Co-located with the IFPE exhibition for fluid power, power transmission and motion control, CONEXPO-CON/AGG, an international triennial exhibition for the construction industries, showcasing the latest equipment, products, services, and technologies, is gearing up to take place at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas from 7-11 March, 2017. CONEXPO-CON/AGG and IFPE are organised by the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM), which also is the show owner.

CONEXPO-CON/AGG will be represented by around 2,500+ exhibitors over 2,500,000 square feet and will have more than 150 education sessions on asphalt, aggregates, concrete, earthmoving, lifting, mining, utilities and more. Nearly 700 new exhibitors will present their breakthrough products and technologies for the first time. A few important players from the lifting and specialized transport industry who will be exhibiting their innovative and latest solutions during the show are presented here:

Manitowoc to drive innovation in the lifting industry at CONEXPO

The very latest in lifting technology will be on display at the Manitowoc booth. A host of unique innovations from across the company's range of crawler cranes, all terrain cranes, rough terrain cranes, boom trucks, tower cranes, and self-erecting cranes will underline the manufacturer's pre-eminence across the spectrum of lifting applications.

Manitowoc Potain MDT 219
Barry Pennypacker, President and CEO, Manitowoc, said that the company's showing at this year event reflects its new direction as part of The Manitowoc Way. "The Manitowoc booth will be the premier destination in the Gold Lot at CONEXPO. Each of the cranes on display will combine class-leading design and performance, as a result of key inputs from our customers in the development of our products. This underscores our long-standing commitment to innovation," he says. "We are unveiling a number of cranes that should surprise and delight customers. As a company, we're committed to bring greater velocity to our operations, and to introduce new products more rapidly to improve the return on invested capital for our customers. Innovation and velocity are the primary drivers of The Manitowoc Way company culture, and CONEXPO is another opportunity for us to present that to the industry."

Manitowoc is keeping details of several of its new cranes under wraps until the show itself. The company's past appearances at CONEXPO shows have been characterized by the unveiling of show-stopping, new launches, and 2017 is sure to continue the tradition.

Among the cranes, the company has confirmed for the show, are the GMK5250L and the GMK5150L from the range of Grove all terrain cranes. These two long-boom units will be appearing for the first time at the trade show. Both models are mounted on five-axle carriers and as their badges suggest — are notable for their boom lengths. The 70 m (230 ft) boom available on the 250 t (300 USt) GMK5250L and the 60 m (197 ft) boom available on the 150 t (175 USt) GMK5150L, are the longest in each of their respective classes.

Both machines also feature a single engine, an innovative design concept pioneered by Grove in larger all terrain cranes. The inclusion of only one engine delivers a number of benefits, including more flexible configurations for travel. This is especially useful for U.S. customers, who frequently have to adjust the transport configurations of their cranes when moving from state to state, or even from county to county.

Manitowoc Grove GRT 8100
Another Grove mobile crane confirmed for CONEXPO 2017, is the GRT880 from the line of rough terrain cranes. This new 75 t (80 USt) capacity unit is being publically displayed in North America for the first time. Boasting a new design, which also features on the company's GRT8100, the GRT880 incorporates Manitowoc's Crane Control System, or CCS. Both the cranes are more reliable than ever before, thanks to the extensive product testing performed at the company's Product Verification Center (in Shady Grove, Pa.) In this facility, each component undergoes extensive validation as part of the design process, to deliver better overall product performance.

The Manitowoc range of crawler cranes will be represented with a product at the company's booth. For the Potain brand of cranes meanwhile, there are three machines on show: one new self-erecting crane, plus two top-slewing tower cranes. The self-erecting crane is the Hup 40-30 from the innovative range of machines that were unveiled in 2016. The unit is appearing at a major exhibition like CONEXPO for the first time and its headline feature is the class-leading versatility and agility of design that offers 16 different options for configuration. Technology features strongly, too, with the Hup 40-30 including a new remote control; Potain's Smart Set Up software; and High Performance Lifting (HPL) winch technology.

The two Potain top-slewing cranes at CONEXPO have a strong technology focus, primarily through their updated design that incorporates CCS. The MD 559 will showcase how CCS technology has been incorporated into Potain's line of high capacity MD cranes. From the topless range of Potain cranes, the company will show the MDT 219—the highest capacity model in the MDT CCS City tower range, which was introduced in 2016.

