World of Concrete 2012

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World of Concrete 2012
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Las Vegas Convention Centre, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Dates :
Seminars 23-27 January 2012 Exhibition 24-27 January 2012

World of Concrete 2012 is back to Las Vegas, Nevada for celebrating its 38th Anniversary. The event to be held from January 24-27, 2012; Seminars 23-27 is well-known industry show and will continue to build upon the reputation as the only annual international commercial construction trade show for the concrete and masonry industries with 1,200 exhibiting companies and 50,000 registered concrete and masonry professionals. World of Concrete 2012 will showcase numerous indoor/outdoor exhibitors in more than a half-million gross square feet of exhibit space with more than 100 educational sessions, brand new hands-on demonstrations, exciting products demonstrations, spectator competitions, and forums providing relevant solutions, products and technologies to WOC attendees.

WOC has been selected for the 7th consecutive year, to participate in the 2012 International Buyer Program. World of Concrete Management and the US Commercial Service will work closely in the global promotion of the show to bring International buyers and exhibitors together to expand business both domestically and overseas. As part of the program, delegations from all over the globe will attend WOC to network with other international visitors as well as connect with US exhibitors interested in exporting goods and services. The International Business Center will be available to carry out tasks including networking, conducting business, relaxing with complimentary refreshments and taking time to simply check email.

Trade specialists from a Commercial Service Office and an Industry Specialist will be available during the show to answer questions and provide export counseling to WOC 2012 Exhibitors. assistance is also available to international buyers to help meet purchasing and representation objectives during the show. Also, the Export Interest Directory, which features information on export interests of U.S. exhibitors including company information, products and geographical areas of interest, will be available onsite.

World of Concrete 2012

For concrete professionals, there will be several exciting events to attend. One event will be the Concrete Construction Challenge, which includes entertaining and inspiring challenges that combine precision, speed and focus. There is also the Concrete & Polishing Luncheon & Forum, where experts in the concrete polishing industry will be able to get together and discuss what contractors need to know to help grow business while emphasizing the importance of concrete polishing specifications.

In addition, WOC will feature special products and action areas including the Concrete Producer Challenge, where operators will be able to test their skills by maneuvering machinery through a series of obstacles in two courses, one for the 4-wheel drive loader and one for skid steers and compact truck loaders.

MCAA (Masonry Contractors Association of America) will hold its Annual Convention at WOC. MCAA will have several educational sessions along with two exciting events; the International Masonry Skills Challenge and the Fastest Trowel on the Block Competition.

Masonry construction's Masonry Veneer Live will take place for the first time at World of Concrete. The event will draws together key industry stakeholders, installers, masons, manufacturers and designers to help foster the growth of the masonry industry's fastest-growing product segment. Masonry Veneer Live includes products such as cast stone, brick, adhered masonry, and natural stone. Each of these veneer materials has a specific installation procedure developed to ensure a durable wall surface.

Masonry Veneer Live has three components. The Veneer Exhibits space is a special exhibition area within World of Masonry. Manufacturers and suppliers will come together to teach the mason contractors and installers about masonry veneers.

The Masonry Veneer Training Zone is a unique education area. Partnering associations will offer special training demonstrations. Attendees will have the opportunity to view and learn about the most current techniques and code requirements for installation.

Artistry in Masonry Veneers is a special display area featuring "live" examples of the cutting edge artistry that a craftsperson can achieve with masonry veneers.

Outdoor area of Concrete Surfaces & Decorative Pavilion will feature the 10th Annual Artistry in Decorative Concrete. Leading artisans will demonstrate the latest decorative concrete techniques, including stamped concrete patterns, chemical stain work, decorative finishes and much more.

New addition to this years event will be the Concrete Construction's How-to-Zone, a 1,600-square-foot portable facility located in the Concrete Surfaces and Decorative Pavilion. Activities will include Concrete Construction Live Educational Events and Contractor Clinics.

Unique to WOC is the outdoor event and demonstration area. This high-energy, high-impact area lets one to test products under real jobsite conditions—giving knowledge one need to make educated purchasing decisions. Construction pros come here to preview and test the latest products, such as trucks, cranes, decorative concrete, surface preparation equipment, walk-behind power trowels and shot Blasters.

Also returning is the Product Showcase which gives guests an opportunity to be among the first to see, try and compare the latest and unique industry products and technologies.

