bc India 2011

The first edition of bC India was successfully organized jointly by bC Expo India, AEM, and MMI along with BAI at Mumbai from February 8 to 11, 2011, effectively projected technical, marketing and managerial capabilities of the construction equipment industry. The mega event not only brought global market leaders of the industry together but also offered an extensive range of construction equipment products and services with special focus on construction equipment market in India representing earthmoving equipment, mining, production of building materials, components, and services. Over 500 exhibitors from 30 countries participated in the show with overwhelming presence of around 70% international exhibitors and remaining being Indian exhibitors. The event had nine international pavilions from Australia, China, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Korea, Spain, and the UK. Coinciding with the event, there were number of conferences, seminars, and buyers meets; several new products and services were launched by the participating national and international companies.

bc India 2011

Speaking at the inauguration of bC India, Thomas Loffler, CEO, bC Expo India said that the endeavour at their end has not only projected the best of national and international technical developments in construction equipment manufacturing relevant to completion of infrastructure projects in India but also offered an opportunity to compare products and services available globally, the best B2B opportunities to all the national and international participants of this trade fair.

In his presentation, Eugen Egetenmeir, Managing Director of Messe Muchean International (MMI) stated that in construction equipment manufacturing and marketing, there has been movement from West to East. The huge international presence at bC India, shows the serious interest of the global players to understand the Indian CE manufacturing and marketing so as to take the best advantages of the emerging opportunities that India’s infrastructure development and progress offered. He urged the authorities to facilitate creation of state-of-the-art exhibiting facilities as demand for such events is increasing in this country. President AEM, Dennis Slater said he was convinced that bC India will indeed play a very important role in the Indian market in the near future.

bc India 2011

The three days mega event witnessed high ranking visitors from national and international construction equipment companies leveraging the event to project CE progress in India and abroad under one roof. More than 22,000 visitors from 69 countries attended this event.

As the curtain of bC India show drew, a strong feeling was lurking in the minds of all those who participated and attended the event: Will bC India turn to be a “Doosara,” hopes and concerns persisted. Whatever the way it goes, it was a well availed opportunity to project participants commitment and concern towards progress and promise of construction equipment community to manufacture and supply quality products and proven services to the clients. Said one of the important captains of the industry, it is too early to give the right assessment but what has been seen in three days, is very promising. India is a huge market with potentials of continuous and sustainable growth.The event witnessed brisk sale of products and services.

All is Well at CE End

At bC India, NBM&CW had an opportunity to interact with a number of national and international captains of construction equipment industry to supplement their phenomenal efforts on expansion, product development and new products, and marketing initiatives including their plans to build their brands in India’s high growth market. In such, interactive exercise busy schedules at both the ends was an important factor in the reckoning. The detailed reports on interactions in the form of Interviews and new launches would follow in the next issue of NBM&CW, but some of the interactions are reported in brief in this edition.

bc India 2011

During the interactions all appeared to be well for most companies as they were quite optimistic towards their business performance. With market becoming more competitive, the companies were seen to be diversifying into new business areas, fine tuning their existing operations, unveiling their ambitious investment plans and gearing up fast to encash emerging business opportunities that the growing infrastructure offered in India. Markets are expanding and so were the ways of the companies to reach them was the common theme of this interaction, sending a strong and loud message about their inherent technical fundamental and capabilities, nationally and internationally, reports NBM&CW's Editorial Team.


The demand for cranes is going up in almost all sectors due to increasing infrastructure development work in the country, more so in port and power sectors. Of late, it is picking up in the construction sector (such as cement and real estate), said Mr. Raman Joshi, Managing Director, Manitowoc Cranes India. Manitowoc, he added is well-equipped to fulfill and serve the burgeoning market with Grove mobile cranes, Potain tower cranes and Manitowoc crawler cranes. The demand in the tower crane segment is also going up.

bc India 2011
Manitowoc’s factory in Pune manufactures tower cranes of various capacities up to 10 ton which is adequately fulfilling the project needs of the country. Such top slewing tower cranes are competent enough to fulfill the needs of construction related projects. The Pune factory is well- equipped to manufacture quality Potain tower cranes. The higher capacity Potain tower cranes, from Manitowoc’s factories in Europe, are also being used in the important Government and private sector projects.

Manitowoc has also invested a lot to further upgrade Manitowoc Crane CARE Service facilities. It is altogether different service concept from those available in the market. It is a satisfying concept for our clients assuring them of maximum investment return on their crane assets. The service is rendered from different locations in the country as per requirement. Manitowoc places great importance on training and retraining personnel, operating and maintaining for safe operation of its crane so that no untoward mishaps can take place while operating the crane. Feedback received from the users of our cranes indicates that Manitowoc products are of superior quality, reliability, serviceability and unmatched technical attributes with capacity requirements and global engineering concepts integrated in the manufacturing thus enabling us to provide innovative mobile solutions, said Mr. Joshi.

Maximum jib length on the MC 125 is 60 m and in standard form, the crane has five possible jib lengths, including the 60 m maximum. The others are 30 m, 40 m, 50 m and 55 m. It also has a maximum free-standing height of 44 m but can reach much higher by telescoping and tying off to structures. The crane’s maximum capacity is 6 t while at the 60 m jib end, it can lift 1.15 t.

The crane’s lifting technology includes a double trolley allowing it to lift 3 t when working with a single trolley or 6 t when working with both. Two versions of Potain’s established 24 kW 33PC15 hoist are available with the crane.

When working with a 480 V power supply, the 33PC15(GH), which has 400 m of rope available for high-rise building work, can offer lift speeds of up to 96 m/min when carrying 1.5 t on the hook. The regular 33PC15, which has 260 m of wire rope available, can reach 90 m/min when working with the same load.

The GT25-5A is a 25 t capacity crane mounted on a three-axle carrier. It has a five-section 40.2 m telescopic boom that offers a 49 m maximum lifting height when working with the jib. Power for the crane comes from a Sinotruck WD615.92 engine, compliant to Euro III standards, offering a power output of 196 kW at 2,200 rpm.

The engine drives a hydraulic system that includes a four-circuit pump that automatically combines pump flows to speed up operations, as needed. In addition, a variable flow hydraulic motor provides the flexibility for optimal line speed. The crane is suitable for tower cranes erection and to set up industrial projects.


Sandvik Mining and Construction unveiled many exciting products at the show including its first representative of a brand new range of Basic Breaker BA2424 specially designed for the Indian market.

bc India 2011
bC India 2011 was not only seen as the perfect opportunity for Sandvik to launch its Basic Breaker line in India but also to showcase recent developments with a particularly Indian flavor and to highlight commitment to the Indian sub-continent market place as a whole, and to India in particular, said R Srinivasa Raghavan, Vice President Construction Segment, Sandvik Mining and Construction Limited.

Simple in design, Sandvik’s new Basic Line utilises fewer working parts for reduced maintenance, together with lower ownership and operating costs. The Basic Line Breakers includes many innovative design elements; they possess a sealed nitrogen piston type accumulator in order to protect the carrier’s hydraulic pump during operation from pressure peaks in the breakers hydraulic circuit. The design also incorporates a long and heavy piston that is aligned with a genuine Sandvik tool, there-by ensuring optimum impact energy transfer with less recoil, in order to minimize carrier wear.

Available in three different housings – Box type, Side plate, and Pin on type – the Basic Line Breakers are easy to mount and operate. Silenced box type housings offer increased noise reduction, making them specifically suitable for urban applications. Although simple, the Basic Line benefits from proven technology, the use of genuine Sandvik parts produced from only the highest quality raw materials, all manufactured to Sandvik quality control standards.

In order to highlight commitment to India, Sandvik’s impressive stand also had different product lines, interactive presentations and unprecedented access to key people within the Sandvik Mining and Construction organization. Some of the products shown include: Breakers (BR3288, BR4099 and BR2155), Basic Line breakers (BA2424), crushing (the Indian produced UJ300/310, US310/UH310 and UV310 semi mobile plants & CJ 411 Jaw Crusher, SV1262 Grizzly feeder), Tunnelling (DT820 Booms), Drilling (DQ500 drill rig).

All Sandvik products have been developed working in conjunction with some of the world’s leading quarrying and construction companies. This ensures that Sandvik produces the right equipment, for the right application with all features that ensure customers benefit from the highest levels of productivity, but the lowest levels of cost of ownership and vitally with minimal environmental impact.

Sandvik Mining and Construction has recently experienced a dramatic increase in sales throughout the Indian sub-continent. This growth has been particularly strong in the product lines that have been developed for India’s specific requirements, many of which are manufactured in India itself. The increasing demand for Sandvik products demonstrates that Indian buyers are keen to utilize advanced, high-quality construction, and mining equipment.

Tractors India Limited

Tractors India Limited (TIL) launched its new TMS 875 truck crane at bC India. The five axles truck crane has a maximum lifting capacity of 75 tons at 3 meters working radius and comes with a four section trapezoidal boom with boom length varying from 11.0 meters to a maximum of 34.6 meters with 360 degree slew. Maximum road speed of the truck crane is 50 km/hr and is powered by AL 680 TCAC 235 HP engine @ 2200rpm.

bc India 2011
According to Mr. S.K. Bhatnagar, Director & President, Materials Handling Division, TIL “TMS 875 comes with a purpose built chassis designed and manufactured by TIL itself, made out of extra high strength steel obtained from Japanese and European sources. Drive line has been sourced from Indian manufacturers. Four outriggers have been provided to provide extra stability to the machine. Hydraulics have been obtained from leading European manufacturers.” He said “with the quality features, the product is a better offering as compared to European and Chinese cranes to Indian customers at a competitive price.”

TIL also launched its new TMS 10, 10 ton truck mounted crane.TMS 10 can lift 10 tons @ 3 meters working radius. The crane comes with a three section boom varying from 7.8 meters to a maximum of 19 meters. The maximum working radius of the crane is 17 meters and maximum tip height is 25.7 with jib. The two axle truck with four outriggers is mounted on Indian, Ashok Leyland chassis with rated power of 118hp@2500 rpm. The gross vehicle weight is 10,500kg. As per Mr. Bhatnagar: “TMS 10 will compete in certain areas with pick n carry cranes in the Indian market.”

Mr. SK Bhatnagar also briefed about TIL Group’s plans to expand its product portfolio, particularly its crane range and related expansion and diversification programme, The Material Handling solutions division at present manufactures, markets and services equipment pertaining to diverse material handling needs, as well as port and road building solutions. Currently, TIL produces nearly 200 mobile cranes a year at its Kolkata factory. A second factory is being set up in Kharagpur to manufacture higher capacity crane products with an investment of Rs 100 crore. The new facility which will be fully modernized and state of the art is expected to be ready by 2013, he informed.

TIL compreh- ensive product portfolio covering various critical sectors, along with its upcoming manufacturing facilities is expected to transform the Group into a formidable and forceful icon in the construction equipment and material handling solutions space, large enough and strong enough whose impact could be seen in the next 2-3 years or even earlier as it proceeds with its most ambitious and diversified expansions.


Discussion with Mr. Kevin R Thieneman, President Caterpillar Asia Pte Ltd covered Remanufacturing as Cat’s new focused area, global and Indian construction equipment market scenario, policy measures impacting business environment and strengthening of Caterpillar’s presence in India.

bc India 2011
On Remanufacturing in which the company has been a big votary both at WTO and in India, Kevin made his stance very clear that it is the most economical manufacturing route. In the present contest, it appears to be a good concept where cost of manufacturing counts. It is a time tested and economical concept offering best solution for high end and other sophisticated products. Low quality products lack sophistication and high tech attributes rendering operations unproductive as well as uneconomical. It is going to be economically unviable to manufacture these like inventing the wheel once again and hence the prime need for promoting remanufacturing suitable to a particular region’s industrial requirement. Remanufacturing per se should not cause worry as being seen in some quarters. The impression that it could lead to dumping second hand products is not quite well founded and there is no need to cry wolf about it, was the advice from Kevin.

The markets scenario internationally and nationally in India is undergoing a sea change. With recovery now being more broad-based, demand and supplies are improving a lot. So is the profile and mind-sets of the buyers. Buyers in the market place are being seen as far less sensitive to the price factor as was the case in the past. They are gradually becoming more value addition conscious demanding better technical attributes and assured comprehensive back up technical support for the products and services acquired. Playing on pricing for a foothold in the business is no longer valid in the present context. Competition is becoming more stiff where service components, product life cycle would sway buyers choice. Internal cost reduction in manufacturing and product development, enhanced cost absorption and increased efficiency level would hold the key to sustain competition. Competition, we firmly believe will drive the growth for all, he opined.

