Excon 2023 - Propelling India’s Technological Prowess & Global Stature

Preparations for the upcoming Excon 2023 edition are in full swing, with organizer CII, in collaboration with various departments of the Karnataka state government, planning key activities for the attendees. No doubt, given the impressive stature of the event (Asia’s largest in the infra construction space), there is a great deal of anticipation for the event.

the upcoming Excon 2023 edition


Theme: Building India’s Tomorrow – Technology, Globalization, Sustainability, Inclusiveness
Exhibitors: 1,200 exhibitors
Visitors: 80,000
Exhibit Area: 3 million sq.ft.
Participating Countries: Austria, China, Czech Republic, Germany, India, Italy, Romania, Russia, South Korea, Spain, Sri Lanka, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States of America.
Focus: Skill Development, Alternate Fuels, AI Pavilion, Atmanirbhar Bharat, Skills, Women Machine Operators, Conferences on Defence and Paramilitary; Green Construction, Sustainability; AI, IoT and Automation in construction engineering, amongst others.

Given that the infrastructure sector plays a crucial role in driving our economy, the significance of Excon cannot be overstated. As part of the preparations, CII has formed exclusive Task Forces chaired by senior members of the Excon Steering Committee in work streams such as Roadshows, Site Infrastructure, Domestic Promotion, International Promotion, Atma Nirbhar Bharat, Components, Defence & Paramilitary, Academia, among others. The Task Forces are coordinating with various agencies to ensure implementation of the actions needed for a successful Excon 2023.

CII has been getting the needed support from the Government of Karnataka - the host State for Excon 2023. It has set up an exclusive State Government Task Force which is working closely with various departments of the Government of Karnataka including the Public Works Department to ensure timely readiness of the necessary infrastructure at the exhibition grounds and seamless movement of traffic for visitors travelling to the venue (BIEC). CII has also tied up with various service providers including hotels and travel agencies to offer best-in-class facilities for visitors staying in Bangalore during the tradeshow.

In view of the torrential rain that had disrupted the exhibition in 2022, the CII-Excon team is taking the necessary precautionary measures this year. The heavy rains in May 2022 and the obstruction of the natural nala due to construction work at the metro station were unprecedented and unfortunate.

This year, a special team has been constituted within CII to mitigate the effect of any untoward incidents. Already, two of the crossover bridges are being converted from hume pipe bridges to culverts. Stormwater drains along the metro station will be ready before the event.

A holistic view of the future of India’s construction sector

As the event draws closer, the CE industry is gearing up to showcase the latest advancements, technologies, and opportunities in the infrastructure sector.

Excon’s theme ‘Building India’s Tomorrow – Technology, Globalization, Sustainability, Inclusiveness’ highlights the critical role of technology in shaping the nation’s future, emphasizing the need for innovation and the adoption of cutting-edge technologies to enhance efficiency and quality in construction. This technological advancement is vital in meeting the growing demands of India’s infrastructure needs. Additionally, it recognizes the importance of globalization, indicating that India is open to global partnerships and investments in this sector.

Moreover, sustainability is a critical element, emphasizing the need to adopt eco-friendly and environmentally responsible practices in construction to ensure that development is not at the expense of the environment. It underscores the importance of sustainable construction methods, safety of people and new materials to build a greener and more responsible future. The need for greater inclusion in infrastructure building activities means creating equal opportunities for everyone, and especially bringing women into the workforce.

Resonating with the theme of Excon, India has the potential to become the 2nd largest and the fastest growing construction equipment market in the world by 2030. With a strong focus on policy reforms, India is currently undergoing a rapid and transformative expansion of infrastructure, spurred by increased government spending on key infrastructure projects. All these positive measures will help India achieve this great milestone.

CII Trade Fairs Council

Shobana Kamineni - Past President, CII & Chairperson, CII Trade Fairs Council

“The theme of 12th Edition of Excon, ‘Building India’s Tomorrow’ encompasses the fundamental pillars of Technology, Globalization, Sustainability, and Inclusiveness. Excon 2023 is far more than just an event; it serves as the driving force behind India’s continuous progress. It strives to embody our robust infrastructure development, solidifying India’s eminent position as a global hub for construction equipment manufacturing”.

There have been highly encouraging policy initiatives in the recent past with budgetary allocations towards development of world-class infrastructure. The ‘Make in India’ initiative has indeed given a thrust to indigenization of CE and components’ manufacturing, to world-class standards. In fact, Excon is a one-stop-shop to see and source the best-in-class products, components, systems, solutions and services in the construction and material handling sector.

The Construction Equipment (CE) & Material Handling industry has made a remarkable resurgence in FY 2022-23, achieving an impressive 26% growth. Excon 2023 will aid the CE Industry to continue this growth story, paving way for India to become the 2nd largest CE market in the world by 2030.

Excon a growing platform

The expected number of exhibitors and visitors, participating countries, number of exhibition halls and country pavilions, indoor and outdoor exhibition spaces are expected to show a significant increase at Excon 2023.

The first edition was launched in the year 2000 with 83 exhibitors and a display area of about 28,600 sqm. The event has grown by leaps and bounds and is now recognised as one of the largest construction equipment exhibitions in the world. Its growth over the years reflects India’s infrastructure development and, more importantly, during the last 10 years, the policies of the Government have given a fillip to infrastructure development, particularly in the roads and highways sector.