The Hoover Dam Bypass Editorial Tours are an option for people who want to learn about the history and challenges, as well as the admixtures used in the project's mix designs.

CIM (Concrete Industry Management) Auction 2012 will hold its annual unreserved silent and live auctions at WOC 2012 with all proceeds benefiting the CIM Program.

Participating Companies at WOC 2012


World of Concrete 2012
W. R. MEADOWS, INC. designs, manufactures and markets high quality products and systems for today's construction professionals. Its products cover every facet of the construction industry – from protecting and sealing concrete, expansion joints, and concrete restoration, to blocking the ingress of moisture through the building envelope. At the show the company will display several new products from its product line including concrete epoxies, concrete waterproofing, and air barriers.

EG-96 HP, a non-shrink epoxy grout which is a general purpose, three-part, high strength, flowable epoxy grout will be introduced by the company. In concrete waterproofing line, W. R. MEADOWS will exhibit its full line of cementitious waterproofing products, including ADI-CON CW PLUS, a waterproofing admixture; CEM-KOTE CW PLUS, a capillary/crystalline waterproofing product; CEM-KOTE FLEX CR, a flexible, chemical-resistant, cementious waterproofing product; and CEM-KOTE FLEX ST, a flexible ,cementitious waterproofing. In addition, the company will also launch HRM 714 hot-applied waterproofing and AIR-SHIELD LSR synthetic rubber air barrier.


GMX, Inc. is a manufacturer and supplier of waterproofing and damp proofing products for the building envelope. A new, single-component fluid applied membrane that cures to provide a flexible, monolithic barrier against air, vapor, and water was recently introduced by GMX, Inc., a Garland Industries company. Air Guard polymer-modified asphalt membrane cures to a tough, durable film that offers exceptional elastomeric and crack-bridging capabilities to protect construction surfaces against air, vapor, and water penetration.

World of Concrete 2012

Air-Guard is an environmentally friendly, water-based material that handles easily without odor, making it a safe and convenient solution to implement in a wide variety of masonry, concrete, exterior gypsum board, stone, wood, and metal construction applications. Anthony Gargano, president of GMX, Inc., reports, "In addition to the obvious health-related hazards, moisture development within the building envelope has been shown to lead to energy loss in wall assemblies, which is increasingly important to environmentally responsible building owners." According to Gargano, independent testing in accordance with ASTM E 2178 03 requirements has demonstrated leakage rates of less than 0.001 L/s/sq.m, which is considerably below the 0.004 minimum required. By providing a flexible blanket of protection between the exterior wall assembly and any decorative façade, Air-Guard helps ease the load on HVAC systems for increased energy efficiency, while reducing the possibility for mold growth inside building walls.

Air-Guard, and other GMX waterproofing solutions for the building envelope, are manufactured using ISO 9001 quality-control procedures, and are exclusively available through GMX Authorized Applicators, to ensure the highest quality professional application.

Lignomat Ltd.

Lignomat USA Ltd offers new and more reliable test equipment to measure moisture in a concrete slab. The floor covering industry is currently facing a shift from measuring moisture vapor emission rate using the calcium chloride test to measuring the relative humidity using an in-situ RH and temperature sensor.

This method is the preferred method in many other countries and it is high time that the US follows these procedures.

World of Concrete 2012
Experience has shown that the calcium chloride test can pass, but the floor cover still fails. The calcium chloride test is not reliable, because ambient conditions inside the building affect the results, and only the top 1/4" of the slab is measured. The RH in-situ probe is not influenced by ambient conditions and measures as deep as needed which allows for better evaluation of moisture migrating through the concrete slab.

Lignomat offers three moisture meters and a long-term monitoring device to measure moisture in concrete slabs. The system uses reusable sensors and disposable sleeves. A handheld meter can be easily connected to the sensors and read the RH values from the sensors embedded in the floor.


Pultrall manufactures and distributes a wide array of products all related to the precast/pre-stressed market, whether it is the rebar itself or the accessories. At the show the company will introduce its Fiberglass V-ROD rebar (GFRP), Carbon V-ROD rebar (CFRP) and FiberlokTM pre-stressing accessories.

World of Concrete 2012
Available in 40GPa (5,800 ksi), 50 GPa (7,250 ksi) and 60 GPa (8,700), Pultrall's GFRP V-ROD is available in various diameters from #2 to #10 bars. Its tensile strength is up to 1,250 MPa (180 ksi), the product weight four times(4x) less than steel and can be manufactured up to a length of 60 feet. Pultrall's GFRP V-ROD is electromagnetically neutral, acts as a thermal insulator and is corrosion resistant.

