bC India 2014 Culminates Successfully

bC India 2014

bauma Conexpo Show

Giving a strong performance, the bauma Conexpo Show – bC India, which was held at India Expo Centre in Greater Noida/Delhi recently, culminated successfully with a steady course as regards key figures. The show consolidated its position in the market. A total of 26,000 visitors and 635 exhibitors from 25 countries attended the third edition of this International Trade Fair for Construction Machinery, Building Material Machines, Mining Machines and Construction Vehicles.

Expressing his deep satisfaction, Igor Palka, CEO of the organizer, bC Expo India said, "Our exhibitors have so much trust in our brand and are continuing to support bC India in what is still a difficult economic environment. The event is now a firm date in the calendar for many companies and it has established itself. We have had a lot of positive feedbacks – and of course we are delighted about that."

The exhibitors were particularly pleased with the quality of the trade visitors. Raman Joshi, Executive Vice President Asia-Pacific, Manitowoc Cranes, USA, Subsidiary India, said, "We've had a lot of productive meetings at bC India 2014 and many of our Indian customers are at the event. Overall customers in India are very receptive to our offerings. It's clear that India is continuing its development and our impression from bC India is that the construction industry in this country is keen to play a starring role in helping India achieve its growth ambitions."

Sorab Agarwal, Executive Director of ACE, was enthused saying, "We had visitors not only from all over India but also international ones. We only had genuine customers – there was no wasting time, they were here for business" and Tanmay Majumdar, Associate Vice President of Gmmco/Caterpillar, added: "The quality of visitors was very high, including good buyers, contractors and the likes. bC India is a good opportunity to meet new customers."

Besides high-quality visitors, the show also proved to be an excellent platform as Asit Patel, Managing Director, Ammann Apollo, stated, "bC show is a vehicle to convince customers and to sell products. We are happy with our results, especially on the second day. The quality here in Delhi is substantially better. It's a very well organized, very well laid out show and that helps a lot to show our products."

NBMCW Stall bC India

Dr. Thomas Schwaninger, Managing Director, Liebherr, Germany, Subsidiary India opined, "bC India is the most important Indian construction fair in the current year. In the field of concrete mixing technology some sales could be completed during the first phase of the bC India show. In the field of mobile cranes very good talks with highly interested customers took place in the first two days of the show and more are anticipated."

As well as high quality, bC India also provided an excellent opportunity for signing up new business as Rajesh Shrivastava, General Manager – Marketing & Dealer Development of Terex India, confirmed: "We are very excited about the profile of the customers here at bC India. The customers showed big interest in our products. We had customers coming and buying equipment right off the booth. We also saw new prospective customers who came just to see our new product launch.

And this is how S. Baskar Babu, General Manager of Schwing Stetter India, summed up his company's experience: "bC India as usual came out very well. The quality and the delivery of bC India is unbeatable. We will definitely participate in every edition of bC India."

For Doka too, bC India is a must. According to Anupam Kr. Sharma, Managing Director, Doka, Austria, Subsidiary India, "bauma is a recognized brand in the construction industry and regarded as such by all our clients. It drives us to participate in bC India."

This is just a glimpse. A detail report is presented in the following pages complied by the NBM&CW's editorial team on the basis of the interaction conducted during the show.

INDO-AIR's IAH Series Oil-Free Compressors

At bC India 2014, Ahmedabad-based INDO-AIR Compressors Pvt Ltd was promoting its recently launched IAH Series' Oil-Free High Pressure Water-Cooled Air Compressors. The company manufactures a complete range of industrial air compressors & vacuum pumps, ranges from 1 hp to 300 hp in its state-of-the-art in-house production facilities. "All our products conform to the national & international standards of performance acceptability, and are very well accepted in the domestic and overseas markets due to their quality & reliability," said Kuntan Panchal, the company's Joint Managing Director.

INDO AIR Oil Free Compressors

INDO-AIR compressors are used in a wide range of applications areas such as power, oil, railways, chemicals, textiles, plastic processing, construction, medical & pharmaceuticals, food & beverages, paper & printing, garages & petrol stations, pneumatic tools and many more.

Innovation in design & manufacturing techniques has been the forte of the organization. "The search for a reliable 100% oil-free, quality air prompted INDO-AIR to come out with a fully engineered, tested, and high-performance range of compressors. With this, we aim to ensure high quality output from the packaging industry as well as to fulfill the rapidly increasing demand from higher capacity machines used to manufacture container/bottle," he added.

Elaborating on features, Mr Panchal said, "IAH series compressors are available from 40 HP to 180 HP for an output ranging from 110 CFM to 500 CFM at 35 to 40 BAR pressure. The high pressure meets the demand of the container/bottle manufacturing; the higher air outputs take care of the production quantity of the container/bottle machineries and the oil-free compressors ensures that the containers produced using INDO-AIR IAH series compressors have the food packaging quality requirement." He added that oil-free air also saves the investment on other ancillaries like filter chains which is a must in the case of air out of oil lubricated compressors, and again the filters do not ensure 100% oil free air.

Manitowoc Showcases Latest Innovations and Offerings for the Indian Market

Manufactured at its Potain factory in Pune, Manitowoc unveiled two topless tower cranes for the Indian market. It also displayed one of the most successful all-terrain cranes of all time, its Grove GMK6300L, and an innovative Potain self-erecting crane Igo 26.

Speaking to the media about the global crane market Mr Eric Etchart, President and General Manager, Manitowoc Cranes said, "The overall crane market has been slightly disappointing this year, mainly in North America where we all were expecting good business. The European market was also on the low side. But fortunately Saudi Arabia has a good number of big projects which has helped offset the more disappointing markets. Apart from Saudi Arabia, a lot of new projects have been starting in Qatar, Oman, and UAE which is a market that is finally rebounding and which is something of a pleasant surprise."

Maitowoc Grove

Speaking about the Far East he said that the Chinese market also has been quite difficult this year but said the company has a lot of expectations for India where the market has been showing positive movement after the formation of the new government. He said that business here had been better than expected in 2014.

While talking about the technological strength of Manitowoc Mr Eric Etchart continued, "Innovation has been a strength of Manitowoc throughout its history and this year we allocated a good budget to our innovation activities and brought together people with newer and better ideas to set up a panel covering different technologies, or what we call breakthrough innovations. We have introduced some new products already which have made a very significant impact in the market place. In fact the products we have here on display, such as our new Potain tower cranes and our KZ-100 synthetic rope, we believe are going to be very successful for us and for our customers."

Keeping a positive attitude on the Indian market Mr. Raman Joshi, MD, Manitowoc India said, "In India, the first quarter of 2014 was really good but the second and third quarter showed something of a lull as there was hardly any activity. The projects were stalling and the funds were not available. But fortunately, the last quarter of this year has turned around and the outlook is good, riding high on the back of the new government's proposed thrust on infrastructure development. We feel that now the situation is quite ok for us. India in fact needs a lot of urbanization and the announcement of 100 Smart Cities will certainly change the scenario of the next two years," he added.

Divulging detail about Manitowoc's presence in India, Raman Joshi said, "We are the only international company with a widespread presence in the country. There's no doubt we have some close competitors but they do not have their own manufacturing bases except for a few cranes that are supplied through trading companies."

"We are the leading tower crane manufacturing company in the country with the highest number of models in India. We also happen to be the leading supplier of mobile cranes in the country with the highest number of cranes rolling out to market. Our GMK6300L has been very successful, and hence, we have high hopes for it in the market. We have launched two new Potain products at this show which I think has taken the competition by surprise. So there are a few things associated with our brand name and our focus on innovation which keep us ahead of our competitors."

He commented further, "At bC India, we clearly demonstrated to the Indian crane industry how committed we are to innovation and customer value and we also emphasized how those two principles are connected. At Manitowoc, we produce innovative cranes that are more productive and profitable for our customers, meaning we can improve return on investment and overall value for our customers. Innovation and customer value are the most significant things that drive Manitowoc, and the products on show demonstrate that perfectly."

Towering over the Manitowoc Cranes booth at bC India were two new Potain tower cranes. Both cranes are topless MCT models built at the company's factory in Pune. The larger one is the MCT 205 which has a 10t maximum capacity and can lift 1.75t at its maximum jib end of 65 m. With a focus on faster erection, the complete upper works for the MCT 205 can be assembled in four lifts. The heaviest group of components is just 7.9 t and the full 65 m jib can be placed in a single lift. Attention has been paid to transportation too, with three jib sections able to fit inside a standard container.

Manitowoc at bC India 2014
The second topless model from Potain making its debut in India was the MCT 85 which is smaller than the MCT 205. It has a 5t maximum capacity with an ability to lift 1.1t at its jib end of 52 m. This practical unit is efficiently easy to transport, needing just two trucks for the entire top portion of the crane.

Again, on-site assembly is simplified thanks to the pre-assembly work done at the Potain factory in Pune. And, like the MCT 205, the MCT 85 can be operated as an internal climbing crane, positioned within the building it is constructing. Mounted on 1.2 m mast sections, the crane offers a maximum free-standing height of 33.2 m when operating internally.

