The Marq Singapore
Stepping out onto the balcony of a 24 storey apartment, hopping into its more than 10m lap pool attached to the façade, and enjoying the view over the city of Singapore – this has just become reality for the residents of "The Marq". The owners of apartments of the two towers of Marq get to enjoy up to 1,020 square metres of living space, their own elevator, 24-h service, and a fantastic 360 degree panorama view through the impressive 5.50 metre high solar control glazing which provides an optimum indoor environment.

Paterson Hill is known as one of the best addresses in Singapore. Located in the centre of the metropolis, this quarter offers the most exclusive choices in terms of shopping, food, and wellness. Lately, it is also home to "The Marq". The owner company SC Global has been targeting the local and international super-rich and the has been very successful: the largest and most exclusive apartments were sold within a matter of a few hours at exclusive prices. The two towers of The Marq are named "Signature Tower" and "Premier Tower". There are 66 exclusive apartments on a foundation of 11,500 square metres. The Premier Tower houses 42 four-room apartments of 280 square metres each. In addition, there are three penthouses with 1,020 square metres each. The Signature Tower has 21 six-room apartments (560 square metres) with so-called "Infinity Pools" attached to the facade – special pools with a concealed water edge – that are especially striking on the facade of a skyscraper.

Crescent by the Lake, Oragadam, Chennai
All of the apartments of “The Marq” have been equipped with floor-to-ceiling ipasol 68/37 solar control glazing. The high-end coating lowers the costs for air conditioning and provides a colour-neutral view.

Solar Control Glazing

All of the apartments are impressive due to their up to 5.50 metre high floor-to-ceiling glazing over the entire width, which further enhances the view over the breathtaking skyline. The colour-neutral glazing lets the residents enjoy the pure colours. The high-end coating ipasol neutral 68/37 by Interpane also keeps the rooms from overheating. This lowers the costs for air conditioning. Especially in the tropical climate of Singapore, located almost at the equator, this is an important factor. The intensity of the solar radiation is correspondingly high, even in a prevalent rainy and humid climate. The glazing’s solar factor of 37% as per EN 410 is low. Nonetheless, an enormous amount of daylight enters the rooms (tV = 63, or 65%, depending on the glazing design). It is in this way that the energetic properties of the glazing lower the operating costs and preserve natural resources.

Crescent by the Lake, Oragadam, Chennai
Swimming in the clouds – each of the exclusive apartments in the "Signature Tower" feature a private lap pool attached to the facade.

This glazing features another specialty: Interpane equipped the surface of the inside pane, which faces the gap between the two panes (position 3) with an additional iplus E thermal insulation coating. In this case, it is not so much for keeping the building from cooling down too much, but rather for lowering the inside reflection from eleven to eight percent. This enhances the view outside, especially at night when the lights are on. The outside reflection was also lowered from ten to eight per cent, which results in a very colour-neutral appearance and maximum transparency. Due to the vast size of the panes alone, the design of the glass facade is massive: on the outside, 8 mm heat-strengthened glass with ipasol neutral 68/37, a gap between the inner and outer pane, silicone sealing, and on the inside 8 mm heat-strengthened glass with iplus E. For the largest panes: on the outside, 10 mm heat-strengthened glass with ipasol neutral 68/37, a gap between the inner and outer pane, silicone seal, and on the inside 10 mm heat-strengthened glass with iplus E.

MGS Architecture November - December 2011