With a tensile strength of 140 GPa (20,300 ksi), Pultrall's CFRP V-ROD is available in various diameters from #2 to #5 bars. Its tensile strength is up to 1,900 MPa (275 ksi), the product weight four times (4x) less than steel and can be manufactured up to a length of 50 feet. Pultrall's #4 CFRP V-ROD can be used with its patented FiberlokTM pre-stressing accessories.

Pultrall offers the products to pre-stressing including Copper sleeves, Anchor sets, Pre-seating devices, Replacement wedges, and Replacement barrels.


ERICO is a leading global designer, manufacturer and distributor of precision-engineered specialty metal products serving niche markets in a diverse range of electrical, construction, utility and rail applications. The company is headquartered in Solon, Ohio, USA with a network of sales locations serving more than 25 countries and with manufacturing and distribution facilities worldwide. ERICO's LENTON(r) concrete construction products are recognized for their ease of installation, long-lasting performance and reliability.

World of Concrete 2012
LENTON® LOCK, an in-situ rebar splice, requires no bar-end preparation. IT coupler features patented gripping technology that provides for the development of full rebar strength and improved overall structural integrity in tension, compression, stress reversal and dynamic applications. This innovative mechanical rebar splice is designed to specification for use in column splicing, bridge applications, piling, splicing to protruding dowels cast in concrete, closure pours, beams, chimney construction and other demanding splicing applications. It provide superior fatigue performance and work with a variety of standard US and international rebar grades. LENTON LOCK couplers are available in sizes #4 (12 mm) through #18 (57 mm) and can be used as a one-step transition.

LENTON LOCK couplers meet or exceed major international building codes and Department of Transportation requirements, including IBC®, UBC® and ACI® 318 Type 2, AS3600, DIN 1045, BS8110, BS5400, Sellafield Ltd., NZ 3101, and CalTrans Ultimate Splice requirement. It is also recognized by IAPMO Evaluation Service.

Command Alkon

Command Alkon provides software and hardware solutions for producers of ready-mixed concrete, concrete products, aggregate, asphalt, and cement. Apex which comes from JWS – A Division of Command Alkon is the leading ticketing and distribution solution for the bulk materials industry, designed specifically for Aggregate, Asphalt, and Cement producers. The Apex products has the flexibility to meet the many operational and management demands of one's business including ticketing, load out, rail, vehicle/order dispatch, truck tracking, inventory, production/operations, invoicing, receivables and quotation.

The Apex approach relies on simple process improvements that make profound improvements to the productivity and safety of bulk materials sites. Using a combination of Auto Identification technology, driver kiosks, wireless loader programs, remote printers, traffic signals and remote driver displays, and a Scale Watcher weighing verification solution, Apex sites are gaining better control of their traffic flow, driver communications and load out processes and improving site throughput at the same time.

World of Concrete 2012
The Auto ID module allows for attended or unattended ticketing, weigh-ins and check-ins. Driver kiosks further enhance unattended vehicle identification, check-in/check-out, tare-in/ticket-out, loader notification, and auto load. The Wireless Loader program assists the loader operator in achieving fewer under/overloads and increasing the use of loader assets and efficiency. Outdoor remote displays, traffic signals and printer enclosures integrate with the system to assist with site traffic flow, throughput, and safety. And the Scale Watcher solution captures video footage and a still image of the truck license and side door view, with an overlay of key ticket information, eliminating the need for driver signature and providing proof of the weighing process.


World of Concrete 2012
Blastrac systems have been the world leader in Surface Preparation Technology and offer their expertise on surface prep job sites such as concrete repair and restoration, general construction, flooring, painting and coating, bridges and highways, airports, remediation, demolition & renovation, utility, marine/shipyards, storage tank maintenance and others.

Recently the company introduced the new BDC-454 Ultra-Jet pulse dust collection system. The BDC-454 is the latest dust collector in the new Global series of machines. This new powerful mid-size unit is available in either 230V or 460V 3 phase 60 hz power configurations. It can be paired with the model 1-10DPS75 shotblaster as well as mid to large scarifiers and planetary grinders. The heavy duty design and quality components ensure long service life. Sleek and ergonomic design aids in maneuvering and loading. Like all global series machines, it is fabricated with state-of-the-art laser and CNC equipment and then finished with world-class powder coating.