Business environment in India has improved a lot. But concerns are still there on policy dithering taking place from time to time especially on environment issues and this need to be sorted out for a stable policy regime. We have great confidence on Indian market place. This has been our focus in the past and it would continue in future too, offering new product line towards meeting India growing infrastructure development needs. Our road map for India is constantly evolving, depending on the need of local demand. We are expanding our operations with appropriate investment plans and, strengthening our market reach. With these measures and reorienting them from time to time as local requirements and demand, we will continue to serve as effectively as possible and participate in the infrastructure development in India not only actively but also proactively.


The just concluded bC India was really a very well-arranged and in fact it was for the first time when such an event took place in India where all major Indian construction equipment manufacturers and a good number of suppliers from different parts of the world were present. Due to this magnificent success, it has now become one of the most important construction exhibitions in India for future, said Mr. Sanjoy Chakrabarty, MD, Soilmec India on the sidelines of the event.

bc India 2011
He further stated that the association of BAI for this event was indeed one of the major reasons for its success, good attendance of builders and contractors from all over the country and BAI session at the same time in Mumbai offered opportunities to its members to visit the show. The number of visitors from all over the world including SAARC countries was really beyond our expectations and as an exhibitor we were more than happy to see this that people took this event very seriously.

At the show, we displayed CFA kit and an innovation of the 24mts CFA conversion kit to fit on a std SR-40 which is going to be the future of India once CFA starts working. Also displayed were our SR-30 with a grab which could travel with a grab mounted, SM-14 and also locally manufactured products like tools and Desanders in various panels.

Soilmec had a very attractive two-storied stand of prefab structure from Trimo where people loved sitting on the terrace with a panoramic view of exhibition ground overlooking the BKC business district skyline in the evening. We did good business there and have made a few good deals with some important customers.


bc India 2011
Talking about German participation at bC India, Mr. Rajesh Nath, Managing Director VDMA India said VDMA office in India is an important contact point for Indian companies to interact with German construction equipment manufacturers as more than 65 important companies from Germany have participated in this mega event under German pavilion. The Indian office of VDMA has facilitated their presence in this show.

According to Mr. Nath, German machinery manufacturers view India as a good market for their products and services and are very keen to participate in this growing market, which is growing fast at present both in size and in its technological status. Apart from setting up their manufacturing facilities in India, many companies are participating in Indian market place through sales and services outfits–all together promoting and contributing to Indo–German trade and economic ties. The total export of German Construction Equipment and Building Machinery export to India touched Rs.1080 crores in 2010.


Volvo Construction Equipment used its extensive display at the show to demonstrate its commitment to improving fuel consumption and lowering emissions in its products – and also to underline the company’s expanding product, manufacturing and distribution capabilities.

The star of the show was a pair of the latest Volvo excavators – the EC140BLC Prime and the EC210B Prime ; the latter specially adapted for work in granite, marble & aggregates quarry applications. These excavators are powered by Volvo engine and engineered to match the hydraulic for superior excavator performance. EC140B Prime comes with the bucket capacity of 0.52/0.57/0.75 Cu.m and operating weight of 14 tons where as EC210B has bucket capacity of 0.85/0.92/1.22 Cu.m and operating weight 22 ton. Both the models are equipped with correct boom/arm/bkt configuration and undercarriage to suit the tough site conditions and delivers 20-25% more productivity and economical in terms of Tons / Litres.

bc India 2011
Volvo provided the full range of road building equipment – Hydraulic Excavators, Wheel loaders, Motor Graders, Soil and Asphalt Compactors, Pneumatic Tyre Rollers and Paver Finishers. This show was featured with display of two types of road machineries – ABG 4361 Paver Finisher and DD 80 model Asphalt Compactor.

ABG 4361 is the virtual partner in paving business of every road construction company - A result of optimum Owning cost, High degree of Paving quality and Ease of operation and transportation. It is extremely versatile in operation with paving width that can be continuously varied from 2.5m to 4.75m, with the extensions up to 5.5.m with add-on segments and can pave up to 300 mm thickness.

Volvo DD 80 Asphalt Compactor provided with multi layer thickness capability with 8 amplitude settings ensuring faster compaction. Its automatic reversal of eccentrics matches the direction of travel for smooth mat finish, combined with higher dynamic linear loads to achieve densities with minimum passes.

L120F is powered by fuel efficient Volvo engine and engineered to match the drive train and hydraulics for superior wheel loader performance. The engine develops high torque at low rpm enabling excellent load carrying capabilities’ at low engine speed thus saving on fuel consumption.Volvo’s patented lift arm system TP Linkage combines high breakout force and excellent parallel movement throughout the entire lifting range.

Volvo also used this platform to highlight its extensive portfolio of products and services that are designed to support the range of machines. Emphasizing on the benefits of Genuine Volvo Parts in servicing and maintenance duties, the Volvo stand promoted the introduction of Reman Hydraulic components into the Indian market.

Volvo has recently invested in a new factory Remanufactured Component Centre in Bangalore whose technicians expertly restore a range of components to an often better-than-new standard (‘Better’ because components are upgraded to the latest iteration of that unit’s development). The facility allows users of Volvo construction equipment to have their used components renovated at a lower cost than buying new and consuming far less new materials and energy. This program is a natural extension of Volvo’s commitment towards a greener environment. In short, Volvo Reman is the economical, convenient and reliable way to maximize uptime and extend the service life of the machine.

Another highlight at Volvo stand was a CareTrack – Volvo’s telematics system that allows remote monitoring and machine diagnostics on all general purpose machines – which is now available in India as standard and comes with a free three-year subscription. While CareTrack offers customer a number of advantages, a primary one is the ability to effectively manage machine maintenance, servicing and repair through the system’s ability to ‘see’ how the machine is performing, Genuine Volvo Parts and CareTrack are both proving useful in maintaining machinery in optimal condition and achieving maximized uptime.


Liebherr displayed its LR 1600/2, 600 ton crawler crane at BC 2011.According to Mr. A.K. Somani, Representative Director, Liebherr India Private Limited: “The crane with its versatile features and 10 percent more lifting capacity as compared to a contemporary product of similar class, is most suitable for Indian applications.” He explained: “Irrespective of weight and size, the crane is ideal for transportation as jib sections can be inserted in main boom section for transportation. Besides, the crane can self load and unload its superstructure and self fit its crawlers, thus making it ideal for working in rural and altogether remote areas in India, where getting skilled manpower is quite critical. The crane comes with special attachments, making it ideal for wind mill construction projects.” Liebherr handed two LR 1600/2 two Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited for construction of 800 MW power projects. As per Mr. Somany, the crane can be used for construction of thermal power plans from 500MW-800 MW.

bc India 2011
The crane can lift maximum 600 tons at11 metres working radius with a boom length of 42 metres. With 48 metres boom length, LR 1600/2 can lift 600 tons at 10 metres working radius. Main boom of the crane is 108 metres without derrick. It can be extended to 144 metres at which it can lift 83 tons at eight metres working radius. Luffing jib is 96 metres. Combination with main boom and luffing jib is 188 metres. With main boom the derrick attachment is138 metres and fixed jib is 36 metres. 190tons is the main counterweight and 65 tons at the carbody. With derrick attachment, the main counterweight can be 150 tons and 65 tons at the carbody. The derrick ballast can be provided at as tray type and wheeled bogie type.

Mr. Somani informed: “LR 1600/2 comes with a novel boom system with only one head section. The crane has variable derrick adjustment system without guiding under load . It can be used with main boom and luffing jib without derrick configuration. While working continuous, change of derrick radius can be undertaken.

Liebherr handed the displayed LR 1600/2 to Western India based crane hiring company, Shethia Erectors and Materials handlers Limited. The key was handed by Mr. Jan Liebherr. Sister Ms. Sophie Liebherr was present during the occasion.

Liebherr also displayed its 71 EC-B5 Flat top tower crane. The crane can lift a maximum load of 5tons at 15.0 metres jib length,4.15 tons at a jib length of 20 metres and at 50 meters maximum jib length it can lift 1.0 tons at 2.4 metres working radius. According to Mr. Hans Martin Frech, Marketing Director, Liebherr-Werk Biberach GmbH, : “71 EC-B5 does not require separate vertical sections to be created, as it gets pushed up by hydraulics during the course of construction of the building. With the hydraulic pushing system, the crane can be deployed in lift shafts and at outside the building as well. “The crane is suitable for highrise construction above 260 metres.

Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd

Mahindra & Mahindra (M&M) launched its ‘EarthMaster’ Backhoe Loader at bC India. The launch coincided with Mahindra’s official announcement of entering into the construction equipment business.

bc India 2011
Highlighting the technical attributes of the EarthMaster, Mr.Kairas Vakharia, Business Head -Construction Equipment, M&M said, “Earth Master is powered by Mahindra’s DITEC Engine, a compact 3.3 litre engine which delivers best in its class 83 HP. The design of the DITEC engine combined with direct injection with turbo charger & intercooler delivers over 10% fuel savings per hour as compared to contemporary products. The DITEC engine is fully loaded with latest technology to minimize emissions that meets BS III norms.” The Earth Master is manufactured at Mahindra’s plant at Chakan in Pune at a state of the art plant with integrated welding, painting and assembly facilitates.. The project cost of the new business is Rs.300 crores.

The EarthMaster is the only backhoe loader in India with standard joystick controls, and is also equipped with the latest generation of hydraulics, comparable to those on large crawler excavators, that allows for precise, simultaneous movements of the backhoe. The EarthMaster comes with a unique REMOTECARE ™ feature enabling its owner to keep track of the machine’s operating status using a mobile phone. In addition, EarthMaster has a cockpit that provides voice and text messages to operators related to machine functions and warnings in six different Indian languages.

In terms of customer support the EarthMaster will come with a 2-year warranty unlimited hours warranty. The company has made a dedicated sales and service network to cater to the requirements of it construction equipment customers, which will include over 200 dealer sales, service and spares parts outlets, 200+ service vans to reach customers’ construction sites, 12 area offices, one central parts warehouse, and regional parts warehouse to supply dealers and a call centre supporting nine languages.

Mr. Vakharia estimated that the backhoe loaders market size is about 25,000 units wherein M&M has installed a capacity of 200 machines per month which could be scaled up very quickly as the demand increases. The company is planning to venture into the production of other earthmoving equipment. However, he declined to give any time frame set by the company for the new products.


Putzmeister GmbH, Germany, a leader and global supplier of Concrete Pumps, Tunneling Machines, Industrial Pumps and Mortar Machines made a notable present at bC India. Mentioning about their presence in India on the sidelines of the show, Mr Michael Schmid – Lindenmayer, MD said, ‘Putzmeister has its state-of the-art manufacturing plant in Goa which is spread over 100,000 sq m. Also we have a countrywide sales and service network with regional offices all over the country. Our company is committed to bring latest Technology to India and believe in Best Products, Best Quality & Best Service.’

bc India 2011
Commenting on their products Mr. Lindenmayer stated, Putzmeister pumps have been deployed at various prestigious projects and are the first choice of real estate and infrastructure companies across India. Our company is the champion in highrise pumping and major projects worldwide are executed with our equipment. Putzmeister has the Largest Truck mounted concrete Pump in the World – M 70. In the prestigious project of Burj Khalifa Tower in Dubai, Putzmeister has broken again its own World record by achieving a pumping height of over 606 m. Last year our BSA 1407 D made history by pumping concrete up to a distance of 800 m at the Delhi Metro Tunnel site, he added.

He said further, our company has been very active in introducing new technology and products to this strong growing market. It has implemented new models for customers which are very simple to operate and very cost competitive at the same time. Among the latest introduction is Stationary Concrete Pump BSA702D, designed for 20 cubic m/h and can be delivered by a reversible drum mixer. Other in line is BSF20.07, a very price competitive and an ideal starter boom placer for road contractors and RMC companies which are still not capable enough of investing in a bigger boom placer.

As far as the high end products are concerned, Putzmeister has introduced the BSA1409D based on free flow hydraulics for customer who requires a higher output. In addition, BSA1408HD, a high pressure pump which can pump building with a height of 200 to 250 m was presented. This model accomplishes to be the industry standard for buildings of these heights. And in order to place the concrete on top of the building Putzmeister has introduced stationary boom systems called MX in combination with the pipelines, valve system, cleaning stations, and accessories.