After the successful show and with an overall positive outlook for the Indian market, Raman Joshi said, "We're looking forward to reinforcing our position in India in 2015. Our factory in Pune will keep developing and our long-standing dealer partners will keep supporting us and providing excellent service to Manitowoc customers. On top of that, our cranes are recognized by customers for their innovation and productivity. By focusing on our customers above everything else, we've been able to build a market-leading position in India and it's our goal to maintain and grow that position in 2015."

Crane anti collision device from Everest Engineering

Everest Engineering displayed new tower crane anti collision device. Everest has entered into an exclusive tie-up with Hitech China recently for marketing new model anti-collision device in India. Informing about the anti-collision device, Mr. Ramdev, Director, Everest Engineering, said, "The anti- collision device prevents collision with nearby structures, buildings, trees and other tower cranes working at the close vicinity.

The component is much critical as it provides total safety coverage to the tower cranes. This is in contrast to safe load indicators."

Everest Crane Anti Collision Device

He mentioned, "The collision device has been customized in accordance with Indian site requirements, taking into consideration factors like frequent power disruption stalling the operation of the tower cranes midway in operations or wind conditions. Based on the factors, the anti-collision pack has a monitoring system installed at ground that monitors the working of the crane in clusters.It then uploads the data to the crane operators working in the zone to take note of other cranes working in the zone so as to avoid collision. On power disruption to a crane it passes information to other cranes to stall operation to the power disrupted crane so as to avoid collision."

Everest has supplied 32 systems of the anti-collision device to tower cranes for L&T, Sobha Developers and BE Billimoria for their tower cranes. Everest Engineering is the exclusive distributor for GJJ tower cranes passenger and material hoists in India.

ElectroMech Exploring New Crane Products

Discussing the impact of ElectroMech having a number of tie-ups, collaborative and joint venture arrangement with global CE majors, Mr. Tushar Mehendale, Managing Director, ElectroMech informed that these technical collaborative arrangements have had a positive impact on the growth of the company, improved its technological status to manufacture innovative products and render comprehensive technical solution services in MH and crane segment, thus improving its business performance year-on end. Together with this, the company owns indigenous capability and technical expertise and today is in a strong position to handle diverse sets of clients across different industries and geographies. We are open to more such technical alliances with other CE international majors as per our business requirements. Our recent joint venture with the Chinese based Zoomlion, the sixth largest construction equipment in the world, leverages our tower crane segment. As a matter of fact, ElectroMech has always aimed at proactively involving the world's best companies with us and our JV with Zoomlion is a continuing trend. The JV arrangement will allow us to take care of the growing demand of tower cranes for the construction sector, explained Mr. Tushar Mehendale.

Zoomlion Electromech bC India

Due to fast pace of mechanization in the construction activities and adoption of pre-cast construction technology and tight project completion schedules, demand for tower cranes in India is expected to go up. Almost 35% business of tower cranes is coming from Delhi and NCR market. With over 650 Zoomlion tower cranes in operation in India, the emerging construction scenario makes such tower cranes most suitable for big ticket infra projects having compressed project schedules. We are in a strong position to supply such crane products accurately configured to various project requirements. ElectroMech's technical association with Zoomlion is expected to enable the company to provide a diverse range of tower cranes to the construction industry. ElectroMech strength lies in its quality products and prompt after-sale support services for all industrial cranes irrespective of its make to ensure that its clients get the maximum return on their investment. Going forward, ElectroMech's commitment is to explore newer products categories in cranes business as per market requirement said Mr. Mehendale.

Considering the intents and resolves of the government to give a boost to infrastructure development, Mr. Mehendale appeared to be quite optimistic about the growth of Indian economy giving construction equipment sector a big boost.

Puzzolana Provides Perfect Mining and Quarrying Solutions

The market is shifting from factory made to customized solutions and Puzzolana has always been in the forefront in catching up with the trend in offering total solutions to mining and quarrying sector. "We are the only Indian company that offers complete customized solution as per projects requirements. We have primary and secondary crushers, multi-stage screens, sander, sand washer, loaders, surface planner besides many other allied products," says Mr. Abhijeet Pai, Director – Puzzolana during bC India trade show.

Speaking on the market scenario and his company's market standing in this tough economic scenario and multinationals setting up new plants in India he avers, "Infrastructure and mining sectors going through a tough time globally; multinational players are focusing on developing countries like India and have setup manufacturing plants in India however Puzzolana is focused on high quality, customer focused products, increasing Pan India and developing markets focus has resulted in sustain their business despite all the odds."

Puzzolana Mining and Quarrying Solutions

He further adds, "There is no doubt that the stable government at centre with 'Make in India' type campaigns will help the industry as a whole but the companies which have a combination of a very conservative and aggressive mindset in terms of products, philosophy and business ethics will gain the most."

Talking of his company's strength in providing off-the-shelf and total project solutions he said, "Puzzolana has the strength to offer track mounted as well as static crushing plants with multi-stage screens and sander. We have recently introduces state-of-the-art surface miner which gives highly economical process for surface mining as one can eliminate drilling and blasting. It gives consistent product size (95% - 75mm/100mm) so that secondary sizing process can be avoided. The machine is designed to cut formations up to 50 Mpa. High tensile and wear resistant steel are used in chassis frame and powerful Cummins engine gives greater fuel economy when compared with competition."

"Moreover, we also have dry sand classifier and washing systems in our basket. Due to ban on river sand, sand washing business is opening-up fast and we are the only Indian company which offers three different solutions to its customers as per their projects need. We have traditional screw classifier for smaller projects and high quality Air Classifier and wet sand washing plants both are most advanced systems for sand washing applications," he added.

When asked about technological strength of Puzzolana he said, "Every company has technology whether it's an MNC or a home-grown one with some overseas tie-up but what matters at the end is the best technology for Indian jobsite conditions. So we will always opt for the best and will keep upgrading our product-line. Our R&D centre has been developing newer products and upgrading existing ones regularly. After-sales services and after market is the forte of Puzzolana and we are improving on the same to maximize our clients' profitability by giving life cycle management solutions for crushing and screening."

JLG Displays Lifts and Access Equipment Innovations

JLG Industries, Inc, a global leading manufacturer of aerial work platforms (AWPs) and telescopic material handlers showcased its boom lifts, scissor lifts, and compact crawler booms during bC India show. In addition to its products, the company also introduced its Ground Support Services which include training classes and tools, service tools, and a full line of aftermarket parts and maintenance services to help support companies throughout the ownership experience.

JLG Lifts and Access Equipment
According to the senior official at JLG, "The demand for AWPs has been steadily growing in India. As there is massive investment in infrastructure projects going on in the country, we are very optimistic about the growth of AWP market and expect that once business units and individual users become aware of the productivity advantages of these machines, there will be growing demand for high quality value-added access equipment."

"India is important to JLG and we are committed to providing world-class products and support here," said David Border, Regional Director, Sales & Market. "We are excited to see JLG equipment playing a critical role in India's growth on construction projects, such as petrochemical plants, power generation facilities, apartment buildings and commercial offices, as well as maintenance applications in these types of facilities," he added.

Mentioning the qualities of AWPs, he said that our 24RS boom lift which we have displayed here features a streamlined design with fewer parts, making it easier to maintain without sacrificing performance. It is the lightest weight machine in its class, weighing just 10,568kg which is 4,300kg less than 24m telescopic boom lifts. The 24RS boom lift is engineered to fit into a 40-foot shipping container, providing significant savings in transportation costs and contributing to a lower total cost of ownership.

The other product that we have highlighted here is JLG X23J compact crawler boom which is powered by rechargeable electric batteries and a combustion engine, so it can be used indoors or outdoors. It moves on non-marking tracks instead of tyres, and its narrow chassis allows it to pass through gates, standard commercial doors, and public buildings. The X23J has an elevated platform height of 21.10m, horizontal reach of 11.4m, with up to 200kg platform capacity.

Besides these, we manufacture a wide portfolio of AWPs ranging from low level access machines to the largest self-propelled work platforms which ensure fuel saving, ownership advantages along with maximum productivity and uptime.

Kobelco shows new Turkish make - Hidrokon truck mounted telescopic knuckle boom crane along with its CKL 1000i LBCC

Truck Mounted Telescopic Knuckle Boom Crane
Kobelco India displayed HK 90, L6 + L4, truck mounted telescopic knuckle boom crane from Turkey. It has entered into a tie-up with Hidrokon for promoting its 20 tons (60 ton-meter) -112 tons (336 ton-meter) truck mounted knuckle boom cranes in India at the bC India trade show. The company has sold one HK-90, 30 ton crane, mounted on Bharat Benz chassis to Mumbai based rental firm, M/S Shree Dinesh Crane Services. Mr. Nilesh Bhorkar, National Sales Manager, Kobelco India said, adding that the cranes will be finding application at industrial as well as general infrastructure projects. The cranes will be suitable with areas having space restrictions and locations difficult to access."