SitePro is committed to provide quality accessory products for surveying and construction instruments and have a diverse range of products- all manufactured and marketed to provide the highest quality at the most competitive prices. These include tripods, leveling rods, telescopic poles, prism systems, and carrying cases as well as a complete line of laser and optical instruments.

World of Concrete 2012
SitePro has recently introduced two electronic self-leveling rotary lasers SLR100H and SLR100HV which are fully electronic with accuracy up to 2.4mm at 30m (3/32-in at 100-ft) and working range up to 457m (1500-ft) diameter.

The SLR100H and SLR100HV can be powered with four 'C' alkaline batteries or NiMH rechargeable battery pack. When using rechargeable battery pack, user can use built-in charger port to charge while operating, or the rechargeable battery tray (included with the SLR100HV) is equipped with charger port for offsite re-charging.

The SLR100H includes the RD100 laser detector with clamp, alkaline battery tray, and carrying case. The SLR100HV includes the RC10 remote control, glasses, magnetic laser target, MT4 multi-mount, RD100 laser detector with clamp, NiMH rechargeable battery pack, alkaline battery tray, and carrying case.

American Decorative Concrete

American Decorative Concrete is America's leading producer of dyeing, polishing, and sealing chemistry for decorative concrete. Among its brands are some of the most widely recognized names in the industry including the Ameripolish® SureLock Color System for polished concrete, Color Juice™, Color Seal™, and Patriot™ Sprayer Systems.

World of Concrete 2012

The Ameripolish® SureLock™ Color System for polished concrete represents a significant technological advance over conventional dyes, densifiers, and stain protectors. It is specially engineered to bond color into the slab and protects it, yielding true colors that last longer than conventional dyes.

SureLock Densifier is a deeper-penetrating lithium silicate formula that sprays on easily and cures within one hour. It is formulated to bond to both dye and concrete, increasing the dye's adhesion. It is designed to be mixed with SureLock Dye for intensifying color beyond the saturation achievable with a single dye application.

SureLock Stain Protector is an advanced protective product that features superior resistance to staining and etching agents. It also bonds to the dye and densifier, completing the protective package designed to keep the color in the concrete. All three products contain UV stabilizers to help protect against fading.

A compatible cleanser, SureLock Rejuvenating Cleaner, extends the service life of the Stain Protector application as it cleans.

EDGE Liners

World of Concrete 2012
Proline is recognized as an innovative company that provides high quality decorative stamps, borders and hand tools. Proline has introduced edge liners to its large selection of Decorative Concrete products. These reusable edge liners come in a choice of four textures: Denali, Yukon, Yosemite Stone and Roman Slate.

Edge Liners are flexible, reusable liners that transfer a texture to edges, corners and risers of cast in place steps, counter tops, pool copings and wall caps. They are made of high quality and lightweight polyurethane for extreme durability, resulting in a variety of lifelike natural stone textures.

Proline is offering its Edge Liners in three profiles: Flat, Hammered Edge and Bull Nosed. Unique to the industry, Proline's Edge Liners are sized to fit form lumber with widths of 2", 3.5", 5.5" and 7.5".

Cooper Bussmann Wireless

Cooper Bussmann Wireless is a business unit of Cooper Bussmann which provides complete wireless monitoring and control solutions to the industrial market with its two brands, ELPRO Technologies and OMNEX Control Systems. Being the industry leader in the design and manufacture of industrial wireless products, the company offers an extensive product portfolio of wireless transmitters, receivers, gateways, I/O, modems and more. Its wireless monitoring, control and networking solutions are designed to meet the challenges of a broad range of industrial applications.

World of Concrete 2012
Its OMNEX Trusted Wireless™ R260 controller is a robust, license-free, wireless I/O module and valve driver designed for smooth operation and precision control of industrial machinery in global applications. Designed with the latest in mobile control network technology, the R260 offers industry-leading features including CAN-Bus Network Integration, IEC 61131-3 compliant PLC programmability and OMNEX industrially hardened Trusted Wireless™ FHSS radio technology for robust and secure Two-Way Wireless Communication. The R260 also features 20 I/O, dual CAN ports and an impact resistant enclosure to ensure dependable operation and precise control.