The Indian arm of Putzmeister is also exporting its products to Srilanka, Bangladesh, S. Africa and South East Asia. In 2010, Putzmeister in India has grown by 160% and has further increased its market share in all product categories.

Wirtgen India Pvt Ltd.

Wirtgen India, displayed its total range of solutions involving Vogele pavers, Wirtgen Road milling machines, recyclers, slipform pavers and the new Hamm 311 Soil compactors manufactured at the Wirtgen India Pune facility.

bc India 2011
Talking about their new development Mr. P. Ramesh, CEO & Managing Director, Wirtgen India said that with the production of Hamm single-drum compactors 311, we have developed a model that is designed specifically for the Indian market. This single drum compactor corresponds to the high standards of quality of the Wirtgen Group but is manufactured locally so that the pricing allows us to prevail on this highly competitive market. The 11 tonne single-drum compactor for earthworks is a high-performance compactor that caters perfectly to the customary bidding requirements in India. A team of engineers and technicians from India and Germany developed the product and established and qualified a new logistics chain onsite in Pune that ensures that the production line is supplied with high-quality components, he explained.

On the group presence in the country, Wirtgen Group has maintained a strong presence in India since 1995 with local sales and service centres in Mumbai, Ahmedabad, New Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, and Kolkata. With the start of production of the Hamm single-drum compactors the workforce is being increased to roughly 185 employees. We are at the beginning of a major success story in India and the country will make its way in the world just like the other emerging markets in Brazil and China. And all brands of the Wirtgen Group will profit strongly from the market success because we have made timely investments in a local production facility.

Wirtgen India has sold hundreds of Wirtgen Group machines in Indian market in the last ten years. With the start of additional major road construction projects, this number will increase dramatically over the coming years. In order to guarantee that the machines would be overhauled regularly and the spare parts are available for the entire country, the Wirtgen Group also invested in a new workshop and a large spare parts centre in Pune. Maximum four machines can be overhauled at a time at the highly advanced workshop which is also equipped with a 20 tonne overhead crane. The regional stores are supplied with original Wirtgen Group parts from the new main spare parts depot that covers an additional 600 m2 of floor space. Customers can also be supplied directly from Pune if necessary. The entire parts dispatch process is controlled via SAP.

Terex Mineral Processing Systems

Terex® Minerals Processing Systems leads the industry with the most advanced portable plants which now includes the NEW Terex® WJ 1175 Wheeled Jaw and WC1000 Wheeled Cone/Screen Plant.

bc India 2011
Terex Mineral (Terex MPS) launched its new Wheel Mounted Crushing & screening Plant Range in India at the bC India Show. The Plant consisting of Wheeled Mobile Primary Jaw Crusher and Secondary Mobile Cone Crusher has been designed to suit the needs of the local market. The Plant would be built at Terex Manufacturing facility at Hosur, Tamil Nadu. According to Mr. Jaideep Shekhar, Director Sales & Marketing-Asia, “This is an important step towards our commitment to serve the local customers with locally designed world class product range.”

Terex MPS would be looking at strengthening its presence in India and across Asia with the launch of the wheel mounted product range. The product would target the Construction, Quarrying and Mining segments. The machine has been designed with many key customer friendly features and aims to be the best in the industry in terms of set up time.

The Terex® Wheeled Crushing & Screening Plant consisting of WJ 1175 and WC1000 is built for portability, especially for applications involving hard abrasive materials. At bC India, the WC 1000 Cone Plant was on display which is an all electric plant which can easily be tied into new or existing secondary, tertiary, and quaternary crushing applications.

The WJ 1175 consists of Terex JW 42S Jaw Crusher Chamber with inlet opening of 1070 mm x 762mm (42" x 30") and comes with Hydraulic Closed Side Setting arrangement. The WC 1000 consists of Terex TC 1000 Cone Crusher and Terex IV Deck Screen. The secondary chassis has been designed with on board hopper and feeder for proper choke feeding of the Cone Crusher.

Providing detailed features of the Wheel Plant range, Mr. Shekhar mentioned, “We now have the full product range to meet the needs of the fixed site customers with our static, Wheeled and Modular Product Range. Terex® Minerals Processing Systems provides a complete range of crushing and screening process equipment to customers around the world. With over 100 years in the minerals processing industry, Terex MPS is dedicated to offering cost-effective solutions for the long term. The equipment range includes Terex® Canica, Terex® Cedarapids, Terex® Jaques and Terex® Simplicity models, plus new Terex® models that we are continually developing to improve performance and efficiency.”


Greaves Cotton launched a premium range of construction equipment for the infrastructure industry and with this, the company augments its already formidable presence with its wide range of products in the 3 segments of Concreting, Soil and Asphalt in the infrastructure equipment industry.

Greaves Cotton (CED – Construction Equipment Division) launched a range of world class, state-of-the-art-technology products including Milling Machines, Paver, Loader, and Twin Shaft Batching Plant at the show.

bc India 2011
The company brings the most advanced, state-of-art BOMAG Milling Machines to India with advanced features like Front Loading, Track Mount & Steering and Auto Control & Auto Engine power regulation. These machines are the latest technology in the road construction industry and their features enhance steering ability, load distribution, safety & operator convenience and efficiency resulting in precision finish of roads. The range comes in 1 to 2 metres and is backed by Greaves service and support assurance.

Also on display was the Paver which offers 9.2 metres of paving width and comes with enhanced screed features offering superior compaction, resulting in high quality finish and undulation effect on roads. The features of Paver offers faster operation, better productivity, low and easy maintenance and operator comfort which is a hallmark of Bomag technology- World leaders in road construction equipment technology.

Continuing from its earlier range of loaders Greaves launched its 5T (ton) loader, extending its range from the already available 3T loader. This loader comes with components from world renowned manufacturers and is manufactured by Greaves technology. With ergonomically designed and fully air-conditioned operators’ cabin as a standard feature coupled with brilliant enhanced features like single lever bucket operation and tilt steering column. This loader sets a new benchmark in this segment with operators comfort resulting in improved productivity and efficiency.

In addition, Greaves also presents its 60cbm Twin Shaft batching plant; an advanced global technology with twin shaft mixer technology offering a range of features for safety and enhanced productivity. This plant comes with a fully automatic software controlled operation and a rigid structure. With the promise of service and support round the clock, this world class technology product is low on maintenance. This product further establishes the leading position of Greaves Cotton along with its varied and wide range of batching plants, stationery & mobile concrete pumps and concrete mixers in the concreting segment of the construction equipment business.


Sany with US$ 7.5 Billion revenue MNC, the largest Construction machinery maker of China & a well-known name in the concrete machinery sector, participated and demonstrated its comprehensive product technology and services to Indian buyers and international Construction industry leaders. The exclusive range of products that were displayed included: Concrete Pump 30C/40C/50C, Boom Pump, Truck Mixer, Concrete Batching Plant, Truck Crane, Crawler Crane, Excavator, and Backhoe loader.

bc India 2011
Sany for the first time exhibited its backhoe loader and excavator to the Indian buyers to fulfill the emerging need of India’s infrastructure sector. Its excavator is equipped with an extra ordinary Mitsubishi engine which is stronger and most powerful drive with lower maintenance cost and fuel consumption.

Advanced CDCS computer dynamic control system by electric-control measures and hydraulic measures realizes the real-time match of engine power and main pump power .It decides exactly how much power the machine needs and how much power the engine provides. 4 power modes ensure better energy saving result by optimizing the parameters of power and hydraulic system through electric device control, realizing better match result and maximizing the energy saving effect. Automatic idle speed arises when work stops. The throttle opening automatically reduces and the engine goes to idle speed condition.

In addition, Sany also displayed Compact Concrete Batching Plant SBP05 which provides the complete concrete solution for every construction need the most reliable and portable solutions from small to mega construction project with fully automatic and modularized device for accurate weighing system of cement, water, aggregate and additives . This machine is fitted with single shaft compulsory mixer resulting in high efficiency and homogenous mixing effect & Mixer is designed with NO dead angle, minimizing the residue and easy to clean. The auto-lubricating system extends the life of mixer and ensures full reliability and also most convenient and easy for dismantling and transportation.

It has an aggregate loading with boom scraper, eliminating the need of backhoe loader and reducing energy consumption. A user-friendly HMI plus PLC control system is equipped with a facility of auto mixing as well as manual mixing.

Also exhibited was Sany HBT30C–1006DY Concrete Pumps which has developed technology of computer-controlled diesel engine rotation speed to effectively improve emission, decrease noises, and have used most advances S-valve technology for ideal performance. It has full hydraulic steering open system, low oil temperature, local and remote control. The optimized hoppers incorporated with lean manufacturing technology are featured by higher efficiency of material suction and lower residue of material. The maximum diameter of mixable aggregate is up to 40mm, and concrete slump is 8cm-23cm.


Kobelco displayed its CKE 2500, 250ton hydraulic crawler crane which can lift 250 tons at a working radius of 4.6 metres with a boom length of 15.2 metres. With a maximum boom length of 91.4 metres, the crane can lift 21 tons at 17.7 metres working radius. The minimum and maximum length luffing boom is 15.2metres and 61.0 metres. Long boom length ranges from 64.0m to 91.4 metres. Minimum fixed jib combination is 27.4 m+12.2m and maximum length combination 76.2 m+30.5m. Minimum luffing jib combination is 21.3m+21.3m and maximum length combination is 61m+61m. The crane comes with a counter weight of 90t and car body weight of 24.0 tons. The crane is powered by water cooled Hino Diesel Engine with rated power of 247kw at 2,000 rpm.

bc India 2011
According to Mr. Nilesh Bhorkar, Manager-Product Sales & Marketing, Kobelco Cranes India Private Limited, “CKE 2500 is the best selling segment in India and we have sold 86 units so far. Seventeen of CKE 2500 were sold to Bharat Heavy Electricals for power plant construction and also to rental companies. The crane got good response due to its versatile lifting capabilities.” Kobelco sells hydraulic crane with a capacity variants of 60-550 tons. The company has sold the cranes capacities ranging from 60 to 135 tons to EPC contractors in India. Voltas Limited is the distributor for Kobelco hydraulic crawler cranes in India.

Kobelco handed CKE 2500, 250ton crawler lattice boom crane over to crane hiring company Samarth Lifters Pvt Limited during the event. According to Mr. Prakash Shah, Director Samarth Lifters, the company will rent out the crane to EPC contractors executing liquefied natural gas projects and power projects.

According to Mr. Nilesh Bhorkar, “to take on pricing along with expanding and consolidating market presence, Kobelco initially would manufacture hydraulic cranes from 80 to 100 tons at its upcoming plant at Sricity near Chennai in Tamil Nadu whereas 250 tons would be taken up at a later stage. Sixty percent of the components would be of local origin comprising crawlers and fabrication parts whereas 40% of the components comprising engines, boom would continue to be imported. We would also strengthen customer support for our cranes through our distributor Voltas.” There has been a steep appreciation of Japanese Yen at the rate of 25-30% making the Kobelco cranes dearer in India.

PROMAN Infrastructure Services

bc India 2011
PROMAN Infrastructure Services Pvt. Ltd. announced its technical collaboration with Tesab Engineering Limited of Ireland to manufacture new line of mobile crushers at bC India 2011. Briefing on the association, Mr. R.S. Raghavan, MD, PROMAN said, “Under our new technical collaboration with Tesab, we would manufacture Tracked crushers and Wheeled Crushers in a phased manner. The tracked crushers would be arrayed with capacity variants of 100-400 TPH whereas the wheeled crushers would be arrayed with capacity variants of 100TPH and 300 TPH.”

He stated further that the competitive features of the tracked crushers would enable its users to operate continuously at mining sites and for big infrastructure projects. Besides this, the machines would be cost competitive to operate. The tracked crushers come with a Caterpillar power pack and it has a large rear loading hopper with low feed in height and hydraulic adjusting crusher. The wheeled crushers are self- contained mobile crushers that come with a Caterpillar power pack. The tracked crushers and the wheeled ones are manufactured under a joint collaboration and will be co-branded as PROMAN-TESAB. These mobile crushers will be offered with Jaw, Cone, Impactor and Screen combinations.

