The Unique Show for Concrete and Masonry Industry

World of Concrete 2008, the only trade show for the Concrete and Masonry Industry is coming up for its 34th Annual show and promises to be larger than before!

With more than 900,000 net sq. ft. of exhibits occupied by 1,739 exhibitors, and professional registrants of 91,628, World of Concrete 2007 was the largest show in its 33-year history! This year, World of Concrete 2008 promises to bring an even bigger and better show with all of the production equipment, handling tools, trucks, the latest technologies, numerous 90-minute and 3-hour seminar programs, indoor and outdoor events and demonstrations, resources and valuable information for the concrete and masonry industry professionals.

World of Concrete is predicted to be the largest, excited and hectic trade event of 2008, and always being an ideal opportunity to bring new products/ technologies to the attention of the construction professionals that flocks to Las Vegas to visit the show. The event provides industry professionals valuable information about the products, techniques and strategies to make their operations more efficient and more profitable.

The Unique Show for Concrete and Masonry Industry
As the largest annual international show for the commercial concrete and masonry industries, World of Concrete attracts loyal attendees who want to see everything new in the industry to grow their business. For many concrete professionals, this is the only show. At World of Concrete 2007, 60% of attendees listed new products as their main reason for attending.

Confidence in international markets is strong and growing, according to the Global Business Confidence Index, which is based on survey responses from more than 1,500 U.S. and non U.S. international business decision makers from small, medium and large companies. The overall Global Business Confidence Index increased by 50% during the past five years and is projected to increase another 30% during the next two years.

World of Concrete is known for its best educational program in the business, and the 2008 Education Program offers 150+ sessions, new tracks, continuing education opportunities and a new Master Certificate program with more flexible requirements.

For 2008, the World of Concrete Education program will be based on the recommendations of the newly created World of Concrete Education Advisory Committee. The Education Advisory Committee is made up of ten industry experts and practitioners representing contractors, consultants, architects, concrete industry associations, manufacturers and publications.

A new track addition for 2008 in the 90 minute Seminars is Green Building. Sustainability and environmental friendly construction is in demand, making this track of six sessions a timely addition to the World of Concrete Education Program.

Attracting more than 95,000 industry professionals, including dealers, distributors, producers, engineers, and architects from all over the world who come together to fine solutions, see technology, and exchange ideas. More than 2,000 exhibitors will display their state-of-the-art products and technology. The show will cover more than. 950,000 sq.m of area. Some of the Exhibitors of World of Concrete 2008 are briefed here.

Bigfoot Systems Inc.

Bigfoot Systems Inc. is a Nova Scotia based company involved in the development, manufacturing, marketing and distribution of Bigfoot Systems® Footing Forms will be at World of Concrete 2008 to make debut of its products.

Bigfoot Systems ® are preengineered footing forms used as pier footings with construction tubes. Manufactured from recycled high-density polythene (HDPE), Bigfoot is used not only as a pier footing but also acts as an anchor to prevent uplift in areas subject to high-velocity winds. Their product has a superior advantage in areas subject to hurricanes. Another important feature of Bigfoot Systems® Footing Forms is an easy one day installation. Traditional wooden form boxes can take up to three days to install. Bigfoot’s advantage rests with its shape – a bell shaped footing with a round base – which uses the natural laws of physics to evenly distribute the entire loads’ weight, solidly securing the footing to the earth.

Bigfoot Tube offers 8" (BFT8) in their product line. It is an 8" tapered cone made of the same recycled HDPE resin that has made their footing forms so dependable and popular with builders, contractors, and consumers.

The Unique Show for Concrete and Masonry Industry

Gerdau Ameristeel

Gerdau Ameristeel, the fourth largest overall steel company and the second largest minimill steel producer in North America, is also participating at World of Concrete 2008. The company has the capacity to manufacture over 9 million tons of mill finished steel products annually. Through an integrated network of minimills, steel scrap recycling facilities, and downstream operations, the company serves customers in the eastern two-thirds of North America.

Gerdau Ameristeel’s products are generally sold to steel service centers or directly to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Its steel is used in a variety of industries including construction, automotive, mining, and cellular and electrical transmission. It is found in bridges, highways, stadiums, and commercial and apartment buildings.

Zbar is the newest reinforcing steel product from Gerdau Ameristeel and will be showcased at World of Concrete 2008. Zbar has two coatings; the first layer is metallized zinc that is applied by thermal spray. The outer coating is a fusion bonded powder polymer. Together the dual coatings provide exceptional protection against corrosion. Laboratory studies indicate a life of up to 100 years for structures that use Zbar for the reinforcing steel.