It is typically used in Concrete Boom Pumps, Concrete Mixer Trucks, Skid Steer Track Loaders, Load/Haul/Dump, Track Type Machines, Chippers and Augers, Tunnel Boring Equipment, Auto Recovery Vehicles, Truck Mounted Cranes, Rotator Trucks, Vacuum Trucks, Off Road Machines etc.


World of Concrete 2012
ECOBUST is the fastest and most powerful, controlled expansive demolition agent for rock and concrete breaking. It is made of a powdered mixture of natural minerals that when mixed with water and poured into pre-drilled holes, expands at an incredible 20,000 PSI, breaking all forms of rock or concrete, without noise or dust. It is environmental-friendly as well as perfect solution when dealing with noise, dust or vibration restrictions, productivity demands, or when explosives or jack hammering is not permitted or preferred. ECOBUST works within 2 to 6 hours on average and no special licenses or permits are required to use or dispose it.

Sensors & Software

Sensors & Software is continuously developing practical GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) solutions for most challenging applications. For better understanding of subsurface conditions GPR provides a powerful non-intrusive solution that makes subsurface information accessible to everyone. Practical experience combined with a professional scientific and engineeringexpertise give Sensors & Software the unique insight neededto create innovative GPR solutions.

Sensors & Software has released the latest model of its Conquest system. While the system retains the same solid, simple format and operation that users are familiar with, the internal functions have improved dramatically. The brains of the system have been upgraded to provide faster and better imaging results. Key benefits to customers are: more responsive user interaction, faster image generation and larger flash memory capacity.


World of Concrete 2012
POLISYS grinders give a new way of thinking in Concrete Polishing System. THE POLISYS G-650RC is a ride-on machine that functions well both in large and small areas. The machine is compact, easy to operate and has an ergonomic design. G-650RC's head consists of 4 grinder wheels, the grinding width is around 650mm and the motors are 1O hp. The machine is also equipped with a Wire remote controller (1:1 analog type), which is a great alternative for the operator to walk with the machine and maneuver the machine more precisely. G-650RC also can be put to work for virtually unlimited number of hours since it does not need to get recharged such as battery operated radio-controlled grinders.

In addition, machine's other qualities are: Smart remote control, easy on-site maintenance with standard tools, smart follow-up service with PLC system, Integrated system of weights for adjusting grinding pressure, Patented 4-head planetary discs perfectly balance the machine and delivering extremely high production rates.

Pacific Polymers

Pacific Polymers is a manufacturer of water and damp proofing products. It is also the supplier of coating, roofing, and moisture barrier systems which have been installed worldwide and are supported by an ever expanding family of distributors and contractors.

Pacific Polymers will offer an innovative product ELASTO-MAT™ D&G at WOC which is a single component, rapid curing, fluid applied waterproofing membrane for damp and green concrete.

World of Concrete 2012
ELASTO-MAT™ D&G is a black polyurethane coating, designed to form a seamless, flexible membrane impervious to moisture that can be applied to "Green" concrete just a few days old. It allows expansion and contraction over a broad temperature range and maintains its outstanding properties under adverse conditions above and below grade. It is commonly used between slabs on plaza decks, parking decks, roof terraces, podiums, and reflecting pools. It is also used for waterproofing foundation walls, landscaped areas, planter boxes, tunnels, etc. ELASTO-MAT™ D&G is an effective membrane for use on concrete, wood, metal and other masonry surfaces. In some cases, a primer may be required. Available in three viscosities: SL (Self-Leveling) grade: Suitable for horizontal applications, V (Vertical) grade: Suitable for horizontal and vertical applications and SL GRADE which is solvent free.


Located in Henderson, Nevada USA Altcut Products, Inc. has been a leading supplier of premium quality surface preparation accessories to professionals for much of the past decade and offers many types of products including replacement carbide scarifier cutters, drums, shafts, carbide grit products and solid tungsten carbide scrapers. The company aims to provide the highest quality products at affordable prices allowing users to get work done faster and better.

World of Concrete 2012
Altcut recently announced the development of their pivoting carbide scraper holder which outperforms the competition and yields superior results based on consumer feedback. Customers have found these pivoting scraper holders are an ideal replacement for the standard rigid style scraper holders currently available on the market. It also offers a wide range of solid carbide scrapers and solid carbide cutters. The Altcut line of solid carbide scrapers make superior replacements for OEM carbides, saving money and extending overall tool life.

