“Our carefully crafted solutions and our bottom-up approach have led to improved visibility, better management of complex situations, higher productivity for our customers, and more operational efficiency and scale management for us.”

Ishaan Singh Bedi
Ishaan Singh Bedi

Customers of Synchronized are banking on the company’s technology-led Logistics Solutions to avail timely services, enhance job efficiencies, and address any challenges.

Synchronized Supply Systems Limited, set up by young entrepreneur Ishaan Singh Bedi on 23rd August 2007, is a technology-focused 3PL organization, catering mainly to the Warehousing and Transportation segment. Fourteen years later, its first client Timex, continues to be on board.

Says Ishaan, CEO of the company, “Our focus on technology has built resilience within our processes, which are now more technology-dependent, rather than people-dependent. Along with technology, logistics demands experience, patience, and perseverance to address the multitude of problems that the business faces. If there was any one big solution, the very well-established players would have found it by now.”

He informs that the early phase of Synchronized’s operations was quite challenging as the Indian market did not give much importance to indigenous technology. “There was a lot of demand for imported technology from the West, and somewhere behind it, the reason was disbelief in ‘Make in India’, as earlier, Indian technologies had not proved to be very successful. In the beginning, logistics did not get as much traction with technology as it should have, but gradually, we beat the technical flaws and developed the solutions ourselves.”

The Cranfield University post-graduate (Cranfield ranks amongst the top three universities in UK and provides specialized studies on logistics) came to the conclusion that the operational requirements in Logistics need to use 3PL technology; else the Indian players could never beat the global competition.

Addressing the Issues
Synchronized team has been developing technology for six years now. The solutions are easy to implement, cost-effective, and custom-made to the Indian logistics environment. Says Ishaan, “Our services are better because of our proprietary technology. It is a common practice amongst competitors to adopt systems and solutions made in the West. While the systems are very good in their native logistics environments, they are hard to implement and execute in the Indian environment; plus their usage is low and the benefits are restricted as one cannot simply plug and play.”

According to him, foreign technologies that do work in a restricted Indian logistics environment require regular improvements (since technology is not static), which can be very expensive when the software is procured from a third party, as every update comes with a heavy cost.

In contrast, Synchronized’s technology is made keeping the Indian logistics environment in mind, and since it is made in-house, it allows the company to execute it better and adapt it quickly to changing trends in the industry, and also deliver efficient services to customers.

Synchronized WarehouseSynchronized Warehouse

Optimizing Efficiencies
All Synchronized warehouses (whether national, regional or located within the city) are incorporated in the company’s geographical plan such that their supply chain is efficient, and the products reach their destination on time and in full capacity. This is because route optimization is an asset in Synchronized deliveries.

Warehousing services include value-additions like kitting, labelling, repair and maintenance, inventory management, and a host of other activities. Upon request, they also provide hassle-free reverse logistics and return services that are risk-free, timely, and traceable.

The entire Synchronized operations is optimized to ensure that the warehouse uptime is 100%. Besides the in-warehouse activities, their systems give support to clients by ensuring timely implementation of their projects, time-bound recruitment and replacement, and timely repairs and services.

Trucking is also an essential part of Synchronized’s customer services. To adapt to cleaner technologies and vehicle specifications as per the Government’s policies, most of their fleet is BS-VI compliant, and the company plans to upgrade all its vehicles to BS-VI in the near future.

Growing from Strength to Strength
Synchronized is successfully handling verticals like automobiles, chemicals and hazards, consumer durables, pharmaceuticals, natural resources, FMCG, retail, and e-commerce. Clients include Amazon, Walmart, Samsung, Havells, Hitachi, Halonix, Whirlpool, Daikin, Blue-Star, Carrier, CHEP, Luminous, Micromax, Mitsubishi Electric, Luxar, Supreme and JK Tyres.

Headquartered in Gurugram, Haryana, Synchronized has 25 branch offices located in Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru, and Kolkata. Its distribution centres are in over 35 locations and include Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad, Faridabad, Jaipur, Zirakpur, Ludhiana, Raipur, Rudrapur, Patna, Ranchi, Bhopal, Indore, Manipur, Mizoram, Siliguri, Shillong, Guntur, Agartala, Guwahati, Bhubaneswar, Ahmedabad, Surat, Vadodara, Pune, Cochin, and Hyderabad.

The company has grown to a team of 50 tech experts and has over 700 employees in logistics operations; a fleet of over 200 owned vehicles, 75 warehouses across locations and covering a space of about 20 lakh sqft, and 35+ distribution centres. It has announced a turnover of around ₹100 crores.

Says Ishaan, “We have an open work culture. We offer flexible work from home option to employees. Our performance-based reward system boosts the productivity of our employees as they are incentivised to work optimally. The fact that we have high employee retention reflects our progressive work culture.”

Going Forward
Says Ishaan, “In Tech 2.0, everyone is in a connected world. Synchronized is also connecting its technology with our customers’ ERP systems in order to deliver seamless solutions to them. Just imagine, within 20 minutes of placing an order, the customer has picked it, packed it, and has it ready for dispatch. No lags, no delays, no follow-ups. We are now getting more and more customers ready to integrate their ERP systems with us. If the information flow is seamless then the operation is seamless too.”

“Our ground-up approach to build technology rather than purchase off-the-shelf tech products for the Indian logistics environment has worked well for us,” he adds.

Going forward, with its technology suite ready for implementation, Synchronized is now looking at future growth, while banking on the experience it has garnered over the years, and its close understanding of the business environment. Says Ishan, “We are very gung-ho about the company’s growth prospects. There is a gap in the logistics market in terms of the service being provided. We find that legacy logistics companies are still selling their USP established years ago; nobody is focusing on managing the complexities in this industry or enhancing productivity and work efficiencies. We plan to change all of this.”
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