Dr. Manjit Singh, Former Scientist 'G', Head EST and CP Divisions, Central Buildings Research Institute, Roorkee, India


The prominent building materials used in building and other constructions are cement, steel, sand, stone, concrete, RCC, bricks, timber, plastic & polymers, etc. Occurrence of natural disasters like earthquakes, cyclones, high tides, fire, etc. have become more frequent than ever before. Design and construction of disaster resistant houses and buildings are expansive and generally unaffordable to the common people/masses. In many cases, their houses and structures are unsafe and cannot withstand such fury of the nature.

There is staunch necessity for an efficient and alternative building material which is available at affordable cost to build safer houses and buildings without causing adverse impact on the environment. The houses should be able to withstand disasters like tsunami and protect lives and property. It is necessary that we must have access to technological advancement in this domain so that the people will be benefited at large.

Now there is an efficient, eco-friendly alternative building material available at competitive cost which has many advantages and benefits. This technology was developed in the 1990's in Australia. The technology comprises manufacturing large size load bearing panels which can be used for walling and roofing purposes.

World's largest load bearing building panels (12 x 2.85 meters.) called rapid wall can be manufactured using advance Australian building technology developed by Rapid wall Building Systems (RBS). No plastering of the walls is required. The panels possess smooth and superior finish ready for a primer coat and painting.

Several buildings including large multistoried apartments with more than 3000 units and buildings. up to 17 storey have been built in Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, etc. in Australia using this material. The technology has been given to Malaysia and China since 1999. In China, multistoried buildings up to 7 storey have been built using the material as load bearing wall. In China, internal walls of 62 storey have been built using the Rapid Wall Panels (RWP).

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