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Exhibitions have always been the barometers of an industry's growth. They portray intent, ambition, and most importantly, the temperament of stakeholders. How well an industry is shaping up can be easily gauged by paying a visit to an event, and Roof India 2013 turned out to be a beautiful depiction of the Indian Roofing Industry's phenomenal growth.

Pidilite Roof India STP Limited Roof India

Held at the Bombay Exhibition Centre between May 24–26th 2013, the show witnessed the participation of more than 120 national and international visitors who had so much to offer be it roofing systems, architectural cladding, facade engineering, pre-engineered buildings, metal building systems, structural steel, light steel framing technology, roll forming machinery, tensile fabric architecture, roof waterproofing, roof insulation, roofing fasteners, factory / warehouse doors, and software for structural steel / roofing.

Zamil Steel Roof India 2013 Everest

Organised by International Trade & Exhibitions India Pvt. Ltd, Roof India 2013 was supported by various bodies such as NRCA, TensiNet, IGRA, ISOLA, IASE and CEAI. Leading exhibitors from India/Abroad were: Cold Steel Corporation, EJOT Gmbh / Lakshmi Precision Screws Ltd India/Germany, Essar Steel, Glassrockwool Insulation Co. Ltd, Hiraoka & Co. Ltd. China, Indian Steel Corporation, Interarch Building Products Pvt Ltd, Jindal Buildsys Ltd, Nicomac Doors Pvt Ltd., NRCA - National Roofing Contractors Assn. USA, Onduline India, Palram India Private Limited, Pennar Engineered Building Systems Ltd., Pidilite Industries Limited, Proflex Systems, Rockwool (India) Limited, SABIC Innovative Plastics India Pvt Ltd, Saint Gobain Certainteed, Samco Machinery India Pvt Ltd, Tangent Steel, Tata Bluescope (Building Products Division), Tata Bluescope (Coated Steel Division), and Texsa India Limited.

The event was visited by Architects, EPC Contractors, Roofing Contractors, Structural Engineers, Civil Engineers, Real Estate Promoters & Builders, Factory / Warehouse builders, Waterproofing contractors and key personnel from Defence & Aerospace Organisations, Metro Rail project and Airport Infrastructure authorities looking for "total solutions" in roofing and allied products. This time around, the highlights were "live demos" and display of roof roll forming / other roof machinery for the 1st time by European manufacturers. With a footfall of more than 4000, the event was a major success and more positives are likely to emerge in the future editions.

LPS-EJOT Leveraging Synergies to Tap Indian Market

German fastener manufacturer EJOT is very upbeat on its joint venture with Rohtak-based Lakshmi Precision Screws (LPS). Notably, LPS is a leading brand in automotive and industrial fasteners in India, while EJOT are recognised globally as brand leaders, manufacturing roofing and cladding fasteners for virtually all leading metal roofing and cladding systems, from corrugated fasteners to rooflight installation to specially coated fasteners.

Backed by almost a century of German manufacturing pedigree, EJOT understand the performance requirements of a roofing fastener and its environmental responsibilities.

Close working partnerships with all major roll formers have been key in the evolution of an unrivalled range of correctly specified fasteners, engineered from the highest grade of carbon and stainless steel, with an equally sophisticated portfolio of coatings and finishes for every application.Through this collaboration, the two entities are looking forward to tap the Indian market in a big way, and this intent was reflected in the manner in which they had set up their booth at Roof India 2013.

Mr. Dirk Homrighausen, Managing Director, EJOT Middle East FZE, informed, "With overall growth in the construction industry, the companies in India are becoming more quality conscious and hence the demand for high quality fasteners is on the rise. LPS is already a very popular name in India and we are trying to give a boost to our brand through this partnership. EJOT's R&D expertise and LPS' brand equity will complement each other very well. Although India is a challenging market, EJOT has been able to prove our prowess here. EJOT is a reputed brand across the world and has a rich expertise. These two ingredients will go a long way in establishing a good clientele in India."