The Halfen Group

The Unique Show for Concrete and Masonry Industry
The Halfen Group is one of the most successful concrete anchoring, façade fixing systems suppliers in the world. It offers their customers the highest quality products for building pre-cast concrete elements, commercial and residential construction, as well as civil engineering and for transport and infrastructure buildings.

The product range includes: reinforcement connection systems, façade support systems, building service support products and lifting systems for precast concrete. The company is the global market leaders, and with a reputation for the highest quality, Halfen-deha offers its products to the building and civil engineering sectors under the brand names of Halfen, Deha and Frimeda. With over 1,300 employee in 17 countries and a range of over 20,000 connection products, the Halfen Group is one of the most successful concrete anchoring, façade fixing systems suppliers in the world.

The high demands the company has set for itself is also reflected in their relationships with employees, customers and suppliers: Dealings at all levels are characterized by trust, respect and reliability. HALFEN GROUP is looking for long-term international growth - and it will only achieve that by consistent cost management, professional operation and not least by confirming the trust placed in them and their products.

Chameleon Trac II KIT

The Unique Show for Concrete and Masonry Industry
With over 45 years of experience, Marion Brush Mfg. Co.has been serving the construction industry with quality finishing brushes and tools. From its Patented handleless concrete finishing rope brush to its pre-moistened hand washing towel.

Marion Brush will introduce the Chameleon Trac II kit concrete finishing system at World of Concrete 2008. This kit will include the Chameleon Trac II, four refill brushes, a multi-use adaptor, and an aluminum carrying case. It will available in three sizes and the refill brushes come in a variety of stiffnesses.

The Chameleon Trac II is a handleless concrete finishing system (rope brush). It is pulled from side to side with ropes (eliminating excessive handle weight) to give you the most uniform textured finish on the market. It is also excellent in confined areas where handles are awkward. It finishes concrete 50-75% faster with 4’, 6’ and 8’ widths. The company offers different textures with color-coded brush refills. The Chameleon Trac II converts easily from a handleless brush system into two individual brushes to be used with our Multi-Use Adapter and handles. It can also convert into a Bull Float with brush or Fresno with brush by simply ordering our adapter bar kits. The Kit comes with three different sets of texturing brushes (soft, medium, and stiff), a Multi-Use Adapter, and a heavy duty aluminum carry case to protect your investment.

Roadware Incorporated

Roadware Incorporated manufactures and markets high performance concrete repair materials, using the latest developments in polymer technology to build products that are both easy to use and exceed the highest performance standards. Roadware Concrete Repair Products are used by thousands of businesses large and small to repair cracks and spalls within their facilities. Industries from automotive manufacturing, grocery distribution, and fabrication to mega retailer, Roadware products can keep industrial floors in top repair with no downtime. Also known as Concrete Mender (tm), or Road Mender (tm), Roadware Concrete Repair Products are ready to solve difficult concrete restoration problems. At World of Concrete 2008, in Las Vegas Roadware will present 10 Minute Concrete Mender™.

Roadware 10 Minute Concrete Mender™ penetrates deeply into concrete, making repairs from the inside out. With a surface tension one third of water, this two-part polyurethane may be needle injected into concrete cracks as small as one millimeter. Through a process Roadware calls, “Microdoweling,” the polyurethane drives itself into concrete surfaces and bonds concrete back together in 10 minutes at 70 degrees F. The repair will not get brittle over time and may be coated or polished within minutes. Roadware’s new needle tip mixers are available in three sizes from 0.8mm to 1.6mm. They are perfect for repairing hairline cracks. Use on polished floors, decorative concrete, and retail showrooms or anyplace where aggressive cutting and preparation is not desired.

Somero® Enterprises Inc

The Unique Show for Concrete and Masonry Industry
Somero® Enterprises, Inc., designs, manufactures and sells technologically advanced equipment that automates the concrete placement and finishing process. Its patented large Laser Screed® and other small line laserguided machines including the CopperHead® and PowerRake® have revolutionized concrete flat-floor construction by the speed, precision and floor tolerance levels that can be achieved. Somero’s laser screeds are now specified in the construction of warehouses, assembly plants, retail centers, ice rinks and other commercial construction projects that require extremely flat concrete slab floors by companies such as Costco, Home Depot, B&Q, Toys “R” Us, and the National Hockey League. Somero sells and markets its equipment in over 50 countries including India, China and Dubai, with customers in every time zone around the globe. With headquarters in New Hampshire, USA, Somero operates a manufacturing facility in Michigan, USA and an international sales and service office in Chesterfield, England, with customer service available at all times.