Altcut's Premium Carbide Flail Scarifier Cutters are the industry standard and available in sizes from 1.5 inches (38 mm) up to 3.25 inches (82 mm) with tungsten carbide tip counts ranging from 5 to 12. Altcut uses only high quality steel and precisely heat treats it producing a very durable inside bore. The carbide tips are seated deep in the steel body for the toughest possible tip protection and extended life. Altcut utilizes a proprietary brazing process to ensure use of the cutter up until the last bit of carbide is gone.


World of Concrete 2012
At the show, Volvo Construction Equipment will display its C-Series skid steer loaders where wheeled models are MC110C, MC115C, MC125C, MC135C and MC155C. Rated operating capacities for these models range from 1,009 kg (2,250 lbs) to 1,495 kg and gross engine power from 63 kW (84 hp) to 68 kW (92 hp). Volvo's first four tracked models of Skid steer loaders are MCT110C, MCT125C, MCT135C and MCT145C whose rated operating capacities range up to 1,452 kg (3,200 lbs) and gross engine power to 68 kW (92 hp).

Featuring a unique single loader arm design, Volvo wheeled and tracked skid steer loaders deliver customers the superior loading performance and durability found in a traditional skid steer design, along with the improved visibility, safety and enhanced cab access of a side-entry machine. The new Series will also provides customers with new application versatility, including Volvo tracked machines that deliver good power transfer from the driveline to the ground, along with better stability and traction in tough terrain. Volvo CE will soon launch further new models in the range, culminating in a full offering of radial and vertical lift wheeled and tracked models in all key rated operating capacity classes.

Power Pavers

Power Pavers Inc. a subsidiary of Power Curbers Inc. manufactures a full line of slip-form concrete equipment for use in residential, highway and airport paving. Based in Cedar Falls IA, USA, Power Pavers in addition to slip-form paver also offers form pavers, placer/spreaders, and texture/cure machines to paving contractors.

World of Concrete 2012

At the show the company will introduce its new compact slip-form paver, the Power Paver SF-1700."With the ability to pave up to 7.5m (21') wide, the SF-1700 was developed to react to the contractor demand for two-pass paving in many highway applications."The response to the SF-1700 has been excellent and we are getting great reports from our customers who have put them to work" stated Fred Hite, General Manager of Power Pavers Inc."In fact, we placed machines in 3 countries within a month of the machine's introduction."

The frame of the SF-1700 is based on Power Paver's current leading machine, the SF-2700. By reducing the engine size and Main Frame width Power Pavers was able to make the SF-1700 a more compact, economical alternative to contractors desiring to pave highways in two passes."In many developing countries, concrete supply is an issue, so paving in two passes is more practical than one pass" explained Hite. Standard equipment on the SF-1700 includes a 160HP Cummins engine, spread auger and tamper bar, and 12 Wyco vibrators.

Major Wire Industries

Montreal-based Major Wire Industries Limited is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company which designs, manufactures and markets screening solutions, Self-Cleaning Screen Media in Tensioned and Modular versions, OptimumWire and stainless steel woven wire cloth for the quarry, mining, recycling and industrial markets.

The company offers a full line of new 1-foot x 2-foot (305 mm to 610 mm) Flex-Mat® 3 Self-Cleaning Modular screen media panels.

Both Flex-Mat 3 Modular's 1-foot x 1-foot and 1-foot x 2-foot panels provide up to 50 percent more screen media open area than traditional rigid polyurethane and rubber panels.

One key to Flex-Mat 3's success in both tensioned and modular screen media is its independently vibrating wire technology. It increases product throughput over traditional rigid polyurethane and rubber panels by creating more screening action and eliminating blinding, pegging and clogging.

Flex-Mat 3 Modular panels install easily using the same fastening systems as traditional polyurethane and rubber panels and are available in both stainless steel and Major Wire's proprietary OptimumWire®.


Gehl, a leading manufacturer of compact equipment for agriculture and construction markets, presents the RT Series Compact Track Loaders—the most innovative track loaders in the market. The all-new RT Series Compact Track Loaders includes two models manufactured in Yankton, South Dakota, the RT175 and RT210, which incorporate the industry-exclusive HydraTrac™ Automatic Track Tensioning System.