Well, talking of product offerings, the portfolio is second to none in the market. Be it fastening solutions for industrial lightweight construction, external thermal insulation composite systems, rear ventilated facades, industrial windows or flat roofing applications, LPS-EJOT's fasteners are ideal for all applications. What's more, specialized solutions are also being provided for solar installation.

Nonetheless, one cannot overlook the fact that price is a major determinant in India and foreign companies have had to mould their strategies in-order to compete with the local manufacturers. "Indians are quite price-sensitive and we are aware of this fact. However, what we're offering is a complete solutions package. That means reassurance of performance from ‘pre' and ‘post' sales support, technical back-up from performance data and specific application testing (in laboratory and on site). Today, people want value-for-money, but they also want to be safe in the knowledge of having made the ‘quality connection' following some sound fastener advice when it comes down to their applications. This scenario is no different in India. Our products are handled by trained installers and this is a major advantage," he noted.

We are very optimistic about our success in India. "Yes, we look forward to producing locally. The start has been good and we are confident it will be a fruitful journey," he concluded.

New Feather in the Cap for Interarch

Interarch, a leading name in the Indian Metal Building and Steel Construction Industry promoted its new business division Interarch Infrastructure during the show. According to Mr. Ishaan Suri, Director Business Process and Corporate Marketing - Interarch Building Products Pvt Ltd, "The new business unit, which was launched this January, is aimed at catering to different industry requirement in Infrastructure and Heavy steel structural solutions."

Interarch Roof India

He informed, "Keeping in line with the parent company's heritage and values, Interarch Infrastructure boasts of over 30 years backup of engineering and design, and aims to excel in manufacturing, supply and execution of heavy steel structure used for various application such as high rise multistory buildings for various uses such and residential, commercial, hospital, school buildings, multilevel car parking system, stadium, airport terminal structure, aircraft hangers, port structure, shopping mall, retail outlet, power plant buildings, multiplexes, exhibition hall, street bridge, flyover structure and various other application where steel structure is more effective as compared to any other method of construction."

Commenting on the show, he remarked, "Roof India Exhibition is one of Asia's largest roofing events and we feel proud to be a part of it every year. It provided a very good platform to showcase our expertise in pre engineering building products and Interarch's pre engineered metal roof and wall systems in India."

Finally, a Gift for all Roofers

For years, the roofing industry has bemoaned the dearth of trained applicators in India. At last, it's time to bid adieu to this worry. In what may be considered as nothing less than a boon, the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) of USA has now laid anchor in India and established a wing at Kochi, Kerala.

Jay Paul
Mr. Jay Paul, Managing Director – NRCA Roofing India Pvt Ltd, stated, "NRCA is a non-profit making association and was established by people associated with the roofing industry. I myself was a roofer for 35 years in Middle East before I got associated with this organisation. In the USA we have 5,000 members and we are now looking to grow in India. This association is an expression of respect for the roofing industry which has been the source of our livelihood. We want to reciprocate by training the applicators."

He continued, "By paying an annual sum of $150, any applicator can become our member and we will train him through modules, workshops and manuals. In the second phase, we will connect with the architects through similar modules." MGS Architecture wishes NRCA the ‘Best of Luck'!

PEBS PENNAR Pushing Innovative Roofing System

PEBS Pennar is upbeat on its Double Lok Standing Seam Roofing System. The company received FM Approval, a US based quality approval system for the Double-Lok Roofing System, which comes with 360 degree seaming. The system ensures 100% leak proof roofing system with 10 years leak proof warranty. The system is being offered in technical collaboration with NCI-USA.

Pebs Pennar Roof India

The Double-Lok Roofing System has built a track record of being the most reliable leak-proof roofing system globally. Talking about the benefits of the system, "It reduces risk of leakages from roof, facilitates thermal expansion and contraction of the panel without any damage. It is tested for wind uplift, fire and hail damage, offers simplicity, flexibility and durability, and comes with pre-punched panels and components. With its assured weather tight advantages, this system is better suited for India.

As the demand for PEB is on the rise, PEBS Pennar is planning to expand its production capacity (currently 90,000MT) by setting up another manufacturing facility at Gujarat or Rajasthan to meet the requirement of the Northern region, the plans are in the advanced stage.