Managing Director of Caterpillar India

V. Vivekanand - President of ICEMA and Managing Director of Caterpillar India

“The Construction Equipment and Material Handling industry has made a remarkable resurgence in FY 2022-23, achieving an impressive 26% growth. Excon 2023 will further propel the CE Industry to continue this growth story, paving the way for India to become the 2nd largest CE market in the world by 2030. Moreover, sustainability is a critical element, emphasizing the need to adopt eco-friendly and environmentally responsible practices in construction to ensure that development is not at the expense of the environment. Another imperative is the need for greater inclusion in infrastructure building activities, which means creating equal opportunities for everyone, and especially bringing women into the workforce. I would like to urge all participants and stakeholders in the sector to harness the full potential of this exceptional opportunity.”

The 2023 edition of Excon will be the largest ever in terms of total display area of over 3 million sqft. This includes both indoor and outdoor space. CII is anticipating over 1,200 exhibitors from within India and from USA, UK, France, Germany, Italy, UAE, South Korea, Singapore, Turkey, Sri Lanka, Romania, and the Czech Republic, and a visitorship of over 80,000 from across the world.

Bridging the gap between the skilled and unskilled

On the downside to technological advancements is the widening gap between the skilled and the unskilled. Despite a lot of discussions and efforts, skillsets and skilling remain major issues in the Indian construction industry, as the issue requires a more effective and inclusive approach.

CII has been working with the Government, Industry, and affiliated associations like ICEMA over the last few years in addressing the skill gap in the construction equipment industry. The Infrastructure Equipment Skill Council (IESC) and CII have also been working with the Industry and the Academia towards creating a sustainable industry-aligned ecosystem for robust skill and entrepreneurship development.

Volvo CE India

Dimitrov Krishnan - Convener, ICEMA Technology & Sustainability Panel and Managing Director, Volvo CE India

“The role of technology is critical in shaping the nation’s future as innovation and adoption of cutting-edge technologies will enhance efficiency and quality of construction, and in meeting the growing demands of India’s infrastructure needs. The construction industry also recognizes the importance of globalization, indicating that India is open to global partnerships and investments in this sector. Here, Excon plays a pivotal role in highlighting Made in India products by showcasing the CE industry’s technological prowess and manufacturing capability to the world. This year, over 80% of global brands that have a manufacturing presence in India will demonstrate their technologically advanced equipment and components.”

With India aspiring to become a stronger global manufacturing hub for construction equipment, it is important that we equip our workforce with the required skill sets to operate and maintain the next-gen and more high-tech equipment. In fact, skill development will be a focus area at Excon 2023, besides various other activities, including women operators of construction machines. Skill development will also be part of the sectoral seminars.

An interface between the Industry and the Academia is also being constituted so that young engineers experience the excitement that the CE industry offers. The aim is to make this sector aspirational for young talent to be part of this important sector.

Series of activities and event highlights

An international platform like Excon can play a key role in showcasing India’s CE industry’s technological prowess and business stature across global markets. CII is, therefore, taking the necessary steps to attract not only a larger number of exhibitors but also visitors from across the world. To promote the event, CII has embarked upon a comprehensive outreach program through its vast network of 65 offices in India and eight overseas. It is also organizing around 20 roadshows in various cities across the country, involving the state governments, user-industry and the academia.

Excon is a platform that fosters awareness and knowledge-sharing on the use of advanced technologies in the construction sector through B2B meets, educational programs and seminars. At the B2B meets, industry players can interact, collaborate, and discuss the integration of cutting-edge technologies into their machinery and manufacturing processes.

Tata Capital Financial Services Ltd

Jaswinder S. Bakshi - Vice President - ICEMA, SVP & Head, CE, CV & Equipment Finance - Tata Capital Financial Services Ltd

“Excon has been consistently advancing the infrastructure development story of India by showcasing the innovations being made in construction and material handling equipment and components. In fact, over the years, Excon has become a one-stop-shop for sourcing the best-in-class products, components, systems, solutions and services in the construction and material handling industry. The highly encouraging government policies in the recent past and the budgetary allocations for developing world-class infrastructure have also given a thrust to indigenization of construction equipment and components, bringing them at par with world-class quality and performance standards.”

It is imperative to focus on the export of “Made in India” products in order to make India’s Construction Equipment (CE) industry the second largest in the world by 2030. Excon, as an international platform, plays a pivotal role in this endeavor by showcasing India’s CE industry’s technological prowess and manufacturing capability to the world. Over 80% of global brands of CE will demonstrate their products and technological prowess in equipment / components at Excon 2023.

The other highlights of Excon include an exclusive focus on Alternate Fuels, AI Pavilion, Atmanirbhar Bharat, Skills, Women Machine Operators, Conferences on Defence and Paramilitary; Green Construction, Sustainability; AI, IoT and Automation in construction engineering, amongst others.

A key enabler

Excon brings together government officials and policy-makers, equipment manufacturers, buyers and sellers, rental companies and distributors, professionals, experts, and the academia, and other related stakeholders in the construction industry.

Given that the infrastructure sector plays a crucial role in driving our economy, the significance of Excon cannot be overstated. The infra sector is a primary driver of India’s overall development, and it has been a key focus for the government, which has been actively working on policies to facilitate the evolution of world-class physical and digital infrastructure across the country.

