Harish SharmaHarish Sharma
Harish Sharma, Chief Business Officer & Operations, REPL, and Ayaz Sheikh, Infrastructure Expert, REPL, discuss the viability of Project Management Consultancy in the planning, design, bidding and implementation of smart city projects in Indore, Kanpur, Varanasi and Dehradun.

Rudrabhishek Enterprises Limited (REPL), an Integrated Urban Development & Infrastructure consultant, has the assignment of preparing a detailed project report (DPR) and related implementation activities of Indore, Kanpur, Varanasi and Dehradun Smart cities.

Indore was in the first list of Smart Cities; Kanpur and Varanasi in the third list, and Dehradun in the fourth. The SPVs (Special Purpose Vehicles) created for the respective cities called bids for Project Management Consultancy (PMC) from national and international firms, and after a competitive bidding, REPL was selected for these four cities.

Says Harish Sharma, "Cities have been growing, some organically on their own patterns and some through various planning interventions. Variables like sustainability, livability, social inclusiveness, and efficiency aim at making a city smart in the planning framework, along with technological interventions. Consultancy for smart city projects brings together expertise in planning, GIS, architecture, infrastructure, engineering services, and project management."

Informs Ayaz Sheikh, "During the planning stage the team envisages the priorities of the projects, conducts meetings with all the stakeholders to discuss our requirements and expectations from them, and explain our strategy and plan to develop the project. Subsequently, we release a Quick Impact Project (QIP), short-term project, mid-term project and long-term project. We make a Situation Analysis Report (SAR) and a Detailed Project Report (DPR), prepare RFP documents and the bidding process. Implementation of the project starts after consultation with the stakeholders. The key challenges of PMC in a Smart City project are revision of project concept/design/costing and bringing in good implementing agencies for construction."

Some of the landmark projects prepared by REPL across these cities are parks and landscapes, roads and junction improvements, integrated command and control centers, design and development of kunds, ghats, facades, gaushalas, housing, townhalls, solid waste transfer stations, open gyms, public toilets, and sports complex.

Varanasi Smart City

The vision is to rejuvenate the oldest living Indian city as a great place to live and visit, by conserving and showcasing its rich heritage, culture, spirituality and traditions through innovative social and financial solutions.

The Smart City will see both Area Based Development (ABD) and pan city solutions. The development plan covers over 1389 acres, with retrofitting of the old city along the river Ganga comprising of important temples, heritage sites and cultural places, and an emphasis on socio-economic growth.

A massive citizen engagement program was undertaken to determine the priority areas, based on which, some components were taken in the first phase of development. Some of the ongoing projects include:

Multi-level Two-Wheeler Parking at Godowlia Chowk

Located near the Kashi Vishwanath Temple, Godowlia is one of the busiest markets of Varanasi, and the streets around it are used by rickshaws, motor bikes, autos and e-rickshaws. But in the absence of adequate parking space, people often park their vehicles on the road, which results in traffic snarls and chaos.

Godowlia Parking

This 15-m high (G+3+1) conventional ML2WP will decongest the road and allow free movement as optimal Utilization of Space is achieved. Facilities will include:

  • Parking for 272 two-wheelers
  • Parking for 3 emergency/VIP cars
  • Public Convenience and Roof Top Restaurant
  • Jal Kal office with Pump Room
  • Tourist Information Desk and Police Desk
  • Retained existing shops at the rear
Smart PMAY Homes at Benia Bagh

The efficiently utilized plot will provide a housing project at an affordable rate with the necessary facilities and uplift the surrounding built environment with the required infrastructure. The project will also house the existing Zonal Nagar Nigam Office within the premises, a commercial shopping area and a Parivaar Kalyan Kendra. This project will act as a catalyst to other development projects in the area. The residential tower has G+12 storeys and is of R.C.C framed structure.

PMAY Homes

Macchodari Smart Senior Secondary School and Skill Development Center

The objective is to make the Smart School project self-sustainable. A Skill Development Center has been proposed to improve the socio-economic condition of nearby societies by imparting skill-based education to the youth, elderly, women and transgenders. Being developed at Chhitauni Village, the gaushala will provide a shelter for the rehabilitation of stray cattle. The Gaushala design, based on zoning, engineering and other features and smart components, will accommodate the following:

Machodary School

  • Shelter for 450 cattle
  • Administration and Hospital Building to prescreen, diagnose and treat sick cattle
  • 180 cum capacity of Bio-Gas Plant and composting chamber
  • Dedicated calf shed, fodder shed, residential quarters for staff
  • Grazing ground with local grass
All proposed structures are a combination of Prefab and Steel, which are lightweight and easy to assemble, install and disassemble. Design Viability

The highly sustainable complex will run on solar power. Cow waste will be used in the bio gas plant to create natural gas for use on site, and the residue compost from the bio gas plants will be used for organic farming.