Proflex Eying New Horizons

When it comes to steel roofing solutions, one name that strikes the mind immediately is Proflex. For years, people have relished one assortment after the other from this ace roofer. And after having established itself as a name to reckon with in periphery of metropolitans, Proflex now envisages a strong foothold in the tier-II and III cities. Mr. Mayur Patel, CEO – Proflex Roofing Solutions, observed, "There's a huge potential for growth in smaller cities and we want to tap it. This will require relentless efforts on spreading awareness and knowledge impartment and we are doing this with determination. Exhibitions such as Roof India are an ideal platform for interaction with our targets audience coming from different cities of the country."

Well, considering the dominant position that Proflex holds in the market, it's quite understood that it will keep broadening the spectrum of its deliverables time and again. In the words of Mr. Patel, "Yes, we are planning to launch something in sync with our existing business where we are dominant, experienced & experts. Proflex has always been at the forefront of innovation and we will lead from the front when it comes to bring in innovative products to the market. It is our continuous endeavor to live up to the expectations of Architects, consultants & clients. This will enable us in making headway into unexplored and untapped markets."


Interestingly, there's a growing sentiment in favour of lightweight structures in India and people feel that they provide good value proposition. Mr. Patel takes a rather contrasting view to this, "People are talking about lightweight structures but it's the conventional structure that's driving the market. It all depends on how well you package the product and deliver to the end-user. At the same time, it's equally essential to adopt the right manufacturing practices and use the best inputs. At Proflex, we adhere to these imperatives very strictly, and no wonder, we are a brand trusted by many."

He continued, "We do take a lot of interest in ensuring that customers get the right products. Today, the Indian consumer is very discerning and expects quality and value-for-money. A majority of our clients have a considerable stake in the market and therefore they seek good service from us, moreover, there are many new clients as well who have entrusted their faith in us. All these factors necessitate professionalism in our business operations."

Notably, one aspect of this professionalism is periodic training of the work force. "We have in-house training facility and that's why we are able to ensure the right fits. The knowledge and technical nuances that we impart go a long way in the skill enhancement of personnel. This has stood in good stead over the years."

We have been part of RoofIndia exhibitions ever since its 1st edition a decade ago. So far it has proved to be the most successful event for roofing industry in the country. It has helped us in generating business, promote and establish our brand pan India. We hope to be part of future editions of Roof India and continue to serve the roofing industry.

Bitumode in an Expansion Mode

Alok Kumar
Bitumode International Private Limited is setting up a state of the art manufacturing unit for APP and SBS modified bituminous waterproofing membranes at Dahej in Bharuch district of Gujarat. Informed Mr. Alok Kumar, the company's Managing Director. "Though the company has been supplying its range of waterproofing membranes to India for over last 8 years, the company has planned to decentralize its production so as to increase its proximity to the market it serves." Notably, Bitumode International Private Limited is a part of The Modern Group of Companies of Cario, Egypt having over 50 years of experience in providing integrated roofing and waterproofing solutions. The group can be a "single source" provider for the whole roof section. The group manufactures APP and SBS modified bituminous waterproofing membranes, Extruded Polystyrene Insulation (XPS) for thermal insulation and Geotextiles and Polyester reinforcement.

During Roof India 2013, the company showcased some of its high utility products. "Firstly, we are focusing on SBS Modified Torch Applied Elastomeric Bituminous Membranes, and secondly, we are promoting Spun Bond Non-Woven Geo Textile and Polyester. We feel that the demand for these two products is likely to rise in the coming days." Interestingly, the company is the Founding Member of National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) India. "Apart from various publicity mediums such as advertising and participating in exhibitions, we feel that NRCA is also a vital platform to get associated with professionals.

Talking of the show, he stated that the quality of visitors has improved over the years and it's a good sign for the industry. "People know a lot about roofing and its peripheral aspects. A lot of them know quite well about our products and it's really very exciting," he concluded.