Managing Director, JCB India

Deepak Shetty - CEO & Managing Director, JCB India

“Excon is a festival of the Construction Equipment Industry as it is an event that gets all stakeholders in one place. Today, our Industry has a strong potential for growth due to the focus of the Government towards Infrastructure Development. Excon will showcase the vision of an Atmanirbhar Bharat with a drive towards Make in India for the World. It is also a great platform to display the industry’s commitment to Technology and Sustainability and we look forward to welcoming everyone to the JCB Stand at Excon’2023.”

Excon has consistently played a pivotal role in advancing the infrastructure development story of India by showcasing the evolving width and depth of technological prowess and innovation in construction and material handling equipment and components. It is seen as a key enabler for growth in the Indian Construction Equipment Industry, and all the stakeholders in the construction sector should harness the full potential and the exceptional opportunity that the trade event stands to offer once again.

As the countdown begins for Excon 2023, equipment manufacturers, distributors, builders, developers, and contractors, share what the tradeshow means for their company’s growth and expansion by helping them source new business opportunities, access newer and more high-tech solutions, highlight their brand value, and gain knowledge on the latest trends and developments in the construction industry.

Arvindbhai Vithalbhai Patel - MD, Patel Infrastructure Limited

Tata Hitachi
Excon is a vital event for the construction equipment industry people, as it gives a unique opportunity for engaging with new technology and getting to know about the latest trends in the industry. This helps contactors to stay ahead of the curve. They also benefit by engaging directly with the OEMs at Excon and learning about their new products and technologies.

Establishing a strong relationship with OEM’s can provide numerous advantages, including early access to new products, priority support, and better pricing.

The contractors also gain hands-on experience on the new equipment, and discuss how it can improve their operations. They can compare prices and features of various products and negotiate better deals by obtaining customized quotes for specific equipment, and even gain some extra perks.

Use of advanced equipment can help us increase productivity, reduce costs, give more safety compared to conventional machines, and improve our overall project quality. For example, use of drones for project site surveys, for monitoring progress, and inspection works; use of Building Information Modelling (BIM) which gives a digital representation of a structure that aids in coordinating design and construction activities; use of wearable technology like smart glasses and AR headsets to increase productivity by providing real-time info and instructions to workers.

At the past editions of Excon, I have been able to expand my professional network, find new suppliers, secure new contracts, identify new business opportunities, find innovative solutions, and stay up-to-date on the latest industry trends and developments.

Apart from conventional machinery, I am also looking forward to exploring recycling solutions such as HIPR (Hot in place recycling), CIPR (Cold in place recycling), Foam Bitumen technology, Nuphalt technology for portable patchwork solution in road maintenance, Automation in precast technology, and ERP for controlling and monitoring measures. We are also planning to implement digitization so will look for the latest in this field.

Sandeep Singh - Managing Director, Tata Hitachi

Tata Hitachi
Excon is a very important platform for enhancing our brand visibility as well as showcasing our various products, after-market products, and solutions, and to seek customer feedback on our products and attachments for further improvements before launching them in the marketplace. This year too we have an exciting range of new next-gen machines lined up to further support and expand our customers’ businesses.

Embracing digital marketing and fostering networking opportunities have significantly advanced the industry. We also feel the need to increase our engagement with the academia to attract engineering college students to the exhibition who can gain substantial knowledge about the latest CE industry trends and technologies.

ESG (Environment, Social, and Governance) is another initiative that needs to gain more prominence; therefore, a dedicated space and activities need to be planned by OEMs to showcase advanced technology and non-fossil fuel usage, which can underscore the industry’s commitment to a more sustainable future. Furthermore, organising informational sessions and roundtable discussions on renewable energy and net-zero targets can help generate awareness and drive collective action.

We would also like to suggest improving the logistics at the tradeshow. In fact, the organising committee is already in discussions with the Karnataka state government to improve the infrastructure in the exhibition area, including traffic management, which is a major pain area. We acknowledge the commendable efforts of CII, ICEMA, and the various OEMs, and vendor partners for continuously scaling up the exhibition and are looking forward to a great experience at Excon 2023.

Abhijeet Pai - President, Puzzolana

President Puzzolana
Excon is a major platform for introducing our well researched and developed products. It also offers an environment for engaging meaningfully with our clients, raise awareness about our product offerings, and establish enduring relationships. Excon provides an exceptional marketing opportunity to showcase our innovative products and cost-effective solutions. Carefully planned exhibitions like Excon serve as a venue to meet bureaucrats and other government officials and decision makers. Excon also sets the stage for reaching a broader market of potential buyers. It also gives an understanding of the construction developments in the region, and helps us in determining the products that are most relevant to the current market’s needs.

I would suggest that a stronger focus be given to the foreign pavilions that launch new products and which are keen to have business tie-ups with their Indian counterparts. I would also suggest some technical sessions on or by Government organizations, the Defence sector, BRO, NHAI etc. Organizing roadshows will boost awareness amongst the targeted audience.

Sanjay Londhe - Director & CEO (Projects), Ashoka Buildcon Limited

Director & CEO (Projects)
Excon is the best platform for selecting and buying equipment for our projects. Here, we get the opportunity to see new products and solutions, evaluate their technological inputs and specifications, so that end-users like us can select the most productive, fuel-efficient, cost-effective and technologically advanced equipment/model.

