Heralding the advent of another grand event in the global construction machinery industry is the fifth edition of Changsha International Construction Equipment Exhibition with the theme ‘Intelligent New Generation Construction Machinery’

Eight top notched organizers join hands to create China’s largest industry-specific international exhibition and trading platform for construction machinery. The exhibition will bring on a global platform 20 of the World’s Top 50 machinery manufacturers, Top 20 e-commerce platforms, World’s Top 500 companies, and 8 Top Hunan engineering construction companies. Nearly 50,000 people will be interactive online and offline.

Upcoming exhibition set to lead construction machinery intelligence wave

Elaborate preparations are underway to make the 2019 Changsha International Construction Equipment Exhibition a ‘must visit’ event for the construction machinery companies of the world.

To be held at Changsha International Convention and Exhibition Center in May 2019, the Exhibition will put forth the “Belt and Road” concept (the Chinese government’s ambitious foreign policy that involves infrastructure investment in countries along the old Silk Road linking it with Europe); it will bring together professional talents on a single platform, showcase advanced concepts and cutting-edge technologies, and facilitate business negotiations and procurements.

Based on the new concept of “Intelligent New Generation Construction Machinery”; it will highlight the applications and development of intelligent manufacturing and internet+ and technological innovations.

Intelligentization is the current most active innovation and the future of construction machinery. The Exhibition aims to build the most authoritative and influential platform for the promotion, trading and communication of new technologies and new construction machinery in global markets.


Establishing a new benchmark for construction machinery

Now in its fifth year, the Exhibition ranks amongst the most popular construction machinery exhibitions in China. The 4th edition held in 2017 saw 330 exhibitors and 39,000 visitors from all over the world.

In 2019, the exhibition space will increase to 213,0002, and will have 8 indoor pavilions totaling 108,0002 and 3 outdoor pavilions of 105,0002. More than 1200 exhibitors from 30 countries and 150,000 industry professionals including decision makers and buyers from over 100 countries are expected to participate/visit the event. Top 50 world construction machinery manufacturers, and more than 1000 related industrial chain enterprises will also be present.

On display will be thousands of new products and technologies. Exhibits will include machinery for construction, mining, and marine engineering, aerial work platforms, tunnel engineering, municipal engineering, logistics, special vehicles, emergency rescue equipment, re-manufacturing industry, and accessories.

The Exhibition’s official website is open for online registration for exhibitors and visitors, and for fixing appointments between sellers and buyers to conduct sales and negotiations. A special bus route from the exhibition hall to factories of manufacturing companies is also displayed.

Conference Highlights

The Exhibition will host a series of conferences, summits and forums. Participants will include Chinese government officials, academicians of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Engineering, global entrepreneurs and buyers, R&D teams, and other industry experts, who will together create the future of the world’s intelligent new-gen construction machinery. Conferences will be held on the following topics:
  • Construction Machinery Industry Chain Conference
  • Global Construction Equipment Industry Leaders Dialogue
  • Construction Equipment Business Summits between countries along the “Belt and Road”
  • China Construction Machinery E-commerce Application Development Summit Underground Engineering Equipment Technology
  • Industrial Development XiangJian International Forum
  • Global Aerial Work Safety and Standards Summit by International Powered Access Federation (UKIPAF)
  • Changsha International Construction Equipment Chief Technology Officers (CTO) Summit
  • Intl Construction Equipment Enterprise Procurement Matchmaking Conference
  • 9th Engineering Materials Equipment Procurement Management Forum by China Association of Construction Enterprise Management
  • Asian Intl Used Construction Equipment Trading Conference
  • Changsha Intl Construction Equipment Olympics Skills Competition
  • Intl Construction Equipment 2018-2019 Changsha Awards.
As a build up to the grand event in May 2019, the organizers led a delegation of 20 foreign journalists and 30 from within China, to Beijing and Changsha from 16-20 Oct 2018.

