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In any process industry, cleaning and removal of process-based spillages, due to which fugitive dust gets generated, is a major industrial issue. A Cement Plant is no exception. In fact, keeping dust and spillages under control in order to achieve high standards of health, safety and environmental performance is indeed a major task and a challenge. We at Kam-Avida Enviro Engineers Pvt. Ltd., Pune, with over two decades of experience and expertise in this field, are in a position of explaining why it is so important to keep a cement plant clean and advise on the most efficient ways to do so.

World-wide, it is claimed that up to 10% of the production output of a cement company can be found as spillage around the site or in the plant, and, therefore, it is not surprising that cement companies strive constantly to deal with spillages.

In a cement plant, dust and spillage are mainly found in (a) Mill sheds (b) Around bucket elevators (c) Around conveyor belts (d) Around kilns (e) Packaging plants (f) Truck and wagon loading areas (g) Raw material Receiving and Unloading Sections (h) Material Handling Section (Including Transfer Points) (i) Coal Storage Sections (j) Clinker Stock Piles Section (k) Raw Material Storage sections (l) Plant’s internal Roads, and many other areas.


Inspite of adopting new technologies and making all out efforts to maintain and renovate the plant machinery, many medium and large size cement plants have recorded an estimated loss of raw materials and finished products of approximately 15 tpd due to spillage.

Spillage: Negative Impacts
  • Impact negatively on production quality and output.
  • Can mean the loss of valuable material.
  • Can cause machine failures and increase both repair and downtime.
  • Have a negative impact on the work environment and corporate image, especially on sites where customers and other audiences have access.
  • Is indirectly responsible for burning a gaping hole in the organization’s treasury.
These problems are mainly due to the complexity of the cement manufacturing process, the wide variety of materials used, and also the vast area coverage of the plant. Main reasons to clean a cement plant:
  • Recovery of the spread product, thereby reducing the possibility of generating fugitive dust in windy / breezy conditions.
  • Keeping the production line clean and efficient, thereby greatly reducing maintenance costs and extending the life of machinery.
  • Reducing risks of breakdowns.
  • Higher safety of the operators by reducing the ratio of accidents and lowering the risk of dust-related diseases.
  • To ensure compliance to environmental directives issued by the government and its agencies.
  • Higher quality of the final product without contamination.
  • Improve quality of the working area.
Traditionally, backhoe loaders or other manual processes are used to remove spilled material from production and stock areas, but they are tedious, labour oriented, ineffective and costly. Vacuum systems or industrial vacuum trucks are the preferred dust-free solution to cleaning, transporting and recovering spillages.

High power industrial vacuums are irreplaceable equipment in any and all heavy industry to collect great quantities of dust or granular materials that escape during the working process. Waste collection prevents product contamination and means fewer stoppages to the working machine.

For over 20 years, Kam-Avida has designed and manufactured a wide range of mobile and stationary cleaning equipment using vacuum-based technology, creating innovative and highly efficient solutions for all types of industries. Kam-avida has the expertise to understand an individual customer’s application needs, designing, developing and manufacturing tailor-made machines to suit their requirements. All our equipment have carefully calculated capacities and flow rates, making them, economically viable for procurement: their return on investment time being very short.

Major Advantages of Vacuum Systems:
  • Keeping the production site clean, thereby achieving high health,safety and high environmental perform- ance standards.
  • Removing accumulations from remote or inaccessible areas.
  • Recover solids, bulk powders, and wet materials that include liquids, slurries and thick sludge.
  • Reduction of cleaning time in comparison with the time spent in manual cleaning.
  • Reduction of the number of operators used for cleaning the plant. Just two or three internal operators required.
  • All the vacuumed product is transferred into a container that can be easily transported and emptied into the appointed discharge point.
Kam-Avida’s range of Industrial cleaning Vacuum equipment includes totally, self contained Mobile Vacuum Trucks and agriculture tractor towed, trailer mounted vacuum machines for high mobility within the plants, and centralized vacuum systems with a suitable piping network for remote multipoint collection of spillages such as in multilevel plant buildings, packing plants, wagon and truck loading areas, etc.

Drive to the high capacity blowers in our mobile equipments is tapped either from a suitable powered auxiliary engine, the truck’s engine itself, or from an electric motor. Both our mobile and fixed installation vacuum units can also be designed to have a unique capability to pump the recovered material, finished and raw, back to process and in storage silos of heights of up to 25m, giving a considerable economical advantage.

For the plants where our equipment requires to work in areas of explosive dust and gases, Kam-Avida is one of the very few companies in India that has the capability of designing and manufacturing ATEX certified equipment / equipment fitted with all ATEX certified components that protect the system and machine from any hazardous dust explosion.

Kam-Avida works closely with its customers to ensure that its products meet their needs and new products are constantly being developed as per the industry’s requirements.

Some of our clients include Essar, Hindustan Petroleum, JSW Steel, Reliance Industries, Scan Steel, Ambuja Cements, ACC Limited, Sagar Cements, Birla Corporation, Maihar Cements and many more.
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