This year too we will be looking for earthwork machinery, paving machinery, and compaction rollers that will provide us solutions for best level grading and which will multiply their hourly output. We will also look for technological improvements that will increase project construction speed due to uninterrupted operations and machines that will help us achieve a higher quality of construction.

We will meet OEMs to consider collaborations, discuss their buy-back policies, operator training programs, their spares and service support, and any extended warranties for customers. All in all, Excon is not to be missed as it helps us find potential business opportunities, new products and solutions.

Arpan Ghosh - President, Engineering, Cube Highways Technologies

President - Engineering, Cube Highways Technologies
We will be attending Excon for the first time. The platform will help us explore the latest innovations in construction equipment and technology. We hope to learn about innovative solutions and techniques that can help us improve efficiency and reduce costs. By engaging with OEMs, we hope to access cutting-edge technologies, find networking opportunities, market insights, and gain competitive advantages. Knowing the products and services offered by OEMs will help us make informed decisions on which equipment and technologies are best suited for our projects. We are looking for machines like the Friction Tester, Automatic Road Reflectometer, High RAP Hot Mix Plants, Cold Recycling Plants, and Hot In Place Recycling Machines.

V G Shakthi Kumar - Managing Director, Schwing Stetter (India)

Managing Director, Schwing Stetter (India)
Excon is the ideal platform for all stakeholders like project owners, officials from state and the central government, machinery manufacturers, contractors, project management companies, component manufacturers, technology and IT related people. For manufacturers like us, it presents a unique opportunity to capture the attention of buyers and to see the latest innovations and advancements being made in the construction equipment industry.

India’s construction industry is growing, with projects becoming larger and more complex. To keep pace with this growth, we are exploring the development of a range of new equipment to ensure that project implementation is both fast and technologically advanced. We invest not only in machinery but also in cutting-edge technologies and solutions.

Excon provides a platform to showcase these advancements and innovations and where customers can discover new technologies, alternative energy solutions, and a wealth of information that might not be readily available elsewhere. In fact, Excon fosters a mindset of seeking out new possibilities and solutions for projects.

As head of the committee responsible for organizing roadshows and ways for promoting the tradeshow, my observations and expectations for its improvement have been expressed in various forums. The success of an exhibition is measured by the value it offers to the stakeholders and it’s crucial to convey the value to everyone involved. Excon has become India’s number one and Asia’s largest exhibition in terms of size, scope, amenities, facilities, and diversity in visitor profile. Its growing popularity is a testament to the continuous improvements being made to enhance visitor and exhibitor experience.

Sorab Agarwal - Executive Director, ACE

Executive Director, ACE
Excon is a welcome trade event as once again we will be displaying our new products and solutions, and most importantly, we look forward to engaging closely with our customers. Excon is an opportunity to tap new business avenues, see the offerings of our competitors, and become aware of what trends will shape the construction industry in the near future.

Anand Sundaresan - MD India & Executive VP, Ammann Group

 MD India & Executive VP, Ammann Group
From my point of view, Excon is a “Technology Exhibition” that enables us to showcase our latest developments, technology, new and upgraded products. Undoubtedly, this enhances our brand visibility and demonstrates our technological prowess. We also get an opportunity to see new product developments by our competitors, which helps us plan our future strategy. Beside this, there are opportunities for supplier interactions, to view the latest developments on the aggregates that we use in our products, and attend technological seminars etc. The most important thing is that the senior officials of an organisation get an opportunity to interact with all the customers, which is otherwise quite impossible for them.

Rain had played a spoilsport in the last two Excons; unfortunately, the organisers were unable to control the situation. I know for a fact that the organizers are taking all the precautions to avoid such a situation from recurring during the forthcoming Excon, but in case rain plays spoilsport again, then I think the organizers will have to rethink the timing and may be even the venue for future Excons.

Subhashis Kar - Managing Director, MCOS Global

 Managing Director MCOS Global
Excon serves as a gathering point for contractors, builders, and developers, offering us a valuable platform to directly connect with numerous OEMs, industry experts, professionals, suppliers, prominent construction firms, technology providers, and potential clients. This interaction among industry peers is vital for the progress of our projects. It provides us with an opportunity to directly interact with potential clients and partners and discover fresh business prospects. This, in turn, can lead to the establishment of new business partnerships, new contracts and collaborations, ultimately expanding our reach and enhancing our business.

A big attraction at the tradeshow is the opportunity to see advanced, tech enabled equipment which the OEMs quite frequently introduce. These cutting-edge technologies seen at Excon keeps us well-informed about the latest developments and allows us to explore more efficient solutions for our construction projects. By using machines that have automated features and advanced technological controls, we can execute tasks with remarkable precision and swiftness, eliminate human errors and minimize dependence on manual labor. This helps us to meet project deadlines, even those that are particularly tight, which helps us avoid expensive delays.

Furthermore, these cutting-edge machines come with data tracking and management systems, offering real-time insights into project advancement and performance. These features empower project managers to closely oversee timelines and make essential adjustments to ensure that projects remain on course. In the future, with the increasing demand for faster and safer construction, we look forward to a wider range of machines like Excavators, Hybrid Mobile Crushers, Sand Washing Plants, Loaders, Backhoes, Dumpers, etc.