A press conference in Beijing gave insights on the objectives of the exhibition, and the detailed planning and preparations being made. It was attended by Chinese print and electronic media and by construction machinery trade media from the USA, Britain, Italy, Russia, France, India, Austria, Germany, Israel and South Korea. Presentations were made by Song Xiaogang, Vice President of China Machinery Industry Federation, Shi Laide, Honorary Chairman of China Construction Machinery Society, Zheng Xiongwei, Executive Chairman of Asia Paciffic CEO Association, Qiu Jixing, Vice Mayor of Changsha Municipal People’s Government, and Chen Shuzhong, Director of Changsha Municipal Exhibition Management Office.

CICEEMedia Gets First Look

A full day city tour in Changsha gave the journalists a close view of the city’s well-planned infrastructure, its high-rise buildings juxtaposed with the beautiful and timeless architecture of the old. Visits to the manufacturing facilities of Zoomlion, Sany, CRCC and Sunward, revealed the massive infrastructure and their manufacturing capabilities. Detailed attention to outdoor landscaping and greening of the indoors with trees and water bodies showed their sensitive approach to the well-being of their workforce.

The Press Conference set forth the following objectives:
  • To create China’s largest industry-specific international exhibition and trading platform for construction machinery
  • Bring more than 20 of the world’s Top 50 machinery manufacturers
  • Bring Top 20 e-commerce platforms, and nearly 50,000 people to be interactive online and offline.
  • Hold the largest Asia / International Used Construction Machinery Trading Conference
  • Set up a special pavilion for the world’s leading engineering construction companies
  • Bring state-owned engineering construction companies (world’s Top 500) and 8 Hunan engineering construction companies
  • Release information on new bidding projects, projects under construction, and large-scale construction equipment procurement requirements.
  • China Machinery Industry Federation
  • China Construction Machinery Society
  • Hunan Provincial Economic and Information Technology Commission
  • Department of Commerce of Hunan Province
  • China Council for Promotion of International Trade Hunan Branch
  • Asia-Pacific CEO Association
  • Changsha Municipal People’s Government
  • Co-organizers: Sany, Zommlion,CRCHI, Sunward, CHTC Jove, Sinoboom, and more.

Advantage Changsha

Changsha has the infrastructure for organizing world-class exhibitions of global standards and the reason why it is considered the best exhibition city in central China

Changsha, the capital city of Hunan Province in China, is the 2nd largest city in central China. It ranks 1st in terms of overall urban competitiveness in the central and mid-west region, and is developing rapidly into an international metropolis and a new information-based economic center

It is an important node city in the Yangtze River Economic Belt. It is China’s 14th GDP trillion club city and a pilot city for “Made in China 2025” strategy. It is the transportation hub of central China, and a traffic juncture where two of China’s busiest expressways - the Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway and the Shanghai-Kunming Expressway - and three high-speed railways - the Beijing-Guangzhou railway, the Shanghai-Kunming railway and the Xiamen-Ningbo railway meet.

As a national high-speed railway hub, Changsha has built a high-speed network of 2 hours to Wuhan and Nanchang, 3 hours to Guangzhou, Zhengzhou, Hangzhou and Guiyang, 4 hours to Shenzhen and Kunming, 5 hours to Shanghai, Hongkong, 6 hours to Beijing.

Changsha’s transportation advantages feature airports, high-speed railways and smooth stretches of long highways and provide the most convenient high-speed access to the world and for exports. Changsha Huanghua Intl’ Airport is amongst the Top 10 airports for domestic passenger traffic, and nearly 100 international routes cover five continents.

The Exhibition Center is adjacent to the Huanghua International Airport, Changsha South Railway Station, Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao Expressway, Changsha Maglev Express Line, Changsha Metro Line 2 and Line 4. Convenient and well-connected transportation modes by air, road and railway, make the Center easily accessible and very cost-effective (logistically) for holding heavy industrial equipment exhibitions.