World of Concrete 2012
The patented HydraTrac™ Automatic Track Tensioning System eliminates the need for manually tensioning the tracks on the loader before operation. When the machine is started, the hydraulic system automatically pressurizes a load device that provides the ideal tension for the track system. The HydraTrac™ System uses this excess hydraulic pressure to maintain proper track tension during use. The HydraTrac™ System not only saves valuable time on the jobsite, but also increases the life of the tracks and bearings by ensuring the proper tension immediately upon start-up and tension release when the machine is shut down.

HydraTrac™ System also ensures that all hydraulic horsepower is efficiently utilized resulting in high performance with reduced owning and operating costs. In addition, service performed on the undercarriage track system has been made virtually tool-free with the HydraTrac™ system. With the flip of a switch and removal of a simple lock-plate, the tracks de-tension and can be easily removed without the use of a pry bar or to allow access to the undercarriage track system.

Blue Level

BlueLevel Technologies is not just a manufacturer and supplier, but also the level measurement and monitoring consultant who help to find the best device to meet ones needs.

World of Concrete 2012
Blue level's 3rd Generation Smart Inventory Monitoring Sensor will be introduced at the show. "The latest technological advances are incorporated into its new inventory monitoring sensor, including Hall-effect sensing techniques and a direct MODBUS serial communication output," says Joe Lewis, Managing Director. The Model WC Smart Inventory Monitoring Sensor is a third generation weight & cable sensor for use in inventory measurement applications of powder, granular and liquid materials. It provides reliable operation through intelligent control of the weight/cable system and self-validation of its sensing function.

"The Model WC inventory sensor provides high value with features like multiple outputs in every unit including industry standard MODBUS serial communication, analog 0/4-20mA, DC Pulse, AC Pulse, High and Low material alarm relays and a self-validation output relay. In addition, industry leading functions like AutoReturn™, SmartStart™ and an adjustable non-measuring zone that provide flexible adaptation of the sensor to the application, a universal AC power supply, flange options, and variety of sensing weights for virtually every type of material, along with an attractive purchase price, make the Model WC a very high value for any inventory monitoring use", says Lewis'.

BlueLevel's Just Level focus and support service strategy provides one with personalized expert service and consultation. It is designed to anticipate, meet and exceed the needs of BlueLevel Technologies customers and their industries bringing decades of process measurement and control expertise directly to every customer contact.


GrandMastertools is an innovative concrete tool manufacturing and product designing cottage business started by Mathew Norton who is recognized worldwide by the building and floor preparation industry and invented the world's best: small floor cutter, small floor grinder, ceiling grinder, drywall sanding system, dust shrouds, edge grinder, SDS wall tile removal tool, SDS chewing gum removal tool, SDS floor scrapper tool and PCD Cup wheel design, land care product range and so on.

World of Concrete 2012
GrandMastertools has recently developed a new PCD diamond abrasion system "Tiger PCD Cup wheel product range." This innovative PCD cup wheel design features a combination turbo pattern segment and PCD diamond bit arrangement for removal of glues, epoxies, paints and other hard to remove compounds from concrete surfaces.

The GrandMaster Tiger Cup Wheel Design [so named for its aggressive nature and uncanny resemblance to a Tigers claws] provides advantages over other PCD Cup wheel designs as it provides a longer lasting cup wheel and performs a dual compound removal & abrasion role – operates at high cyclonic speed for aggressive cutting performance and reduced grinder motor burn out- reduced segment loading - improved surface dispersion - non smearing, - smoother grinder ride for improved dust extraction.

Manufactured in the popular 7 and 10 inch sizes it can be ordered in quantities to meet resellers or floor grinder manufacturer's specifications.


ARAMARK is a leader in professional services, providing facilities management, uniform and career apparel to health care institutions, universities and school districts, stadiums, arenas, and food services.

