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Show : WOC 2013
Dates : February 5-8; Seminars 4-8
Venue : Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, Nevada USA
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Contact : Jackie James, Associate Director
Tel : +972 - 5366379
Fax : +972 - 5366402
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Targeted Product Areas on the Show Floor

World of Masonry
Location: North Hall

40,000+ square feet of masonry-specific products, tools and training means one see exactly what he needs to see—an all-in-one, focused, convenient marketplace for the masonry trade.

Technology For Construction
Location: Central Hall

In the office or on the job, the right new technology will make the difference. See the newest IT products, cutting-edge tools and latest upgrades in this vital section of the show.

Material Handling
Location: Central Hall

This segment specializes in cost-effective material delivery, distribution, construction equipment, concrete placement and earthmoving. Trucks, loaders, backhoes, aerial platforms, mini-excavators, cranes—the latest models are all here.

Repair & Demolition
Location: South Hall

Features commercial, industrial and residential surface preparation construction equipment, scarifying, grinding and sawing equipment, dust collection systems and more. If this is your specialty, your products are here.

Concrete Surfaces And Decorative
Location: South Hall

All the products for decorative concrete professionals including hardeners, sealants, colorants, and the latest technologies for this popular sector of the industry.

Producer Center
Location: North Hall

Concrete producers, start here—in this heavy-duty area loaded with the products and construction equipment one need: exhibits dedicated to batch plants, concrete mixing equipment, admixtures, mobile batch plants, cement manufacturing and more.

Product Showcase
Location: Central Hall, Near Registration

World of Concrete’s Product Showcase brings an exciting array of this year’s coolest products together in one area for a quick look at what’s new for construction and masonry professionals.

WOC 2013

WOC is the industry’s only annual international event dedicated to the commercial concrete and masonry construction industries showcasing leading industry suppliers featuring innovative products, construction machinery, construction equipment, safety training courses and training, technologies and unlimited networking opportunities to give a new way to sustain and grow ones business.

The 39th edition of the mega 4-day trade show, will be held at Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, Nevada USA, February 5-8, Seminars 4-8,2013. The event is set to break all the previous records and will continue to build upon a reputation as the only annual international commercial construction show for the concrete and masonry industries which will showcase leading suppliers to the concrete and masonry industries in more than 50,000 square meters of exhibit space with more than 100 educational sessions, hands-on demonstrations, exciting product demonstrations, spectators competitions, and luncheons providing relevant solutions, products and technologies to the show attendees.

World of Concrete is considered by many to be one of the top shows in the industry. The outdoor exhibit areas, including the hugely popular masonry Construction’s Challenge Competitions and Artistry in Decorative Concrete, The Concrete Producer’s Challenge Competitions and other exciting demonstrations, make World of Concrete a unique spectator event as well!

Introduced to the commercial construction industry in Houston, Texas in February 1975, World of Concrete brought 77 exhibiting companies in 22,200 net square feet of exhibit space with 1,550 construction industry professionals in attendance. Now 39 years later, World of Concrete boasts more than 1,300 exhibiting companies and 50,000 registered industry professionals in more than 500,000 square feet of exhibit space. The addition of World of Masonry and Technology for Construction expanded the range of attendees to include these important segments of the construction industry. At WOC 2013, once again one can find new products, construction equipment and machinery, and will get chance to meet original equipment manufacturers from around the world and exclusive U.S. distributors of equipment, tools, products and services for the commercial construction, concrete and masonry industries.

WOC Education Program is lauded as a world-class feature of the show with targeted 90-minute and 3-hour sessions including targeted tracks such as Leadership & Management, Technology for Construction, Finance & Money Matters and more. The show also offers more than 100 skill-building seminars with top industry experts. This unsurpassed program provides training and certifications, safety and construction fundamentals, OSHA, and other safety training programs vital to the commercial construction and masonry industry.

WOC 2013

WOC will feature special products and action areas including the Producer Center, a dedicated marketplace of materials, equipment, demonstrations, and seminars for concrete producers; Material Handling, offering trucks, excavators and more for material delivery, distribution, concrete placement, and earthmoving; Concrete Repair and Demolition, featuring surface preparation products & equipment, scarifying, grinding, sawing equipment, and other demolition products; Concrete Surfaces and Decorative with all the products for decorative concrete professionals including hardeners, sealants, colorants, and the latest technolgies for this popular sector of the industry; World of Masonry, showcasing a full range of products, tools, information, and technology for masonry professionals, and Technology for Construction, featuring the latest products and technologies for the commercial construction industry from top information technology and systems providers.