Manufacturing Hub

As a key and strategic city in central China, Changsha has attained global recognition and standing as a business venue for companies from across the world looking to source machines, components and technologies.

There are 82 large scale construction machinery companies, mainly producing 12 product categories, more than 100 small categories and 400 models. The product varieties account for 70% of the total categories of engineering machinery in China, and the output value accounts for 23% of the domestic total, 7.2% of the global total, the products have been exported to more than 160 countries and regions.


As a global manufacturing base with advanced technology, a full range of products, and the largest scale of production, it brings together top R&D talents in the industry.

The industry output value was 151.585 billion RMB in 2017. Sany Group, world’s largest manufacturer of concrete machinery, in 2018, ranked no.8 in the world and no.2 in China, with a global market share of 3.7%. In 2018, Zoomlion listed no.13 in the world and no.3 in China, with a global market share of 2.3%. Sunward listed no.40 in the world in 2018; its hydraulic static pile driver is the first domestic brand in China.

Changsha’s outstanding resource advantages, including city infrastructure, alternate modes of transportation, easy connectivity, strategic location, and quick access to equipment manufacturing industries, positions it as the ideal city for holding exhibitions of the magnitude required by construction equipment manufacturers.

In 2017, the total output value of scaled enterprises of construction machinery in Changsha was 159.1 billion yuan, and the output value of the whole industry exceeded 160 billion yuan. It is estimated that the output value of this year will reach to 170 billion yuan.

From Big to Strong

There are plans to build an advanced R&D base and accelerate the development of a world-class cluster of construction machinery industries in Changsha. The development of high-end manufacturing will become the top driving force for Changsha’s economic development.

Changsha is a hub of almost 1000 equipment manufacturers like SANY, Zoomlion, Truking, Gree Changsha and Farsoon Tech, who are becoming the backbone of Changsha’s high-end manufacturing with their focus on intelligent manufacturing and innovation.


Changsha has China’s first intelligent production line for rail transit, first high-efficiency photovoltaic cell digital workshop, and first national R&D platform for 3D printing. Important industries include electrical appliances, construction machinery, auto & parts, heavy mining machinery, new energy vehicles, industrial robots, pharmaceutical machinery, marine construction equipment, high-tech shipbuilding, aerospace equipment, etc. In the future, Changsha will actively cultivate high-end manufacturing industries such as robots, high-end CNC machine tools, intelligent electrical appliances, and aerospace equipment.

Changsha International Convention and Exhibition Center

The Changsha International Convention and Exhibition Center set up in 2016, is a world class venue with a wealth of conference venues and advanced conference organization system, with software and hardware facilities and equipment. The first phase project has 148 meeting rooms catering to small meetings of a dozen people to large rooms for more than a thousand people, while the W1 Hall wall with its special sound effects can hold meetings for more than 10,000 people.


Location Advantage
  • The Exhibition Center is situated within the new convention & exhibition town area, adjacent to Beijing-Zhuhai,-Kunming, Changsha-Zhuzhou, Yueyang-Rucheng expressways. Rail transit, urban main roads, expressways and circular driveway of the venues have combined to facilitate both exhibitors and visitors.
  • Only 2 km away from Changshanan Railway Shanghai Station
  • Connected by 4 expressways; and only 5 km away from Yuhua Connection Entrance
  • Four subways are planned nearby, and Guangda Station of Line 2 can take passengers directly to the Exhibition Center – a 2-minute walk
  • 15 km away from Changsha Huanghua International Airport, the world’s top 100 airports, SKYTRAX international three-star airport, with over 130 airlines to more than 90 destinations and an annual handling capacity of 22 million passengers
  • It covers an area of about 800 acres. It has 6 groups of 12 single floor column-free exhibition halls with two entrance halls, inner corridor and outdoor exhibition area, and 2 phases of development.
  • The first phase project completed in 2016 includes the north entrance hall, the central square, west square, inner corridor and four groups of 8 exhibition halls in the north, of which a single exhibition hall has an indoor exhibition area of about 13,500 sqm, and the total indoor exhibition area of about 120,000 sqm.
  • The Center can accommodate about 6,000 indoor standard booths and undertake domestic and international large-scale professional tour exhibitions.
  • After completion of second phase, the indoor exhibition area will reach 177,500 sqm and outdoor exhibition area 85,000 sqm, making it one of the largest and most functional and comprehensive exhibition centers in central China.