BHS Sonthofen India

bc India 2011
BHS-Sonthofen (India) Pvt Ltd also participated at bC India. Highlighting the new and forthcoming business venture in India Mr. Neelesh Desai, National Sales Manager BHS-Sonthofen India said, “to provide better customer support in terms of parts availability, we have started construction of our own warehouse at Indirakaran on Hyderabad-Mumbai road. The location of the new warehouse would be 40 kilometres away from Hyderabad. The warehouse would house the entire range of components for Twin-shaft batch mixers, continous mixers, vertical shaft impactors and others.

He further stated, “we are contemplating to launch other models of vertical shaft impactors during later stage of the current year in the country.” Mr. Desai ruled out any immediate possibility of undertaking any indigenous manufacturing of the products in India. He also informed that the company’s plan to market electronic waste recycling plants for municipal applications is on stream.

Voltas Limited

bc India 2011
Voltas Limited displayed its new prototype hydraulic truck mounted VLTC-25, 25 ton crane which can lift maximum designated load of 25 metric tons at 2.5 metres working radius with a basic boom length of 8.8 metres and maximum tip height of 30.2 meter with 4.6 meter jib. It can lift 6.25 tons @ 6 metres working radius. It has four outriggers with overall width of 5020 mm. The crane is mounted on Indian, AMW 2518 chassis powered by turbo charged water cooled Cummins 6BTAA-BS-II engines with 178hp @2500rpm.

The maximum speed of the vehicle is 75kmph with total weight of 24,550kgs. As per Mr. Aniruddha Moharir, Deputy General Manager- Cranes, Voltas Ltd, “commercial production of the crane is expected to begin from April 2011 following its testing.”

Voltas also launched its new VLPC-12, 12 ton, hydraulic pick and carry crane that comes with a three boom extension and has a maximum lifting capacity of 12 tons @ 1.9 metres working radius and minimum of 2 tons at 10.01 metes working radius. The crane would be offered in two models, VLPC 12TX SB and VLPC 12TX. VLPC 12 is powered by Bharat stage -2 engines. It can travel at a top speed of 28kmph without load. Voltas also manufactures 20; 30.40&45 ton rough terrain crane.

Manitou BF

Manitou had put on display, MT 1440 SLT ( 14m lift height/ 4000kgs lifting capacity) ‘Maniscopic’ Rough terrain telehandlers and 200 ATJ (20m Working height AWP) ‘Maniaccess’ access platforms and GEHL 4240 ‘Skid Steer Loader’ at bC India.

bc India 2011
Mentioning about the Maniscopic, rough terrain telehandlers, Mr. Ajay Mandahr, Director, Commercial, Operations, Manitou BF-India Operations said, “the competitive positioning of our Maniscopic telehandlers is based on the fact that it provides one-machine-solution for almost all the material handling applications viz., Forklift – handling material on pallet, Jib Crane & Winch- handling material with Crane hook, Man Platform- handling man & material as an access platform, Loader Bucket- handling bulk material and several other attachments for specific applications- viz., rib erection for tunnels, tyre handling, wood log handling, light dozing etc.

“Manitou offer the widest range of telehandlers with over 50 models, available at various price points, to suite the specific need of the customers in Construction, Industrial & Mining Sector. The models range from 4 meters height with a lifting capacity of 1500kgs to 30 meters height and a lift capacity of 5000kgs. We also offer higher capacity Rough Terrain machines with a lifting capacity of 21000kgs with 10 meters lift heights. All the models are on offer in India, Mr. Mandahr informed.”

On the competitive product positioning of the product, he further added, “as compared to the contemporary product line on offer in India, Manitou, a world market leader in all terrain equipments, offer a wider range of product, better design & operational performance, Higher safety standards in compliance to strict European laws & updated products. “ In the Maniaccess range, we offer some of the most unique features as self-diagnostic tools, higher ground clearance, robust construction, reliability etc., among other features.”

Further he stated, “Manitou has appointed different dealers in India based on their individual areas of expertise. ECEL has been appointed based on their network and expertise to cater the requirements of the Construction & Rental Industry, Dozco has been our dealer for the Mining Industry and Gemini is promoting our interest in Industrial Masted Forklifts. Strong local partners have complemented our strategy to provide “application based solutions” to our customers at their door step & to offer superior after sales support. Currently, we have in excess of 150 customer contact points across the length & breadth of the country; it is one of the largest network for this product category in the country.”

Further, Manitou subsidiary in Singapore is being strengthened to augment our capability to deliver faster the products & services to our customers in India, added Mr. Mandahr.


CHETRA, one of the trading units of Machinery and Industrial Group N.V. (M&IG)-the largest Russian international manufacturer of machineries and equipment has brought here in India the most popular Russian industrial machines which are used in oil & gas, coal, mining industries, and in road building sectors. CHETRA’s share in the Indian pipe layer market has already reached to 30% and as estimated by the market players, taking into account the demand of mining and construction industries, it may go upto 40-50% soon.

bc India 2011
Today, CHETRA in India offers dozers with the power range 90-590 hp, pipe layers with the lifting capacity of 25-104 t for the pipelines with the tube dia. 200-1420 mm; wheel loaders with the bucket capacity of 3. 5 to 6. 7 c.m. and operating power range 140-600 hp; excavators with 23 ton operating capacity and various types of special equipments for Pipeline cleaning, priming, heating & Insulation works,” said CMI CEO Benjamin Callow during CHETRA stand inauguration at the show. He said further that CHETRA machines are robust in design and construction; the metallurgy adopted for manufacture of critical parts suits well to the Indian condition and performance as a whole extremely satisfactory.

Dr. Mikahil Bolotin, president the Holding company M&IG has visited specially to India during this expo, giving value to the company’s promises for India.

The inauguration of the Russian CHETRA stand, attracted a lot of guests and visitors – The Russian Consular general in Mumbai Alexey Novikov, Trade representative Mikhail Rapota, M&IG vice-presidents Vladimir Lepin and Vadim Kalabashkin, vice-president of the Association of Equipment Manufacturers Megan Tanel as well as media, partner and dealer companies.

During his welcome speech, the trade representative Mikhail Rapota mentioned the importance of the plans of M&IG N.V., the 3-d largest producer of heavy industrial machines to create a production unit here in India that aimed at fulfilling the growing demand and implementation of the high-quality after-sales services. The importance of those plans has grown enormously after the official visit of the Russian President Dmitry Medvedev in India when a new technological emphasis of the international partnership has been made. Today, CHETRA is fairly representing Russia in different global markets, showing the best scientific and technical develop- ments of the Russian specialists.

According to Mr. Vladimir Lepin, Vice-president, global markets, M&IG, the organization of the production unit will strengthen Russian producer’s position not only in India but also in the whole South East Asia region. Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and South Korea have already shown their interest, in Russian CHETRA machines. By the end of 2015 the number of yearly produced machines will go upto 200, said Mr. Lepin. In addition, the Russian specialists will carry out educational and qualification-raising programs for the Indian engineers participating in CHETRA production and services.

ABG Cranes

ABG Cranes displayed its indigenously developed 80 ton hydraulic crawler crane named 1080. It has a lifting Capacity of 80Mt at 4meters radius and consists of Boom – 58meters and Jib – 18meters, Hydraulic Jacks for Self Loading/Unloading, Pilot Switch control, AC Cabin and Safe load indicator. The 80 ton crane comes with a 24.3 ton counterweight and is powered by proven indigenous diesel engine, Hydraulics & Winches imported from reputed brands from Europe and Boom made from High Yield/ tensile seamless lacing tubes imported from Japan.

bc India 2011
A large number of customers visited our stall from different industries such as Construction, mining, logistics and crane hiring etc. BC India show increased the visibility of our crane across India and Visitors were delighted to see an Indian manufacturer for crawler cranes designed indigenously with superior quality, said Mr. R.B.Pandey, GM and Head Marketing, ABG Crane.

Several visitors impressed by the crane also visited our factory to check our manufacturing facilities located at Village – Ransai in between Mumbai and Pune. Customers were impressed by seeing the requisite machinery and equipments such as CNC Profile cutting machine, Fabrication shop, Assembly shop, NDT testing, Paint shop and a shot blasting booth. They were delighted by seeing one complete set of spare parts kept aside for after sales and service for 10 cranes which rolled out of factory till now.

One of our customers M/s. A.S.Shipping Agencies Pvt. Ltd who is using ABG 1080 cranes visited the stall and told that they & Chennai port trust railway had achieved a record performance by handling Granite Block rake in 5hrs and 15min on 8/1/2011 at western yard I using 1080. He told he is very happy regarding the performance of the crane and ordered more of Model 1080. This shows customer satisfaction and reason behind the repeat orders.

This was encouraging to us and we are coming up with 35T and 160T cranes customers are eager to know about the specifications and release date of those cranes. Most of the customers showed keen interest on 35T hydraulic crawler crane and expressed their eagerness to see the launch of this crane.

Overall we are very satisfied with the response we got for our 80Mt crane. This success backs us to be optimistic for our later releases of 35MT and 160MT hydraulic crawler cranes.


Normet introduced the most advanced model for concrete spraying in its Spraymec series at bC India. The Spraymec 8100 VC is designed for high performance sprayed concrete applications in tunnels with cross-sections of 15m2 to 140m2.

bc India 2011
The electro-hydraulic self-propelled mobile concrete sprayer provides efficient spraying from one set-up in tunnels of up to 10.3m high x 16m wide. The maximum vertical spraying reach is 14m. The machine features NorSmart, the latest state-of-the-art control system of the spraying process. The NorSmart concrete sprayer control system provides efficient, productive and high-quality concrete spraying with functions that include: Low-pulsation spraying and pumping, accurate and reliable alkali-free accelerator dosing (control system integrated into concrete output), accurate spray boom and nozzle movements and positioning, real-time control and fault diagnostics of the spraying process, including a kit for accelerator, concrete and ambient temperature measurement, logging of all spraying process related data and USB data transfer and comprehensive vehicle fault diagnostics.

According to Mr.Rajeshwar Singh, Country Manager, “India is our largest customer base at the moment and we have sold many Normet units in the country and the big Spraymec 8100 VC displayed here for the first time is sold to Leightons. Our international partnership with Tam International and through its 100% ownership of TAM Construction Chemicals (India) will give us a further reach into the construction and mining industries in India, he added.”

Fayat Group

Fayat Group, the road building equipment major participated at bC India and displayed its top brands: BOMAG, MARINI & BREINING.

Fayat’s every brand is world-renowned for its leading technologies. Top quality products including the newly launched Bomag pavers, milling machines, compactors, and compaction equipment were displayed. Alongside these products, a comprehensive range of the intelligent compaction tools and solutions were also presented.

bc India 2011
MARINI, India’s No.1 high capacity asphalt plant supplier, presented its entire range of Hypermobile & Modular asphalt plants to the visitors. Fuel efficiency, Green plant technology, and Recycling systems were the focus of the Marini presentations.

Marini ROADSTAR – is the leading hyper mobile asphalt plant model in India. Marini during the show announced the launch of RS 1800 and RS 2700 160Tph/ 200 Tph hyper mobile plants for India. On the Modular asphalt plant front, the MAC 320/360 range of plants were also offered to customer in India who realized the benefits of a highly reliable and high capacity asphalt plant there and then.

These products are specifically designed to cater to the asphalt mix requirements in the country. The designs focus on high productivity, performance and substantial savings in fuel. These products are manufactured with future ready features, which will help contractors face the ever changing and demanding environmental concerns and mix designs.

Sicoma Mixers India

bc India 2011
Sicoma Mixers India displayed its range of planetary mixers. Mentioning about the range of products, Mr. Vinayak Gajendragad, Area Sales Manager-Indian Operations, Sicoma India said, “there has been a rise in demand of our products in India over the years and inquiries at bC India were quite good.

He said, “in order to make the price of the products competitive, we would undertake local assembly of the planetary mixers at our new plant in Bangalore. Productions of the mixers are expected to begin during June 2011 from the new plant. To provide backup customer support to the OEMs we have a service team which imparts training to the OEM’s through scientific methods.”

Mr. Gajendragad said that Sicoma would continue to undertake marketing of the products through its own marketing network. Products manufactured by Sicoma includes concrete planetary mixers and twin shaft mixers. The products are imported from Italy.


bc India 2011
Action Construction Equipment (ACE) launched its new 75 tonne hydraulic crane ACX 750 which has a maximum lifting capacity of 75 tons at 3.6 metres working radius with a boom length of 12 metres. The crane has a counterweight of 21 tons. At a maximum boom length of 57 metres, it can lift 10 tons at 12 metres working radius. Boom and fixed jib combination of the crane is 27metres-45 metres+ 9.0metres-18.0 metres. Jib offset angle of the crane is 10 degree and 30 degree.