Hiraoka Promoting Heat Shield Fabrics

Japanese major Hiraoka & Co Ltd is upbeat on the transparent and heat shield fabrics for tensile structures. The company, which specializes in PVC coated membranes for tensile roofings, umbrellas, tents, awnings, and mesh fabrics, foresees a deep penetration of its products in the Indian market. Mr. Yoshiyasu Enomoto, Manager - Overseas Department, informed, "The major advantage of these membranes is that they are translucent and reduce the heat from sunlight quite drastically. Since sunlight is abundant in India, these membranes are ideal for application here."

He said that Hiraoka has been actively promoting its products in India for the past four years and so far the response is good. "Our products are very popular here and the next level of promotion will be done through getting associated with architects. We would like to educate them about the benefits of these products. Why we feel this important is because the architects' advices and suggestions are taken very seriously by Indians. We are open to organizing seminars and workshops to get associated with architects and consultants."

Hiraoka Roof India

In fact, the company is also ready to tweak with its prices to a certain extent. "Competitive pricing is essential in India and we are flexible but not in a big way. This is because people know that quality comes at a cost and it pays well in the long-run."

Vijaynath Banking on Quality

Vijaynath Shetty
"It's a misconceived notion that Indians are only concerned with costs and not quality. In fact, as the market for roofing and cladding has matured over the years, quality considerations have governed the decisions of consumers," expressed Mr. Vijaynath Shetty, Director – Vijaynath Interiors & Exteriors Pvt Ltd.

Founded in 1992, Vijaynath Interiors has metamorphosed into a leading supplier of metal roofing, cladding, metal false ceiling, latchways fall arrest system, skylights, sun louvers, and pre-engineered building systems. It provides the very best solutions for business, commercial and hospitality industries. Some of the prestigious and challenging projects that the company is associated with include the Delhi & Hyderabad International Airport, Bangalore International Airport Limited (BIAL), EON Panchsheel, Ichibaan Honda, Thyagraja Stadium, Mercedes Benz, Tata Motors, CIDCO Exhibition Center, Adani Power Ltd, Lavasa City, and Vedanta Cancer Hospital. Some of the best brands in the world namely Tata Bluescope, KALZIP, VM Zinc, Latchways, KME, Interarch, Hunter Douglas and Danplon have tied with the company to serve top-notch clients such as MNCs, Indian Corporates, and Industrial Giants.

Mr. Shetty remarked, "We always believe in selling quality and ensure that we stick to this requisite. We have recently sourced German machines to get better finishes of the roofs. Impressed by our workmanship, most of the clients have made repeat orders. For instance Tata Motors has given 70-80 repeat orders till now." Foreseeing a steady growth of the roofing and cladding market in the coming years, he observed, "There's no question of a slowdown because nothing can stop the infrastructural boom, but in the long-run, only those will flourish who deliver quality."

Palram Promoting Industrial and Commercial Skylights

Palram India Pvt Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Israel-based Palram Industries, promoted its range of industrial and commercial Polycarbonate skylights sheets - solutions. Founded in 1963, Palram is a leading multinational manufacturer of wide ranging Polycarbonate Sheets, panel systems and finished products. Palram sheets, manufactured mainly from Polycarbonate and PVC, are designed to suit a diverse range of applications in various markets, which include DIY, construction, architectural projects, advertising, agricultural, glazing, and fabrication.

Mr, Tushar Karangia, the company's General Manager, informs, "We are in India for six years with a strong focus on high quality industrial and commercial skylights and we're also doing turn key solutions for architectural projects including Malls, stadiums etc. The Indian market is witnessing phenomenal growth and roofing products are taken very seriously now. A major reason for this is the refinement of people's aesthetic preferences and corresponding solutions, which has paved the way for companies like us."

Speaking strongly in favour of polycarbonate skylight sheets, he exclaims, "India is a very big and diverse market with a scope for all types of skylight roofings but polycarbonate tops them all. It's an ideal solution as it allows long term performance together with its weather resistance properties in country like India. In addition to standard Polycarbonate Skylights offered n market, PALRAM offers tailor-made Skylight Sheets and solutions with selective light transmission - heat blocking colors and our Industrial corrugated Skylight sheets with white diffuser color is already well accepted in India for its high light transmission - anti-glare light and 100% diffusion.

