World of Concrete

World of Concrete 2010 (WOC’10), the only annual international construction mega show for the concrete and masonry industries is back to Las Vegas convention centre to celebrate its 36th anniversary.

Developed into the biggest global exhibition, WOC 2010 will spread on more than one million square feet of exhibit space with more than 100 educational sessions, exciting product demonstrations, spectator competitions, and forums providing relevant solutions, products and technologies to WOC attendees. More than 1,500 exhibitors will showcase their latest products during the show. In addition, the show will also offer both 90 minutes and 3- hours’ seminar session to suit everyone’s schedule.

Despite, the challenging economic condition, WOC 2009 has proved as an important market place for both attendees and exhibitors to learn, meet, showcase, demonstrate, educate, and so on about new innovations. According to the show organizers, WOC continues to be as full and robust as it has been in the past. The quality of buyers we bring to the table makes this a strong and vital event for the industry.

Recognized by Tradeshow Week as one of the Fastest 50 Tradeshows in both 2007 and 2008, this 36th edition of WOC will feature special product and action areas including The Producer Center, a dedicated marketplace of materials, equipment, demonstrations, and seminars for concrete producers; Material Handling, offering trucks, excavators and more for material delivery, distribution, concrete placement, and earth moving; Concrete Repair and Demolition, featuring surface preparation products and equipment, scarifying, grinding, sawing equipment, and other demolition products; World of Masonry, showcasing a full range of products, tools, information, and technology for masonry professionals; and Technology for Construction, featuring the latest products and technologies for the commercial construction industry from top information technology and systems providers.

World of Concrete is proud to have been selected to participate in the 2010 International Buyer Program. World of Concrete Management and the U.S. Commercial Service will work closely in the global promotion of the show to bring International buyers and exhibitors together to expand business both domestically and overseas. As part of the program, delegations from all over the globe will attend World of Concrete to network with other international visitors as well as connect with US exhibitors interested in exporting goods and services.

World of Concrete
“With the economy on the road to recovery, WOC 2010 will be a very important event. Companies realize they need to continue to promote their brands out in the global marketplace in order to take advantage of this recovering economic climate,” said Tom Cindric, Show Director. “WOC is a highly respected show within the industry, and will have all the top industry leaders providing products, technologies and knowledge for our attendees.”

With a strong interest in the green construction market, concrete is more relevant and important than ever to the commercial and residential construction markets. Returning in 2010 will be the GREENSITE exhibits area showcasing green build technologies and products along with interactive displays, and video by experts in green build technologies. The New Product Showcase, highlighting the #1 reason attendees come to World of Concrete — to see the newest industry products and technologies will also be returning to WOC 2010 after a very successful debut last year. Both of these popular areas will be side-by-side for the first time in the Central Hall.

The World of Concrete Education Program is lauded as a world-class feature at the show with targeted 90-minute and 3-hour sessions including 13 targeted tracks such as Leadership & Management, Technology for Construction, Green Building, Safety & Risk Management, Finance & Money Matters and more.

At WOC MCAA (Masonry Contractors Association of America) will once again hold its annual convention concurrently with WOC. MCAA will also have several educational sessions along with two exciting events—the International Masonry Skills Challenge and the Fastest Trowel on the Block Competition. MCAA also will have the popular Masonry Action Station providing a “how to” approach to educating attendees on various techniques specific to the Masonry industry on the show floor in the South Hall.

Other events coinciding with WOC include CIM (Concrete Industry Management) 5th annual unreserved silent and live auctions with all proceeds benefiting the National Steering Committee for CIM to support their efforts to establish, support, and sustain CIM programs at the following: Arizona State University, California State University - Chico, Middle Tennessee State University, New Jersey Institute of Technology, and Texas State University San Marcos. The auction, produced by Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers, raised $300,000 at WOC 2009 and is looking forward to another successful event at WOC 2010.

With such a wide variety of events, demonstrations, educational sessions, networking opportunities and much more, World of Concrete 2010 will continue to create an important and vital marketplace for both attendees and exhibitors during challenging economic conditions.