The inclusion of CCS in Potain tower cranes brings a number of advantages, including fast and easy set-up, which can be managed in as little as 15 minutes. The technology also offers closer management of lifting operations which in turn delivers greater capacities. Maintenance is easier thanks to the on-screen maintenance tool, while the usage of standardized components means spare parts are easily available.

From the National Crane brand, an all-new boom truck series will make its tradeshow debut. Manitowoc will feature a model from the NBT40-1 series, a new trio of boom truck cranes that are fully compliant with ANSI A92.2 and ASME B30.5 ratings, as well as OSHA standards, to offer customers the versatility of both a boom truck and an aerial lift. This new series will be especially useful for the utility industry, where energy work on power lines and new infrastructure construction often require the use of both a crane and an aerial platform.

Manitowoc's booth will also include interactive exhibits related to a range of services such as Manitowoc Crane Care customer support program and Manitowoc Finance arm. The company will occupy Booth G3348 in the Gold Lot at CONEXPO 2017.

Linden Comansa to exhibit the LCL310 crane

Linden Comansa LCL310 Luffing Jib Tower Crane
Linden Comansa, as in the previous editions, will exhibit along with Linden Comansa America (LCA), the manufacturer's exclusive North American distribution and service company. The group's booth location is G-2789 in the Gold Lot of the outdoor exhibition area. Visitors to the booth will be able to learn about the LCL310 luffing jib crane — the first time a luffer has ever been displayed by Linden Comansa in the Americas. The group will also highlight other cranes and new developments leading up to ConExpo:

Making its first appearance ever at ConExpo, the LCL 310 luffing-jib tower crane comes in three versions: 12, 18 and 24 tonnes. Its máximum jib length is 60 metres, allowing different jib configurations for maximum reaches every 5 metres. This luffing-jib crane, with a compact design and reduced out-of-service position is ideal for use in cities or congested job sites.

Although not displayed in Las Vegas, the LCL700 luffer will be another good reason to visit Linden Comansa's booth. This new model, the largest luffing-jib crane in the Linden Comansa lineup, will be officially launched just a few weeks before ConExpo and will be offered in 50 and 64 tonne versions. The virtues of the LCL700 make this crane to fit perfectly in the US and Canada markets, as well as in the large cities of Latin America. Therefore, Linden Comansa expects to receive many information requests from the ConExpo attendees.

Large flat-top tower cranes have been traditionally most common in North America, and also Linden Comansa's most successful in the region. Therefore, the 21LC335 and 21LC550 models will be highlighted during the show, as they have been recently upgraded and optimized to load up to 20 and 25 tonnes respectively.

The 21LC450 crane is another recently developed flat-top model with a good reception in the North American market. Linden Comansa will be spreading this model, with maximum load capacity of 25 tonnes, of which some units have already been delivered to the West Coast.

The 3000 Series of flat-top tower cranes consists of two models with heavy maximum loads, from 32 to 90 tonnes. These cranes cover the necessities of the industrial and infrastructure construction market, not only in the Americas but in the entire world.

The LC1600 Series features an integrated tower top and counter-jib into one component. With maximum loads from 8 to 12 tonnes, its three models are already having a strong entry in many Latin American countries.

With a wide variety of recently introduced Linden Comansa models, the ConExpo visitors will have more equipment choices to select from to better meet their next project or their local market needs — whether from North or Latin America, where the majority of trade show visitors will be from.

Liebherr to unveil rough-terrain cranes

Liebherr Rough Terrain Crane
Liebherr has extended its range of mobile crane with an additional series of rough-terrain cranes in the 90 tonne (100 USt) and 100 tonne (110 USt) classes. The Liebherr rough terrain cranes LRT 1090-2.1 and LRT 1100-2.1 will be unveiled to the public at the Conexpo construction machinery trade show. They feature high performance, safety and comfort.

The development of the new generation of Liebherr rough terrain cranes was preceded by extensive market surveys and analysis into the requirements for modern RT cranes, particularly in the main market of North America. In addition to the capacity of the cranes, particularly their safety resulting from ease of operation, was one of the main focal points for the development of the new cranes.

The two newly designed LRT cranes are based on the same basic technical concept. The crane chassis and turntable are almost identical. The differences relate to the boom length, telescoping technology, ballast weight and lifting capacity.

