Kapil Bhati
US Tunnel Boring Equipment manufacturer, The Robbins Company, will continue to make owning and operation of its TBMs cost-effective for Indian contractors. It will also explore newer vistas of engagement with tunnelling contractors and other stakeholders in the growing road and other tunnelling business.

According to Mr. Kapil Bhati, Managing Director, Robbins India, "We will look towards higher utilization of our equipment's through the advanced technological offerings of our TBMs. Both our EPB, Advanced Double Shield Crossover for mixed ground conditions, and Single Shield TBM's have advanced flexible design, which enables the cutter head to be lowered in pieces through the launching shaft, with provision for full assembly of the unit below the surface."

He informed that a unique feature of the TBMs is their crossover functioning, which delivers higher productivity than competing machines. In the double shield TBM, there is a probing system that investigates the geological strata as the TBM progresses. The TBM has a heavy and robust cutter head with a high penetration rate for boring in hard rock conditions like in Mumbai and Bangalore. Higher penetration is also enabled through the powerful machines with bigger bearing sizes and through the tapered shield of the TBM. Robbins TBMs also have the capability to access water ingress along the boring route.

Added Mr Bhati, "Since gathering of accurate geological data continues to be a constraint in India, we will engage with geological agencies and contractors to gather the right data so that we can orient our products and services accordingly. We have a highly skilled team of geologists, TBM Operators, Technicians, Ring builders and Grouting experts."

robbins stall

"Deployment of TBMs is very cost intensive for contractors, and they have concerns of less optimum utilization of the machines. To make owning and operating our TBMs cost-effective, we are offering options of leasing and buyback of the units. And as part of our services to the contractors, we will look to take up stalled projects and deliver the right product support for timely completion of the jobs."
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