Important Participants at WOC

Romix Chemical & Brush Inc

World of Concrete
Romix specializes in biodegradable concrete removing detergent compounds using ecological and environmental ingredients. At the show, along with their other products the company will present their latest advanced ‘Back-Set’, a molecular cement dissolver for removing hardened concrete from tools, trucks, and other equipment. An acid alternative with no fumes or odors, this safe but effective product is a truly new development in chemistry. Back-Set molecularly breaks down the ionic bond in portland cement, completely dissolving and releasing the hardened cement from any surface it’s adhered to. The result is an ionic exchange never used before in the industry.

Back-Set is completely biodegradable and environmentally safe. It contains no muriatic, hydrochloric, hydrofluoric, sulfuric or phosphoric acids. That means it isn’t hazardous to equipment or workers, and it doesn’t harm paint or produce fumes.

Back-Set removes cured concrete, mortar, grout, and stucco from virtually any surface without harm—and it’s available in a variety of quantities for use on any size job. It is also simple to apply and use.

Grand Master Tools

World of Concrete
Australian tool manufacturer for the concrete, floor surface, formwork, drywall and painting tradesman, will show case it GrandMaster Tools Designed, tested and refined by Mathew Norton in a working environment the Grandmaster tool product range, makes clean short work of a wide range of a dirty,dusty, and difficult plastering, sanding and grinding tasks.

At the show ground, the company offers High quality dust shrouds, floor preparation tools and scrappers, drywalls tools and sanding equipment, diamond tools and abrasives to the attendees.

The GrandMaster floor grinder is rapidly being recognized in the building industry as the worlds most portable and best overall small floor grinder design and is perfect for general purpose use on building sites, edge grinding, floor coating removal, trip hazard, grinding stair wells etc.

The GrandMaster floor bracket dolly system is multipurpose in that it can be rapidly converted from a crack chasing role, to a floor cutting role for floor height reductions or use a standard bench grinder wire disc for removing expansion foam strips to undertake expansion joint sealing tasks.

Bartell Morrison Inc.

Bartell Morrison Inc, a leading manufacturer of concrete finishing equipment will also make its presence at WOC. Originally known as Bartell, the company was founded by Art Bartell in 1946. In 2007, the company acquired the Morrison brand products and emerged as Bartell Morrison Inc.

Bartell power trowels, both walk-behind and ride-on models, and Morrison truss screeds are the choice of the construction industry around the world. The equipment is designed, engineered and built for a competitive edge through greater productivity, durability and efficiency. The Bartell brand consists of walk behind power trowels, ride-on power trowels, vibratory plate compactors, surface preparation machines and diamond blades. The Morrison line includes truss screeds, uni screed, power buggy, power sprayer, material spreader and internal eccentric vibrators.

World of Concrete
Bartell Morrison is continuously expanding the product line with a goal to provide equipment for the lifecycle of concrete, from site preparation to recycling. Recently added to the growing lines are Bartell low emission mufflers, self-propelled scarifiers, concrete floor saw, tamping rammer, plate compactors; and Morrison curb forming machine and the return of power buggies.

With inspiration from small businesses, the rental industry and proficient do-it-yourselfers, Bartell Morrison now offers additional lines branded, Nexus. Nexus brands provide a more cost effective alternative for customers that work on smaller jobs. The lines consist of power trowels and plate compactors. With over 60 years of experience, Bartell Morrison distributes its products to 46 countries around the world.

GMX, Inc

World of Concrete
GMX, Inc. is a Cleveland based manufacturer and supplier of below-grade waterproofing products for the residential and commercial construction market. GMX provides complete bid packages, specifications and application detail drawings for use to the contractors and builders. Their product range include Waterproofing Membranes, Dampproofing Membranes, Waterproofing Accessories, Fiber Glass Drainage Board, Sheet Drains, Strip Drains and Fittings and so on.

Ultra-Shield®WB produced by GMX, Inc, is a polymer modified, fluid applied, AC – 29 compliant, water based waterproofing membrane which cures to a flexible, water and vapor impermeable barrier over wide variety of substrates including poured walls, concrete block, parged concrete block and wood. It is suitable for brush, roller or spray application.