Rockwool Makes Insulation Better

Kuldeep Gosain
Rockwool India Ltd, the thermal and acoustic insulation major, has launched the ALG Facing, which is an ideal substitute for conventional aluminium foil facings. The new facing comprises aluminium foil laminated with glass fabric that protects the system from normal mechanical abuses, and also stops vapour migration. Mr. Kuldeep Gosain, the company's General Manager, informed, "This is the most economical solution for roof thermal insulation. Its tensile and bursting strength is over three to four times higher than the conventional foil. Moreover, it's durable, mechanically strong, dimensionally stable, fire tested & have zero water permeability and can eliminates the use of additional protections like weld mesh."

According to him, the insulation market in the country is growing because energy conservation is in vogue. "People are inclined towards insulation even in housing and residential areas and their awareness levels are quite impressive. Our products are compatible with any type of roof. The growth of the market can also be attributed to the ever increasing presence pre-engineered buildings (PEBs). In fact, the PEB segment accounts for over 20% of our sector's growth," he said.

Rockwool Roof India

Talking of marketing and promotion, he asserted, "We are putting a lot of emphasis on this front and trying to create awareness. Our message to the industry and to the end-user is that it's better to store / conserve power than create it."

Essar Steel Ensuring the Right Fit

In order to ensure that its products are handled properly by the users, Essar Steel, a leading manufacturer of steel roofing and claddings, suggests the ways of storing and handling its products every time a sale is made. "By doing so, we are not only training the applicators but also educating the end users. A product truly fulfills the requirement only if it's well handled," opined Mr. Hemant Pandhare, General Manager and Head – QA, CAPEX and Technical cell, Essar Steel India Limited – Pune Facility.

He continued, "Whenever we do a project or supply to a project, we ensure that everything is perfectly put in place. We have started a training programme wherein all the technical knowledge on handling and storing along-with other information is imparted systematically. One of our recent training initiatives that's worth mentioning is through Hypermart in Rajasthan. Essar Steel has over the years nurtured market goodwill through such endeavours."

During the show, the company showcased colour coated steel in innovative paint finishes (value added paint systems), like wood finish, wrinkle finish and abrasion resistant system for various applications like roofing, cladding, sandwich panels, interior wall paneling, ceiling panels, etc. All the coatings are done at the Pune Facility. The Pune colour–coated facility has annual production capacity to produce 400,000 tonnes of colour-coated products. Shedding light on the roofing market, he observed, "It's growing due to various advantages apart from aesthetics. Time and cost considerations are also playing a vital role in shooting the trajectory upwards, and the growth will be continual in the years to come. Products like wood finish will enhance the possibility for a more sustainable architecture, design, and behavior. Prepainted steel is no more a luxury product but has now turned into a commodity. We enjoy a 20-25% market share at the moment. Some of our notable projects include Hyderabad Stadium, Sarla Academy, Various Auto Showrooms, and Barcelona Stadium."

Maco Upbeat on Access Solutions

Maco, the authorised distributor for Genie Industries (Terex), is offering a broad range of aerial work platforms, telehandlers, and light towers. Mr. Ketan Patel, Director – Maco Corporation (India) Pvt Ltd, informs, "This time we are focusing on cherry pickers as these products are ideal for the roofing industry."

According to him, the growing consciousness for safety is playing a major role in shooting the demand upwards. People are very much aware of the safety proposition these products provide. "And arrival of multinational companies in India has increased the rentals for aerial work platforms. The Government should make the usage of these equipment mandatory above a certain height," he adds.

Bansal Roofings Drawing Attention!

Jagruti Dhavle
An eye-catching booth at an exhibition is a good exponent of a company's intent on building networks with people. A beautiful stall not only draws visitors but also encourages them to stay there longer, vet the products, and interact with the company's executives. Well, Bansal Roofing's attractive booth at Roof India 2013 turned out to be a hub of the aforementioned happenings.