High safety levels in every aspect were the main priority for the design of the new Liebherr LRT cranes. Both new crane models feature an outrigger monitoring system as standard. The VarioBase®, variable support base developed by Liebherr as standard on the new LRT cranes, makes an important contribution to enhancing safety. VarioBase® allows each individual outrigger beam to be extended to arbitrary lengths. The crane work is controlled by the load moment limiter within the LICCON controller which calculates the maximum load capacities precisely for the current situation. This prevents accidents by human error during the assembly process and while hoisting loads.

Safety is also enhanced by providing greater comfort to the crane operator. There are ladders, a large number of handles and an electrically extended platform on the cabin to ensure safe access to the crane.

The two newly developed LRT crane models will be launched by Liebherr as the first mobile cranes which meet global safety standards and comply with all global regulations such as the US standard ANSI B30.5, The European EN 13000, Australian Standards (AS) and the Russian GOST standard.

The new LRT cranes from Liebherr are powerful and robust, have good off-road capability and are also manoeuvrable. Both crane models are powered by a CUMMINS diesel engine which meets all current emissions regulations.

Specialized Vehicles

Goldhofer setting new standards at Conexpo

At Conexpo stand G-4416, Goldhofer will be presenting its two big attractions to its American customers: a 6-axle ADDRIVE with three self propelled axle lines and an STZ-P 9 (3+3+3) AA low loader semitrailer for use on North American highways.

ADDRIVE is something special: With its enormous versatility and wide range of potential applications, this switchable drive, which was unveiled at Bauma in Munich, optimizes working with heavy-duty modules – whether they are operated as towed modules or as self-propelled modular transporters. That obviously means greater efficiency in terms of fleet management, since ADDRIVE offers greater flexibility and improved economics.

The attractions of the system include efficient vehicle mobilization and fast and easy reduction of the overall weight, for example when bridges have to be crossed. In such cases the tractor is simply disconnected and ADDRIVE switched to the self-propelled mode. That avoids the need to unload the cargo onto a separate self-propelled module. In addition to solving problems with weight limits on bridges, this solution is equally applicable to tricky situations involving tight bends, serpentine roads and roundabouts.

Goldhofer STZ P 9 Loader

Goldhofer ADDrive
ADDRIVE in operation
Goldhofer's engineers have designed the ADDRIVE with a free-wheeling mode: As soon as a certain speed has been reached, the system disconnects automatically from the drive and functions as a normal heavy-duty module for towing at speeds of up to 80 km/h. With the drive axle uncoupled from the motor, there is no more oil flow. That means there can be no overheating of the drive, and – with the related sources of wear and resistance eliminated – it significantly reduces maintenance.

Another big advantage: If a hill climb calls for a short-term increase in available power, ADDRIVE is simply reactivated by pressing a button. In some cases that avoids the need to have a second tractor in attendance. And it is especially safe: ADDRIVE is the world's first heavy-duty module to have a particularly quick-acting electronic braking system (EBS).

For years, the semitrailers in Goldhofer's STZ-P series have proven themselves as reliable partners in the heavy haulage industry. With swing-axle technology, maximum frame strength and extendible decks plus a choice of vehicle widths and various wheelbases, these semi lowloaders set the standard. The STZ-P 9 (3+3+3) AA is also extendible between the bogies to comply with US regulations regarding axle spacing. As an additional advantage, the rear bogie can be retracted under load for greater flexibility when negotiating tight bends and roundabouts. On completion of the maneuver, the tractor is then used to return the vehicle to the original length.

At Conexpo, Goldhofer will also be showing its THP/DC Dual Lane solution, which has now reached the production stage. For more information visit us on the Conexpo G4416.

Grand entrance for the TII Group in Las Vegas

As the adage goes "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" – however, the CONEXPO-CON/AGG shows that this is only partially true. The leading American trade fair for the construction and heavy-duty transport sector is known for regularly sending out important impulses around the world. TII Group will be exhibiting various models from its Highway product range in Las Vegas along with driven modular platform trailers as well as lightweight, self-propelled transport solutions.