Ultra Shield WB is manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 procedures to ensure consistent quality in every gallon. Ultra-Shield WB is compatible with a wide range of drainage, protection, and insulation boards. Additional benefits include: Excellent elongation and recovery properties, Good resistance to soil-based chemicals, Superior crack bridging ability and Long-term warranty protection.

Monitor Technologies LLC

At WOC, Monitor Technologies LLC will make debut of its SiloPatrol®SE smart weight and cable based sensors which are designed to perform the task of measuring the inventory level of cement, flyash and aggregate automatically or on-demand and without the need for your operator or plant personnel to climb silos which increases plant safety. The smart cabled-based sensors automatically lower a weight & cable mechanism into the silo until it contacts the material surface. Upon contact the weight & cable system is immediately retracted and the measurement is relayed to the plant control system or operator. Electronic sensing mechanisms and sensor software control all functions of the sensor to ensure the proper travel of the weight & cable assembly to ensure accuracy and reliability. These sensors are easy to install and also virtually maintenance free, requiring only a periodic inspection usually once or twice per year. Once the material level measurement is obtained, a variety of operator interface devices (including wireless options) are available to calculate and display material volume, weight and more. A PC-based inventory management software package, SiloTrack™, is also available that can automate report generation, send emails to suppliers or corporate locations and allow remote viewing of material level status.

World of Concrete
The SiloPatrol SE uses the time-proven weight and cable techniques and innovative technology, a new split-compartment enclosure design, state-of-the-art optics, SMT (surface mount electronic technology) and other valuable features to produce a rugged, reliable and accurate measuring system designed for dusty, dirty and most extreme conditions.

Other level sensors from Monitor Technologies that will be at WOC 2010 include the Flexar®guided wave radar level sensor & inventory management system, the SafePoint® fail-safe rotary paddle level sensor and more.

FORTA Corporation

FORTA®Corporation has been offering the U.S. construction market a valuable fiber reinforcement product that controlled cracking and added long-term durability to a wide variety of concrete applications. FORTA’s® fibers have played an important role in the design and construction of many different types of projects - from airports to tennis courts - from swimming pools to public schools.

World of Concrete
As the first in the industry, FORTA Corporation brought synthetic fiber reinforcement technology to the U. S. concrete market in 1978. First-generation microsynthetic fibers were used in relatively low dosages (1.0 to 1.5 lbs./cubic yard) to reduce cracking caused by shrinkage and temperature-related issues. In 1999, FORTA®was the first to introduce a second-generation material – FORTA-FERRO® – that represents higher performance levels enabled by much higher dosages (3.0 to 30.0 lbs./cubic yard). Even at these elevated dosages, FORTA-FERRO®reinforced mixes remain very user-friendly with regards to mixing, pumping, placing, and finishing, and allow the project designer, specifier, contractor, and owner to consider a higher replacement level of conventional reinforcing steel for many applications.

One of the most owner-desirable benefits of FORTA-FERRO®has been the practice of extending normal joint-spacing in slabs-on-ground at these higher dosage levels, due to the considerable reduction of shrinkage and curling. FORTA®continues to add to their 10-year collection of successful extended-joint floor slab project profiles and related trade publication articles, which are available upon request.

Foresight Products LLC

World of Concrete
Foresight Products LLC, manufacturer of MANTA RAY®, STINGRAY®, and DUCKBILL®earth anchor systems is set to makeits presence felt at the show.

The company manufactures these anchors for different earth applications as for tiebacks, shoring, bulkheads, block walls, SRWs, foundation stabilization & augmentation, utility poles, landscape and horticultural applications. Foresight’s anchors feature no excavation, no soil disturbance and ease of installation with capacities ranging from 300 lbs. to 50 tons. No more guesswork - proof tested anchors with the exact holding capacity measured at installation every time.

Wagner Electronics

Wagner Electronics felt proud to return to World of Concrete 2010 with the Rapid RH™, winner of the 2006 MIP award.