ACE 750 comes with fuel efficient water cooled Mahindra Navistar Diesel Engine with a rated power of 220hp @2200 rpm and a fuel tank capacity of 350 litres. As per Mr.Rajeev Kumar Divisional Manager, HED ACE, the company is planning to promote the product for Power plants, Metro projects, pipeline construction and heavy material handling sectors etc.


bc India 2011
At bC India, PALFINGER has presented both product innovations and time-tested system solutions. According to Mr. Subhamoy Ghosh, Managing Director, PALFINGER Cranes India Pvt. Ltd PALFINGER brand is considered to be the epitome of quality and reliability all over the world. A clear strategy based on the three pillars of innovation, internationalization, and flexibilitywith committed employees and an affirmed philosophy of “making customers more successful” in their jobs are the ingredients of this recipe for success. A competitive edge gained through technological innovation and high levels of product quality have always been central to the company, he informed.

During the show, PALFINGER launched 4-tonne telescopic truck-mounted crane, specifically tailored to the Asian market for mounting on small and medium-sized trucks. In addition, it displayed PK 38502 and a PK 10000 Performance from its extensive range of knuckle boom cranes which are the perfect workhorses on any construction site due to their lightweight design, power and maneuverability. The combination of the PK 10000 truck-mounted crane with a T 13 PALIFT TELESCOPIC hookloader, mounted on a 16-tonne truck including waste container, demonstrates the interesting and powerful range of applications that PALFINGER system solutions can handle in the construction and waste management industry.

An EPSILON M110L97 timber handling and recycling crane mounted on an truck with a gross vehicle weight of 25 tonnes demonstrated that how much power and efficiency is packed into these PALFINGER cranes that have been specially designed to deal with huge dynamic loads. Additional truck-mounted crane attachments and equipment for every eventuality completed the exhibition programme.

Apollo Infratech

There were good numbers of new product launches by Apollo Infratech.

bc India 2011
The Gujarat based concrete equipment manufacturing major, launched its new fixed form paver, trailer mounted stationery concrete pump and compact batching plant. Mentioning about the new products Mr. Mitul Patel, Managing Director, Apollo Infratech said, “the new fixed form paver is light machine. This makes it quite easy to move. Besides, maneuvering is quite easy for the machine. It enables work to be done much faster as compared to contemporary products. Importantly, the machine is quite fuel efficient.” The fixed form paver would be finding its application for the construction of concrete roads, runways etc. On stationery concrete pump, Mr.Patel said, “ the pump comes with s-valve technology. The SAP-50 concrete pump comes with a concrete pumping capacity of 50 cum/hr. The machine is quite fast in pumping concrete.” Mr. Patel informed, “the pump would be finding its application in high rise construction both pertaining to high rise and real estate projects.

However, the prime new attraction from the company was its, compact series batching plant. Mr. Patel said, “ to be available in rated capacity range of 20-25-30 cum/ hr, the batching plant is truly compact in its character. The machine comes entire assembled from the plant and can be readily commissioned at the plant. The machine is ideal for job sites with space constraint.” He added, “the unique feature of the compact plant is that, with retaining the same basic structure , the same plant can be converted to yield the various rated concrete preparing capacity as per the requirement of the contractor. “ Mr. Patel informed that, ”for providing the requisite customer support for the users of the new equipments , we would be hiring new set of personnel. This would be supplemented by getting the present dealers and the existing service personnel of the company being trained.

Conmat Systems Pvt Ltd

bc India 2011

Gujarat based Conmat Systems launched its new FULLY MOBILE AUTOMATIC CONCRETE BATCHING PLANT with TWIN SHAFT MIXER technology for the first time in Indian Market. Giving information about the new products, Mr. Nagesh Kudva, Director, Conmat Systems said, that the mobile plants are available in various ranges of 20cum/hr, 25 cum/hr, and 35 cum/hr with a water tank of 750 ltr each. The plant can find its application for construction of small culverts, bridges, road projects and canals. The equipment comes with fully mobile PLC controlled plant, compact size for easy maneuverability. The loading of 3 / 4 compartment type bins for aggregate & sand is with normal tractor loader or backhoe loader without any ramp assistance. It can assist in rapid start up as the entire unit comes assembled from factory itself. This machine comes with an added feature of 180 degree rotation of discharge conveyor for better space management at site. The fully assembled plant can be towed with standard tractor.

Giving more information, Mr. Kudva said that, during the launch itself, they have bagged order for 4 nos of 25 cu mt/hr capacity mobile plants. Further said that, they are carrying out certain modifications in the software of our existing concrete batching plant with certain change in basic design for easy maintenance. Besides this, we would manufacture our indigenous concrete pump and the company is going to launch truck mounted concrete pump in technical collaboration with European manufacturer.


Liugong India displayed its range of earthmoving products comprising tracked excavators, wheel loaders and so on. The Chinese equipment manufacturing giant, exhibited its new CLG922D hydraulic tracked excavator which meets Tier -2 stage emissions norms and has bucket capacity of 0.73-1.1cum with rated power of 112kw @1950 RPM from Cummins 6BT 5.9 C engine. The operating weight of the machine is 22,000 kg. According to the company, the excavator’s heavy welded under carriage frame ensures better durability in tough conditions. Apart from this, the carrier rollers, and the track rollers are sealed with a floating oil seal to provide extended life.

bc India 2011
Liugong also displayed its CLG 920D hydraulic tracked excavator, CLG 856 and CLG835 wheel loaders. It’s new CLG 920D hydraulic tracked excavator has a bucket capacity of 0.73-1.0cum with rated power of 112 kw @1950rpm supported by Cummins 6BT5.9-C engine. The equipment has an operating weight of 20,500kg with similar features of undercarriage like CLG 922D. The machines use the advanced CAPC system for power optimization & fuel economy.

New CLG 856 has operating weight of 16,800kg with a bucket capacity of 3cum GP Bucket and 4.5cum Coal bucket. The machine is powered by Cummins 6CTA 8.3-C215 engine with a rated power of 160kW @2200 rpm. Whereas CLG835 has an operating weight of 10,900kg and a rated load of 3000 kg and is powered by Cummins 6BT5.9 engine. Both the loaders are BS III compliant.

Mr. Sunil Sapru, President, Liugong India said, “with the new launches, we are planning to provide total solutions in earthmoving to our Indian customers. The company is putting its continuous effort to localize of its products with the help of company’s R&D wing. Forty five percent of capacity utilization is being undertaken for the newly set Pithampur plant. The vendor identification and supply chain management is in full stream to further utilize the capacity of the plant.”

DOZCO India Private Limited

DOZCO displayed Mini Yanmar excavator and GEHL skid steer loader from Japan and USA respectively that it would market in India. DOZCO also showed the new range of hydraulic rock breakers that they would be marketing for Indeco, Italy as well. The company has recently inked distribution alliance with Indeco and Gehl for marketing and service of their products in India.

bc India 2011
Mentioning on the technical attributes of the new product line that DOZCO would be marketing, Mr. Sandeep Bangur, Executive Director DOZCO India said, “Gehl skid steer loaders are globally proven equipment for their technical standards and also enjoy outmost customer reliability. We would further strengthen our position and will add values for customer through this extended product line and their continued patronage towards our quality products”.

On Indeco Hydraulic breakers, Mr. Bangur mentioned, “Indeco breakers are of premium genre and are much superior in performance when compared to contemporary products.” He explained, “as compared to the conventional technology of breakers where nitrogen gas is used for moving the piston, Indeco breakers operates on hydraulic oil . This increases productivity, makes maintenance easy and operating cost lower. At the same time owing the same oil from the excavator for moving the piston, gas charging of the breaker is not required.” He added further that, “We would be marketing the composite range of Indeco breakers that can be mounted on excavators spanning from 2 tons to 120 tons class.” On response from customers over newly launched products Gehl and Indeco at bC India Mumbai, he replied “We have got good enquiries from customers, and they have appreciated the technology and with their support we have already opened the account for these products.”

On DOZCO’s venture in forming the distribution alliance for material handling equipments, precisely that with Manitou for tire handlers and Terex for rough terrain cranes, Mr. Bangur mentioned, “DOZCO is well known to have exposure in selling products to mining sector, with this alliance with Manitou, we have further added values to the emerging requirements of the equipment users in mining for removal and carrying of big size OTR tires. Manitou trye handlers to handle tyres of 240 ton class dumper are already operating in India. For Terex rough terrain cranes he mentioned “it would be further promoted to contractors engaged in pipe laying and other construction sectors where DOZCO have well known requisite exposure. In total, through these new alliance we would further reinforce our position as a one stop equipment and service support provider.”

Puzzolana Machinery Fabricators

bc India 2011
Puzzolana Machinery Fabricators announced its technical collaboration alliance with Guddeti of Italy for the new product line during the show. Mr. V. Venkataramana, Vice President PMF, part of Puzzolana Group said, “under the new collaboration tie up, we would manufacture entire new product line consisting of compactors, graders, rollers etc.

PMF is also entering into two separate agreements in the area of coal processing equipments and track mounted crushing plants manufactured in India and customised for the India requirements.

The key focus is to give the best quality and latest technology. We are also planning to strengthen our existing supply chain network from our mother warehouse to the user points to provide maximum equipment uptime and parts availability.


bc India 2011
Jaypee India Ltd successfully participated at the show and exhibited the best machines with the latest technology for which the company got tremendous response. The machines displayed were Bending machine B52, Shearing machine C52, Bending machine B42, Shearing machine C28, Shearing machine C52,the new Bending machine B28, and Radius bending machine RB36. In addition, our International partner KRB Machinery also displayed the advanced version of Auto Stirrup Bender COIL FORM 612.

Commenting on the show, Mr. Ray, GM Sales said the exhibition proved very successful for Jaypee and we were more than happy to see the quality visitors and serious enquiries. We look forward for the next edition as such type of exhibition is very important for our business. Also overwhelmed with the response, Mr. Thomas, Manager Sales rated this event as an excellent platform for construction Industry.

Ajax Fiori

bc India 2011
Fresh with memories of opening of company’s new plant, the third one from the company in North Bangalore last month to produce batching plants with planetary mixers, K Vijay, Managing Director, Ajax Fiori could not hide his excitement as one of the country’s leading manufacturers of quality construction equipment providing innovative solutions to the construction and concrete sector in India. He said his company caters to the market with revolutionary concrete concepts and methods with large satisfied base of over 1,000 customers across the country.

Talking about the performance of the company, he said, the company has been recording almost double digits growth consistently for the last few years. With additional capacities, he expects to achieve better in the next couple of years. Ajax Fiori products and services are serving various important sectors in irrigation, canal linings, urban infrastructure—roads, railways, bridges, Sezs, industrial ports, tunneling jobs and in RMC and precast. Pointing to the big gathering viewing company’s new product launched at bC India, he explained important technical attributes of Dragline batching plant with a planetary pan mixer-DLP 30 and UNI 30, Turbosol plaster spraying machine. This concept, he said is new in India and the company is in the process of establishing an entirely new process of plastering.

Revathi Equipment Ltd

REL (Revathi Equipment Ltd ), a part of the Renaissance group headed by Mr Abhishek Dalmia, have entered the Ground Engineering Equipment segment by augmenting their Construction Equipment range with two new products.

bc India 2011
REL in association with M/s. TESCAR Srl, Italy, launched the “CF” series Piling Rigs at the recently concluded BC India in Mumbai. REL will be targeting the emerging market for Mini Piling Rigs and is confident of making a mark in this niche segment.

The response was very encouraging at BC India and REL will commence trials at various sites shortly. The strategy is to deploy the ‘Correct’ machine for each application, as the Indian industry currently have only choice of ‘Very Big’ Machines. TESCAR machines are widely known world over for their flexibility and also the ability to operate in confined area with very low head room. It also has a patent for their design of telescopic mast .

The Rigs will be initially imported as CKD and in due course will be manufactured at their facility in Tamilnadu.

Another product REL is introducing is the Vibro- Hammer from Chowa Kogyo Co Ltd, Japan. Chowa , market leader in this segment, is entering Indian market with a vast experience in executing many challenging projects world over .Chowa ‘s ZERO series of Electric Vibro Hammers have a market share of over 90% in Japan and is renowned for its enviro-friendly designs and high productivity.