The Vadodra-based manufacturer of colour coated metal sheets, roofing accessories, self-driven eco ventilators, FRP sky light sheets, polycarbonate corrugated sheets, and pre-engineered buildings showcased the entire range of its products with a special focus on Z and C purlins and ventilators. Ms. Jagruti Dhavle, Support Marketing, expressed, "The demand for PEB structures and roofing is on the rise constantly and we are catering to the market in a big way. Although our company is still in a developing stage, we have managed to rope in good clients. We directly supply to the end-users."

Bansal Roofings

She continued, "We witnessed an impressive footfall and people are very much aware of these products now. This will help us in strengthening our base in the country."

Samco Looking Skywards

Mr. Vivek Singh, CEO – Samco Machinery India Pvt Ltd, was ecstatic about the burgeoning demand for steel structures, which has in turn boosted the fortunes of roll forming machinery manufacturers. "Steel buildings are being erected in India at a pace that has never been witnessed before and this is a blessing for companies like us," he stated. Notably, Samco offers innovation and design of complete roll forming lines for PEB, Automotive Industry, Shelving and Racking, and Building Construction.

According to him, lightweight structures are very much in vogue in the country nowadays and Samco's products fit the bill here since they consume less steel. "Backed by strong R&D, we are able to deliver lightweight and high resistance materials. In-fact, people want tailormade solutions thesedays and this has contributed heavily towards a mature market. We are very upbeat about the Indian market because we feel that people are willing to spend on qualitative products. Everyone is brand conscious now."

He added, "This change in mindset was reflected in the awareness levels of visitors at Roof India 2013. Earlier people had no clue about technicalities, but now, they come prepared with the data and even drawings. It's very heartening to witness such maturity levels. As a leading name in this segment, we have taken upon ourselves the onerous task of educating architects and consultants. This is the key to success in a diversified market such as India."

No wonder, Samco is all set to double its production capacity of its Faridabad plant. "Samco is a Canadian concern and the reason why we had set up a manufacturing unit in India was to cater to the after sales requirements of our clients such as Tata Steel, Tata Motors, Eicher, Astral Building Systems, Jindal Steels and Multicolour. With demand on the rise, it's necessary to ramp up the capacity to better serve the existing and new clients."

Mr. Singh appeared enlightened with the fact that the Government is channelizing focus towards renewable energy such as solar. "Sunlight is abundant in our country and only a fraction of it is being harnessed. Samco is also into the Solar Industry and provides solar mounting systems and works with EPC contractors for the same."

Jindal Buildsys Chalking Out Growth Plans

Raveesh Bagla
Raveesh Bagla, VP-Sales & Marketing, Jindal Buildsys Ltd, said the current construction era in India is a opportunity for pre-engineered buildings and pre engineered construction with the new thrust on development of infrastructure.

"Established in 2002, JBL is now one of India's top notch building solutions companies and offers a total range of world class pre-engineered steel building solution provider for the industrial, commercial, and residential sectors.

Mr. Bagla has observed that the market for pre-engineered buildings is growing at a healthy rate of 30% per annum and although there are so many players in this industry, there's scope for growth for everyone. "PEB is basically project selling and considering the monumental infrastructural growth that the country is witnessing at the moment, opportunities abound in the sector.

Jindal Buildsys

Jindal Buildsys Ltd is connecting with global brands in India like Nestle-Switzerland, HUL, Cadbury, Honda & Roki-Minda along with prestigious projects for Delhi Metro, IRCON Rail Coach Factory, MES Sun shelters and Air Craft Hangers, Automobile Sector, FMCG, Rice Mills, and Warehouses. As of now, we have done projects in North India but we're looking forward to strengthen our presence in Gujarat and Maharashtra," he added.

Significantly JBL is all set to envision a turnover of 500 crore in next financial year with the capacity of more than 1,00,000MT with its three plants situated in Bawal, Gurgaon & Baddi (Himachal Pradesh) and all these growth ideas are attributed to our Managing Director , Mr. Vivek Jindal. Mr. Jindal is an Engineer from IIT Delhi and MBA from University of Pittsburg (USA). The Chief strategist and also heads the overall operations of the company,he summarized.