World of Concrete
The Rapid RH™, a fast, accurate moisture test for concrete floors has been proven to significantly decrease the time it takes to measure moisture in concrete floors. This state-of-the-art, risk management tool helps to considerably reduce flooring failures. The Rapid RH™ testing system should be a part of the overall moisture testing program on any project where moisture-sensitive finishes are to be applied. With all of the testing methods available today, Owners, General Contractors, Flooring Contractors and Installers need to be sure the tests they perform are accurate, repeatable, and available to all who want to know the current moisture condition of a slab on their project.

Installing the “Smart Sensor” units and taking periodic readings enables the drying progress of the slab to be monitored over time without having to conduct additional types of moisture tests. Because the “Smart Sensors” are installed below the surface of the slab there is far less risk of damage to the sensors or interference to normal construction activity.

The next generation of the Rapid RH™ features a fast, accurate and rugged factory calibrated “Smart Sensor.” Each “Smart Sensor” comes with a NIST traceable certification of calibration. This “Smart Sensor” equilibrates within 1 hour and remains in the concrete. Once equilibration is reached, additional readings can be obtained immediately. One of the most cost effective design features is the removable Rapid RH™ Reader. This patent protected design places the Smart Sensor into the concrete and readings can be taken with any Rapid RH™ Reader, alleviating concerns of sensor calibration.

L&M Industries LLC

At WOC 2010 show, L&M Industries LLC will introduce Sim Stain simulated acid stain for concrete staining.

World of Concrete
Sim Stain is an exciting environmentally safe alternative to acid stain. It is water based and has low VOC content. Sim Stain penetrates the pores of cementitious products providing the multi-hued, variegated, mottled look of natural stone with immediate color. There is no clean up or neutralization needed. Sim Stain is UV resistant and can be used interior or exterior, and comes in 25 colors to choose from. All the colors can mix freely for more color variance. Sim Stain can also be used to correct reactive stain color problems.

It is user friendly and provides immediate color by penetrating the surface so there is no waiting for color to develop. Sim Stain black is a true black and a blue and green that stay blue or green when wet and provides instant long lasting color that will not peel, flake, or fade. When applying it can be sprayed, with pump up or airless sprayer, or mopped, sponged, and ragged on. If using a roller or brush you will need to use care to avoid lines. It can be applied full strength or it can be diluted with water to get lighter hue of color. Once you received the desired color and the surface is dry then it can be sealed. Any type of sealer can be used with Sim Stain. It is sold in a ready to use and also a concentrated form which makes shipping easy.

Cormix International Limited

Cormix International Limited a British owned Construction Chemicals Company with its production base in Thailand is also exhibiting at WOC 2010.

World of Concrete
The company is focused on the manufacturing of hydrophilic (swelling) waterstops, polyurethane foams, resins and waterproofing by crystallization for supply to private label (OEM) accounts and under its own brand name to selected markets. The success of Cormix products is evident from the large number of prestigious projects in which they have been used around the world.

Cormix systems are backed by a technical team that can provide environmental-friendly and sound solutions to the most demanding & diverse problems. The systems available from Cormix encompass Waterproofing, Swelling Waterstops, Polyurethane Foams & Resins, Concrete Repair, Grouting, Concrete & Shortcrete Admixtures / Underground Products and so on.

STEMA Engineering

The company STEMA/PEDAX is a total system supplier for all types of machines for processing reinforcing steel. STEMA/PEDAX will exhibit its Mafix KS 3000 and the new Perfekt 70 CC, Computerized Table Bender at the WOC 2010 in Las Vegas, USA.