Masonry Construction’s Masonry Veneer Live will take place in the North Hall, adjacent to the World of Masonry. Masonry Veneer Live draws together key industry stakeholders, installers, masons, manufacturers and designers to help foster the growth of the masonry industry’s fastest-growing product segment.

With such a wide variety of events, demonstrations, educational sessions, networking opportunities and much more, WOC 2013 will create a vital marketplace for both attendees and exhibitors. Seeing the great enthusiasm from the participants, the organizer has also announced the dates for 2014 edition i.e January 21-24; Seminars 20-24 2014.

Important Participating Companies


Smart-Use is a global solution tailored to the specific needs of the engineering and construction industries conceived by Smart-Use Software Inc. specialized in touch (tactile) products development in the engineering fields. At WOC, the company is going to present a new and revolutionary product for the construction industry.

Being a smart, fluid and paperless multi-touch solution, Smart-Use allows annotating, manipulating, comparing, measuring, centralizing and sharing PDF plans. It discovers the most powerful collaboration solution: once annotations are shared between the field and the office, one can always access the last version of the PDF plan. The Smart-Use S55 Table with its 55” multi-touch screen, provides all the functionalities of a plan room. Allowing digital visualization of full size PDF plans, Smart-Use significantly reduces the amount of printouts needed.

It simplifies the collaborative work that can be efficient anywhere and also, boosts ones competitiveness. Specifically designed for the construction industry, Smart-Use is the perfect touch solution, maximizing ones performance and mobility on the field.

The development of the Smart-Use Global Solution is pursued on a regular basis. Each new version contains updates designed to improve software capabilities. The company keeps in close contact with present users of Smart-Use such as engineers, architects, and technicians in order to integrate their experiences and observations in future updates. It also provides round-the-clock technical support to handle any emergency situation swiftly and efficiently without any interruption.

The development teams and Smart-Use technical support team are divided between Montreal, Paris and Geneva in order to assist quickly all its worldwide users. Smart-Use is proud to change work methods in line with the requirements of environmental policies.

Smart-Use Software Inc. is specialized in touch technologies for the engineering and construction industry. Its team of experts helps firms by rendering proper knowledge and support they need at the time of taking new and and essential steps in their technological developments. The company helps one to know more about the potential of touch screen devices and the exponential growth of multi-touch software solutions for the construction industry.”

Cat® Building and Construction Products

Cat® Building and Construction Products
Cat Building and Construction Products offer advanced machinery and accessories that reduce customer costs and increase work efficiency for construction professionals. The company is backed by the Cat® Dealer network at 1,600 locations providing unmatched support in the industry. The company is dedicated to its customers in supplying rental, financial and training services to ensure they get the most out of their Cat machines.

Several Cat machines, work tool attachments and design options would be on display there. Cat exhibits will include the 272D HXP skid steer loader with cold planer, 930K wheel loader with the Aggregate Handler package, and the D5K2 track-type tractor with Stable Blade and integrated AccuGrade™ grade control system, which enable operators to reach target grade faster, with fewer passes and less manpower.

Forty-four available Cat Work Tool Attachments tailor Cat machines to the specific requirements of a customer’s working needs. Tools like buckets, forks, hammers and wheel saws enhance the productivity and utility of Cat machines, and equip them for a wide range of concrete construction tasks and operating requirements, thus providing a total system solution for any job.

The local Cat dealer designs such a solution which helps the customer’s business grow while managing risk and controlling costs. Renting from the global Cat dealer network combines the benefit of a large equipment inventory with an exceptional level of skilled support.

Cat Financial supports customers with total financial solutions through complementary products and services. The company is uniquely structured to support the distinctive needs of customers financing Cat equipment. Cat Insurance provides insurance and risk management products and services that help Caterpillar, its dealers, their customers and original equipment manufacturers manage their business risks.

With its operator training programs and safety e-learning, the company helps elevate operators to higher proficiency levels. Video demonstrations and multi-language safety manuals provide information and tips on how to operate the equipment properly while avoiding unnecessary wear and tear.