APECO to host 2019 Global High-End Manufacturing Summit (GHMS)


International economic organization Asia Pacific CEO Association (APECO) will host a manufacturing summit with the objective to promote innovation, development and cooperation of the manufacturing industry. The Summit will summarize the development law of the global high-end manufacturing process and industry chain, analyze the latest trends in technology, innovation and industrial agglomeration, study the latest industrial layout, seek to understand the investment and cooperation of Fortune 500 companies and global top 500 manufacturing companies, and provide new ideas and platforms for industrial development and growth.

In accordance with the theme of the Summit ‘High Quality Economy – Better Life’, GHMS will aim to address the major concerns of the equipment manufacturing industry, and become instrumental in showing the way forward for future growth and advancement of the industry.

GHMS will be hosted by Changsha Municipal Government and organized by Changsha Convention & Exhibition Management Office and Asia-Pacific Fortune (Beijing) Economic Consulting Center during the Exhibition. It will bring together global leaders from the Fortune Global 500, Forbes Global 2000, top 500 manufacturers, 100 industrial investors, 100 industrial innovators, global top 5000 investment companies, world-renowned experts, scholars, investors, financiers and other important figures. They will discuss issues of high-end manufacturing development and lend an authoritative voice to the development of the real economy.

The Summit will release the “Global Top 500 High-End Manufacturing Companies” and “High-End Manufacturing Industry Changsha Index”, issue the Global High-End Manufacturing Changsha Declaration, promote the establishment of international high-end manufacturing industrial funds, and optimize global allocation of high-end manufacturing resources.

Special attention will be paid to industries such as global equipment manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing, construction machinery, rail transit, electronic information, artificial intelligence, biochemistry, medical care, new materials and new energy; and topics such as industrial internet, artificial intelligence, new energy and materials, and the green era of rail transit.

A highlight will be the release of a global high-end manufacturing cutting-edge technology/project, besides which, high-tech projects involving artificial intelligence and robots, smart homes, unmanned cars, and flexible hybrid electronics, will be launched.

Under the framework of the Summit, the host will establish a global high-end manufacturing laboratory, a world-class manufacturing industrial park, a manufacturing information center of world-renowned institutions, and a trading center of global manufacturing industry.

The construction machinery industry is an important part of high-end manufacturing. Professional partners, attracted by the Summit, will enrich the Exhibition with international resources, enhance its international prestige, and increase its influence worldwide. The Exhibition will also provide more cooperation opportunities for the Summit and consolidate its objectives.

The GHMS will fully utilize advantages of Changsha’s manufacturing industry, actively serve Changsha’s manufacturing industry development strategy, form an international atmosphere of “global high-end manufacturing gathering in Changsha”, and constantly invest projects, technologies, brands and capital resources for industrial development. This may drive international manufacturing brands to set headquarters in Changsha, and promote economy development in Central China, which will play a positive role in promoting China’s manufacturing industry.

As the international sponsor of the Summit, APCEO has adhered to the basic concept of “industrial development being the core of economic development” for decades. It has deeply ploughed into various fields of international industries and has become the world’s most authoritative international economic organization with abundant industrial resources, and the fastest mobilizer of resources.

Zheng Xiongwei, a well-known international economist and global executive chairman of APCEO, pointed out that high-end manufacturing is the fundamental force for development of the world economy and dynamic process of continuous progress. Guided by the new round of technological revolution, the industrial technology system, production mode and organizational form will see major changes. The global manufacturing industry will present a new high-end development trend featuring intelligence, networking, service and sustainability.