V. Senthilkumar - Managing Director, Propel Industries

 Managing Director Propel Industries
Excon, which is the largest Construction Equipment Exhibition in South Asia, strategically paves the way for a plethora of opportunities for our business. It provides a unique opportunity to expand our business, increase brand visibility, and demonstrate our technological expertise vis a vis our peers and competitors. Excon is a gateway to a larger audience, allowing us to not only display our products but also engage with potential clients and partners on a broader scale. It’s a remarkable platform for networking, knowledge sharing, and staying updated on industry trends.

In order to enhance the exhibitor and visitor experience at Excon, we have a few recommendations. Firstly, facilitating seamless information exchange between exhibitors and visitors through a user-friendly app or portal can improve the overall experience. Additionally, interactive sessions or workshops on industry-related topics would be beneficial. Lastly, optimizing the layout and design of the exhibition area for better traffic flow and accessibility will contribute to a more efficient and enjoyable experience for everyone.

Mohan Ramanathan - Managing Director, Advanced Construction Technologies

Managing Director, Advanced Construction Technologies
Excon is the top show for equipment manufacturers to launch new products and showcase their current products. This year, I expect to see many EV products for the construction industry. CII is driving the green movement, so I expect to learn what’s new in the green sector. I would also like to see more of the battery-operated machines.

Sanjay Saxena - COO, Sany India and South Asia

Sanjay Saxena
At SANY India, a trade show like Excon aligns perfectly with our business strategy and objectives as it serves as a dynamic platform for us to explore business expansion opportunities, enhance our brand’s visibility, and showcase our technological prowess over our competitors. We view this event as a catalyst for identifying strategic partnerships, entering new markets, and expanding our product portfolio. It allows us to showcase our latest innovations, cutting-edge technologies, and a wide range of products – all of which reinforce our reputation as a provider of advanced and reliable construction equipment. We believe that such events are integral to our mission of ‘Quality Changes the World,’ driving our commitment to excellence in technology, and serving the construction industry with the best-in-class solutions.

We appreciate the comprehensive approach taken by organizer CII to focus on key areas such as alternate fuels, AI, and green construction. The practices and initiatives introduced by CII for Excon 2023 will feature sessions and discussions on infrastructure for the armed forces, automation in construction, as well as a CEO’s roundtable, offering valuable insights and networking opportunities. Moreover, CII’s collaboration with civil society organizations to promote various initiatives is commendable. We eagerly anticipate participating in these initiatives and advancing the progress of our industry.

Hafeez Khan - Managing Director, Manitou

 Managing Director Manitou
Excon is, undoubtedly, South Asia’s largest construction equipment and construction technology trade fair. It connects the end-users, manufacturers, investors, and infrastructure stakeholders on a single platform. The country is seeing a spate of major infra and construction projects, and Excon is bound to give a big boost to the Construction Equipment industry, by displaying innovative products and cutting-edge technologies. Once again, we will use the platform to showcase our world-renowned construction equipment and material handling solutions and connect with our customers.

Meghraj Singh - Chairman & Managing Director, Rentease

Chairman & Managing Director, Rentease
Excon brings an extensive level of product and market knowledge and exposure to the latest equipment, offers networking opportunities, pricing and negotiations, analysis of our competitors, and brand visibility to the media. Excon offers seminars, workshops and presentations on industry related topics that provide the latest information on the construction industry.

Advanced equipment introduced by the OEMs improves efficiency, which saves construction time on sites. They are also equipped with safety features like collision avoidance systems, automated shutdowns, and enhanced operator controls, that help minimize accidents and injuries on sites. These high-tech machines are designed to carry out higher degree of accuracy. They are often equipped with telematics for data collection which allows real time monitoring of the equipment, automation and robotics, which helps in labour savings and in undertaking taking dangerous tasks.

With their modern technology, these machines can be controlled remotely, allowing for flexible working, reduced downtimes, reliability, durability, energy efficiency, and eco-friendliness. Companies that invest in high tech equipment often gain a competitive edge in the industry by completing projects on time and at a lower cost.

At Excon 23, we will look forward to getting access to a diverse range of equipment, engage directly with the OEMs and end-users to get valuable feedback on our products and services. Understanding the equipment first hand will help us select the right equipment to meet our customers different application needs, and help us get better technical support and training so that we can use and maintain our equipment optimally.

Premraj Keshyep - Managing Director, KYB Conmat

 Managing Director, KYB Conmat
Excon attracts a diverse range of industry professionals, potential customers, and partners. Exhibiting at Excon gives us the chance to put our brand in the spotlight. This heightened visibility helps us strengthen our brand presence in the market. Staying ahead of the competition is essential, and Excon allows us to demonstrate our technological advancements and innovation. This helps in differentiating us from competitors and position our brand as a leader in the field.

We would like to make some suggestions to the organisers. It could implement a business matchmaking system that connects exhibitors and visitors based on their interests and objectives, enabling more productive interactions. There can be a mechanism for feedback from both exhibitors and visitors to gauge their experiences. The organisers can use this input to make real-time adjustments during the event and plan improvements for future editions. Further, they can help reduce wastage and promoting eco-friendly alternatives through use of digital brochures, recycling bins, and energy-efficient lighting.