Spraylock Concrete Protection technology Treat-Proof™ provides a wide range of concrete protection features such as rapid curing at the time of pour, prevention of embedded steel rusting, densification, strengthening and surface hardening permanent resistance to salt and chemical attack for the life of the concrete – but the primary application called for is often waterproofing. The product is pre-mixed and sprayed on the surface with an airless sprayer.

Treat-Proof is an integral moisture barrier (waterproofing) solution for all internal and external concrete applications.

Once Treat-Proof penetrates deep it forms an internal, permanent, chemically complete, non-destructive barrier which allows concrete to breathe and maintain its optimum humidity to allow hydration to continue. But it prevents water and other harmful agents from entering or moving through your concrete.

Treat-Proof is the most economical solution you can use on wet sub-floors as it is only applied once and lasts for the life of the concrete. It is safe, cost-effective, easy to apply and completely non-toxic, making it perfect for projects requiring a fast track system that allows permanent results and early site access with minimal site disruption.

Treat-Proof at the time of pour is a superior curing medium (equal to or better than waterponding cure) on fresh concrete, virtually eliminating surface cracking, slab curl and dusting. Ideal for new or existing slabs - below or above grade, basements, lift wells, walls and soffits, carparks and ramps, freezer and coolroom floors, extreme thaw situations, sewer or extreme environment and water tanks etc., to stop water ingress and protect against acid chemical attack whilst at the same time alleviates any problems with floor coverings or coatings due to moisture.

SMK Industries

SMK Industries
SMK Industries, Inc. is the manufacturer of innovative, battery-powered sprayer products. SMK Sprayers is excited to exhibit at this WOC Show so that it can re-launch its battery-powered, bucket-top sprayers, which are paving the way for a revolutionary shift in liquid spraying efficiencies, after a 2-year product enhancement hiatus.

SMK’s ground-breaking features allow one to dispense product directly from the original container. Powered by 18-volt DeWALT® cordless tool batteries, these sprayers will dispense content in half the time of the old, traditional hand pump. SMK serves the portable sprayer market with solutions that ensure finishing projects are as efficient and profitable as possible. If one wants to reduce ones application time, contamination, tired arm, clean-up and have a consistent flow from the nozzle, then SMK products are the right one for him. SMK Sprayers no longer renders pumps with the battery-powered sprayers.

Designed with convenience, speed and durability, SMK’s battery-powered, bucket-top sprayers provide a revolutionary way to apply a wide variety of products including, but not limited to: Sealers, Stains, Curing Compounds, Form Release Agents, Hardeners, Acids, Fertilizers, Water, Herbicides, Pesticides, Insecticides, Soil Sterilants, and so on.

In addition to providing leading edge portable sprayer products, SMK takes an extra step to engage its customers and improve how they accomplish their projects utilizing the right tool for the right job. SMK analyzes the precise needs of each customer to ensure optimal performance and efficiency in every unique application and continually strives to provide world class products and services to its customers.

As a designer and manufacturer, SMK prides itself on developing engineered solutions to meet even the most demanding customer needs. The company is focused on providing its customers the solution that best suits their needs from start to finish, in half the time with none of the mess.

Concut, Inc.

Concut, Inc.
Concut, Inc. has been a leading manufacturer of diamond tools and equipment for over 60 years. Based in Kent, Washington, Concut offers an extensive range of diamond blades and core bits, as well as a complete line of equipment for the cutting of concrete, asphalt, masonry, stone, tile and other materials.

Concut’s newest product introductions include additions to its growing line of concrete slab saws. It is expanding its walk-behind saw options to include an even wider range of sizes and horse powers in diesel, gas and electric versions. In addition to 2013, Concut is looking forward to launching its first ride-on slab saw in a 115HP diesel model. All Concut slab saws are designed to incorporate the rugged reliability and simplicity valued by professional sawing and drilling contractors. These saws feature the best gearbox in the industry: 4 speeds plus a true neutral, allowing the saw to travel while the blade isn’t spinning.

The other innovations would be presented by Concut’s Wolverine Equipment division, Wolverine builds specialized equipment for the construction and marine industries, including many types of hydraulic handsaws and hydraulic power packs. The New products include its hydraulic handsaw cart and track saw system for handsaws. Concut is the only U.S. manufacturer of circle loop cutting saws. Its Wolverine products are known for advanced design features that provide superior quality, reliability and safety to its customers.

Though Concut has grown to be one of the nation’s largest American-owned manufacturers of diamond tools, it will keep taking pride in providing its customers with individualized customer service.