AGL Manufacturing Ltd.

The Unique Show for Concrete and Masonry Industry
Since its inception in 1995, AGL Manufacturing Ltd has developed into 300 employees, one headquarter, two branch offices and two facilities, which are AGL owned Machine Shop and Investment Casting Foundry.

AGL is supplying thousands of products to their customers in North America. Based on a philosophy of quality and service allied to the respect and trust of its customers, AGL manufacturing has continued to grow.

AGL assures that their each item is of top quality, designed to meet the needs of customer’s requests. The company is committed to provide the highest quality products with excellence in customer’s service.

At World of Concrete 2008, AGL will present concrete pumping accessories from reducers, elbows, clamps, pipes, hoses to ball valves and backend kit for almost all of the major pump manufacturers.

AGL provides service for a diverse group of industries including Gray-iron, and ductile iron, Gear cutting, fabricating, steel aluminum or stainless steel casting. AGL Supplies Turbocharger replacement parts to the independent aftermarket for models originally manufactured by GM(EMD), ALCO and GE. The focus of AGL is to supply quality replacement to the OEM.


The Unique Show for Concrete and Masonry Industry
Stema/Pedax is one of the global market leaders for complete solutions in concrete steel reinforcement machines and plants. The company provides the construction industry with the backbone of construction materials that includes: automatic machinery for processing reinforcing steel; Coil, Bar and Mesh processing machinery.

At World of Concrete, it will showcase its newest edition of servo driven automatic stirrup benders TWINMASTER 16X+ working up to # 5 along with machines from the PERFEKT and SIMPLEX series of bar benders and cutters. TWINMASTER 16X+ features full automatic adjustment of straightening units with unique individual adjustment of roller pairs and anti twist system, to achieve perfect straightening results and closed stirrups.

Terrco Inc.

The Unique Show for Concrete and Masonry Industry
Terrco Inc. is a 71 years old manufacturer of heavy duty, direct drive floor grinding and polishing machines for concrete and terrazzo floors.

Terrco® Inc. not only manufactures floor grinding and polishing machines, but also tests the equipment on real contracting jobs. This testing, along with the testing done by their dealers, guarantees that their floor grinders are the best in the industry.

The company offers at World of Concrete 2008, its floor grinders machines range in size from Model 701-S, a 7.5hp,1ph,220 volt, 50 or 60 hz,two head(six stones) floor grinder with a 28" wide by14" deep grinding path. Model 2000, a 15hp,3ph,50 or 60hz, four head floor grinder with a 24" wide by 24" deep grinding path, and Model 3100-3P,a 25hp,3ph,50-or 60hz four head floor grinder with a 28" wide by 28" deep grinding path.

The company supplies a complete line of diamond tooling, vacuums, densifiers, and dyes to compliment on floor grinding machines. ”. Company's knowledgeable sales staff, with over 60 years of floor grinding experience can offer customers the best service in the industry.


The Unique Show for Concrete and Masonry Industry
Artcrete, the original manufacturers of Paper Stencils, Color Hardeners, Deck Coating, Texture Rollers, Release Agents, Concrete Stains, Surface Retarders, and Sealers for concrete industry will make its presence felt at World of Concrete 2008. Artcrete has everything you need to create your own Faux Brick® finishes. They are experienced exporters since 1989.

Faux Brick® Stencils are made of water-resistant fiberboard with a plastic coating.

The Stencils are 22 mil thick, and most are available in both adhesivebacked and non-adhesive forms. Stencils are used in conjunction with Faux Brick® Color Hardener to create brick, stone, slate and tile patterns on cast-in-place concrete.

Faux Brick® Stenciled Concrete provides the strength and durability of concrete and the beauty and charm of old-world masonry craftsmanship. Faux Brick® products come in a wide range of patterns, colors and textures. The uses of Faux Brick® Stenciled Concrete are endless...patios, driveways, footpaths, entertaining areas, malls...making it a cost-effective alternative to brick, tile or stone in commercial and residential applications.

Etobicoke Ironworks Limited

At World of Concrete 2008, Etobicoke Ironworks Limited (EIW), a quality manufacturer of shoring and formwork systems in addition to well-known scaffolding, Total ® Scaffold System (TSS), will showcase its product lines.

The company products and services include manufacturing, research and design and engineering services in the areas of: Scaffolding Systems, Shoring Systems, Forming Systems, Structural Steel, Miscellaneous Iron.