REL, Construction equipment Division offers a ‘Full Liner’ in Concrete Equipment with technical collaboration with leading German manufacturers, and have its ISO certified facility in Gummidipoondi, near Chennai. Every product from REL-CED stable have certain feature incomparable and offering value addition to clients in terms of productivity, saving in operating cost or additional safety features.

The THP 45 D High pressure Concrete Pump launched in 2010 is already rated high by users due to its capability to pump up to even 100 meters vertical height at the same time giving a very good output.

REL also has expanded its own network to all four regions of the country and has currently 13 dealerships to provide after sales support to its range.

Sree Parijatha Machinery Works

bc India 2011
Sree Parijatha Machinery Works, the leading manufacturers and exporters of Block and Tile machinery launched its latest offering to the market, the heavy duty wet press to produce very high density precast products. Mentioning the features of the linear wet press, Mr. J. Ramesh, Managing Partner, Sree Parijatha Machinery Works said, “the wet press manufactured by us is specially designed to produce, high density kerb stone, slabs, and flagstone in large volumes. Also, we can design moulds as per customers’ specific requirements apart from handling systems and related systems. Also, we assist our customers in installation of the plant, providing optimum mix design and complete technical support to get the best out of the plant”

According to the company, Parijatha has in its range a variety of very successful machines for manufacture of Terrazzo Tiles, Decorative Grooved tiles, Interlock paving Blocks, Heavy duty slabs, Hollow and Solid Concrete Blocks. All these machines proven their performance over the years for their trouble free performance, low working & maintenance costs and most importantly reasonably priced.

All this with the PARIJATHA stamp of quality and assurance goes a long way in providing the customer the best value for money.

Propel Industries

bc India 2011
Jaw Crushers, Cone Crushers Grizzly Screen, VSI, Sand Washers and Hydraulic Rock Breakers—the complete product line of Propel Industries backed by nationwide sales and service network is available in India, said Mr. V. Senthil Kumar Managing Director, Propel Industries at the sideline of the bC India show. These products he said are manufactured at its world-class manufacturing facility in Coimbatore. This is accredited with ISO 09001-2008 and ISO/TS certification with well placed quality systems to ensure quality products as per national and international standards.

According to Mr. Kumar, the product range of the company has been successfully deployed at important project with satisfying performance and benefits to the clients. The company has in place an expansion programme as per market demand, but it has no plans to move out of Coimbatore, where there are many vocational advantages.

Propel has strategic alliances with leading equipment manufacturers across the globe, Socomec which has helped it to set new benchmarks in its production and manufacturing, he informed.


bc India 2011
Giving his brief on Sennebogen, Mr. Michael Ibarth on the sidelines of the show informed that Sennebogen is a family run company starting out with manufacturing agricultural machines and later turn to manufacture construction equipment products. Today, the company enjoys immense success with a broad range of products in the material handling sector, crane product and related product for application in civil engineering.

At bC India, it drew the attention of visitors showcasing its 690 duty cycle crawler crane with its new sales and service partner GMMCO Ltd. He said that they were happy to have GMMCO, a competent point of contact for its customers. Soon we will present our high value and innovative crane and lifting equipment together and we will actively address the market in this strongly growing area that India presents.


bc India 2011
Tyrolit has in its kitty super abrasive tools using latest concrete dismantling technologies, said Deepak Bedi Marketing Manager, Tyrolit India Super abrasive Tools on the sidelines of bc India.

According to him, the market for concrete dismantling technology is growing year on year. The technology has inbuilt benefits like speed, ease of operation, safety and that too without any impact on the structures on which it is applied. At bC India, we have launched Mini Groover and Grinding machines. These are useful for grooving or grinding work at airports runways, concrete roads and highways and on industrial floors. As these machines are diesel operated, no power is required to operate these machines, explained Mr. Bedi.

Adding he said the company has range of wire saw systems and hydraulic drill systems and the USP of company’s product line is the modularity of product range.

Haulotte Group

bc India 2011
Haulotte Group exhibited its range of aerial work platforms (scissor lifts, telescopic booms, Articulating booms rough terrain or electric, vertical masts, lightweight sef-propelled booms, push around and trailer-mounted booms) and also its range of telehandlers. Mentioning about the product line, Mr. Pierre Saubot, Chaiman and CEO of Haulotte Group, said, “As European leader, our objective is to market the full range of aerial work platfroms in India”

Mentioning the sectors, Haulotte would promote its products, Mr. Steven Tan, General Manager of Haulotte Singapore said, “with the versatile features, we would look to promote our products in industrial and construction sectors in India. For industrial sectors, the machine would deliver its utility in better accessing the location heights with numerous tools and workers. While for construction, it would cut down on the cost of scaffolding. The prime utility of the machine would be based on its mobility element that can transport man and materials and make them accessed to critical work points.” He mentioned, “the machine also provides its utility in faster turnround of manpower, and ensuring faster completion of project.

EPIC Eco Fiberglass Formwork System

bc India 2011
EPIC Group, Slovenia, the manufacturer of EPIC eco-fiberglass formwork system, has recently entered into the Indian Construction Industry by participating and displaying its products at the just concluded bC India show. The company is represented in the country by Indigo Multitrade Pvt. Ltd, Mumbai.

EPIC is involved in the development of shuttering systems made from composite fibreglass and offers formwork solutions for foundations, walls, columns, ceiling, and shafts. The company offers huge reductions in Shuttering costs and simplification of shuttering. These are light, durable, solid, and resistant to temperature changes. They can be used repeatedly for Ten years and can sustain pressure over 60Kn/m2. The speed of panelling with EPIC Eco Systems is very fast and abundant palette of elements allows the best possible panelling composition with all flexibilities among various projects. EPIC eco-fiberglass formwork system brings true revolution in the building construction industry.


Wolffkran participated at bC to disseminate information on its range of product offerings for the Indian construction market. The company has appointed Harsadhan International for marketing its full range of tower cranes in India. This would consist of luffing cranes having a capacity range from 100 to1250 MT, topless cranes from 0112 to 0224MT and standard trolley jib cranes from 200 to 630MT.

According to Mr. Mike Nunweek, Regional Sales Director, Asia Pacific, “Under the marketing tie ups, Harshadhan would provide sales and technical support, involving erection, commissioning, servicing, maintenance and parts support to Wolffkran’s Tower Cranes in India.”

Mr. Nunweek said, “with project completion schedules in India becoming increasingly time bound, our product would provide value to contractors with increased equipment uptime based on their features, involving higher hoisting speed, low power consumption, among other features.” The cranes would be with two years warranty. Wolffkran has sold five cranes in India till date to real estate project developers.

Australian Crane & Machinery Pvt. Ltd.

Australian Crane and Machinery participated to explore new business ventures in India. According to Mr. Vaibhav Kale, International Sales, Australian Crane & Machinery, “we have been exporting used cranes from Australia to India for almost three years comprising crawlers, truck mounted and all terrain cranes with capacity range from 40 to 500tons. The cranes are exported after getting them rebuilt and repaired followed by its procurement from the used market. The used cranes have been promoted by us in India with the help of dealers in various parts of the country. However, our present strategy is to consolidate our business and deal directly with big ticket customers planning to go for volumes.”


Electromech Material Handling Systems announced its strategic alliance with US rubber tyred gantry crane manufacturer Shuttlelift. According to Mr. Tushar Mehendale, MD, “under the collaboration, we would market and provide technical support to Shuttlelift RTG cranes in India. Electromech would distribute Shuttlelift’s 15tons-1000tons RTG’s in the country. The cranes to be marketed would be of single beam shuttle lift, shuttle lift and industrial shuttle lift models.

The Shuttle lift RTG’s will be promoted to prefabricated concrete sectors, steel industry, modular buildings and wing power generation sectors. The equipment precisely will help to overcome constraints of space availability in shop floors offering tandem picks in cost effective manner.” Electromech plans to sell 100 units of RTG’s during 2011.

Electromech manufactures EOT cranes, gantry cranes, electric wire pore hoists etc. It distributes Abus EOT cranes in India and has also tie up with Stahl Cranes systems of Germany.

Hidrokon Limited

Hidrokon Limited choose bC India to highlight its products portfolio for the Indian market. Mr. Mevlut Acar, Export Responsible said that we are in the process of selecting dealers in India to market our entire range of products. Through the tie up, we would market our entire range of truck mounted knuckle boom cranes from 3 to 90 tons, truck mounted stiff boom telescopic cranes having capacity range from 10 to 60 tons and access platforms from 27 to 45 metres. We would be much competitively priced, making our products affordable to Indian buyers. Mr. Acar further mentioned that our telescopic stiff boom cranes have boom with holigonal design that provides added strength to the boom compared to contemporary products with less strength box type boom.

Strong Plant Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.

“After its successful stint in the Middle East markets in designing and execution of dewatering and pile foundation projects, including analysis of soil investigation reports, manufacture and supply of tools and fixtures, we have started our operations in India; finding it a good market for such specialized jobs, where we can add value from experience “said Ashish Desai, Managing Director, Strong Plant Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd., the Piling and Dewatering specialists.

bc India 2011
The market for dewatering and pile foundation is growing due to massive infrastructure programs and we are keen to chip in. As a matter of fact, we are currently working on several important projects in association with L&T in Mumbai, rendering dewatering services. We are also among the leading performers at IOCL’s upcoming refinery project at Paradip, Orissa. We are also in the rental business of equipment and accessories as well as supplies. For the projects in hand, we have deployed highly skilled and experienced manpower as well as state of art technology, to ensure efficient project execution and operations’ management for the of the projects, Mr. Desai added.

With our highly skilled and dedicated team, headed by our Director, Harin Anjaria and G.M., Sanjoy Joseph in India, we look forward to carving a niche for ourselves in areas of Specialized Piling Jobs, especially Inclined Piles and Dewatering Designs and Execution like Deepwell, Wellpoint, French Drain as well as sacrificial Systems, which are grossly lacking in the industry and we have come at the right time to fill that void.

Our concept of Vacuum Dewatering System Sales and Rental along with Millar G.I. Couplings and Italian Hoses and Accessories along with installation & supervision has gained lot of appreciation. After having kept the deepest excavation(-27m), of the upcoming tallest tower in India, dry during the peak of monsoon and achieving the fastest and most sustainable progress in piling amongst the best in India, we feel that we have made a positive start and with the support of professional partners who appreciate the value of quality and fast execution, we guarantee that we shall soon be force to reckon with on the Indian Construction Scene and systematically grow with the Positive India story.


bc India 2011
Topcon Corporation, Japan & its Product range, was showcased by its subsidiary Topcon Sokkia India Private Ltd. Explaining the most advanced technical features of these products, Deepak Nehru, Manager- EBG Division said that USP of these products is high definition precision and accuracy. From data collection to job site construction, Topcon products and services provide effective solutions to take control from field operations to finishes.

Its millimeter GPS provides the most receptive solution for the pavers system to build most precise roads in India. Topcon’s IPS2 Mobile Mapping System overcomes the challenge of mapping 3D features at a high level of accuracy with data and dynamic imaging for any mapping projects, also a great product for disaster management. For road construction, the conventional stakes and strings system is no longer required as Topcon machines control system not only simplifies work process but also reduce costs. Apart from road application, the system works seamlessly to maximize quality and efficiency of all earthworks, thus eliminating possible human errors, increasing accuracy, reducing time for survey calculations.

Summing up various systems now available in Indian market, Nehru said that this is the time when customers are ready to accept these advance technologies. So Topcon Sokkia India is ready to introduce its machine control system in domestic markets. The company has offices and branches in Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata. It has a well equipped Service Centre in Noida with a team of talented expertise. It has wide network of dealers covering almost every part of the country.

Hess Group

bc India 2011
Mr Ralf Beier, CEO Hess Group appeared to be quite delighted about the response from Indian market where the Group has successfully installed a number of Hess-based plants in a short period of time since commencement of its business in India. Hess products and services are serving the construction producer market from concrete blocks, interlocking pavers, tiles, curbstones, retaining walls, fly-ash bricks, autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) up to steel slag utilization. All important Hess global production lines are available to the Indiamarket, he added.

Further he said that Group market share is set to grow and he is satisfied with this positive response, Hess is in the process of setting up its manufacturing facility in India and it is expected to be ready by the end of 2011. Mr Beier confirmed the importance of the Indian market to the Hess Group and that having an own setup in India is a following the philosophy of the company. Hess has always invested in strategic markets in order to realize the cost advantage of local production, hereby saving transport costs and import duties. The first locally made machinery was shown at the bcIndia exhibition in Mumbai. A further important reason for Hess to be present in India is to be close to its customers. For this reason Hess is also planning to set up service locations around the country. Hereby Hess is able to provide its customers with fast and competent after-sales service.

