Monica Katyal, Head – Human Resources, Synchronized
The supply chain and manufacturing industries have the responsibility to be more inclusive to women and act as role model for other industries to attract talent at every level.

In my 16 years of experience in Human Resources in various sectors, I think that, in general, women are far better at collaborative work to achieve a common goal.

I got a good opportunity with Synchronized Supply Systems Limited six years back, and I got involved with the logistics and supply chain industry. As a human resources expert, I have seen organizations’ go throw numerous phases where the results are not up to the mark. This result has been changing with the addition of women employees to the workforce management. In my 16 years of experience in Human Resources in various sectors, I think that, in general, women are far better at collaborative work to achieve a common goal. Moreover, the growth path for women in organizations’ is gradually shifting towards attaining mutual growth for both i.e. firm and the individual. Previously, individual growth was not a factor that used to be considered in the past decade, however, with the transformation of workspace and workforce, women have started to gain an edge in the corporate industry. To say the least, women are now playing key roles in all levels of management whether its human resources, mid-level management or senior-level management.

Considering the beneficial skills that women can bring to the table, it’s high time that we knock down the barriers that many are facing currently.

Women on average find it a challenging task to get proper managerial roles within an organization. Although, women possess skills more than men in terms of managing people or services within a firm. They bring with them a set of people management skills that make them a vital workforce for any organization, irrespective of the domain or industry they are associated with. Some of the key points which make the women workforce a better performer are emotional intelligence, time management, project management and people management. As per my experience, women have the capability to create a positive environment in a firm and help in employee retention and engagement. Accountability, patience and networking are also some of the key factors which make women a vital part of an organization.

At Synchronized Supply Systems, we have special policies aimed at improving equal opportunities for women and are committed to their upliftment in the workplace.

Synchronized is an equal opportunity provider to all, irrespective of their experience and skills. Everyone who can contribute to the growth of the firm is more than welcome to share their ideas and thoughts regarding the future of the business. With this thinking in mind, Synchronized has created policies around providing equal opportunities to all with the aim of making the workplace a second home to all employees and potential employees. Commitment is a key focus that Synchronized looks at crucially and ensures anyone joining the brand has a proper understanding of it. Women are a key factor in the workplace as they help in creating a positive effect on the workforce as well as make daily tasks an easy job with their managerial skills.

Monica Katyal, Head – Human Resources, Synchronized

Men and women bring different strengths to the table, so it makes sense that gender diversity means better business decisions.

Gender diversity is a key factor in making a firm viable for both sides i.e. employees and the organization. Keeping in mind, the strengths of various individuals, projects and work is distributed accordingly which not only turns the tide of the business to the positive side, it also ensures that with the growth of the organization, an individual also gets the growth personally. Men have a different set of skills such as dealing with the outside workforce in logistics which seems to be a tedious task and they are better performers in such tasks apart from managerial skills. They also make many key decisions that help in the firm’s growth as does for women in managerial roles. Both genders play an important role in creating an epitome of growth within the logistics. Attracting talent and retaining talent is equally vital for the growth of the logistics industry.

With the massive changes in supply chains, the digital transformation of the industry will be hastened; from planning to execution every element of the logistics process would be reconsidered, repurposed, and digitized.

The supply chain industry has been transforming gradually to a digitized organization as the need of the hour is digital over physical. The convergence of technology and logistics is creating a new wavelength of growth for the industry. With this newfound opportunity, the growth of the industry is endless and can play a key role in creating more business opportunities. Digitization of services has created a plethora of business opportunities which inturn is also changing the very fabric of work execution as well as planning. Each process in logistics is now becoming digital and is taking on the daunting task of making logistics a technologically sound future-ready industry.

logistics industry

The logistics industry will witness a surge of development with the rapid convergence of technology and logistics. Presently, the Government’s policies are also promoting domestic manufacturing. There is no doubt that with the massive changes in supply chains, the digital transformation of the industry will be hastened. Considering the huge benefits of having the right skillsets, the industry must encourage and attract new talent and help create an equal and diverse leadership. The supply chain industry’s role in the post-Covid-19 pandemic and its subsequent recovery is crucial as many lives and livelihoods are at stake.
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