EIW also provides a full range of accessories and technical services such as; Project Analysis, Technical Training, On Site Technical Support and Custom Design. The company continues to supply equipment to many interesting projects around the world.

The company persistent research and design in Scaffolding, Formwork, Shoring, Structural Steel and Miscellaneous Iron will continue to keep EIW on the leading edge of technology and their innovative products will ensure strong growth. The product range includes:Forming:

The Unique Show for Concrete and Masonry Industry
    • EIW Wall Form Systems
    • EIW E-100 Series Forming Systems
    • EIW Residential Forming Systems

  • Steel Truss Shoring Systems
  • Aluminum Truss Shoring Systems
  • QS Shoring Systems
  • XL QS Shoring Systems
  • Vertical Shores
  • Steel & Aluminum Frame Shoring Systems
  • EIW Garage System

W.R. Meadows

W.R. Meadows has been recognized as the leader in developing and producing the highest quality products for concrete performance will also be exhibiting its products at World of Concrete 2008. The Company has built a coveted reputation among architects, engineers, and contractors for producing the highest quality products backed by 80 years of experience.

The Unique Show for Concrete and Masonry Industry
W.R. Meadows manufactures LIQUIHARD concrete hardener and densifier. LIQUI-HARD concrete densifier and chemical hardener compound is a readyto- use, colorless liquid, made of proprietary active chemicals that deeply penetrate the surface of concrete. Through a chemical reaction process, LIQUI-HARD penetrates progressively through the concrete and chemically solidifies all the component parts into a homogeneous concrete mass. The unique blend of chemical reactive ingredients provides the highest level of protection for concrete as proven by independent test results. The company has consistently helped owners protect their floors against: chemical attack, staining, permeable fluids, wear and degradation.

Aquafin, Inc.

The Unique Show for Concrete and Masonry Industry
Aquafin, Inc. founded in January 1989, a member of the Schomburg Group, offers a full range of products to repair, protect, water and vapor proof concrete, masonry, brick, and some natural stone structures will be present at World of Concrete 2008 in Las Vegas.

Aquafin, Inc product lines include: Acrylic Modified Cementitious Waterproofing, Crystalline Waterproofing, Topically Applied Moisture Vapor Reduction Systems, Concrete Admixtures, and a full line of Repair Mortars. In addition to providing the highest quality products, they are dedicated to support their clients with technical expertise and practical know how gained over many years of on-thejob experience. Their R&D support consists of 25 highly motivated individuals, including 8 M.S. and PhD chemists.

The Schomburg Group is one of the premier building products manufacturers in Germany with a track record of 68 years. With its international partnerships, Schomburg focuses in the areas of waterproofing and restoration, tile setting systems, industrial flooring systems, and coatings for water and wastewater structures. The know-how of the Schomburg group is recognized and sought out everywhere, making it an integral part of the world wide technology transfer.

Granicrete International

The Unique Show for Concrete and Masonry Industry
Granicrete provides the alternative flooring, 3D building, and the countertop resurfacing systems. Its products have stood the test of time delivering stunning looks to customers around the world for over a decade.

Over a decade. The company emphasizes “Authentic” with polymer modified concrete overlayment system to achieve the desire look. Turning ugly concrete into custom stone finishes has been a long-term core of Granicrete business and their products have stood the test of time while delivering stunning looks to customers around the world for over a decade. The versatility of their flooring system for indoor and outdoor use is amazing.

Granicrete 3D Building System utilizes their proprietary lightweight concrete system to produce unbelievable results for custom BBQ islands, wet bars, furniture, boulders, waterfalls, and decorative art projects.

With Granicrete’s Countertop Resurfacing system, any look for granite, marble, or custom concrete can easily be achieved. Instead of replacing the counter top, with Granicrete one can simply resurface it! Granicrete has excellent adhesion to laminate, Formica®, tile, and wood countertops. It can quickly replicate the highest-end look in granite including chiseled edges. Its simple coloring system guarantees that the customer will achieve what they look. Granicrete Crystal Top Epoxy, depending on the substrate, has scorch resistance to over 500°F (260°C), and through our Diamond Coat Finish has become very scratch resistant. All their systems are teachable in just a few hours.

Vertigraph Inc.

The Unique Show for Concrete and Masonry Industry
Vertigraph Inc. is the leading developer of quantity surveying software for the construction industry will also be at Las Vegas concrete show. It will showcase its Suite of Excel Add-In Softwares:

BidPoint XL adds a digitizer tablet interface directly into MS Excel. The quantity and digitized drawings are saved with the workbook file. Excel estimating templates are included. Digitizer tablets at lowest price are also offered.