He informed that Hess assignments in India include commissioning a big RH1500 plant with mixer and automatic handling for Ecologic in North India. The Group is also doing two major flyash based AAC projects for UltraTech and has recently commissioned pipe machine in Nasik. At present, we are doing the installation of wet press system for a client in Kerala. Two further orders have been placed for RH-2000 fly-ash brick production plants that are due for installation before the middle of the year. The Group is expecting a few more projects in the next quarter and at least half a dozen projects are in the pipe line at final discussion stage.

We are at it to promote Resource Efficient Construction products using mechanized operations, but creating awareness about has been a major challenge. These products have a number of advantages over conventional building products in terms of faster construction, eco-friendly, material and energy conservation, benefits which ultimately benefit the users in terms of living quality and expense. Hess extensive production programme and application of future technology concepts are today globally well-known and the foundation for further expansion in India and the introduction of such technology to the country have been laid, he added.

Godrej & Boyce

Godrej and Boyce Manufacturing Company Ltd participated in bC India along with its principals Merlo SPA and Imer International SPA of Italy . The company displayed its 5 tonne diesel and new design 10 tonne diesel fork lift trucks.

bc India 2011
Mentioning about Merlo ’s range of telehandlers, Mr. Neville.H. Wankadia, DGM-Marketing, Godrej Material Handling and Mr. Davide Milano said, “ Merlo ’s rough terrain telehandlers are multipurpose machines. It can e ss entially perform the applications of cranes, acce ss platforms, pallet handling on rough terrain, among other functions. However, we are looking to make the machines deliver optimum performance utility to both construction and industrial applications by providing value to the machines through attachments.” The officials further informed, “under the collaboration tie up, we would sell rough terrain telhandlers from 3 to 12 tons. However, we have also developed a 16 ton machine for selling it in India. The machines to be offered would be price competitive as compared to contemporary product line available.” They also informed, “based on the requirement of the customers in India, certain degree of customization would be undertaken in the telehandlers. However, the basic machine would remain the same.” Technical support for the machines would be offered through Godrej’s own technicians trained in Italy .

On Imer Sci ss or Lifts, Mr. Martin Connolly, International Distributor Development Manager, Imer International and Mr. Wankadia said, “Godrej, will market Imer’s sci ss or lifts and articulated boom lifts, branded as Iteco from 6.50 to 19 meter working heights in India.” On the technical attributes of the products, the officials mentioned, “the competitive product positioning of the Iteco sci ss or lifts comes from the productivity and higher capacities it offers. The machines are certified to handle full load capacity even at deck extension and can be driven at full height, an attribute, no other manufacturer can claim.”

According to Mr. Wankadia, “while initially we plan to market the product, however, in the later stage, we would plan to go for a technical collaboration with Iteco for a ss embling the machine in India . Sales and service support for Imer sci ss or lifts and Merlo ’s rough terrain telehandlers would be provided through the well established Godrej support network of 150 sales and service personnel at 16 branches of the company and 50 service dealers, he added.”

Fushun Cranes

“Fushun Cranes & Equipments India Pvt Ltd.”, which is FUWA India displayed their FUWA QUY 35 - 35MT crane.

The Company also displayed 2.5Mt /3.5 Mt Single & Double Mast Work Platforms. This is the replacement of the Scaffolding. They have sold more than 120 units of them in the last 12 months.

bc India 2011
The Modular House was also displayed. It is a “Quick & Economical Solution” for housing labours, site offices, temperature control warehouses, medical facilities etc. This is the most ideal solutions when thousands of labours have to be housed at a virgin site to start work on a new project site. The entire housing can be erected in 15 days timing.

FCEIPL – FUWA India registered a sale exceeding 110 cranes from June 2009 & addition 20 units order from Port & Erection Contractors. During the bauma, an order for 18 Cranes were concluded, out of which 13 Nos. were 35T cranes, 2 Nos. 80T Crane, 2 Nos. 150T Crane, 1 No. 100T crane & 2 No. of 250T Crane. This was again a record sale.

It was also registered that the company was getting a genuine buyer almost every 10 min for Work Platforms & Modular House.

The FUWA India which is operating under the name of Fushun Cranes & Equipments India Pvt. Ltd. has been promoted by Mr. Sanjay Vasudeo & Mr. Nitin Madankar & Mr. Li Yunbo. There are more than 400 FUWA Cranes working in India & are supported by 26 service engineers & spare parts worth more than 0.25 Mill USD at their ware house at Navi Mumbai.

FUWA India has recorded the highest sales in 2010 with an order booking of 148 plus cranes. This sale was basically a result of Quality Product, After sales service, meeting & exceeding customer needs and Delivery of machines meeting customer requirement.

The company would like to continue to hold their No.1 position by rendering the most economical solution for the construction Industry through quality products & quality services.

Cosmos Const. Machineries & Equipt.

bc India 2011
Interacting at bC India, the company Director, Mr. Mehul Shah said, “we have recently launched certain new products which includes Cosmos ride on road rollers. Other than this, we have also launched material handling equipment for applications of concrete carrying, bricks carrying and tiles, sanitary material, sand carrying etc. The material handling equipment can undertake 40 loads per hour resulting in labor savings.

Besides this, our new product-line also includes on wheel 25 cum /hr twin shaft batching plant which can be used for the direct pump loading and for the transit mixer loading. Cosmos has a distribution tie up with Kumkang from South Korea to market its Formwork System in India.

The range of construction equipment manufactured by Cosmos includes; inline batching plant, fully automatic revers drum batching plant, twin shaft in line batching plant, boom scrapper batching plant, tower crane, suspended rope platform, transport platforms, tough rider articulated type, and so forth. The company is in a process of developing newer products, added Mr. Shah.

Macons Equipments

bc India 2011
Concrete making equipment manufacturing major Macons Equipments displayed its Semi Mobile Concrete batching plant at bC India.

Mentioning about the product, Mr.B.R.Gururaj, Vice President Sales and Marketing, Macons said, “the semi mobile concrete batching plant launched by it is available in three models: 20 cum, 25 cum and 30 cum capacities. As compared to tyre mounted concrete batching plant, the new product launched by us is of skid mounted variant the customer does not need any foundation and can be placed on the ground and started. The plant is completely pre-wired and pre-piped and fully assembled from our manufacturing plant. This enables very less site activities and the customer needs to plug and start the plant. The machines comes with added features comprising pan type mixer for continuous mixing , inbuilt water and additive tank and above all the plant is fully automatic with electronic weighing of aggregates sand, water and cement. The advanced features provides more accuracy to concrete mixing and enhanced cycle time.” He mentioned, Macons has all India presence for Sales and Service points for customer support.

Anupam Industries Limited

bc India 2011
Anupam Industries also exhibited at the show. Mentioning about the product line offered by the company, Mr. S.K. Malve, Director Technical, Anupam Industries Ltd said, “we are the largest supplier of EOT cranes, gantry and goliath cranes in India. Recently, we have formed an alliance with Alfa of Italy to assemble and market their cranes in India.”

Further he added, “there are many advanced features our cranes can boast of. This consists primarily of the advanced controls and safety features. Through constant research and development we have incorporated advanced features in our cranes.” On customer support, Mr. Malve said, “we have a pan India sales and service network for providing technical support to our equipment. However, we also provide customized training to customers.”

Jaso Tower Cranes

bc India 2011
Jaso Tower Cranes displayed its City Tower crane J5010 at bC event which has a maximum lifting capacity of 2.5 tons at 40 metres jib length and a minimum lifting capacity of 1 ton at 50 metres jib length. The crane comes at a free standing height of 45 metres and anchorage above 45 metres.

According to Mr. Kapil R. Ghai, CMD, Ispat Infrastructure (India) Limited, “Jaso’s City tower crane would be appropriate for construction of affordable residential projects in India.” Ispat Infrastructure (India) Limited entered into a distribution tie up with Jaso Tower Cranes in 2009 for marketing its tower cranes in India. Under this marketing collaboration, Ispat would market Jaso’s topline tower crane having a capacity range from 6 to 24 tons having a jib length from 55 to 80 metres. City Cranes from 2 to 5 tons having a jib length of 35-52 metres and luffing cranes from 5 to 18tons with jib lengths ranging from 40 to 60 metres.

Maxmech Equipments Pvt. Ltd.

bc India 2011
Gujarat based Maxmech equipments displayed its new slipform curbing machine which can be used to make different types of curb for highways, footpaths upto 1220mm width and 150mm thick, small box gutters etc. Self-propelled, the machine is driven by a compact water cooled diesel engine having a rubber padded crawler track of 910 c/c & 240 mm width at front with a hydraulic motor and gear box. The complete machine is mounted on three hydraulic jacks one at front and two at rear.

The company also exhibited its new concrete lining paver that can be used for pavement of canal, airport apron and runway, roads, flooring, reservoir, bridges etc. This paver consists of two hydraulic power pack units, the first one is at fixed console from where the operator can handle the machine and the second one is travelling unit.


Powerscreen, one of the leading providers of mobile crushing, screening and washing equipment, exhibited their Powerscreen® 1000SR and Powerscreen® Metrotrak. Both the machines were manufactured at the Terex facility in Hosur, reinforcing the Powerscreen commitment to the development of the local economy and infrastructure.

bc India 2011
The 1000SR mobile plant combines the high performance of the popular tracked 1000 Maxtrak with a double deck sizing screen and a re-circulating system, all on one single tracked chassis. This configuration enables customers to take advantage of the site-proven benefits of the Automax® cone crusher incorporated into a closed circuit screening plant, thereby eliminating the need for separate screening. This versatile, mobile plant is ideally suited for secondary and tertiary applications in quarrying, where high quality, low flake, single size aggregate and sub-base materials are required.

The Metrotrak is a compact, high performance track mobile jaw crushing plant featuring the “M” series single toggle jaw crusher. With an aggressive crushing action and a high output even at tight settings, the Metrotrak is ideally suited for small to medium sized operators in the mining, quarrying and recycling industries. The Metrotrak has an ouput of up to 175 tph and features a vibrating grizzly feeder that has a heavy-duty mechanical vibrating unit with twin cast eccentric shafts. Finger bars and underscreen allow grizzly fines to be directed on to the main product or optional side conveyor by fitting a blanking mat or wire meshes with a choice of apertures. Variable speed control allows smooth and continuous materials feed. The integral product conveyor is 800mm wide and the discharge height is 2.9 metres. The heavy-duty crawler track undercarriage, fully skirted conveyor and remote control ensure that the plant can be set up very quickly and easily moved on site. Dust suppression sprays are fitted as standard and among the options available are: Side/dirt conveyor; radio remote control; and magnetic overband separator. Both machines were sold to Powerscreen distributor Voltas.

Powerscreen stand at the show was supported by the Powerscreen sales team and Powerscreen distributors: Advanced Construction Technologies; Alpha Technical Services Pvt. Ltd; Vijay Traders; Voltas (Limited); Genavco: and Genserv.

Manforce Trucks Pvt. Ltd.

Manforce Trucks India exhibited new mobile Schwing Stetter Concrete batching plant mounted on its truck MAN CLA 25.280 (6X4). The truck carrying the batching plant has a diesel engine of Man D -0836, 6.9 litres, 6-cyl. The maximum output of the equipment is 280hp @2400 rpm with maximum torque of 1100nm @1300-1700r/m. The front axle of the machine consists of heavy duty cranked forged I-beam type with unitized hub bearings whereas the rear axle consists of Man H9 & HD 9, 13120 planetary with hub reduction, differential lock and interaxle lock with stabilizer on twin axles. Axle ratio of the vehicle is 7.63:1. In addition, the company also displayed its range of tippers.

Mait India Foundation Equipments

bc India 2011
Mait India displayed its Drilling Rig Model HR260 at the show. The rig has max. torque of 260kNm & weight of 75 Ton. It is suitable for drilling big Diameter bores in harder strata / rock. Briefing about the future development plans of the company, Mr. D.V. Brahme, Regional Manager, Mait India said that the company is in the process of developing special tooling and rock cutting tools for the market. Modifications are being made in the existing product line comprising bored piles, continuous flight augurs, diaphragm walls, and Driven / Driven cast in situ piles.

On service support, Mr. Brahme said, “we would continue to focus in reducing response time for our machines working in the field. The company will post its service engineers to those locations where many numbers of machines are working. The stock of spare parts is being increased continuously.