Zheng Xiongwei said that from January to July this year, the actual use of foreign capital in China’s manufacturing industry was 150.81 billion yuan, up 8.8% year on year; the actual use of foreign capital in high-tech manufacturing industry was 48.78 billion yuan, up 31% year on year. At the same time, investment in China has also been outstanding. In the first eight months of this year, America’s investment in China increased by 23.6% year on year, and investment has increased by 26.3% year on year from countries along the “Belt and Road”. In view of all this, China’s high-end manufacturing industry (as seen in Changsha) has a broad space for international cooperation.

Sany: Building a Better World

Sany is the leading brand in China for concrete pumping machinery, excavators, crawler cranes, rotary drilling rigs, and coal mining machinery. Its concrete pumping machinery is number 1 worldwide. Sany’s goals are to reshape China’s construction machinery industry with advanced technology; build products recognized for their quality worldwide, innovate to improve them further; exceed customer expectations with unparalleled quality and services; and finally, make sure that ‘Made in China’ means top quality.

Each year, Sany allocates between 5 - 7% of its total sales revenue to R&D projects, It has state-of-the-art technology centres and post-doctoral research centres. As of June 30, 2014, the Sany Group had applied for over 7500 patents. With over 5000 patents already authorized, the Sany group ranks No.1 in the industry. Sany is also committed to providing comprehensive and world-class customer service with 15 logistics and parts distribution centers worldwide.

Sany Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd., Shanghai Sany Precision Machinery Co., Ltd., Sany Turbine Machinery Co., Ltd., and Zhejiang Sany Equipment Co., Ltd., are all located in the Shanghai Industrial Development Zone, which includes the industrial parks of Shanghai, Chuangsha, Lingang, Kunshan, Changshu, Nantong, and Huzhou. The main products manufactured are crawler cranes and excavators.

Sany 2

With manufacturing plants in the USA, Germany, India, and Brazil, Sany is the first Chinese construction machinery company to invest in these countries. Established in 2006, the Sany India facility located in Pune, manufactures concrete pumping machinery, excavators, hoisting machinery and road machinery.

Zoomlion: An Innovation Expert

Zoomlion Heavy Industry Science & Technology Co. Ltd. is engaged in developing and manufacturing high-tech equipment for use in agriculture, building construction, energy, environment and transport engineering. The company has independent intellectual property rights in 11 major categories and 51 product lines, and nearly 1200 leading products. The company ranks among the world best in two business segments: concrete machinery and lifting machinery.

As an international enterprise headquartered in China, Zoomlion is increasing investment in its existing manufacturing facilities locally, while increasing its presence in foreign countries where it is forming Development of International Clusters.


Zoomlion has 15 manufacturing locations in China, including Hunan, Shaanxi, Anhui and others. Overseas, Zoomlion’s facilities are in Italy, India, Germany and Brazil. It has subsidiaries in more than 40 countries, and a marketing, research, sales and service network in more than 80 countries.

It owns 6 offshore financial service subsidiaries, 4 third party financing companies, 19 overseas trade platforms, and 11 overseas spare parts service platforms. The company has become a well-respected engineering machinery manufacturer, ranking 7th in the world. Zoomlion has continuously adapted to market changes with localised products and services, which are integrated with the latest technology to bring value to its customers around the world. Its scientific innovations based on R&D, make production processes more efficient.

Zoomlion Central Research Institute is a global R&D network based in China; it leads various research centres located in Germany, USA, Italy, India and other countries. This network brings together world-wide and local talents to develop, test and refine product protypes, source better raw materials, analyse market changes and customer demands, and ensure that the products are upgraded in accordance with the fluctuating demands.

The research centres also work with local universities and institutes for exchanging cutting-edge technologies and ideas. For the development of its key products, Zoomlion has an R&D platform formed by 7 specialized national level research facilities. It invests 4-7% of the annual sales revenue in R&D employing more than 5,500 people. As of 2014 the company has applied for 7,740 patents, with 5,100 being approved thus far.