World of Concrete
The Mafix KS 3000, is utilized in the precast industry for shearing standard reinforcing steel meshes sheets into the proper length to meet the individual customers demands. The MAFIX KS Series are designed with robust machine frames, modern mobile cutting head, more powerful hold downs with plastic rails capable of supporting the mesh over the entire cutting width; ensuring secure tensioning of the reinforcing steel meshes. Machines available in the following cutting sizes: 2500, 3000 or 6000 mm. Maximum cutting capacity up to 12 mm (0.472") diameter with 6" x 6" (150x150mm) spacing or 8 mm (0.315") with 4" x 4" (100x100mm) spacing. The machine has, Simple and fast cutting process, Powerful and safe design, Modern controller, Electromechanical drive

The STEMA/PEDAX Model Perfekt 70 CC computerized table bender is their latest technology development which has the largest bending capacity in the industry. The machine has the capability of bending up to 2 x 43 mm Ø (#14) steel reinforcing bars (850 N/mm²) in either direction.
  • Fast, high-performance production speeds. Machine equipped with 13.41 HP - 4 speed maintenance free heavy-duty gearboxes.
  • Optional: Special bending attachment for producing spirals.
  • Unrivalled service life - Internationally proven working under extremely hard weather conditions!
  • Machine weight: 1.175 kilo (2,590 lb). Floor space: 245 x 125 cm (8.04’ x 4.1’)

FMC Lithium

The other company which is going to Las Vegas to exhibit at the show is FMC Lithium which has solutions to prevent or mitigate Alkali-silica reactivity (ASR) damage and extend the life of concrete.

World of Concrete
Lifetime®N admixture is a lithium-based specially formulated admixture designed to control ASR in concrete. The product is derived from research conducted under the Strategic Highway Research Program where it was demonstrated that ASR could be controlled by the use of lithium salts in fresh concrete. This program demonstrated that control of ASR expansion was obtained when a sufficient amount of lithium ion was supplied in the concrete mixture.

Lifetime®N admixture can be used in combination with any supplementary cementitious materials suitable for use in portland cement concrete. The amount needed is determined by performance testing, with testing in the US Army Corps of Engineers test method CRD-C 662 being the main method recommended by the manufacturer.

Lifetime®N admixture is easy to handle, does not require special equipment, and has only minimal effect on the plastic and hardened properties of concrete, with some set time acceleration possible in some mixes.

Allen Engineering Corporation

World of Concrete
A leading innovator in the concrete industry, Allen Engineering is known world-wide as a premier, top quality line of concrete finishing and paving equipment. The company designs, engineers, buys, manufacturers, and markets concrete equipment that is sold as two different brands: Allen Concrete Equipment®- one of the world’s premier lines of concrete finishing equipment used in placing and finishing of high tolerance commercial and industrial concrete floor, and Allen Concrete Pavers®- a high-quality line of form-riding concrete paving equipment as well as specialized line of slip form pavers.

Allen has developed a total system of equipment with the help of concrete contractors to meet and exceed today’s tough “F” Number requirements for floor flatness and levelness. Most members of Allen’s Sales Team are certified in “F” Numbers and ACI Finishing Techniques.

Vertigraph, Inc

Vertigraph, Inc., an international supplier of windows based software, develops and markets software solutions that automate the takeoff, estimating, bidding and digitizing functions of companies engaged in construction management. Its products are easy to use, powerful and affordable.

World of Concrete
Vertigraph has over five thousand users of its software worldwide, including more than half of the ENR 400 and many of the leading subcontractors working in divisions 2 through 9. Vertigraph’s software portfolio includes a suite of Microsoft Excel add-in applications along with site excavation software. Its BidScreen XL software provides eTakeoff of ePlans directly in Microsoft Excel. BidPoint XL is a digitizer tablet interface add-in for MS Excel. SiteWorx OS provides cut and fill calculations for site excavation directly from most file types and SiteWorx is their digitizer tablet based site excavation software for paper plan takeoff. If required, Vertigraph also supplies digitizer tablets at guaranteed lowest pricing.


The International Concrete Repair Institute (ICRI) is an association in the concrete industry devoted solely to repair and restoration, publishes a bimonthly magazine and technical guidelines for concrete repair, and also the cosponsors of the World of Concrete show. Local chapters provide regional networking opportunities. Their worldwide membership include contractors, manufacturers, engineers, distributors, owners, and other professionals with a common goal of prolonging the useful life of concrete through quality repair, restoration, and protection.

The mission of the International Concrete Repair Institute is to be a leading resource for education and information to improve the quality of repair, restoration, and protection of concrete and other structures in accordance with consensus criteria.
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