The model for implementing energy generation through solar power can be developed with 2 options:

  • Supply, commissioning, installation and operation of solar panels by taking the entire cost in the overall cost of the project.
  • Solar panels will be provided free by the agencies, which will also provide the required amount of power in the complex on subsidized rates and sell the leftover amount to the grid.
Cow adoption in the gaushala will be encouraged. Tourists and locals adopting any cattle will pay a nominal amount periodically or make a one-time payment for the care of their cattle.

Indore Smart City

The Indore ABD proposal comprises of a total area of 742 acres, and a population of 1.2 lakhs, which is almost 5.5% of the city's population. This area has the 7-storeyed erstwhile Rajwada Palace (referred to as the heart of Indore) surrounded by traditional markets. The earmarked area is proposed to be retrofitted with smart features/infrastructure; out of the total proposed area, 164 acres will be redeveloped with smart features/infrastructure in accordance with SCP and SCM guidelines.

The ABD proposal titled 'Rajwada Rejuvenation', will undergo retrofitting with redevelopment to improve the core of the city. The proposal takes advantage of the upcoming mass transit link (metro lines) to decongest the area, improve accessibility and walkability as per the concept of Transit Oriented Development (TOD). The redevelopment pockets will be developed as mixed use sustainable neighborhoods.

Smart City ProjectSource: SCP for Smart City Project

A pan-city solution has three components, two of which are sector-specific management system – Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) and Intelligent Solid Waste Management (ISWM), and are titled 'Indore Intelligent City Management System (IICMS)'. These two systems are to be supported by a Central Command and Control Centre for disseminating real-time information and data analysis.

Area-based Development:

  • Transport and walkability: road development, intersection improvements, street design guidelines for TOD, no-vehicle zone, real-time air quality monitoring and Intelligent Transport System. The ABD area Master Plan conceptualizes formation of certain Public Plazas, including Rajwada Chowk (shown below). An area around it, including the traditional retail market, is designated a no-vehicle zone and interventions are planned accordingly. To accommodate parking demand, 15 locations are being developed as off-street smart parking. A few roads have been identified for on-street parking. Seven roads have been identified to be developed as a fast-track project. The entire roads and streets are proposed to be converted into smart roads with underground utilities, pedestrian walkways, street lights, etc.
  • Redevelopment of public land: compact high density mixed use with 85% built-up to be green buildings, rooftop solar power plants generating 25% of the energy demand, rainwater harvesting and re-use. Various projects are identified under this category and detailed reports are being prepared on Slum Housing, Parking and Site Development, Development/Improvement of public open spaces - Sector Parks and School PGs (Harsiddhi Park), market development/ redevelopment (Jinsi Haat Maidan) etc. [Source: Indore Smart City ABD PMC, Inception Report]
  • Identity and Culture: Developments include strengthening of structure, façade treatment, restoration of collapsed portions and shifting of gumtis. The city of Indore has centuries-old history. The city core i.e. the ABD area has a number of heritage structures like Rajwada, Gopal Mandir, Imam Bada, Martandeya Mandir, Kanch Mandir, Jain Temples, Durga Mata Mandir, etc. To promote the city's cultural identity and rich heritage, a heritage walk has been proposed around the Rajwada area.
  • Infrastructure Development: This will include
  • Water supply, waste water management and sanitation: 24/7 water supply system with SCADA, 100% smart metering, DEWATS, reuse of recycled wastewater and underground storm water drainage
  • Solid waste management: 100% collection and segregation, environment friendly and economical transportation and disposal of waste
  • Power supply and efficiency: 24/7 uninterrupted power through SCADA enabled smart power distribution grid and smart metering
  • Underground electrification and shifting/ laying of utilities: utility ducts, shifting of power and telecom lines, laying of OFC network, gas network and other utilities
  • IT connectivity and IT enabled government services: 100% public wi-fi connectivity, common backbone OFC network to integrate with pan-city proposals, command and control centre with adequate software/hardware and city dashboard for urban governance and services
  • Safety and security: Smart, energy efficient street lighting including pedestrian areas and public open spaces, CCTV surveillance and traffic monitoring, fire hydrants.
Pan-City Solutions

Creating a backbone of Communication Network, Central Command and Control Center for multi-purpose use with a dashboard for real-time data analysis and information dissemination for pan-city solutions, backed by ICT will help in the implementation of the two city-wide services – Intelligent Transportation System and Intelligent Solid Waste Management. A similar approach is taken in other smart cities being handled by REPL.


Kanpur Smart City: According to the agreement, the core 1475 acres of ABD area and Pan City Projects have been identified for development.

Dehradun Smart City: Dehradun's area-based development (ABD) envisions retrofitting and redevelopment of 875 acres centered on CBD of Dehradun and transform into a light-house for the city and showcase it as a smart neighborhood. Every city's needs are unique to it and, therefore, they require specific solutions for smart living.
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