SABIC Upbeat on LEXAN™ Sheets

Participating in Roof India for the third time, SABIC's Innovative Plastics business which is a leading, global supplier of engineering thermoplastics with an 80-year history of breakthrough solutions, showcased its latest offerings of the LEXAN™ solid and multiwall polycarbonate sheet portfolio with zest in India. SABIC (Saudi Basic Industries Corporation) ranks among the world's top petrochemical companies. Mr. Anurag Buch, the company's Marketing Leader of LEXAN Sheet Products for Pacific region, expressed, "SABIC is a Fortune 500 company and the aim has always been to offer something new and innovative to the market. At SABIC, we are dedicated to meeting our customers' needs with our high performance LEXAN™ sheet portfolio. Our material solutions and services help our customers to reduce their system costs, create innovative designs and environmentally responsible materials. SABIC's ongoing investment in world-class technologies demonstrates our commitment to helping our customer's technical requirements, application development needs and business goals such as recently inaugurated the SABIC Technology Centre in Bangalore."

Notably, the LEXAN sheets are extruded from company's polycarbonate LEXAN resin and are available in a variety of profiles, surface textures and shades. The sheets score high on strength, clarity and designing flexibility along with various other benefits such as light transmission, fire performance, weatherability and eco-friendliness. "Our virtually unbreakable, lightweight and fire resistant sheet product portfolio includes a wide variety of structures, ranging from solid and multiwall sheet. SABIC has integrated extrusion processes, surface texturing and coating technologies to provide value added solutions across a wide variety of industries. We offer one of the widest thermoplastic portfolio of products in the world, and they are widely used in various sectors such as Healthcare, Automotive, consumer electronics and Construction. Another addition that we have made to our portfolio is custom corrugated products."

SABIC-Roof India

He added, "Our team interacts with clients in a holistic manner and our aim is to manufacture products that address customer needs and requirements. Throughout its history, SABIC has built long –lasting relations and the journey is bound to continue in the future too."

Alex Extrusions Sets Foot on the Turf

Alex Extrusions, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kolkata-based Makesworth Industries Limited, has made a foray into the Indian market. And it chose Roof India 2013 as the perfect launch platform. Notably, Makesworth is a renowned name in cable filling and water proofing compounds, and Alex has been formed to manufacture Watertite membranes. Mr. Rajesh Tulsian, CFA and Director – Alex Extrusion Limited, informed, "We are setting up a 5-acre state-of-the art greenfield manufacturing facility in Kolkata for bituminous waterproofing membranes with German machinery and Belgian technology. We have tied up with Frapoly BVBA of Belgium to produce world class products in India.

Alex Extrusions

Well, the membranes will be supplied in two variants namely app bitumen and SBS bitumen. These membranes are reinforced with polyester mat or glass fibre and will be available in rolls of 10 sq mt. They are self-adhesive with aluminium or mineral top finish in various colours. Mr. Tulsian noted, "India has undergone a lot of change with respect to the Construction Industry and these products are quite popular here. Waterproofing is the key to successful construction and people have realised this in a big way."

He said that apart from training of the applicators, it's really very essential that the architects are also made aware of the pros and cons of waterproofing. "In the future, we are going to organize seminars especially for architects. Meanwhile, in order to train the applicators we have hired a Belgian expert who has a rich experience of 30 years in knowledge dissemination. Moreover, we have an in-house R&D wing which makes sure that our offerings are the best in the market."

Impressive Wares from ISC

Indian Steel Corporation (ISC) offers a vast range of pre-painted steel roofing solutions such as coils, profile sheets, corrugated sheets, and accessories. Our products meet the global standards as we possess state-of-the art technologies and production capabilities," informed Mr. R K Lodhi, Head Marketing, ISCL.

Notably, ISC is a joint-venture between the Ruchi Group of Industries, India and Mitsui & Co. Japan. The company's business interests range from steel to food products. The primary focus of ISC is to produce quality steel products concentrating on the Auto, Construction, Home Appliances and general engineering segments.

India Steel Corporation

"Located in Kutch, a district of vibrant Gujarat, Indian Steel Corporation's journey began in 2005. The company has since then experienced an exponential growth and is today producing quality steel products, which are widely accepted in India, Europe, America, Middle East and Africa."

