Scheuerle, a subsidiary of the Transporter Industry International Group (TII Group), has continued developing the modular platform vehicles of its UltralightCombi series. They have been weight-optimised and score highly with an extremely favourable payload-to-dead weight ratio. The new versions also allow the axle line combination 5+7, thus offering higher payloads. The proven functionality of the UltralightCombi axle lines is retained, as is the ability to combine with existing transport equipment. The tried and tested models have already set records in its vehicle market segment.

In the course of developing the product range even more, Scheuerle design engineers further optimised and lowered the operating costs of the vehicles. The significantly increased bending moment makes it possible to drive more axle lines. Up to now, the combination of a front bogie unit with four pendulum axles, one deck bridge and one rear bogie with six axles has been possible (combination description: 4+6), i.e. the most powerful version of the UltralightCombi. Now it is possible to realise a combination of 5+7 axle lines. This facilitates an even greater payload for the vehicle operator through the use of two additional axle lines.

New models offer increased axle loads
With a permissible axle load of up to 13.4 tons at 25 km/h - 80 km/h, the U11 version allows particularly high payloads to be transported. Away from public roads - for example, during internal logistic operations - axle loads of 14.8 tons at a maximum of 25 km/h and 17.4 tons at 10 km/h are possible.

With a total width of 2.55 metres, the platform vehicles of the U10 and U12 series fully comply with EC standards and Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (StVZO). This offers advantages regarding approval procedures and especially for empty runs. In addition, it is possible to use ferries or other width-critical facilities or routes with these combinations. However, the operator does not have to make any compromises regarding stability compared to wider transport platforms. The UltralightCombi has an identical span as other Scheuerle vehicles with 3 m widths.

Use of reliable and proven assemblies
In the course of the vehicle overhaul, TII design engineers also attached great importance to reducing the number of component variants as well as using components from the other Combi series vehicles. This offers customers a number of advantages. For example, the new UltralightCombi platform trailer is equipped with the pendulum axles of the EuroCompact models along with the steering of the InterCombi vehicles, components whose reliability has been tried and tested for many years. The gooseneck is now largely identical to that of the EuroCompact low-bed semi-trailer. As a result, this means that the continuous fifth-wheel load adjustment of the EuroCompact vehicles is also available for the UltralightCombi series.

Compatible with EuroCombi and InterCombi series
In spite of the wide-ranging overhaul, the proven functionality of the UltralightCombi series has been fully retained. Furthermore, the new versions are compatible with the previous models. The UltralightCombi U10 and U11 versions can still be combined with modules of the InterCombi and EuroCombi series.

Another advantage of the UltralightCombi series is the easy handling. For example, when using a deck with a hook coupling adapter, the front bogie unit can be removed for loading operations so that self-propelled machines can drive onto the low-deck trailer at the front by means of a flat ramp.

UltralightCombi series by Scheuerle makes the vehicles stronger, fully modular, yet lightweight

Suitable for transporting large as well as heavy loads
Vehicles in the UltralightCombi series can be used for a wide range of tasks. Due to the axle line loads and the EC-compliant vehicle width, the modular platform trailers are suitable for the transport of large and heavy loads on public roads. Thanks to their low dead weight, they facilitate far more compact combinations with the same payload compared to the modules of the Combi series or comparable vehicles offered by competitors. Construction machinery, components for wind turbines, containers, transformers and crawler crane components are typical loads.

One series – many versions
The UltralightCombi modular platform vehicles are available in 2, 3, 4 and 6-axle versions. The modular design of the UltralightCombi vehicles facilitates use as a trailer and semi-trailer as well as a bolster or low-deck combination. A comprehensive range of practical equipment options is available. This includes excavator, slab and frame decks as well as wind tower adapters.
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