He further added, "We have carried out expansion of our present production facility at Sricity near Chennai, where we will be producing 7055, 55 tons and CKS 800, 80 tons crawler cranes. The prototype of the machines produced is currently undergoing testing, which will be exported following commercial production." The expanded capacity will enable Kobelco to have 20% increment in production. He reiterated that while localization remains the focus for us to minimize ownership costs, however, we had been facing certain issues with the vendors as a reason we have begun undertaking certain in-house activities forging being one of them. Kobelco produces 100-150-260 tons in its Indian facility and celebrated 100th crane production at bC India 2014.

CDE launches Combo X70Mobile Washing Plant in India for production of high quality Sand from Crusher Dust

CDE, known for manufacturing high quality and sustainable material washing systems, has recently launched a brand new washing equipment ComboX70, a cutting edge technology which 'Cleans', 'Grades' and 'Recycles Water' in a single mobile chassis unit, in India.

Manish Bhartia
Speaking in a press briefing during bC India 2014, Mr. Manish Bhartia, Managing Director & Co-Owner, CDE Asia Ltd said, "CDE has today become a name synonymous with washing. We always believe in investing in innovation and are committed to continuously developing new washing technologies and making washing more economical, efficient, and eco-friendly. Our latest product ComboX70 is one of the best examples of this initiative. We are proud that this has been first launched in India prior to its global release."

CDE Mobile Washing Plant
Mentioning about the new mobile washing system Mr. Bhartia said, "Combo X70 has been developed specially for fast growing markets like India keeping the typical site conditions of our country in mind, later this will be made available for other countries in South-East Asia. This is a mobile unit and can easily be carried away from one project site to another without any issue. It is a plug and play system that readily integrates with any new or existing crushing installation. It comes pre-assembled from the factory saving painful site-work. This completely automatic remote monitored equipment produces two qualities of sand at one time, one is concrete grade sand, i.e. zone 1 or 2 sand, which is used for making concrete, whereas the other one is masonry sand, i.e. zone 4 sand, used as plastering sand. The cleaning, grading of material and water recycling are all done in one machine. The system operates on PLC without any human intervention."

Elaborating on its water recycling capability he added, "The ComboX70 is the most eco-friendly sand washing system in the world and is a formidable answer to water scarcity on most project sites in India. 90% of the water required to run the washing operation is automatically treated and recycled back by the system, and therefore, it consumes 10-15 times less water than consumed by traditional sand washing system."

Highlighting on CDE high quality standards, he informed,"We design plants for life. All the raw materials are sourced under our global procurement standard. High percentage of the parts is still imported from the global supply chain of CDE. This helps us to maintain international quality and finish on our products. We manage our business across three functions tied to each other – we sell the product, we manage the project, and we service our product. New innovations like Combo X70 are focused on reduction of CAPEX and operating costs. Large civil work and long installation time that are typical with such projects have been dealt with by this mobile system. Use of clean energy and drastic reduction in the power requirement to just 74KW has resulted in considerable savings in operating costs".

Giving an overview of the company, he said, "CDE Asia is the Asian headquarters of CDE Global Limited which is a UK based group, that enjoys the reputation of being the world's number one material washing company. It started its operationin India in around 2007 and in just seven years, CDE has become the favorite brand in material washing market with over 200 installations spread across India. Today, we are delivering about 30-35 projects a year which we believe shall go up to one-a-week in 2015."

CDE expertise can be classified in following four distinct divisions:
  1. Construction division – producing high quality sand from crushed rock and natural resources
  2. Specialist Sand division- for application areas like industrial sand, glass sand, foundry sand, and golf-grade sand. For example, CDE sand was extensively used in the recent 2014 US Open tournament.
  3. Mining division - for applications like iron ore, bauxite,limestone beneficiation etc.
  4. Environmental division – dealing with construction & demolition waste recycling where usable building material is produced from recycling of the construction waste. For example, CDE have set up two plants in Delhi under a project promoted by Municipal Corporation of Delhi. It is an eye opening technology that has helped ransform 70% of the waste into reusable material.
"We have a unique project management system where for every customer there is a single point of contact. We not only take care of time-bound after-sales service but also provide customized AMC contracts (on monthly or per ton basis) if the customer desires so. We have two modern manufacturing facilities in Kolkata, located 20kms from the heart of the city".

Saurabh Agarwal
NBM&CW got chance to speak to one of CDE's prestigious clients 'LSE Infratech Ltd' during bC Show who owns 5 washing plantsby CDE and plans to install multiple CDE plants in the near future. Looking quite satisfied with the performance and the services CDE is providing to its customers, Mr.Saurabh Agarwal, MD – LSE Infratech Ltd said, "CDE plants are of high accuracy with great durability. Though the company promises to serve within 48 hours, its plants are fit-and-forget kind of machines. The company is using high quality components and spare parts in its machines that it hardly needs any repair. Practically, it is a zero wear kind of machines. I have seldom called them up for service till date as I didn't find any such need."

He further added, "Luckily, I am the first customer in India to purchase a machine from CDE Asia. The ROI for this machine is less than 12 months. Last but not the least, this is probably the only company that gives a complete solution by recycling 90-95% water used in oursand washing operation, truly addressing the concern of depleting natural resources such as sand and water."

Schwing Stetter Launches Tower Crane

Schwing Stetter India has unveiled 5 new products including an exclusive range of the Tower Crane at bC India. The concrete construction equipment major Schwing Stetter has added new portfolio-material handling by launching the tower crane in collaboration with XCMG in India.

Schwing Stetter Tower Crane
Describing this development as a milestone development, Mr. V.G. Sakthikumar, Chief Operating Officer, Schwing Stetter India said, "This development has been very timely as the current focus of the construction industry is on mechanization. Schwing Stetter has been constantly upgrading and updating its equipment to meet the changing requirements of the construction industry. With this launch, the company enters the material handling industry joining hands with Chinese construction equipment major XCMG, which is one of the world's top 5 renowned construction equipment companies."

He informed, "The company last month unveiled its first set of cranes XGT63YD (5013-5) in Chennai which are at display in bC India and attracting a lot of attention of the visitors. The crane is available in 5ton, 50m boom (with free standing height of 35 meters) and can withstand extreme conditions on construction sites. Both internal climbing and external climbing mechanisms can be offered. This will eventually be indigenized in next few months. We can offer 6ton Tower Cranes."

Elaborating he said, "The demand for mechanization of construction activities is pushing the requirement of such equipment. As the chairman of the BAI Committee on Mechanization with mandate to promote mechanization in construction, the launch of Schwing-XCMG Tower Cranes is in fact company's humble contribution to further the cause of mechanization needs of India."

He added, "Keeping in mind the growing focus on infrastructure, Schwing Stetter has been focusing on improvising its technologies and processes to save time, money and improve performance in construction activities and this development will go a long way to promote mechanization in the industry. Of late Schwing Stetter has been looking at expanding its product portfolio beyond its traditional offerings in concrete equipment which has made an important impact in the construction activities. The company's concrete pumps and newly launched tower cranes will work in synergy to suit customer requirements. Schwing Stetter ranges of concrete equipment are being used for concreting important national infrastructure projects such as metro projects, hydro projects, dam projects, bridge projects and real estate projects."

The other new products that we have launched include:

1) Mobile Batching Plant – M21Z- Mobile Version Plant suitable for Transit Mixer discharge with output of 21 Cu M per hour. This plant is ideally suited for small medium volume construction. We are offering wider selection option (to choose) to meet customer's specific needs.

2) SP1807 – New Concrete Pump with High pressure rock valve is suitable for Concrete Sites of medium high rise construction. New aesthetic aerodynamic design will be dedicated for all Models Trailer Pumps in the future. This pump is launched to meet the requirements of higher volume output meeting the demand of customers to increase the speed of construction.

3) Self-Propelled TSR30.14 (electronic dozing system): 14m long Concrete Sprayer boom with proven SCHWING concrete Pump. Dozing output is controlled from the operator held console electronically liking it to the concrete pump strokes.

4) S43SXSBR02 on 6X4 Chassis: Longest Boom for a Three Axle Chassis. SCHWING RZ boom combines roll and Z fold at the tip to offer better flexibility for the boom operation. This can also be mounted on 8x4 chassis. 5 section boom enables overall vehicle length to be under 12m for ease of maneuverability and accessibility.

Besides these, we have displayed many other products as well. The mood in construction industry is positive following government focus on infrastructure development and Schwing Stetter recognizing these developments is working towards launching more new products and services and its equipment is working relentlessly in nation building. It has invested heavily to improve its efficiency as well as improving the quality of its products and services. These positive developments happening across the CE sector give us the confidence that CE market in India will sooner rather than later be in the pink of health once again, maintains Mr. Sakthikumar.

Liebherr handover 220 ton capacity all terrain crane LTM 1220-5,2 to Shree Cement Group

The Crane was handed over on 16th decemeber 2014 at bC India to Sri H M Bangur, Managing Director, Shree cement Group by Mr. Jan Liebherr of Liebherr family and Mr. Kleiner Managing Director Liebherr-Werk Ehingen GmbH, manufacturer of this crane

The crane will be first working at their Raipur plant and then will be moved to Beawar.