Phoenix Curb Machines

Compete for bigger jobs and bigger profits with Phoenix Curb Machines, maker of the industry’s first true, mid-size slipform curb and gutter machines, created by one of the pioneering inventors of compact curbers. Robust yet truly portable, the Phoenix 7500 can tackle the majority of what the bigger machines do, but at 2/3rd the price.

Easy set-up and transport behind 1-ton pickup; pour speed up to 50 ft./min; travel speed up to 200 ft./min.; Kubota engine technology; below grade pouring; automatically backs down string line with just one operator; integrated Topcon 5; expandable hopper; 24” by 72” carbide-tipped auger grades around 3 ft. radius in grading and pouring (patent pending).

Customer and Project Manager for the Green River Group, Donnie Hawkins, says, “I’ve poured a million feet of curb over 20 years and the Phoenix 7500 pours as perfect a curb as you’ll ever find, performing on time, under budget and with fewer labor costs. It will open up a whole new revenue stream for us.”

Phoenix Curb Machines

Unique features:
  • Less than 10,000 pounds for easy set-up and transport behind 1-ton pickup
  • Pouring speed up to 50 ft./min; travel speed up to 200 ft./min.
  • Kubota engine technology
  • Patent pending technology allows machine to grade and pour a 3 ft. radius--24” by 72” carbide-tipped auger is positioned ahead of the rear tires, the actual pivot point where machine negotiates radius. Machine can lift hopper without removal of mold, slide auger in grade position, grade, retract, lower hopper and pour
  • Easily negotiates tight spaces and without shutting down roads
  • Below grade pouring ability
  • Automatically backs down a string line with just one operator
  • Integrated Topcon System 5 with sonic grade control and system 5 slope control
  • Expandable hopper
  • 5 foot walks and 3 foot radius
  • Single operator from 3 different positions
  • Advanced 4 wheel drive and auto rear steering
  • Front dual rotary actuators allowing 90 degree turns to left or right
  • Custom paint theme options
  • Easy to learn how to operate and enjoyable to use
  • Applications include the growing retrofit site development market, municipalities, Corp of Engineers, Military, Transportation Departments, housing and business developments, and more.
Also showcased at woc will be the Phoenix Lift-Off Systems 0-clearance equipment transport and the Phoenix 2500, company’s smallest and most affordable slip form curb machine:
  • At 2,600 pounds, easily transportable on back of 1-ton pickup
  • Pours up to 18” high
  • Kohler engine technology
  • Optional Topcon System 5

BlueLevel Technologies, Inc.

BlueLevel Technologies, Inc.
With over 35 years of overall instrumentation experience in a wide range of process measurement and control areas including bin level indication and level control, BlueLevel Technologies is serving discerning engineers, maintenance departments, procurement specialists and OEM’s in need of bin level indicators, solids level sensors, level controls and liquid level detectors.

At WOC, the company will present its Model RCU which is a remote control unit for the popular Model WC smart inventory sensor. The Model RCU provides operator interface for the control and display of sensor data for up to over 200 Model WC sensors. Using two (2) MODBUS sensor communication serial links the RCU communicates digitally with all sensors. Programming data for each sensor can be modified and measurement of empty space/material level can be initiated. The Model WC/RCU combination makes an effective inventory measurement system for cement, flyash and other concrete related materials.


CSDA is a non-profit trade association of contractors, manufacturers and affiliated members from the concrete construction and renovation industry. The CSDA’s mission is to promote the selection of professional sawing and drilling contractors and their methods. For WOC 2013, it announces two new educational offerings and both are already gaining lots of attention.

The first ever CSDA Concrete Polishing class is scheduled for February 6-7 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, and will be preceded by the first CSDA Operator Certification course held at the show on February 5-6. Completing the lineup is a CSDA Estimating class on February 6-7, which was first introduced to the World of Concrete Education Program in 2012.

The CSDA Concrete Polishing class is a two-day classroom and hands-on course that focuses on the fundamentals of this technique, the correct setup, operation and maintenance of equipment and the differences between wet and dry polishing. The class also educates students on how to accurately bid polishing jobs.

“By participating in the CSDA Concrete Polishing class, contractors will learn how to eliminate the majority of risk factors associated with this discipline. For the first time in the history of the sawing and drilling industry, a course has been created to educate people on a technique outside the core disciplines,” says Andy Bowman, lead instructor for the class.