Tarun Datta - Director, Nish Earth Movers

Tarun Datta, Director
Trade shows like Excon are a great way to meet potential customers, manufacturers and suppliers, learn more about your competitors, and is a good place to introduce a new product or service. Being able to explain your offerings in person and answer questions is the best way to bring awareness on an innovative product. Being part of an industry event is a good way to raise your company profile and generate brand awareness. Plus, there are other advertising and sponsorship opportunities. Face to face meetings with OEMs is a great way to build relationships.

We are planning to buy superior class of excavators with more attachments for doing heavy work in mining, legacy waste, and drains, and screeners for waste management projects as the more segregated material we get, the better will be the outcome. Piling rigs is also on my list for my upcoming projects. Introducing advanced and new technology into our project sites will streamline processes, reduce costs, reduce wait times and improve customer experience. What one needs is a new technology implementation plan that considers all the stakeholders.

Through Excon, apart from learning new things, we have also built new relationships, established connections with like-minded people, and even got to know clients and vendors on a more personal level. I am more inspired to finish an idea when I have an audience! It is great to be part of such an event which gives encouragement and guarantees that someone will appreciate your work and help find new connections and high-tech solutions. Whether it is admin, marketing, branding, product development, or e-commerce, as a business owner it is important to develop and showcase your skills to grow your business.

Abhijit Som - MD, Fayat Road Equipment Division (India)

 MD, Fayat Road Equipment Division (India)
Excon has proved itself as the most valuable construction show in India for over two decades. This has been possible since all the manufacturers actively participate in this event with a wide portfolio of new products and solutions. Also, the timing of the show during the start of construction season, means that we see a lot of serious buyers with Bangalore being a well connected city hosting the show.

We will be showcasing our complete Fayat Road Equipment portfolio suitable for the Indian market. We will also showcase our technologies for road construction, including compaction and paving from Dynapac, asphalt batch plants from Marini, road maintenance from Secmair, vibro hammer from PTC, and Redline light equipment.

We would like to make three suggestions to the show organizers: to collect and share visitors’ volume by day with region and type of visitors to show how the show is picking up. Also, if we can create specific focus product for each day for the press so that they can make vlogs that can be published every day. This would be a big help for customers.

Thirdly, allowing exhibitors to host customer meetings in their stalls for 1.5 hrs to 2 hrs after the close of the show with some finger food and beverages would allow good networking without having to travel to their hotels.

Karan Gandhi - Director, Express Equipment Rental & Logistics

Director, Express Equipment Rental & Logistics
Excon is one of the most prestigious exhibitions that showcases different aspects of the construction industry, such as infrastructure, supply chain, equipment, and machinery and helps in giving a further push to the country’s infrastructure development goals. It provides our organisation EERL with a unique opportunity to interact with various OEMs, develop strategic alliances, demonstrate new products, observe competitors, and acquire new customers.

Precision is key to ensuring the safety of a crane project and devices are being developed to use technology to this end. The industry generally has been slow to adopt technology, especially with the worry that it could take jobs. But having seen the latest advances in equipment, we’re excited to get it out there along with our years of experience and expertise and are confident that technology will make jobs easier and safer.

As we all know, infrastructure projects are at their peak in India. We are currently looking to expand into this sector with investments in new heavy lifting machines as well as construction and material handling equipment. We have always been open to expand our fleet and explore different industries across India.

Excon is like a mirror that reflects future trends. Attending the event in the past has helped us in knowing more about the latest machinery and projects. It has provided us with the opportunity for long-term returns in terms of developing strong linkages with customers, distributors, and alliance partners.

Shalabh Chaturvedi - Managing Director, CASE Const. Equipment

 Managing Director, CASE Const. Equipment
Excon 2023 comes at an opportune period as the CE Industry in India looks set to scale unprecedented heights. Over the last two decades, Excon has evolved into becoming the foremost platform for bringing together all stakeholders of the Construction Equipment value chain in the entire South Asia. For us, as exhibitors, since the onset of Excon in early 2000’s, this platform has been a valuable opportunity to meet and engage with potential customers, dealers, suppliers, and other stakeholders, thereby creating an ideal platform for networking and exploring new markets and regions. It creates the perfect environment for establishing connections with end customers, soliciting their feedback, and gaining a deep understanding of their needs. The tradeshow allows brands to showcase cutting-edge solutions, products, and services.

Excon grows larger and more impressive with each passing year, placing increasing importance on organizers to innovate and ensure the event’s success for all stakeholders, including participating brands, investors, and potential customers. I believe the organizing team is well-coordinated and committed to elevating this event to a global standard.

As a participating brand, we would recommend that we embrace sustainability not just as a topic of discussion but as an integral part of our daily lives. We can minimize waste through eco-conscious initiatives such as adopting digital signage and implementing recycling stations. Additionally, event organizers could facilitate networking sessions to foster connections between exhibitors and potential partners, customers, and investors.

Rohit Agarwal - Vice Chairman, Ramesh Kumar Bansal and Director, Maa Karni Infratech

Vice Chairman - Ramesh Kumar Bansal, and Director - Maa Karni Infratech
Tradeshows like Excon play a pivotal role in overall planning and execution of Infra projects, especially those related to Technology Implementation and Machinery Management. Here, Infra Contractors get to learn about new technologies and advancements, apart from the routine and conventional methods for executing projects. These technologies give a leading edge to contractors by improving efficiency and ensuring before time completion of projects. By engaging directly with OEMs and higher management, visitors learn about future advancements and developments.