Mait India has set up its new office for sales, service, spare parts and training centre at MIDC in Mumbai on Thane Belapur road, he added.
bc India 2011

Asia Motor Works

Asia Motor Works (AMW) displayed its tipper trucks of rock body, box body and trailer variants. In addition to this, the company also displayed its standard truck models at the show.

Unipave Engg. Products

bc India 2011
The Gujarat based manufacturer, Unipave displayed its pavers. At the sidelines of the show, its Director Mr. Sanjay Surelia, said, “our pavers are now approved and tested by ARAI and the company would set up a new plant at Vatva to expand its production capacity.”

Columbia-Pakona Engineering Pvt. Ltd.

bc India 2011
"Columbia-Pakona Engineering Pvt. Ltd. manufactures fully automatic Concrete Products Plant,and deals with Vortex Hydra Concrete Roof Tiles Plant in India and displayed their product range at the recently concluded bc India. Pakona Engineers (I) Pvt. Ltd. manufactures vertically cast reinforced Concrete Pipe Plants under licence from Mario Croci E Figli Srl, Italy. Elaborating on the technical attributes of the products, a senior marketing officer, Mr Soji said, “Our concrete block making machines and pipe making machines are structurally strong and more productive as compared to contemporary machines.” Both the concrete blocks and pipe making machines can work for six cycles at a stretch, a rare feature which is not available in other machines. Additionally, for making a strong product, our machines vibrate the mould accordingly as compared to other machines, which vibrate the pallets.” On customers’ training programs, he informed that training is imparted to the customers by the experts of Pakona Engineers at our own plant site and also on the plant site of our customers. Apart from this, ensuring prompt supply of components and parts the company supplies these products by utilizing the quick services of air cargo to deliver parts and accessories from our warehouses in Mumbai and Baroda to our customers at different locations across the country.

Ammann Schweiz AG

bc India 2011
Ammann Schweiz AG of Switzerland participated in bc India 2011. Mentioning about the product line being contemplated for the Indian market, Mr. Rolf J.Jenny, Senior Vice President Corporate Development said, “we are positioned globally as number one in asphalt batching plants in terms of volumes. With our high capacity asphalt batching plants, we are looking forward to target big road construction and rehabilitation projects in India which require high volumes of asphalt. The plants can be installed in a centralized location catering to the requirements of numerous users. This will enable the road construction companies to focus on their core job of executing the projects where they can cut down costs of putting and operating a batching plant.”

Mr. Jenny mentioned that they are also planning to develop the bitumen recycling market in India with the technological competence of our machines, although the concept of bitumen recycling is much nascent in India.

The Ammann composite product line would be marketed through a Ammann group company formed in India .He mentioned that in a broader perspective, we are planning to provide total equipment solutions to the market for asphalt roads i.e. Asphalt plants, paving, compaction and rolling equipments which are all strength of Ammann group. The Entity being formed in India would cater to Sales, Service and Training to Ammann customers. India base would be assisted by Ammann middle- east and Ammann China set ups which have already very good numbers of Ammann plants and equipments. Mr. Narinder Jit Singh an Associate of Ammann in India mentioned that very high priority would be given to after sales service and providing requisite comprehensive training to Ammann customers so that the customers can get full advantage and high productivity from Ammann plant and equipments. Such a service would also be provided at customer plant location as well.

Terex Corporation

Initiating the discussion, Mr. Steve Filipov, President - Developing Markets and Strategic Accounts of Terex Corporation, said that overseas construction equipment players are indeed euphoric about the promising potential of their products and services in India. The country has various advantages - cost effective in terms of manufa- cturing as it offers to be the most convenient place to export products and services to South Asian, Middle Eastern & African markets and a talent pool that is highly competitive. In reality, Terex Corporation is more euphoric than the rest. We currently have a strong presence in India in certain product lines and would like to further strengthen it in the coming future, he said.

bc India 2011
Talking about the Terex expansion plans, he said that they have put in place a number of expansion routes focusing on introduction of new products and services that reflect their cutting edge technology attributes and their firm dedication to the market and the customers. Terex has plans to deliver its global support to Indian construction equipment industrial stream keeping in view customer’s prime interest to maximize their rate of return on product assets acquired from the corporation. The corporation looks forward to increasing its manufacturing, R&D, marketing and supply chain presence. There are plans on cards to double the existing capacities of our facilities in India and utilizing the same effectively for our all business areas. Expanding these activities would involve significant investment and we are well-equipped to do so and play a more proactive role in supplying sophisticated and modern products to help build globally efficient and competitive equipment market in India. About the nature and quality of the Indian markets, he said gradually it is becoming more matured with new buyers who do not seem to be very much price sensitive as was the case two-three years back. They value the additional components, superior technical attributes and comprehensive technical assistance and services which our products and services ensure fully.

Adding in the discussion, Mr. Jehangir Ardeshir, President & MD of Terex India categorized these buyers into two types where the first one is not very price sensitive whereas the second one is very sensitive to the price factor. Slowly and steadily, they are also joining the mainstream buyers recognizing the fallacy that acquiring technically advanced quality products does mean a bit more of initial investment but their return on investment (RoI) is better over time. In the process of acquiring equipment, it must be realized that it is not only equipment which is being bought but also related services – it is all about a complete solution, he added.

Both Steve and Jehangir emphasized that India still needs high tech products and services to implement various infrastructure projects at hand and future projects in its task of infrastructure development. Terex is appropriately placed to chip in the process by working even more closely across the country through seamless integration of its global technical and business practices with local ones. Terex Corporation is a diversified global manufacturer operating in four business segments - Aerial Work Platforms, Construction, Cranes, and Materials Processing. Terex manufactures a broad range of equipment for use in various industries, including the construction, infrastructure, quarrying, mining, shipping, transportation, refining, energy and utility industries. Terex offers a complete line of financial products and services to assist in the acquisition of Terex equipment through Terex Financial Services. Greater localization would be the prime focus of Terex operations in India.

Schwing Stetter India Pvt. Ltd.

Schwing Stetter India Pvt. Ltd. (SSIPL) displayed its new truck mounted mobile batching plant mounted on Man chassis and comes with a capacity of 18 cum/hr. The machine has a concrete discharge height of 3.75 metres while aggregate storage filling volume is 12 cum. The active reserves aggregates of the plant are 12cum and the water tank capacity is 1000ltrs, whereas the weighing capacity: aggregate 375kg, binder 200kg, and water 100kg. The pump comes with a water pump capacity of 28cum/hr. The added feature of this equipment is PLC based control systems with maximum number of 5 recipes.

bc India 2011
Stating about new mobile plant Mr. Anand Sundaresan, Managing Director, SSIPL said that the new product is good for the construction sites with tight job schedules. The most notable characteristic of this product is that it comes with a mobility element added with a capacity to batch high concrete volumes. The equipment can be best used in road projects having short duration, canal projects (where creating heavy foundation is a critical issue), and ready mix concrete industry. The machine has less cost of operation as it is driven by a power take off engine.

SSIPL also launched its new SP2880 and SP8800 trailer mounted stationery concrete pumps for the Indian construction sector. Highlighting the application areas of the products, Mr. Sundaresan said, “the newly launched high capacity concrete pumps are capable of pumping concrete to 200–500 mtrs. in highrise construction projects and much suitable for dam projects. The pumps have proven their worth in construction of the Petronas towers in Malaysia and other highrise constructions globally. With the introduction of these high capacity pumps, we are now in such a position where we can provide solutions to any highrise construction in India.” SP8800 has a maximum theoretical output of 94/63 cum/hr whereas SP 2800 comes with a maximum theoretical output of 101/58 cum/hr.

While speaking of sound proof canopies being provided by SSIPL Mr. Sundaresan said that the canopies will help in reducing noise of concrete pumps when they are used in urban areas, precisely in areas where sound levels needs to be kept less than 70 decibels. To provide enhanced support and customized concrete solutions to our customers he said that we would keep interacting with our customers to understand their requirements better to provide them tailor made solutions. There are good examples where we have provided tailor made concrete solutions to Bandra Worli Sea Link, Parbati Hydel Power Projects, and so on.”

Rotary Construction Machinery India

Rotary Construction Machinery India participated at bC India 2011 along with its principals-Allpacks of Holland, Geax SRL of Italy, and HZ Vislord Machinery of China.

bc India 2011
Mentioning about the Allpacks hydraulic pile hammers and vibratory hammers, Mr. Eric Buitendijk, MD, Allpacks said, “our equipments are almost 15 -20% cheaper as compared to contemporary products and are fitted with Caterpillar Engines and Rexroth hydraulics. The most competitive feature of the impact pile hammer is that it comes with impact energy analyser which enables visual check for actual stroke height and calculation of blow rates.”

The Chairman of HZ Vislord, Mr. Li Panfeng said, “the most advantageous element of our machine is our competitive price which is cheaper at least by 20% as compared to other contemporary products. The machines are fitted with Volvo Penta engines with a warranty from Volvo itself and the company has sold two units in India so far.

Geax Compact drilling equipment which is capable of carrying out small foundation works, was launched at the event. The operating cost of the machine is less and can be easily transported from one place to another. Geax entered into a distribution tie up with Rotary Construction Machinery India said the senior company official.

Citing about the technical support to customers for the products of the principals, Mr. Tejdeep Singh, Director, Rotary Construction Machinery said, “we would offer requisite technical support through operators training which would be provided in house at our premises in Mumbai. In addition to this training, we would also provide training support through our engineers. We are at a very good position to provide timely components availability in terms of after sales support and also provide maintenance of the machines at our own workshop.”


bc India 2011
Speedcrafts, introduced its Asphalt mixing plants used for road construction at bC India, manufactured in joint collaboration with ADM of USA. The Company manufactures Asphalt plant, concrete plant, paver finisher, pothole repairing machine, road roller, road sweeper and chip spreader for the industries.

Nawa Engineers

bc India 2011
Nawa Engineers displayed its ‘Duracone’ hydraulic cone crusher, Tripleks’ series horizontal screens, and machinery for crushed sand production at the show. The company exhibited its most popular brand of NAWAPACTORS VSI Crushers with capacity range of 50-500 TPH for various applications of crushed sand production.


bc India 2011
Universal exhibited India’s largest reversible mixer (300 ltr) in addition to its other products that include mobile concrete batching plant, aggregate feeding system, concrete conveyor, admixture dozing system, mini dumpers, sand washing and screening machines, bar bending, bar cutting and bar straightening machines, machines for vertical movement of men and machinery etc.


Lonking, the manufacturer of construction equipment participated at bC India to promote its brand building in the country and other overseas market. Lonking Machinery India Pvt Ltd is developing strong dealership network, including customers’ service hotline, spare parts management centre, and focusing on marketing and training.


bc India 2011
Jamshedji, a leading manufacturer of construction machinery exhibited its wide range of products including concrete pump, concrete mixer, concrete cutter, concrete vacuum dewatering systems, vacuum pump, ride on trowel, earth rammer, power trowel, and surface (screed) vibrator at the show.

Kaushik Engineering Works

bc India 2011
Kaushik Engineering Works (KEW) at the show displayed its Road Sweeper/Broomer for cleaning roads, places, factory yards etc. The company offers a wide range of road construction equipment including Mobile Drum Mix Plant, Wet Mix Macadam Plant, Bitumen Pressure Distributor, Concrete Batching Plant and other allied equipment.

Arrow Machinery

As far as bC India is concerned we exceeded our expectations allowing us to catch up with many of our existing customers and introduce our products to a large number of new prospects, said Mr. Tim Andrews, Managing Director, Arrow Machinery.

In addition to the local Indian market we fielded enquiries from 10 other countries including Middle East, West Africa, Portugal and USA. A large crowd appeared when we featured a movie of our latest upgraded ARROW 750XL SLIPFORMER. We highly recommend bC India to anyone doing business in the region.


bc India 2011
Unisteel disseminated information about its RCP 750 paver, PVR 1001 paver and Cement Mortar Lining Machine at the show. The company is the manufacturer of concrete pavement machineries used in the development and finishing of canals, airport runway concrete surfacing, concrete for Reservoir, pre-cast concrete slabs for building and surfacing roads and highways etc.


MARSMAN India Ltd, a renowned manufacturer and exporter of Jaw Crushers, Impact Crushers, Vibrating Screens, Feeders, Hoppers, Conveyors system and its allied equipments of various type and sizes made its notable present at bC India.
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