Liebherr All Terrain Crane Shree Cement
From Right to Left Mr. Jan Liebherr, Mr. Gopal Daga Jt. President Shree cement, Mr. H. M. Bangur Managing Director Shree cement group, Mr. Christoph Kleiner, Managing Director LWE, Mr. Ajay Kumar Somani, Director Liebherr india, Mr. Georg Moser, Sales Manager –Mobile cranes, India

Liebherr cranes are well proven in India and working in all leading cement groups, Ultra Tech, Holcim (ACC & Ambuja), J P Industries. All together over 16 cranes have been supplied by Liebherr to Cement Industries in last 3-4 years. Even in neighboring countries like Bangladesh, Liebherr cranes are working with Bashundhara cements and Lafarge.

Shree Cement is a cement manufacturer in India. It was founded in the Beawar in district Ajmer of Rajasthan and now one of the biggest cement in Northern India. It also produces and sells power under the name Shree Power (Captive Power Plant) and Shree Mega Power (Independent Power Plant). Since 2006, it has more than quadrupled its production capacity both by expanding into new areas and increasing the capacities of the existing plants. Plants are located in Beawar, Ras, Khushkhera and Suratgarh in Rajasthan and Laksar (Roorkee) in Uttarakhand. Its new plant at Raipur is under commissioing

Liebherr-werk Ehingen GmbH (LWE) is a plant belonging to Liebherr group. This plant is situated in Ehingen in southern Germany and produces about 1400 cranes per year. Liebherr has almost 48% world market share in such cranes.

Liebherr wishes Shree cement a great success and wish to remain partner in their progress.

Ispat focuses on quality equipment backed by enhanced after sales support.

Mumbai based construction equipment distributor conglomerate, Ispat Infrastructure India Limited has strengthened its product backup and after sales to support its leveraged portfolio of equipment in the construction markets, revealed Mr. Kapil Ghai, Chairman & Managing Director, Ispat during bC India 2014.

Ispat Infrastructure
He said, "Our intention is to make the services complete in its entirety, essentially through timely deployment of service personnel and supply of parts while making them cost competitive for the users of the equipment. Accordingly, we are offering varied tailor made service packages for the end customers, rendered by our pan India based service personnel. We will continue to focus on the rental business as it is showing exponential growth in the present years, with end users, of the equipment, mostly in tower cranes, mast climbers / passenger cum material hoists / material hoists (half-cage), looking to offload their asset base to save on operation costs."

The company put up an elevated presence during the event, with extensive participation from the international brands they represent comprising Jaso brand of flattop, hammerhead & luffing tower cranes, Goian work platform & hoists, Geda men & material hoists and suspended platforms, MEP automatic rebar cutting & shaping machines, Icaro cutting & bending machines, and Europa rack and pinion hoists.

The wide range of construction equipment Ispat supplies caters to all stages of construction and also to post-construction maintenance.

Manlift India enters into distribution tie up with Genie

Manlift, the access equipment rental and sales specialist, signed distribution agreement with Genie for marketing its access platforms and allied products in India. According to Mr. Atul Sharma, Manlift India, "Under the distribution agreement, Manlift will be responsible for sales, marketing, training and after sales support for the Genie products in the Indian market."

Manlift India and Genie

David King, Managing Director for Manlift said: "By awarding the dealership to us, Genie has shown strong confidence in Manlift to lead the development of the access equipment market in India. Our highly motivated team will be able to offer our customers a full range of quality access equipment for a wide variety of applications."

Daniel Ho, Regional Vice President for Terex AWP Asia mentioned, "We consider India as an important growth market for the Genie product range and we are pleased that a progressive company such as Manlift will be representing our brand."

According to Mr. Sharma, Man Lift India," expanding our portfolio further, we will be shortly renting Holland's 20-40 meters scissor and telescopic boom lifts for industrial applications. The products will be brought from European manufacturing units for maintenance purposes and also for airport operators." He added, " we have supplied across 18-25meters spider aerial platforms to New Delhi, Chennai, Coimbatore and Kolkata airports for general maintenance purposes."

Established in 2006, Manlift Group has operations across the Middle East, Africa and Asia with head office in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and India. It distributes Genie and Teupen aerial work platforms and allied products."

Simpson's Industrial Engine Solutions

Simpsons, one of the leading manufacturers of diesel engines in India, aims to enhance its industrial engine business in addition to leadership in Agricultural Segment. In Industrial Segment, Simpsons products are very well accepted in Light Construction Material Handling Industry between 30-50 HP.

With this base, Simpsons is planning to consolidate engine requirements between 50-100 HP from existing / new OEMs particularly in Earth Moving & Concrete Segments.

Simpson Industrial Engine Solutions
Speaking to NBM&CW during the event Mr. R. Senthil Kumar, GM, Marketing said, "There is an fast growing application "Skid Steer Loaders" in Earthmoving Segment. Skid steer loaders have been designed for usage in InterCitys where space is limited and fully dominated by imported units. We have worked with M/s. Terex, Noida for a fully indigenized equipment with a 3.6 Litre engine originally developed for North America and Europe Markets for off-highway applications and almost reached 1000 nos. level within short span of time. After seeing the performance of our engine in this application, opportunities are being extended by other OEMs in the same segment. Currently we have 40% market share and are confident of reaching maximum share in the segment by utilizing opportunities extended by all OEMs.

We are looking towards rugged applications like Wheel Loaders, Backhoe Loaders, Concrete Equipment also and prototype machines are already in endurance. He further said, "Our emphasis will be to remain closer to our customers by offering a Value Package: "Good Product and Good Support through our newly appointed 20 authorized service centres which will be increased with increment of the population of our units."

Simpson supplies its engines to almost all players in the segment like ACE, Atlas Copco, ECEL, L&T, JCB, Terex, Schwing Stetter, TAFE, New Holland,Cummins and others.

Haulotte showcases value based access solutions

Haulotte India displayed its new articulated rough terrain boom lift HA 16 RTJ (16 meters) at the event. Informing about the product, Mr. Souma Ray, Director, Haulotte India Private limited said, "The machine is simple yet state of the art, robust, reliable delivering optimum performance characterized by high uptime. To ensure better safety one of the notable features of the machine is that it is equipped with the Activ Shield Bar (which can be fitted optionally on of our Booms) to prevent any harm to the personnel in an entrapment situation, when the equipment is working at greater heights." The French company also showcased its Optimum 8 electric scissor lift, Quick up 14DC Push Around Machine and Star 10 Vertical Mast.

Haulotte Articulated Rough Terrain Boom Lift

Mr. Ray mentioned, "While the rental industry is one of our main customers, in India the end user segment is very important and with the awareness of the product increasing end user sector in both Private and Government are preferring to have their own machines. We have been very successful in this segment with today being a leading brand in this sector".

He informed, "To minimize down time and optimized use & maintenance of Haulotte machines, we are rendering adequate training support to our customers."

Haulotte belives in the principle of customer proximity and we continuously strive to provide the best product and after sales support and training to our esteemed customers.

Sany unveils new 25 tons truck mounted crane

Sany showed its new SPC 250, 25 tons truck mounted Crane with 4 section telescopic boom of 31.5 m extended length, at the event. Manufactured at Sany's Pune facility in India, the crane is mounted on AMW chassis. It can lift 25 tons @ 3 meters radius and 700 kg @ 22 meters radius.

Sany Truck Mounted Crane

"We have selected AMW for strong chassis and better payload. Suited for industrial applications and have recently sold no. of units to rental and EPC companies who have deployed the cranes at steel stock yard for handling finished steel products and at various power & refinery projects for Erection work," Mr. Sanjay Saxena, Business Head, Heavy Equipments Business Unit, Sany Heavy Industry India, said.

Enovation Controls to provide tailor made control solutions

Enovation Controls an Equipment controls solutions major will leverage its experience and business presence among construction equipment OEMs by providing tailor made control solutions in accordance with the applications and job site requirements. Speaking to NBM&CW during bC India 2014, where the company showcased its brand and the control solutions, Mr. Harpreet Singh Wahan, GM, Sales & Marketing - Murphy by Enovation Controls, said, "We are looking for increased interaction with the OEMs to supply tailor made solutions for their equipment. Based on the interaction with OEMs supplying equipment and machineries to Indian job sites, we are emphasizing towards bringing in advanced technologies which would make operation easier, better and more efficient."

Mr. Singh mentioned, "We are providing training support to the OEMs and end users of the solutions to make them acquainted with the optimum usage of technology and advanced control solutions. To promote business, we are making the customers aware of the utility delivered by the solutions which can make the cost of operation economical for them."

Enovation Controls bC India

He added, "The solutions from Murphy can work to Integrate the entire equipment. From monitoring engines, Hydraulics, Transmission to providing fault alerts in real time so that the operator and owners can know the health of the equipment, the solution improves performance, efficiency and safety levels of the equipment and work site. Furthermore other features like Service reminders, Fault alerts, Date logging, GPS/ GPRS Remote monitoring etc. take equipment performance to greater levels."

