and on recognized international standards like ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:1999. It encapsulates the strategies, goals and activities at PRPL that ensure satisfied customers, satisfied employees and satisfied people.

The Indian Sanitaryware has grown in leaps and bounds in the last decade— what are the kind of threats you face from unorganized and unbranded manufacturers especially Thangad and Morbi districts of Gujarat. Particularly, since they sell their products at a 70% less price than you, due to their benefit from waiver of Excise duty, Sales Tax and availability of really cheap labour?

In any industry, there is a threat from the unorganized sector. However, Parryware operates in the realm of organized players providing superfine quality to their customers. However, thankfully the changing Indian customer is very discerning, and is willing to pay a price premium for quality and distinctive designs. Also the brand Parryware, which has stood for 'Trust,' helps customer choose this brand, over cheaper options.

Some of the unorganized small sectors have the need to mark their sanitaryware with 'Vitreous' mark— what's your take on this?

In our case, the only mark we seriously need to have on our products is our brand name 'Parryware' – which over the last 50 years has stood for quality, distinction and unparalleled customer service.

What was the prime motive behind your joint venture with Roca of Spain, considering your brand is already so well established, and a household name?

Now part of the Roca family, Parryware will reap the additional benefit of Roca's international experience in technology, design and retailing. This will help us enhance our processes and ultimately help in providing our Indian customers the best of both brands, namely Parryware and Roca.

In India, there are villages without proper washrooms or electricity, leave alone designer bathrooms— what is Parryware's corporate social responsibility in this area, to create awareness about bathroom hygiene and need to have good washrooms and bathroomware, do you see Parryware penetrating the rural market?

As market leaders, we do play vital role in elevating the current sanitation levels in India. On our part, we have been working with organizations like the Tirumala Devasthanam in the South to ensure water saving and hygienic bathroom products are housed in public areas.

what a Bathroom From Parryware

With noteworthy growth in this sector, many companies have also upgraded their manufacturing systems by introducing Battery Casting, Beam Casting and have gone in for latest imported Fast Firing Cycle Kiln Technology. Can you please describe the current technology, deployed by your company with respect to specific products?

Parryware, now increasingly with ROCA, employs the latest relevant technology for manufacturing its products. Besides the casting technologies mentioned above, PRPL is the first and only sanitaryware company in India to use pressure casting and fully automated casting process.

Can you please tell us briefly about your 'Coventina' range of products for the physically challenged people? How does it help them and how affordable are the prices of these? How is the demand for this now?

Being market leaders, it is our responsibility to cater to all segments of consumers. The Coventina rage is specifically designed for the physically challenged people and aged group of consumers. Priced economically at Rs 5000 for a complete set, our Coventina range comes with a taller cistern, products such as hinged arms and hand rails that are user friendly. The Coventina range has huge demands in hospitals, offices, and old age homes.

What kind of growth do you expect in the next five years through your tie up with Roca, and 'HOME TOWN,' for marketing them?

We see 'Home Town' as another outlet for our customers to touch, feel, and buy our products. We expect to grow faster than the market and through 'Home Town' we expect our growth would be faster than our growth through other channels.

Does the company plan any diversification from the existing product-line?

As Parryware promises to provide complete bathroom solutions, we have already added Mirrors to our portfolio. We are always on the look out for interesting accessories that will add to beautiful bathrooms.

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