Excon is a space for exploring a wide range of products spanning small spare parts to big plants and where a contractor’s daily purchase requirements as well as big capital investments can be easily met. We look forward to investing in Mobile Crushers, Batching plants, Automation and products for Highways, Bridges and Building Construction. Our company’s vision is to move forward by integrating Artificial Intelligence through Advanced Telematics, while using clean and green form of energy like Solar and Electric power. This will ensure real time monitoring of projects, generate huge savings with timely completion and early bonuses.

Excon has always been a phenomenal place to network with fellow peers and Industry experts. Indeed, Excon offers a perfect opportunity to find solutions for our real time problems that will assist us in moving our business forward.

Arvind K Garg - Senior Vice President and Head, L&T Construction & Mining Machinery

Senior Vice President and Head, L&T Construction & Mining Machinery
Excon is a well-established and widely popular platform for showcasing newer technologies and the latest construction equipment, and gaining insights into the ever-changing customer preferences. It brings together corporates, large infrastructure companies, contractors, subcontractors, project construction professionals, and retail customers to interact with OEMs and suppliers. Komatsu and L&T have been participating in Excon since its inception. This year, along with our new advanced construction equipment, we will present the Komatsu HB 205, a cutting-edge hybrid model.

The Construction Equipment Industry is quite upbeat about the sector’s growth prospects and emerging opportunities arising out of the Government’s drive for infrastructure development. This year’s Budget and subsequent announcements on infrastructure investment and sustainable development have laid out a clear growth-oriented path for the Industry.

Led by industry leaders who are part of Excon’s Steering Committee, every edition of the exhibition has witnessed improvements in every aspect. This is because the Steering Committee continuously discusses and deliberates on ways and means for improving the overall customer experience at the exhibition, which is the largest in South Asia for Construction Equipment.

Angad Bedi - Managing Director, BCD Group

Managing Director BCD Group
I think trade shows like Excon not only offer a great platform for infrastructure and construction companies to showcase their innovation to a large audience but also help in creating future prospects. Owing to India’s growth story and the government’s focus on enabling the sector, this is the right time for the sector to scale up and leverage the presence of diverse OEMs from across the globe. Besides, the extensive infrastructural growth and real estate developments call for agility, timely delivery and swift turnaround to get the best out of the booming markets. Through trade shows like Excon, the infrastructure & construction companies can get exposure to global expertise, advanced tech and tech-enabled systems that can transform the sector big time. I can say from past experience that Excon does provide a robust platform for infrastructure and construction companies who are looking for the right networking channel and tech-enabled solutions to take their operations to new heights.

Nandakumar PS - Projects Head, Assetz Property Group

 Projects Head Assetz Property Group
Assetz Property Group has always stayed at the forefront of innovation to drive excellence in our projects. Participating in the upcoming Construction Equipment Exhibition and Fair – CII Excon 2023 is going to be an exciting opportunity to carry our legacy forward by directly engaging with the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) of the construction equipment. The engagement is not only going to be about acquiring cutting-edge high-tech equipment, but it will also be about forming strategic partnerships that will empower us to complete projects in a timely and cost-effective manner. We are looking for such equipment that will help us accomplish complex construction tasks easily and with higher efficiencies. We look forward to work with opportunities in providing sustainability in our construction and mechanize the works as much as possible with less dependability on labour force. Opportunities abound for our organization to acquire tools and techniques that will drive us forward, ensuring we deliver top-notch projects that meet the demands of our customers.

Manojit Haldar - Managing Director & President, Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology India

Managing Director & President, Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology India
Excon has been instrumental in promoting technology and attracting visitors from across states, regions and countries. As the largest construction equipment exhibition in South Asia, Excon presents a priceless occasion to elevate our brand’s prominence and exhibit our technological prowess. Sandvik has consistently led the way in providing customers with top-tier technology and futuristic products for enhancing their productivity, efficiency, and, most importantly, operational safety.

With participants and visitors hailing from across the globe, Excon affords us a unique opportunity to connect with industry peers, potential customers, and partners. It’s the perfect stage to unveil our innovations in both products and service offerings.

Excon 2023 holds extra significance for us as it will allow us to spotlight our innovations, emphasize our Made in India products, and showcase a range of products, including the tunnelling jumbo, drill rig, drum cutter etc being manufactured here, along with futuristic technologies, digitalization, and automation in the construction and mining space.

While the organizers have effectively utilized digital technologies to attract visitors, it’s crucial to address the pressing need to enhance the on-ground experience at the event, including the health and hygiene, safety precautions, and medical alertness at the venue, as these issues have been a source of inconvenience for everyone attending. I wish CII a grand success as it enters its 12th edition and wish that it continues to expand in the years to come.

Rajiv Poddar - Joint Managing Director, Balkrishna Industries

Joint Managing Director Balkrishna Industries
Participating in platforms like Excon aligns perfectly with our business strategy at BKT Tires. Such events provide us with a multifaceted approach for achieving our business objectives. Excon is a renowned event in the construction and infrastructure sector, bringing together key industry players. This allows us to explore potential partnerships, collaborations, and new market possibilities, all in line with our strategic goal of expanding our global footprint and customer base.