The CSDA Core Drilling 201 class is an Operator Certification course for experienced operators who want to gain the highest level of proficiency in this discipline, while the Estimating class will focus specifically on the practice of estimating sawing and drilling jobs.

World of Concrete is not only a great venue for training, but also for networking. CSDA will hold a Board meeting on the morning of Wednesday, February 6 to review its 2012 accomplishments and plan for the coming year. In addition, the CSDA Next Generation Committee will meet the following day, February 7, to discuss progress, continue work on current projects and organize team building activities. Both meetings are open to anyone who wishes to attend and learn about what the association is doing for current and future industry leaders.

The association will exhibit at booth #C4441 in the Central Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center, where CSDA will share space with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). The two organizations have shared exhibit space for the past five years, with the aim of highlighting OSHA’s safety and health programs to attendees and showing how CSDA uses these programs to help members. The association will also have exciting giveaways and prizes during the show. Information about these giveaways will be released closer to the start of the show.

RMC Engineering

RM EngineeringC
Established in 1978, RMC Engineering is a family-owned corporation which has grown over the years to be one of the largest full service trailer repair facilities in Northern California, for trailers that specialized in bulk material hauling. RMC has developed products and tools that unload material faster and safer, and help trailer bodies last longer.

The company has planned to present its Ground Operated Lid for Bulk Cement Tankers at WOC. RMC’s Auto Lid is the state-of-the-art solution to keep the drivers safe on the ground. The product feature quick and easy installation with no welding. It adds less than 45 lbs to trailer weight over manual lid. It is 21st century polyurethane gasket technology, yet inexpensive. Besides, it has one lever operation with multiple sensors to insure proper lid closure.It can be operated from a Control Box mounted ground level or Wireless Remote Option.

Power Breezer Mobile Cooling Device

Power Breezer is the leading mobile cooling device that can cool over 3000 sqft. of outdoor space, or partially covered indoor areas by as much as 27 degrees Fahrenheit. Specifically designed for the intensive demands of the military, the Power Breezer’s patent pending design is a unique integration of rugged construction, high technology, and extremely well thought out packaging.

The Advantages of Power Breezer:
  • Cool up to 3000sf by as much as 27 degrees
  • Fan oscillates 65 degrees for maximum coverage
  • Integrated 100 Gallon (378L) water tank = over 40 hours of cooling
  • Uses less than 9amps of power
  • No nozzles that will clog – water molecules are crushed and propelled into the air
  • User controlled moisture output
  • Complete unit collapses into 43″ (109 cm) high self contained hard shell storage unit
  • 78″ (198cm) telescoping fan height adjustment
  • No hose connection needed to fill
  • Easy bucket fill opening
  • USA Based Company
  • 110 or 220V available
  • 10″ tires for more rugged terrain – adjustable as needed
  • Ability to brand the fan with company insignia or other messaging
  • 2 year warranty
Production Linked Incentive (PLI) scheme critical for growth of Construction Equipment Manufacturing in India
Indian Construction Equipment Manufacturers Association (ICEMA) organised the first-ever CE Manufacturing Summit on 2nd December at Hotel Le Meridien, New Delhi, with the theme “Towards Making India a Global Manufacturing Hub for CE”. The day-long affair

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ISEE Expo concludes with a vision for India to become a global manufacturing hub for the elevator and escalator industry
The International Sourcing Exposition for Elevators & Escalators (ISEE) successfully concluded in Mumbai on December 3rd, 2022. The expo, organized by TAK Expo Pvt Ltd, featured over 150 international and domestic exhibitors showcasing the latest technology in elevators

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ICACI unveils Modern Trends in Construction Technology
The two-day conference on ‘Modern Trends in Construction Technology’ hosted by the India Chapter of American Concrete Institute’s (ICACI) was a resounding success. It brought together India’s leading technocrats on a single platform to present, discuss

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bauma Munich 2022 Showcases Industry’s Power to Innovate
With around 3,200 exhibitors from 60 countries, and over 495,000 visitors from ~200 countries, bauma Munich 2022 exceeds Industry expectations. Bauma Munich - the world’s leading trade fair for construction machinery, building material

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bauma Munich  2022 Showcases Industry’s Power to Innovate and Show the Way to Zero Emission
With around 3,200 exhibitors from 60 countries, and over 495,000 visitors from ~200 countries, bauma Munich 2022 exceeds Industry expectations. Bauma Munich - the world’s leading trade fair for construction machinery, building material machines