Enovation Controls supplies equipment controls directly to the OEMs and several engine manufacturers. Its clients include Caterpillar, Cummins, John Deere, Volvo, Shantui, ECEL, Godrej, Perkins, Yuchai, Atlas Copco, Vermeer etc.. Mr. Singh says, "Our Engine Panels and Sensors can fully integrate both Mechanical and Electronic Engines right upto the latest Tier IV engines. This ensures the customers control systems are future safe"

"This message and any attachments may contain Enovation Controls information that is highly confidential, privileged, and exempt from disclosure. Any recipient other than the intended recipient is advised that dissemination, distribution, copying, or other use of this message is strictly prohibited. If you have received this message in error, please notify the sender immediately, plus delete the message and any backups."

KYB Conmat launches power take off transit mixers

Strengthening its product portfolio further, KYB-Conmat showcased its new power take off transit (PTO) mixers and new version of mobile batching plant during bC India 2014 event.

The new transit mixer, combines design patented by the Japanese and the power take off (PTO) technology to bring the company's customers a machine that will prove to be one of the best of its kind. Instead the truck's main engine is used to power the mixer as well. This provides a number of advantages such as eco friendliness, low maintenance cost, low operational cost, etc.

Mounted on Bharat Benz chassis driven by 230 hp engines, the new transit mixer comes with KYB's new C shaped spiral design drums. The product will be marketed for the domestic as well as the export markets of Nepal, Bangladesh, Kenya and Sri Lanka. Mentioning about the product, Mr. Nagesh Kudva, Director, KYB-Conmat, said, "The new transit mixers allow us to complement our offers with our standard slave engine driven 6 cum mixers, strengthening our position as a total concrete equipment solutions provider. The PTO power mixer which scores on fuel efficiency with slave engine being cut off, is suitable for transporting the concrete at higher gradients, making them applicable for dam or road construction at hilly terrain."

KYB Conmat Transit Mixer

On being asked about the reason for selection of Bharat Benz chassis, Mr. Kudva replied, "We have selected the chassis on its rugged design and ability to take higher loads."The new range of transit mixers are being manufactured at KYB's expanded factory at Vadodara. The new expanded facility will be able to manufacture 50 transit mixers, 30 mobile batching plants, 25 paving machines and 20 stationary concrete pumps in a single shift.

KYB has also introduced modified Mobile batching plant with the latest technology of twin shaft mixer which provides advantages like compactness, direct loading of aggregates, easy relocation etc. The plant requires only a hard surface for installation there by reducing the cost of installation in addition to lesser power consumption.

Mr. Kudva said, "We have reengineered our 20 and 25 cum concrete batching plant making them more compact. The plants can be now transported at standard 40 feet containers." KYB has population of 1650 units comprising its entire equipment segment. The equipment are being supported by 12 dealers. The company is in the process of appointing additional dealers.

The mobile batching plant & transit mixer made their grand entry into the market through bC India and received a very high level of acceptance and appreciation from the domestic and international customers.

Kaushik Cesan Displays New Asphalt Batching Plants

Diversifying from Asphalt Drum Mix plant to Batching Plant
Kaushik which commenced its operation with the production of Asphalt Plants in 2000 and since then frequently increasing its production capacity, has now recently added more strength by venturing into the manufacturing of Asphalt Batching plant in collaboration with Turkish based Company Cesan AS. The recent tie-up Kaushik Cesan Equipments India Pvt Ltd displayed its first locally manufactured asphalt batching plant at bC India. It was disclosed by the company that the JV would manufacture the plants in various designs and capacities ranging from 80 to 400 tph in India.

Revealing the JV plans, Mr. Tahir, Chairman of the Board, Cesan AS said, "Currently, we are planning to manufacture plants with capacities 80-180 tph as these are the usual capacities in demand from the Indian road construction sector. However based on demand, we will expand the capacity range." The plants are entirely being manufactured at Kaushik's manufacturing facility, except the burner which is imported from Turkey.

Elaborating on the USPs of the plant, he said, "The plants have user-friendly design and score high on fuel efficiency. They consume a liter less fuel on an average, making them economical to operate for road contractors. Further, the plants are environment-friendly as they generate lesser CO2 emissions. The batch mix type asphalt plant comes with an advanced filtration system, dryer and high pressure burner."

Kaushik Cesan Asphalt Batching Plant

"In order to strengthen our product portfolio and fulfil our commitment to provide the finest quality products and services to our clients both in the national and international markets, we have collaborated with a Turkish leading mobile and stationary Asphalt plants manufacturers Cesan AS, to produce products of global standard in India," informed Mr. Saumil Shah, Director, Kaushik Cesan Equipments India Pvt Ltd adding that "We are feeling great enthusiasm and excitement in venturing into new segment of asphalt batching plant and manufacturing the same in our world-class production Unit in Ahmedabad. Through this JV, we will not only offer high quality but also ensure to provide cost effective products and solutions to our customers."

On being asked about their production and technical capability for manufacturing global standard product, he said, "We have well equipped state-of-the-art manufacturing unit and highly experienced technical professionals for undertaking the projects in most efficient manner even in the most adverse conditions. Through this strategic JV, we are going to serve with activities such as engineering, know-how, assembling, technical service, and spare part services."

Mentioning about the response from the show, he said, "We, at Kaushik Cesan Equipments India, have received quite good response from bC India from where we generated few serious enquiries for our new product and have almost closed the deal for our first plant. We are very optimistic that people will welcome this new technology with open arms. Hence, we are very positive and anticipating better days ahead."

Terex Introduces All New Backhoe and Wheel Loaders

Responding to country's 'Make in India' campaign, Terex Corporation announces its strategic tie-up with China's largest loader manufacturer Lonking Holdings for the Indian Market, at a media briefing during bC India, where Terex Equipment launched two variant of wheel loaders Terex- Lonking CDM 856, 5 tons and CDM 835, 3.5 tons. In addition, Terex also launched its new innovation "TLB740SE" backhoe loader.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Debo Qui, Executive Director, CEO & President, Lonking Holdings Limited said, "I sincerely wish to share the great pleasure of "Make in India" campaign of the Indian government with Terex president Mr. George Ellis. As one of the most influential countries in Asia, India is attracting more attention from global investors. We feel honored to establish the strategic alliance with Terex, to launch TEREX-LONKING wheel loader. Our endeavour is to provide the best quality equipment with competitive price along with efficient performance to the Indian customers."

Commenting on the development Mr. George Ellis, President, Terex Corporation said, "India is a huge market for construction equipment and the prospects of business for the global players like Terex are very exciting as well as promising. Terex is extending its product and service offering for the Indian market. The recent development of Terex entering into a strategic partnership with Lonking, which is one of the largest wheel loader manufacturers in China, is a significant move to prove its commitment for the Indian market. Terex has ambitious plans to develop and strengthen its partnership with Lonking including plans of localization of products in India.

Terex Backhoe and Wheel Loaders

Talking about the prospects of early business recovery of CE market in India, he said that with new government in place and important initiatives being taken to push forward government's agenda for massive infrastructure development in India, recovery of CE market in India is round the corner.

Participating in the discussion, Mr. Vijay Sharma, Executive Director, Terex Equipment said that the past 2-3 years have seen a slowdown in the CE business but the recent developments indicate a pick of pace in the road and other sectors in infrastructure space. The need of the hour is to ensure that the stalled projects are put on fast track and should be executed and implemented as per time and cost estimate schedule. This alone will ensure a long-term development of CE market in India. We on our part at Terex, are fine-tuning our operations in response to the emerging situation by improving the availability of Terex extensive product range including development of new products. The launch of Terex new backhoe loader and introduction of new models of wheel loaders are the recent addition to our comprehensive product range. Simultaneously, we are revamping our dealership network to make it more responsive to the needs of our clients. The main thrust area is to extend the availability of our products' reach nationwide and to encourage our dealers to serve the customers in a better and efficient manner. Apart from this, we have also launched several dealership support programmes, including rendering technical support to design their own region specific marketing, sales promotion programmes in response to Terex's changing profile of products and services.

Mentioning about the new launches, Mr. Sunil Tiku, Senior Director-Sales & Marketing, Terex Equipment said, "We are now well positioned with our wide product range to cater varied application requirements. The new upgraded backhoe loaders have been made more fuel-efficient, improved comfortable cabins to deliver higher productivity."

He added, "The wheel loaders will be suitable for quarrying, mining and port stevedoring applications. Terex is looking to introduce other products from Lonking for the Indian construction market which will be supported by Terex India's 53 dealers."

Caterpillar India to promote certified equipment

Caterpillar Certefied Equipment

Caterpillar India sees growth potential for business in both new and used equipment segments in India. Speaking to NBM&CW during the event, Mr. Andy Dhanaraj, Industry Sales Manager, India Region, Global Construction and Infrastructure, Caterpillar India Pvt Ltd said, "We are optimistic about the positive sentiments for growth in the country that could pave the way for a strong demand for new machines and equipments. At the same time we also see good demand for used and certified equipments. The trend is likely to gain ground as we see many emerging contractors look at the "value" that Cat® machines could provide for executing the projects. We see growth for our used and rental business, as few contractors are not too keen in taking risks by making new investments for newer equipment in wake of compressed margins, extended payment cycles in the present scenario. Therefore we are looking to fulfil the requirements by our increased portfolio of new machines and our used and rental equipment, thereby assuring contractor's lifecycle performance.