The event serves as a stage to showcase our commitment to innovation and excellence in the tire industry. This sets us apart as industry leaders and demonstrates our competitive edge over our peers and competitors. The increased visibility helps solidify our brand’s recognition and recall among our target audience. It helps us explore growth opportunities, strengthen our brand presence, and showcase our technological capabilities.

Williams RJ - CMD, Hailstone Innovations

CMD, Hailstone Innovations
We have participated in many editions of Excon – the largest construction equipment event in South Asia. As one of the associate sponsors, we are looking forward to this year’s event in Bengaluru, where we will showcase our latest products. Team Hailstone is all geared up for the mega event and we also plan to make some important product announcements and also attend the industry conferences by CII, BAI and ICEMA.

Excon 2023 is the 12th edition of the exhibition, and I am sure the organizing arms are doing their best to ensure a great outcome. This UFI-approved event will have more than 1400 exhibitors including 350 from abroad. As more than 80,000 business visitors are expected, the organizing team should focus a lot on ensuring proper logistics, people management, and safety.

Kishan Govindaraju - Director, Vaishnavi Group

 Director, Vaishnavi Group
The upcoming Construction Equipment Exhibition and Fair –CII Excon 2023 is a strategic event for the real estate industry and particularly for developers in Bengaluru. This event has the potential to revolutionize ongoing and upcoming projects. It will be an opportunity for real estate companies to explore latest technological advancements and innovations. The event also presents an opportunity to engage with leading OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) and explore their technological offerings which will empower developers to complete projects on time and within budget. We are exploring technological offerings that can help us achieve new benchmarks and provide unparalleled safety to our construction workers.

Vikram Rana - Director, Abhay Rana Infra Services

 Director, Abhay Rana Infra Services
Excon gives us an excellent opportunity to showcase world-class products like the Magni Telehandlers. The industry of Pick and Carry Cranes & Small Cranes is moving to telehandlers which offer versatility in applications with different attachments like Rotating Man Platform, Hooks, Forks, Winches, Tyre Handler, Pipes Handler, Demolition Grab, Bucket, Vacuum Lifting Attachment for Handling Glass Facades etc. The use of multiple attachments on a single machine makes these machines a must have for all industries, projects, and construction sites.

Magni Telehandler is a marvellous innovation with option to switch operation of the machine to remote control, while real-time load sensing/safety by the Magni Screen makes the telehandler unique.

Rajiv Chaturvedi - Vice President, Hyundai Const. Equipment India

 Vice President, Hyundai Const. Equipment India
For Hyundai India, Excon is an excellent platform to showcase its new product offerings, strengthen its Brand presence, explore more opportunities for new business developments and build lasting relationships with key stakeholders. Therefore, we are looking forward to the 2023 edition to showcase a wide range of our new products & latest technologies in excavators, introduce new value added services and to network with customers to understand their expectations and explore future possibilities for business growth.

I feel that to make the show a complete success, CII, the organizers of the event, will have to address certain ongoing issues. One of them is ensuring a smooth flow of traffic and providing proper pick-up/drop and parking facilities at the exhibition grounds for the convenience of exhibitors and visitors. This may be done in collaboration with the local administration of the state.

The other suggestion is that the organizers should make preparations for handling any unforeseen incident that could adversely impact the event, such as the heavy rains that lashed the 2021 Excon venue and flooded it. We would also like to request CII to make special arrangements for VVIPs and other decision-making senior officials to allocate their minimum time to interact with major lead exhibitors of the industry, so that big and important exhibitors get a platform to highlight their contributions to the CE Industry and also network with government officials.

E. Moses - Executive Vice President - Division Head, Kobelco

Executive Vice President - Division Head, Kobelco
Excon is a boon for the construction industry as it demonstrates advancements in technology, innovations in products, and future-ready solutions. It is a premier platform where the end-users, manufacturers, investors and infrastructure stakeholders can interact with each other. In fact, there is no better time and place than Excon for customers and manufacturers to regroup, review and assess solutions, and for end-users to get first-hand experience on the range of equipment and services that they may need for their business.

Kobelco is continuously investing to further improve its products and services to meet customer expectations. Our wide range of products on display will reflect world-class mechatronics, the latest technology and advanced hydraulic systems. We look forward to promising interactions with our valued customers, industry peers and business partners.

Even though Excon organizers create and market an environment with a powerful exhibitor experience for OEMs like us, there is still scope for some improvements like additional mobile towers with enhanced band width, network boosters so that exhibitors can manage their online portals flawlessly, more hygienic washrooms, and more pre-event marketing activities to create more awareness. A dedicated App can also work wonders. A push notification on the App during the event could help in increasing customers interest and footfall.

Siva Ramalingam - Fiori Concrete Machines

Fiori Concrete Machines
Platforms like Excon help in maximizing the reach of any product to all customer segments. It is an opportunity to ensure that your brand becomes visible to all potential customers who can view the products on display and understand and compare the technological differences with other similar products. For enhancing the exhibitor and visitor experience, one key suggestion would be to improve the entry and exit to the venue and the parking lots.
NBM&CW November 2023
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