At WOC 2012, ARAMARK Uniform services will present Dirt Dog Jacket which is perfect for the dirtiest jobs as it offers unparalleled protection from dirt, oil and grease. It will keeps you warm, dry and on the job. It is Waterproof 100% polyurethane shell with moisture-wicking polyester fleece lining. In addition it is Grease and oil resistant. No matter how dirty it gets, just pop it in the wash for new looks, wash after wash. The jacket is made for comfort as it has breathable mesh liner and back cape vent. Side zips at hips for ease of movement. Adjustable waist and sleeve hems. Two front pockets, two side seam pockets and left sleeve pocket.
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Thermax Construction Chemicals hosts गपशप 2023
Thermax Construction Chemicals hosted an innovative forum in the construction space on June 8, 2023, bringing together numerous professionals, industry leaders, and distinguished guests at The Westin in Koregaon Park, Pune. The event served as an

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Niftylift’s HR17E wins HAE Product of the Year
The Hire Association Europe (HAE) runs the Hire Awards of Excellence, which took place on 22 April, 2023 at the Grosvenor House in London. The awards celebrate the achievements of hire and supply companies across UK’s plant, tool, equipment, and event

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Fintech and Data Analytics to enable Future-Ready Financing Ecosystem for CE & Infrastructure: ICEMA
ICEMA (Indian Construction Equipment Manufacturers Association), an affiliate body of CII, organised the 4th Annual Finance Conclave in New Delhi, based on the theme ‘Bringing a Paradigm Shift in Financial Eco-system: Digitalisation and Beyond

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CICEE 2023 - Showcases China’s Manufacturing Strength to the World
As one of the top global events in terms of reputation, influence, and industrial driving force, the third Changsha International Construction Equipment Exhibition (CICEE) kicked off on 12th May 2023 in the Changsha city of Hunan province. It showcased

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Technology Days at WIRTGEN GROUP, Pune
The Wirtgen Group hosted over 1200 customers, dealers, and business partners at a mega event dubbed ‘Technology Days’, which was held at their Pune manufacturing facility from 13th to 15th April, 2023. The event was based on the theme: ‘The Future

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CONEXPO-CON/AGG - Reveals the Future of Construction
CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2023 emphasizes how the construction industry is evolving and adapting to technologies, products, and sustainable practices. Attendees saw sustainability in action, from electric and hydrogen powered construction equipment

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VDMA organizes Emo Hannover Machine Tools Roadshow
VDMA organized a roadshow in Delhi in association with the German Machine Tools Builders Association and Hannover Messe AG to promote the EMO Hannover, Machine Tools Expo, slated to take place between 18-23 September 2023 at Hannover

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Spotlight on Sustainable Technologies at bauma CONEXPO India 2023
The sixth edition of bauma CONEXPO India closed on a high note with the launch of 25+ electric and hybrid heavy machines, 10,000+ product displays, insightful conferences and technical sessions, and an exciting line-up of next-generation technologies

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World of Concrete - at Las Vegas Returns with Strong Attendance
Concrete professionals kicked off the year with the well-attended 49th annual event that focused on product innovations, environmental impacts, and raised record-breaking auction funds for educational programs. Informa Markets’ World of Concrete, the

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2023 CICEE Spring Symposium in Beijing
On January 15, 2023, the Organizing Committee of Changsha International Construction Equipment Exhibition (CICEE) held the 2023 Spring Symposium in Beijing. Representatives and experts from national business associations such as the China Construction

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MRAI hosts 10th edition of IMRC
IMRC 2023 puts spotlight on domestic scrap shortage, recycling parks, and solutions for boosting India’s circular economy. Material Recycling Association of India (MRAI hosted the 10th edition of the International Indian Material Recycling Conference from

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Production Linked Incentive (PLI) scheme critical for growth of Construction Equipment Manufacturing in India
Indian Construction Equipment Manufacturers Association (ICEMA) organised the first-ever CE Manufacturing Summit on 2nd December at Hotel Le Meridien, New Delhi, with the theme “Towards Making India a Global Manufacturing Hub for CE”. The day-long affair

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ISEE Expo concludes with a vision for India to become a global manufacturing hub for the elevator and escalator industry
The International Sourcing Exposition for Elevators & Escalators (ISEE) successfully concluded in Mumbai on December 3rd, 2022. The expo, organized by TAK Expo Pvt Ltd, featured over 150 international and domestic exhibitors showcasing the latest technology in elevators

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ICACI unveils Modern Trends in Construction Technology
The two-day conference on ‘Modern Trends in Construction Technology’ hosted by the India Chapter of American Concrete Institute’s (ICACI) was a resounding success. It brought together India’s leading technocrats on a single platform to present, discuss

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bauma Munich 2022 Showcases Industry’s Power to Innovate
With around 3,200 exhibitors from 60 countries, and over 495,000 visitors from ~200 countries, bauma Munich 2022 exceeds Industry expectations. Bauma Munich - the world’s leading trade fair for construction machinery, building material

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