GGB Bearing Technology showcases maintenance-free bearings

GGB Bearing Technology India is looking to increase its presence in the construction equipment sector through its offerings of maintenance free bearings which the company displayed during BC 2014.

GGB Bearings
Mentioning about the bearings, Mr.Mahesh Thangamani, India Sales Manager, GGB Bearing Technology said, "Users of construction equipment in India at par with their global counterparts are looking for higher equipment uptime and lesser maintenance intervals. Bearings to a large extent can contribute towards the same. At GGB, we provide advanced composite bushes which are clean, maintenance free, light weight and environment-friendly. The products are advanced as compared to greased bronze or steel bushes which are messy and require higher maintenance. The advantage of GGB composite bushes are that it eliminates the cost of greases, reduce maintenance in turn reducing the customers ownership costs."

He informed, "The general cause of failure of bushes is improper maintenance. As part of customer support, we help the customers towards selecting the appropriate bearing based on the application of the equipments and suggest them with appropriate maintenance practices." GGB has been supplying its bearings to Caterpillar, Volvo John Deere and Case New Holland. The company is looking towards the wheel, backhoe loaders and tipper trucks markets for supplying its bearings in India.

Hess Launches RH 500 and Single Station Wet Cast Press

Hess, the leading concrete machinery manufacturer displayed its impressive range of products during bC India. Along with existing products, the group has introduced its latest offerings such as RHI 500 and single station wet cast press to all the trade visitors and received overwhelming response and serious enquiries for which the company is very optimistic to close the deal soon.

Naveen Jindal with AAC block
Mr. Naveen Jindal with Hess AAC block at bC India

Mr. Naveen Jindal, a successful industrialist and politician who visited the Hess booth during the show, has appreciated the latest innovation of Hess, a lot. He said that this type of high technology which produces quality and eco-friendly concrete products can play a vital role in the construction of sustainable infrastructural projects in the country.

It was informed by Mr. Manoj Kumar, M.D, Hess India that the mid-sized machine models RH 500 and Forest Press Single station press will be produced mainly with the parts sourced in India. The critical and key components will come from Germany, UK and Netherlands and the assembling will take place in Indian facility under the supervision of German engineers. The quality will be at par to German as the export market is considered.

Manoj Hess and Pete Forest Press
(L to R): Mr. Manoj, MD, Hess India with Mr. Pete, MD, Forest Press UK RH 500 displayed at bC India

He also apprised that the Top Werke companies like Schindler and Prinzing are also entering into the Indian market along with Hess for infrastructure projects and value addition in concrete. Schindler specialized in value added lines like tumbling, splitting, shot blasting, curling, coating and grinding whereas Prinzing-Pfeiffer is specialist in infrastructural activities, hence the products from these Top Werke companies could contribute a lot to the development of Indian infrastructure.

Volvo Penta to increase its business share in construction segment

Swedish Engine manufacturer AB Volvo Penta looks to increase its business share in India's construction equipment sector. Presently, the company derives 20% of its sales through marketing its engines in construction and mining sector in India for off-highway applications.

Speaking to NBM&CW during bC India Expo 2014, Mr. Prabhakaran. S, Vice President, Industrial and Marine Power Systems, Volvo Penta India, said, "With our high powered engines ranging from 105-565 kW, we are aiming for business in construction segment in India that demands severe duty cycles and commensurate with higher uptime. These includes portable air compressors, concrete pumps and material handling equipment including Rough Terrain, All-Terrain cranes and all other variants of mobile cranes. We are also aiming for Raw Material Exploration segment which includes underground mining and mineral processing equipment. Globally, Volvo Penta is supplying engines to reputed OEMs and has a strong credibility for the product line being offered. The credibility has been built on the highest level of performance delivered by our Tier 2/3/4i/4f engines in terms of high fuel efficiency and lowest operating costs. We would look to introduce these engines with similar footprint of high efficiency for the Indian construction segment".

Volvo Penta Construction

He elaborated, "Our engines are produced based on application requirements and extensive feedback received from OEMs and end users of the products globally. Hence, the engines feature ease of installation flexibility when integrated with transmission systems and other drive components. Volvo Penta engines are electronically controlled by the Engine Management System (EMS) which continuously monitors and gathers data from a number of sensors installed on the engine and adjusts the fuel supply and injection timing at lightning speed. This maximizes fuel efficiency and engine power output at any given situation and also improves the response to throttle position. It also enables precise integration of the engine with the equipment that it powers and provides enhanced engine protection. These engines have built-in flexibility to perform in different modes. Our engines are designed to ensure high power-to-weight ratio."

According to Mr. Prabhakaran, Volvo Penta is looking forward to enhance its presence in the material handling segment, notably the all-terrain and rough terrain market. Volvo Penta has been supplying its engines to Tractors India Limited, Cargotec, Konecranes, Voltas, Hitachi, SCA and Amac Innovatives.

Volvo Penta claims to draw 80% of its business by selling its engines to the industrial segment while the rest accounts for the marine segment in India. Business in the industrial segment is primarily driven through engine sales for captive power generation. The company has an active population of 12,000+ power generation units in the country. Volvo Penta aims to strengthen its presence in the power segment on account of India's growing power requirement from manufacturing and commercial sectors in face of spontaneous peak power outages.

Volvo Penta is continuously strengthening its customer support network all across the country. The company has in place service package offers in accordance with the customer requirements.

Husqvarna to expand distributors network

Husqvarna Concrete Cutting Solutions
Husqvarna proposes to introduce its entire concrete cutting solutions in the Indian market. These solutions will be backed through appointment of additional dealers helping to market the products, said Mr. Robert Lerbro, Area Service Manager, Construction Products, Husqvarna during bC India 2014.

He added, "We are looking to add at least three dealers taking the total dealership strength to 5 during 2015 from 2 at present. The dealers will be technically equipped so as to provide requisite product support to the end users."

Explaining the strategy Mr.Lerbro said, "To have a firsthand experience of the products, the dealers will be trained in Sweden. Further, we will be having a common dealership meet in India on a common platform to acquaint them on the product support involving operation and maintenance practices."

He added, "The response to the products has been quite encouraging in India. We are looking to create awareness on the utility of the products. We will not be competing on the price of the products with contemporary product offerings but on performance."

Husqvarna presently promotes its products in India. It is looking to expand the portfolio of offerings supported by adequate dealership network. The company markets its dms 240 drill motors stand, k 970 and k 960 hand power cutter for rescue operations, k-3000, cut and break hand held power cutters with electric motors.

Honda Siel Power Products focus on higher equipment performance

Delivering higher equipment uptime will be the key business strategy for Honda Siel to have an elevated brand presence among construction equipment OEMs. This was mentioned by Mr. Virender Kumar Aggarwal, Head-OEM Business, Honda Siel.

Honda Siel Power Products
He said, "We will continue to look towards delivering higher equipment uptime through ourselves and also our 650 dealers. This will comprise service support and training to the OEMs. Our prime focus will be to render support to the OEMs and the end users for safe handling of the products fitted with our engines. Instead of exponentially expanding business through entering into random alliance with OEMs, we will be selective towards OEMs and products that can synchronize with our engines." He mentioned, "One of the special features of our engines is their being light and strong efficient. The engines are built tough yet one of the lightest in their category to facilitate easy handling and transportation."

Honda Siel supplies its portable engines to Atlas Copco, Wacker Neuson, Delco Machines and Acquirous. The company displayed its GX5 GX35, GXV 50, GX 160, GX 200, GX 390 and GX 690 during the event. Construction equipment power by Honda engines include poker needle vibrator, plate compactors, power trowel, concrete cutters, ride on power trowels.

ELGi Unveils PG 1500SCOMBO 400 Skid Mounted Screw Compressor

ELGi Equipments limited, the leading air compressor manufacturer in Asia, launched its PG 1500S COMBO400 (dual operating pressure 350 / 400 psi)skid mounted diesel powered screw aircompressor for water-well segment. This new product is on display for customers at ELGi's outdoor stall.

Elgi Skid Mounted Screw Compressor

ELGi has also displayed its range of trolley and skid mounted diesel and electric trolley portable compressors along with rock breakers from its subsidiary company Rotair – Italy.

LiuGong India Unveils 2 & 5 tons Wheel Loaders

LiuGong in BC India unveils 2 new machine CLG 818C BSIII in 2 ton segment and CLG 856BSIII with Mahindra Engine in 5 ton segment. All are manufactured in Pithampur plant.

Game changer product is CLG 818C BSIII machine, the machine is a utility product and is suitable for 60tph crusher plant & upto 60 cum concrete batching plant.

