Saloni Agrawal Chokhani, Head – International Operations Nagarkot Forwarders
Today, many technological processes in the industry have reduced the entry barriers for women. More and more women are being invited to take on managerial roles, and we see an increase in the performance of such companies.

I love my job as every day is a new day in this Industry as there are so many interesting things to look forward to.

Since childhood I have seen my father involved in the logistics business. After completing my Master’s in International Management from the UK, I decided to pursue a career in logistics as I am passionate about knowing different cultures and pursuing this career meant networking with people from different countries every day.

It’s a male-dominated industry, no doubt, and I did face a few ups and downs initially. But I took it as a learning experience as there were many ups - like the support I got from male colleagues and the industry veterans I met who guided me through the downs. As a young 22-year-old entrant when I was required to head the freight forwarding division almost immediately, it was difficult to convince people that I meant business; and it took some time to be taken seriously. Today, the division has grown five-fold, which proves a woman’s professional worth and her ability - to all those who questioned it. Many technological processes in the industry have now reduced the entry barriers for women. More and more women are being invited to take on managerial roles, and there is an increase in the performance of such companies.

International Operations Nagarkot Forwarders

At Nagarkot Forwarders, we do not encourage gender preference for any role; rather we ensure equal opportunities for women.

At Nagarkot Forwarders, we have policies to ensure equal opportunities for women and we do not encourage gender preference for any role. In fact, if we receive applications from women even for ground operations, we give them equal consideration for the job. Candidates, be they men or women, are selected on the basis of merit. We also offer maternity benefits to our women employees so that they can balance work and personal commitments. I would say that Nagarkot is a very successful organization because of its values. The most important one (which I really admire) is the determination to keep its employees happy. There is a sense of satisfaction and mutual support between all the employees and everyone works equally towards the company’s growth.

Learning about the Logistics industry from the early years in school or college can create interest in women as a career option.

As regards support from the government and from the fraternity to involve more women in this industry, I think the Government can introduce the basics of shipping at the school and college level to bring awareness about the logistics. The logistics industry is vital for every trade, industry, and product category, yet it is considered to be a technical, boring, and difficult field for a woman to make her career in. In my opinion, learning about the industry from the early years can create interest in women. The Ministry of Shipping can also conduct workshops for women to know more about the industry and help them find jobs in logistics companies.

My advice to the next generation of women in the supply chain business would be to make full use of the upcoming technologies and make them work to your advantage. There may be apprehensions from the older generations to accept the change that the industry is going through, which could lead to difficult situations. But it is at this point that women should show their mettle and the capability to adapt and help the company through the change.

I see major technological advancements and single window access for logistics.

I believe that booking a container would become as easy as ordering a t-shirt from Amazon after the technological upgradations are completed. I also see high demand for warehouses and one-stop solution providers for the growing globalization, and specifically for India because of its new policies with regards to foreign investment.
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