According to Mr. Lodhi, one of ISC's focal areas is imparting knowledge to architects. "We meet them personally and apprise of the benefits of our products. We take care of turnkey installations and customize solutions according to client's requirements. This is a regular exercise which has enabled us to maintain a leadership position in the market," he said.
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Fintech and Data Analytics to enable Future-Ready Financing Ecosystem for CE & Infrastructure: ICEMA
ICEMA (Indian Construction Equipment Manufacturers Association), an affiliate body of CII, organised the 4th Annual Finance Conclave in New Delhi, based on the theme ‘Bringing a Paradigm Shift in Financial Eco-system: Digitalisation and Beyond

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CICEE 2023 - Showcases China’s Manufacturing Strength to the World
As one of the top global events in terms of reputation, influence, and industrial driving force, the third Changsha International Construction Equipment Exhibition (CICEE) kicked off on 12th May 2023 in the Changsha city of Hunan province. It showcased

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Technology Days at WIRTGEN GROUP, Pune
The Wirtgen Group hosted over 1200 customers, dealers, and business partners at a mega event dubbed ‘Technology Days’, which was held at their Pune manufacturing facility from 13th to 15th April, 2023. The event was based on the theme: ‘The Future

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CONEXPO-CON/AGG - Reveals the Future of Construction
CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2023 emphasizes how the construction industry is evolving and adapting to technologies, products, and sustainable practices. Attendees saw sustainability in action, from electric and hydrogen powered construction equipment

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VDMA organizes Emo Hannover Machine Tools Roadshow
VDMA organized a roadshow in Delhi in association with the German Machine Tools Builders Association and Hannover Messe AG to promote the EMO Hannover, Machine Tools Expo, slated to take place between 18-23 September 2023 at Hannover

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Spotlight on Sustainable Technologies at bauma CONEXPO India 2023
The sixth edition of bauma CONEXPO India closed on a high note with the launch of 25+ electric and hybrid heavy machines, 10,000+ product displays, insightful conferences and technical sessions, and an exciting line-up of next-generation technologies

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World of Concrete - at Las Vegas Returns with Strong Attendance
Concrete professionals kicked off the year with the well-attended 49th annual event that focused on product innovations, environmental impacts, and raised record-breaking auction funds for educational programs. Informa Markets’ World of Concrete, the

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2023 CICEE Spring Symposium in Beijing
On January 15, 2023, the Organizing Committee of Changsha International Construction Equipment Exhibition (CICEE) held the 2023 Spring Symposium in Beijing. Representatives and experts from national business associations such as the China Construction

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MRAI hosts 10th edition of IMRC
IMRC 2023 puts spotlight on domestic scrap shortage, recycling parks, and solutions for boosting India’s circular economy. Material Recycling Association of India (MRAI hosted the 10th edition of the International Indian Material Recycling Conference from

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Production Linked Incentive (PLI) scheme critical for growth of Construction Equipment Manufacturing in India
Indian Construction Equipment Manufacturers Association (ICEMA) organised the first-ever CE Manufacturing Summit on 2nd December at Hotel Le Meridien, New Delhi, with the theme “Towards Making India a Global Manufacturing Hub for CE”. The day-long affair

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ISEE Expo concludes with a vision for India to become a global manufacturing hub for the elevator and escalator industry
The International Sourcing Exposition for Elevators & Escalators (ISEE) successfully concluded in Mumbai on December 3rd, 2022. The expo, organized by TAK Expo Pvt Ltd, featured over 150 international and domestic exhibitors showcasing the latest technology in elevators

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ICACI unveils Modern Trends in Construction Technology
The two-day conference on ‘Modern Trends in Construction Technology’ hosted by the India Chapter of American Concrete Institute’s (ICACI) was a resounding success. It brought together India’s leading technocrats on a single platform to present, discuss

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bauma Munich 2022 Showcases Industry’s Power to Innovate
With around 3,200 exhibitors from 60 countries, and over 495,000 visitors from ~200 countries, bauma Munich 2022 exceeds Industry expectations. Bauma Munich - the world’s leading trade fair for construction machinery, building material

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