CRCHI: Winning Honors & Patents

CRCHI (China Railway Construction Heavy Industry Co., Ltd) is a member of the Fortune Global 500 China Railway Construction Corporation (CRCC). The business verticals of CRCHI include research and design, manufacture, and servicing of high-end underground engineering equipment and rail track equipment. It has manufacturing facilities in Hunan, Sichuan, Gansu, Xinjiang, Shaanxi, Inner Mongolia, Liaoning and Guangdong. CRCHI aims at becoming a world-class company of China, and is positioning itself as an innovative and service-orientated company by adopting professionalization, digitalization, and globalization for sustained growth and progress.

CRCHI enjoys the construction expertise and new techniques from its mother company CRCC, based on which, it undertakes further research and development, and integrates innovativeness into its production processes and applications. All of this has made CRCHI a top-ranking construction machinery manufacturer amongst China’s Top 5 Enterprises, and placed it amongst the Top 50 Enterprise of World Construction Machinery Manufacturers.

With its specialized and customized high-end equipment, CRCHI is positioned strongly in three important industry segments of China: rail track equipment with a one-third market share for its turnout, fastener and clip; tunnel boring machine, with a market share of 85% for its shield machine and hard rock TBM; and specialized tunneling equipment, in which it ranks first in China, for its drilling jumbo and multi-function vehicle.

Honors awarded to CRCHI
  • First Set of the National Major Technology and Equipment Demonstration Unit
  • China Best Independent Innovation Enterprise
  • National 863 Program Achievement Industrialization Base
  • China Machinery Industry Top 100 Enterprises
  • China Construction Machinery Manufacturer Top 10 Enterprises
  • China Rail Transportation Innovative Top 50 Enterprises
  • Typical Enterprise Successfully Transformed to Service Manufacturing Business Credit Rating AAA Enterprise of China Engineering Machinery
  • Chinese Patent Award of Excellence
  • National Advanced Unit of the Enterprise Culture
  • Top 100 Corporate Culture Construction Enterprises
  • SOE Ideological and Political Work Advanced Unit
  • And more.

CRCHI will continue to focus on supplying its equipment to the main industries, while upgrading its products with new, intelligent technical features. It will develop more high-end equipment and drive their sales in an era of artificial intelligence, to become a world leader in intelligent tunnel construction equipment and high-end rail track equipment.

Sunward: Global Competitor

Sunward Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd., headquartered in Changsha City, ranks amongst the Top 50 global construction machinery manufacturing companies and amongst the Top 20 global excavator brands. Major strengths are its equipment manufacturing capabilities, owning independent intellectual property rights, and a strong global influence.

Led by research and development, Sunward is known as an industry leader in innovation. With a total asset of more than 10.8 billion Yuans, its business strategies are focused on “one point and three aspects” (one point refers to focus on equipment manufacturing; three aspects refer to engineering equipment, military equipment and aviation equipment. The company has developed more than 200 products of high performance, with independent intellectual property rights and core competitiveness.


Sunward has a large marketing and service team, and a sales network across the world. Along with having a strong domestic market share, its products are exported to more than 100 countries, and its brand name SUNWARD has been registered in several countries worldwide.

The company has won honors such as the National-Recognized Enterprise Technology Center, the National Study and Work Station for Post-Doctors, the National Innovative Enterprise, the National Innovating Enterprise, the International Science and Technology Cooperation Base, the National 863 Base of Industrialized Products, and the National Mobilizing Center of Engineering Machineries, etc.

Sunward has been visited by party and state leaders Li Keqiang and Wen Jiabao, both of whom appreciated and recognized the company’s innovation ability and manufacturing skill. The company will continue to focus on innovations to create more value for its customers and enhance the quality of life. It aims to introduce products that will impact users and industries the world over, and be seen as a world-class manufacturing company.
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