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Annual Session of ICEMA'22
Roads & Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari exhorts equipment manufacturers to focus on cost-effectiveness and adoption of alternate fuels. “There is a huge scope for bringing innovative construction technologies, which will not only increase the pace of road construction

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11th Editon of EXCON concludes with high business volume and footfalls despite the rain playing spoiler
You can’t always have picture perfect conditions, especially when the rain chooses to pour relentlessly, unmindful of the fact that you have set the stage in an outdoor area. Yet, the rain could not wash away the enthusiasm at the event, even when it flooded

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CICEE 2023 to Promote Globalization and Specialization
The 2023 CICEE agreement signing ceremony was held in Changsha International Convention and Exhibition Center on 18 May 2022. About 300 representatives from world-renowned main parts companies, national business associations, international authoritative industry

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Panel Discussions on CVF Off Highway Throw Up New Information & Insights
The 2nd edition of India’s conference on CVF Off Highway held at Eros Hotel, Nehru Place, New Delhi, brought together senior professionals from the construction, mining, earthmoving, tractor, and agriculture equipment industry

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Catalyzing Finance for CE Industry
ICEMA organizes 3rd Finance Conclave to tackle financing issues faced by Construction Equipment buyers for taking up infra development projects. ICEMA’s third annual conclave was held on 15th March’22 at Hotel Taj President

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Sharp Ply Celebrates 21 Years of Success
Sharp Ply commemorated its completion of 21 years as a leader in the formwork industry with a grand celebration at Sakleshpur, Karnataka in March 2022. Guests and team members from Hyderabad, Chennai, Surat, Raipur, Vijayawada, Delhi

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Catalyzing Finance for CE Industry
ICEMA organizes 3rd Finance Conclave to tackle financing issues faced by Construction Equipment buyers for taking up infra development projects. ICEMA's third annual conclave was held on 15th March '22 at Hotel Taj President in Mumbai

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CERA Organizes Workshop on CE Rental Management
The Construction Equipment Rental industry is changing fast, and to stay relevant, rental companies will have to reinvent, consolidate, and find new avenues for growth. This was the focus of discussions at CERA’s virtual workshop on

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Sandvik receives CSR Leadership Award for Environment Conservation
Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology India was awarded the CSR Leadership Award for its efforts in 'Environment Conservation' at the 10th India CSR Awards in Bengaluru on 10th December 2021. The award was received by Ravi Arora, Marketing and CSR head from

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Certificate Handover Ceremony held for First Batch of Tata Hitachi Japan-India Institute of Manufacturing (JIM)
The Japan-India Institute for Manufacturing (JIM) is the outcome of India’s and Japan’s commitment towards the ‘Manufacturing Skill Transfer Promotion Programme’. Through JIM and another project titled ‘Japan Endowed Courses (JEC), 30,000 candidates

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6th National Convention on Ferrocement Technology
Ferrocement Society India is promoting the ‘magical’ ferrocement technology for the last 13 years and has since organized 6 national conventions. The 6th Convention was held in Pune during 12-14 November 2021 at Firodiya Auditorium

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CICEE: A Window to Global Innovations & Advanced Manufacturing
The first international press conference of 2023 Changsha International Construction Equipment Exhibition (CICEE) took place in Shanghai during the China International Import Expo. Representatives from 64 domestic media and more than 10 international media

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Malaysian Tunneller Clean Sweeps Global Tunnelling Awards in 2021
The KVMRT Putrajaya Line project has recently been recognised by three prestigious industry awards, namely: the Major Project of the Year (with a budget of over 500 million Euros) at the ITA Tunnelling Awards 2021, hosted virtually by the International

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Innovation and Adoption of Sustainable Technologies for Better Road Construction Conference by Rex Fuels and CSIR-CRRI
Rex Fuels in association with CSIR-CRRI organised a National Conference on Bitumen & Road Sector with the theme ‘New Technologies for Better Roads’ on 25th November 2021 at Taj Palace, New Delhi. The event, which saw over

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Elevator Industry’s ‘OOH Campaign’ for its Mechanics who kept the World Moving during the Pandemic
As humanity reeled under the onslaught of Covid-19 and the resultant uncertainty, the world applauded the millions of essential services workers who toiled tirelessly at great risk to their personal health

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