BidScreen XL adds eTakeoff of ePlans into MS Excel. No digitizer tablet is needed as you measure from DWG, TIF, PDF and other file types. Reduce your paper and quantity surveying costs.

BidData provides an open, estimating database linked to Excel spreadsheets SiteWorx Cut and Fill Excavation calculates cut and fill volumes from paper plans. Use a digitizer tablet to easily record project boundaries, top-soil strip and respread areas, contour lines, spot elevations and areas with sub-grade materials. Calculates all cut, fill and sub-grade volumes. The results are displayed in 3D.

SiteWorx/OS is similar to the original SiteWorx software except that no digitizer tablet is required. Simply open most file types, such as DWG, PDF and TIF files and digitize the grading plan on-screen with your computer mouse.


The Unique Show for Concrete and Masonry Industry
Synox, a leader in the production of synthetic oxide pigments with commitment to supplying highperformance pigments for beautifying virtually everything will also make its presence felt at World of Concrete 2008 in Las Vegas.

An ISO 9001:2000 qualified company, Synox have been dedicated to provide all of their customers with high quality products as well as efficient service. SYNOX ®, TINTOX ® and synofin ® are brand names under Synox pigments. Synox is now the brand name customers will need for coloring their world and the exceptional people who stand behind it.

The stable and consistent quality, excellent service plus the competitive prices enable Synox products to enjoy more and more popularities in the market. So far, Synox products have been exported to more than 40 countries in different continents and the sales volume is increasing continuously year after year.


Expander tackles large commercial floors like no other machine before! Its patented Planetary System driven not by belts but by tempered-steel gears, sets EXPANDER in a league of its own over the competition. Thanks to this exclusive technology, it’s the only machine of its kind with an adjustable pressure feature. Nothing is a challenge for Expander! It has powerful 15 HP motor and works comfortable even in smaller areas.

Tolsa Group

Tolsa Group is a wellknown absorbent, carrier, and rehological additives markets, handling more than 3.000 Mt of products per day, distributed along more than 50 countries.

Innovation and the quality of its products have always been present in Tolsa Group history. As a result of the research activity developed internally by the company, the market experience provided by the technical work with customers, and the cooperation with more than 100 research groups, international organizations, and universities all over the world, Tolsa Group has developed 60 patents. Its product includes.

Cimsil: The Cimsil range is constituted by powder a liquid additive for mortars and concrete: water retainers that avoid a loss of water during the mortar mixing, thixotropic additives that improves coating thickness, particle size distribution correctors that modify the rheological properties, and surface modifiers that permits smoother finished with less effort.

L.B. White

The Unique Show for Concrete and Masonry Industry
With over 50 years of construction heating experience, L.B. White offers the product quality, technical expertise and knowledgeable customer support to design the best heating solution for one needs.

applications that require directed heat as well as small, hard-to-reach areas, ductable Premier construction heaters from L.B. White offer far reaching, highly efficient heating and air circulation for a wide range of construction environments. And now, the new Premier 170 DF & 350 DF offer dual fuel capabilities for even greater flexibility.

Available in a range of heat outputs with remote temperature control and ducting options, the Premier delivers clean, worry-free heating or air circulation where you need it, when you need it.

All Premier unit heaters arrive ready to use and are extremely easy to operate. Plus, the Premier’s compact thermostat provides easy, effective temperature management and the advanced, newly improved Service Saver feature makes maintenance a breeze.

With its lightweight design and easygrip handles, the Premier 80 offers theultimate in portable ducted construction heating. And with easy rolling wheels, the Premier 170 and 350 can be positioned easily. Plus, new bumpers / lifting handles on the Premier 170 make loading and unloading from your truck a cinch.

Rock & Dirt

The Unique Show for Concrete and Masonry Industry
Rock & Dirt is the world’s most comprehensive heavy construction resource. With a circulation of 160,100, Rock & Dirt is published three times a month and is distributed in more than 100 countries. The publication features thousands of new and used machines for construction and mining, as well as related products and services.

Rock & Dirt is updated daily from hundreds of heavy machinery dealers throughout North America dealing in heavy equipment, cranes, commercial trucks, construction equipment parts, trailers, attachments, equipment auctions, and industry services

A sister publication to Rock & Dirt is Rock & Dirt en Español. Published in Spanish, the publication targets the heavy construction and mining markets throughout Latin America.
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