On Stand G-1723, the world market leader will be presenting vehicles with hydraulically supported pendulum axles: SCHEUERLE Highway Trailer MES, SCHEUERLE Highway Giant PB (PowerBooster), SCHEUERLE SPMT Light and the SCHEUERLE KAMAG K 25 SP. Roland Fischer, Sales Manager at TII Sales, responsible for the North American market, explains: "With our vehicles, we are able to cover an unrivalled range of transportation tasks regardless whether on public roads or factory premises. For heavy transport operations on public roads, we offer approval-optimized vehicle solutions in accordance with the respective approval regulations especially for North America by means of flexible designs for transit through different states and efficient solutions for empty runs."

With the SCHEUERLE Highway Giant PB, the TII Group is exhibiting a Dual Lane Trailer which can be folded together onto standard trucks for efficient mobilization - an innovation introduced by SCHEUERLE in the market. As a result, this saves on cost-intensive approval processes. The design not only allows different vehicle widths (4.8 m, 5.4 m, 6 m) but also offers the possibility to safely widen the vehicle when under load. Adapting to the wide range of regulations in force in the individual US federal states can therefore be carried out simply and cost-effectively for transit transports using just one vehicle. In order to achieve an optimal payload / dead weight ratio, the bogie units have been designed with a particularly stable, lightweight construction. As a connection to the truck tractor, a gooseneck or drawbar is used whereby equipment such as spacer coupling elements or decks can also be incorporated without any problems. The centrepiece of the Highway Giant is the proven pendulum axle technology from SCHEUERLE. The hydraulic cylinders in the pendulum axles provide the greatest displacement volume on the market in order to be able to drive under and pick up loads. The SCHEUERLE pendulum axle bearings, in combination with the precise and easy-to-operate steering, guarantee simple manoeuvring also when negotiating extremely tight bends. With the SCHEUERLE Highway Giant PB, an auxliary power unit provides additional thrust during the journey and facilitates the use as a self-propelled vehicle without a tractor. Thus, in certain circumstances, requiring a second tractor during transportation can be eliminated, and the load can also be easily manoeuvred when reaching the final destination, even in tight spaces.

The SCHEUERLE HighwayTrailer MES (Modular Extra Strong) on display follows on from the success of the non-modular models and completes the successful SCHEUERLE HighwayTrailer series. It combines the requirements for transporting oversized loads as well as point loads on a single vehicle, and thus allows the owner to realize an unprecedented range of transport assignments using only one modular vehicle. The SCHEUERLE HighwayTrailer MES allows configuration as a semi-trailer for all types of everyday loads as well as connecting with two platform trailers for accommodating extremely long loads, e.g. distribution column, containers or large carriers weighing up to 115 tonnes. This enables transport companies to expand their transport portfolio if required and, at the same time, to use the SCHEUERLE HighwayTrailer MES in a semi-trailer version for handling "everyday orders". This constellation can massively reduce the costs for the vehicle fleet and completely opens up new possibilities for accepting orders with special lengths or very high point loads.


With the SCHEUERLE SPMT Light, the TII Group is showcasing a versatile transport solution for in-plant transportation. The compact design of the vehicle modules is the main feature of the SPMT Light series which is exclusively offered on the world market only by the TII Group. Available as a 2 or 4-axle vehicle, it guarantees optimum flexibility for smaller transport tasks, e.g. in production halls. Payloads up to 220 t are possible. Naturally, the SPMT Light also has the well-known advantages of a traditional SCHEUERLE SPMT such as the robust design of the wheel bogie units and electronic multi-directional steering with all known steering programs. On request, the SCHEUERLE SPMT Light is available with an emission-free electric drive - likewise an innovation from SCHEUERLE which was introduced to the world market in 2016.

With the SCHEUERLE-KAMAG K25 SP, the TII Group is presenting in Las Vegas a tried and tested all-rounder from the area of self-propelled, modular transporters. SCHEUERLE-KAMAG K25 H SP and SPE vehicles are available in three, four or six-axle designs, which provide a very cost-effective addition in order to be able to realize self-propelled transport units with existing K25 H-vehicles. Their advantage lies not only in the low and robust construction but also in the sophisticated control technology. Operators of non-driven K25 H fleets greatly appreciate the SP and SPE models which can be easily coupled with the towed versions. In this way, driven groups of vehicles can be created for on-site transport assignments and, through this, new business fields can be opened up. SCHEUERLE-KAMAG K25 H modules are operational throughout North America.
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