LiuGong Wheel Loaders
In backhoe loaders, while loading/ heaping, backhoe attachment easily touches the ground level, secondly the turning radius is more while operating with backhoe attachment, thirdly backhoe loaders becomes unstable when in operation with most applications, affecting the productivity.

The new range of 2 and 5 tons wheel loaders has 1.0 cum and 3.0 cum general purpose standard bucket which can be synchronized with the requirement of the customer.

Mr. Mehrotra adds, "CLG 818C BSIII is versatile as it can be equipped with 9 different attachments (like 6 in one bucket, pallet fork, Grappler fork, tire handler, log grappler, grass/scrap clamp, log clamp etc.. Also the machine is available with long boom option for filling of higher dumping height. LiuGong machines are also easy to use, maintain & serviceability. and are meeting Bharat Stage III norms.

CLG 818C BSIII is equipped with most popular in this segment, Kirloskar 4R1040 (4 cylinder turbocharged) Engine with the Gross Power of 76 hp (56 kw) @ 2200 rpm.

CLG 856 BSIII is a new addition in 5 ton Product line with Mahindra Engine M Power I 215 16 mechanical engine with 215 hp (155 kw) @ 2200 rpm. The machine is easy to own and operate with low maintenance cost. LiuGong 5 Ton loader are widely accepted across various application and holds approx 40% of the market share.

Mr. Mehrotra mentioned, "In order to strengthen customer support, Liugong India has begun refurbishing of used machines for the existing fleet owner, under which it undertakes retrofitment of transmissions, engine and axles." He added, "To strengthen our support in terms of timely parts availability and to reduce the MTTR, we will be looking to increase our dealership network across India." Liugong India presently has fifteen dealers.

Mait India sees rise in trade enquiries

Mait India - the Indian Subsidiary of Italian Piling and Foundation Equipment major, Mait S.p.A has seen rise in trade enquiries during the past few months.

Mait Piling and Foundation Equipment
The enquiries are mostly from road (bridge) construction segment. The company expects some of the enquiries to materialize into real orders in the near future. However, it sees that despite signs of newer acquisitions by contractors, marketing of the products will be challenging as 20% of the present piling fleet remain idle, making the market competitive.

Speaking to NBM&CW during the event on the strategy to retain its brand, Mr. Nitin Jajal, General Manager Mait India said, "We will be strengthening complete back up service support to our population of 560 employed rigs through our engineers stationed across the country. Training will continue to be high on the agenda." Mait India expects to strengthen its support to the working equipment through its Navi Mumbai Spares Warehouse & Service facility.

The Italian foundation equipment manufacturing entity has increased its inventories between Rs.12-15 crores from Rs.8 -10 crores couple of years back. The company will be looking to lessen the delivery of its rigs by importing them through free trade zones.

According to Mr. Jajal, the company will be looking to sell the new units to its existing customers. To hedge the volatile demand scenario in the domestic market, Mait India has been focusing on Sri Lankan and Bangladesh markets.

EPIC Launches Lighter ECO Formwork Systems

INDIGO EPIC ECO found bC India 2014 an important platform to introduce its EPIC Light, a cost effective extension of EPIC ECO Formworks during the show. Moreover, the company had also put on display its innovative Formworks System made of FIBERGLASS, which can facilitate formwork from foundation to ceiling. "We have received a considerable footfall during the show and found quite a few potential customers hale particularly from the Northern and Central part of the country. We explained them about our unique Column & Wall Systems," said Mr Rajesh Nambrath, the company's director.

EPIC Eco Formwork System

This Slovenia-based company is present in India (Mumbai) since last six years. "Initially, we were only selling out the systems. Gradually, we observed that the initial high cost was restricting this unique and long lasting system to gain popularity among the Indian construction fraternity. Besides, the nature of the construction industry, which is flooded with small size projects, was putting a cap on the growth and acceptance of this system. Then, the company decided to rent out the same, which we started around three years back. After that there is no looking back. The response is amazing as it became cheaper for our potential customers. We are the only company to rent out fiberglass formwork systems."

According to him, bC India proved to be an ideal venue for meeting wide varieties of serious customers from across the construction sector. "Amidst the various identical ones, our systems attracted not only a host of potential visitors but also competitors alike as this was truly a different one, they all had come across. Visitors were inquisitive about the USPs and technical attributes that our system possesses," said Mr Nambrath who believes that it was just a reflection of the country's burgeoning construction industry owing to recently announced numerous plans and policies.

Elaborating on features, he said, "These lightweight and pressure resistance systems save time by adding on paneling speed. They are much alike the LEGO cubes, simple to erect & dismantle such that it takes just ¼th the time taken by steel or plywood. Besides, these systems have good mechanical qualities as they can hold up to 60 kN/m2 – 1200 msf of paneling." According to him, EPIC ECO systems' resistance to water and all weather conditions makes them durable and long lasting. "Apart from that our span comes with level indicator, which no other company has as a provision in its system. But the most important thing is its manual handling – no tool required for erecting and dismantling the system."

Quest Informatics Enabling CE Manufacturers to Realize their Aftermarket Potential

Quest Informatics Pvt. Ltd. is an aftermarket specialist IT product and Services Company with over two decades of experience with proven skills. "Our software is a process-driven one, and helps streamlining the aftermarket activities for heavy equipment manufacturers who have to deal with a whole lot of channel partners and related concerns. To manage all this is a very tedious process. With the help of our software products, we enable our client to enhance the level of customers' satisfaction and earn goodwill for future potentials," said Mr Satheesh Srinivas, the company's Managing Director adding that implementation of this system boosts the company's revenue by 30-35% from Aftermarket segment.

Quest Informatics
Mr Srinivas informed that Quest has developed a comprehensive Dealer Management System (DMS). "We are committed to long term mission of enabling our customers realize their full potential and eliminate all bottlenecks that stifle their growth." With this objective, the company has developed enterprise class, robust, and scalable products including Aftermarket ERP, Field Service Management (FSM), Support Desk System, Remanufacturing Management System (REMAN), Float Management System, Rental & Re-marketing System, Warranty Management System, Customer Service Agreement (CSA), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Vendor Management and others.

"Our product can scale to the complete HQ-Subsidiary-Dealers chain or can be used at individual level depending on the needs of customer without compromising high quality data capture and effective decision making. Our Aftermarket Management System (AMMS) allows to clients to capture sales, service, inventory, & parts management efficiently, and has been deployed for more than a decade. We offer different models based on the needs of customers be it Cloud (SAAS) or Licensed," said Mr Srinivas adding that the Aftermarket ERP facilitates clients to do away their pain areas.

PERI Offers India Specific Solutions

When PERI started in India, the company was supplying the same formwork systems which were used globally. But, soon the company developed the understanding about India which has a market, different from many other developed ones on many fronts. And, therefore, we have put only those systems on display which are light in weight and can be easily handled manually," said Mr. Raj Lakhani, Managing Director of PERI (India) Private Limited, Formwork Scaffoldings Engineering. "All our newly developed systems are designed keeping in view the Asian construction industry in mind. The products on display were the most cost-effective and best suited solutions for different application areas."

PERI Formwork Scaffolding

PERI had displayed a host of products including Tableform Slab Formwork, PERI UP Shoring Scaffolding System, LIWA Panel System for Wall & Column applications, GRIDFLEX Slab Formwork, SKYDECK Slab Formwork, and RCS (Rail Climbing System), among others.

Speaking to NBM&CW, Mr Lakhani highlighted a couple of major differences that are creating bottlenecks. "One major difference, between the systems here in India and the one that is followed in the western world, is that the later is extensively mechanized while the former is yet to reach a level. For instance, on a typical construction site, as many as six cranes are used in western world; whereas in India, we use only two, which is just 1/3rd. Keeping in view the same, we mainly develop those systems that can gel with the region's local demand," he explained.

Mr Lakhani added that to improve on productivity and accuracy, the country's construction fraternity has to evolve. "Builders, contractors, suppliers, etc. should initiate the mechanization process in their forthcoming/planned projects to get faster projects completion in comparatively lesser time. The process also helps enhancing the safety at the site. No doubt that the mechanized process would need greater initial investment when compared to conventional systems, but once the project is complete, the benefits attached to it are unmatched," he reiterated.

He further added, "Being a formwork system supplier, our role is not really to get the project approved but to address these challenges and accordingly develop versatile systems which can be used for different applications. So, if in case one project got stuck due to one reason or the other, the same system can be easily applied in to another project."

Mr Lakhani also stated that the awareness about these systems among the construction fraternity has increased tremendously, so is the liking for technology. "Thanks to the rapidly increased accessibility of the information through the usage of smart gadgets, besides frequent travelling to developed world. Now, with a stable government at the centre, we are quite hopeful that the industry will surely get a boost as there are quite a few short-term plans on the government's infrastructure development card."

Furukawa Rock Drill to maintain market presence through improved FXJ series breakers

Furukawa Rock Drill India expects to retain business amidst stiff competition in breakers market by offering improved FXJ series of advanced quality hydraulic rock breakers that economize total cost of operations. Speaking to NBM&CW, Mr. Siddhartha Sarkar, Associate General Manager-Sales, Furukawa India, said, "The prominent features of the FXJ series are that it has no through bolts, redesigned piston, long rod pin and improved greasing. Owing to mono block design and incorporation of cylinder liners, the life of the cylinders in the breakers is now increased. Without through bolt systems the breakers are also 15% -20% less expensive to maintain. FXJ breakers are suited for typical applications of quarrying, foundation, trenching, railway construction, and bridge and road projects."

Furukawa Rock Drill

He said, "combined with our improved FXJ and FXP series we offer wide range of breakers that can be mounted on base excavator carriers between 1 tons -100 tons providing at least 20-30 percent higher level of rock breaking. The box frame design of our breakers achieves total performance and lower sound level. Lesser bolts and nuts design also makes scheduled maintenance quicker." The company does not immediately plan to produce the rock drill and breakers in India. Furukawa has 50 service engineers to provide service support to its breakers. Mr. Sarkar mentioned, "Being premium products we will continue to market our breakers to quarry segments and in the segments where production is the prime consideration." The company is in the continuous process of developing and train distributor's engineers to increase its business network.

He added "The brand image of our hydraulic drill machines and breakers is its cost competitiveness. Operating and maintaining our hydraulic drills is not as complicated. Furukawa Rock Drill products make work more efficient and help reduce manpower needs and also contribute to improved ease of operation and safety."

MFE Plans India Facility, Awaits Simplified Taxation System

MFE Formwork Technology, the Malaysian aluminium formwork giant is coming up with an all new hydraulically operated safety system which is currently under trial. "From a safety point of view, the new system will meet the growing demands within the construction industry for a safer, more complete working platforms to the perimeter of the buildings and it is a natural "add-on" to our currently portfolio. It will take another 3 to 4 months to reach the market but we are really excited with the results of our testing to date," said Mr. Jim Robinson, the company's Managing Director.

MFE was first formed in 1991 and has established its operations in Asia and MENA countries, with offices in Malaysia, India and Dubai. With a reputation for excellence and innovation gained over two decades of its existence, MFE (formerly Mivan Far East) is one of the leading players of aluminium formwork systems for concrete construction.

Owing to its ambitious future plans, the company is eagerly vying for ways that can help it set up a plant in India. Mr. Robinson informed that there are plans to have at least two more manufacturing facilities, one of which will be in India, in the next couple of years. "We are exploring possibilities to establish a manufacturing base in India provided the taxation system is simplified. We hope that the introduction of much awaited GST will pave the way for us," he said, adding that the company could invest 5-6 million dollars in its planned manufacturing facility.

MFE Formwork

Along with him was Mr. Ketan Shah, MD, MFE Formwork Technology India Pvt. Ltd. who informed that MFE is quite satisfied with the response it has received from bC India 2014. "This is the company's first participation at this show. As the North region is bursting of the seams with numerous real estate projects in the pipeline, together with the government's ambitious plans to provide housing for all by 2022, we hope to do good business in the coming months."

ULMA Products for Local Needs

ULMA learnt about the trend and customers' requirements through its experience in the country's construction industry. Accordingly, it displayed its latest range of vertical & horizontal systems formwork relevant to the building & infrastructure projects in India. "Our USP lies on the panel formwork system that comes with finishes like painted or galvanized and with inherent flexibility of adaptation to any type of structure. The company continued to focus on to those systems, which are cost-effective, easy to use, facilitate quick assembling and dismantling, ensures faster cycle period and an added factor of very high durability," said Mr Surajit Ray, Managing Director, Ulma Formwork Systems India Pvt Ltd.

"For building sector, though we already had the panel systems with us, but for this show, we have introduced the lighter version of the same. It is very useful for retaining wall, lift core wall, shear wall, etc. with options of varied applications and repeated usages. For infrastructure, we have displayed systems for water reservoirs, tanks, piers and heavy duty slabs. For instance, our Biramax is a circular Formwork System which is used for constructing circular walls. It is flexible such that the system can be used for tanks with diameter ranging from 1.5 meter to 6 meters and have panel heights ranging from 0.25M to 6.0 M," elaborated Mr Ray.

Ulma Formwork Systems

Speaking on adaptability of the system formwork in India, he said, "As far as building sector is concerned, there are signs of improvement in the country's real estate sector. This is clearly evident from that fact that we have received numerous enquiries for our system formworks from many construction companies who have been primarily using conventional systems. This truly reflects the state of revival. But, when it comes to infrastructure sector, the usage of system formwork is yet to find the needed momentum."

Mr Ray agreed that the initial investment by the customer is definitely a challenge unless the required repetition of the system is achieved and cost amortised in the first specific project for which the systems are being purchased. On the other hand, the counter to this challenge is to devise project planning for maximum usage of the same system in large number of projects over a long period of time (say 5-10 years) – taking advantage of the versatility of the components of ULMA's Formwork Systems. "We are also engaged in continuous R&D to develop such sustainable material, which can have same level of strength and durability so as to bring down the cost for our customers. For instance, the normal phenolic-bonded ply board comes at a cheaper cost but it can't be repeated more than 80 times. However, we have developed EVERMAX – a composite PVC and timber board, which can sustain over 1000 repetitions. So the challenge is to keep all options open before a customer to let him opt according to his budget and investment capacity."

Stros Esquire JV promotes cost competitive and reliable Passenger and Material hoists

The joint venture partnership between Stros of Czech Republic and Vadodara-based Esquire will enable the entity to manufacture and promote cost competitive yet reliable personnel and material hoists, said Mr. Sreejesh Mohan, Chief Marketing Officer and Mr. Martin Hamáček, Stros Esquire Elevators & Hoists at bC 2014.

"The joint venture is the first of its kind in India to manufacture personnel and material hoists. It will provide us with a leveraged cost advantage as the entire series of the hoists will be totally manufactured at our state-of-the-art plant in Vadodara, thereby allowing us to market technically advanced products," disclosed Mr. Shreejesh adding that "The joint venture partnership manufacturing technically advanced hoists will allow us to have a strong brand standing in the fast developing high-rise real estate market looking for safer solutions.

Talking about JV Support services, he said that "It will also allow us in providing superior product support at par rendered in European and US markets backed by the expertise of Stros. The personnel and material hoists manufactured under the joint venture will strengthen our position as a total solution provider to the market of construction hoist & industrial elevators. The company displayed its new 2032 UP, Nov series personnel and material hoist at the event, manufactured at Esquire's plant."

Stros Esquire Passenger and Material Hoists

The products will be marketed through Stros Esquire's seventeen dealers in India to the rental companies and contractors.

Informing on the technologically competitive features of the hoists Mr. Shreejesh said, "The special design hoists are equipped with two Nord drives from India that prevent crashing of the hoists in case one of the drives fails. The hoists are fitted with switches that sense the racks and do not climb further if there are no racks present. The cage is welded of quality steel."

The Nov series hoist are available with a load capacity between 400-6000 kgs, 8 module rack, with maximum lifting height of 700 meters and internal cage dimensions of 4.2x1.5x2.45 Meters.

GMMCO's Product Support Offerings

At bC India 2014, Gmmco along with Caterpillar displayed a comprehensive range of Cat equipment, machinery and engines. Apart from product display, Gmmco highlighted its product support offerings and rental solutions.

Wide distribution network and world class differentiated product support
Gmmco operates in 10 states of Central, Western, and Southern India and dominates in the Wheel loaders, track type tractors, motor graders, dumpers and shovels segment in the India market. While Caterpillar machines are the mainstay for Gmmco, our focus is to enhance the customer experience by adding value with differentiated offerings, said H Jayaram, managing director & CEO Gmmco Ltd. Driven by the philosophy of "being available at the right place at the right time", Gmmco has been continuously ramping up its services and distribution network across the country to maintain a close proximity to its clients and minimize lead time for ensuring availability of spare part and related technical services, he added. Gmmco has one of the largest networks of over 100 establishments close to the customers providing pre-sales and after-sales services.

Gmmco Caterpillar

One stop comprehensive shop
Elaborating on its product support and service capabilities, Jayaram said that we believe in providing total solution to customers depending on their needs and requirements. Gmmco is also in the rental business through its well established rental stores located across our territory which offers machine and DG Sets to customers on rental and certified used equipments for sale at affordable price point, added Jayaram. This way we are able to provide solutions to our customers and help to contribute in their productivity and profitability. Over the years, we have also been able to significantly expand our product range, offerings and capabilities to cater to all our customers' infrastructural needs.

Technical competence
Operators training, after sales services, spare parts supply areas are very critical for Gmmco. Gmmco has world class training centres. It conducts on-site training on regular intervals for customers' operators to enhance their skill and expertise to handle different Cat equipment.

Projections for 2015
Sharing his observations for 2014, Jayaram said, the last three years have been subdued for the infrastructure sector. However, the industry sentiment for 2015 seems positive. The green shoots have started to appear but the real significant growth can only be witnessed in the second half of FY2015. It is important that infrastructural bottlenecks are removed for any significant changes in industry dynamics, he added.
NBM&CW January 2015
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