Jayesh Vadukiya, Managing Director, New Age Construction Equipment Engineering Company
“As a leading manufacturer of construction equipment, we believe in superior performance, higher productivity & safety, faster execution and timely completion of projects,” says Mr. Jayesh Vadukiya, Managing Director, New Age Construction Equipment Engineering Company.

Known for innovating and producing high-tech construction equipment like Rope Suspended Working Platforms (Gondolas/Cradles), Bar Bending Machines, Bar Cutting Machines and various types of building construction equipment, New Age Construction Equipment Engineering Company is strictly complying with the ISO 9001:2008 certification and its products have also received CE certificates.
“We ensure customer satisfaction with best services and committed to welcome innovations.”

Mr. Vadukiya says, “Our high quality products conforming to “OE” standards enable us to guarantee 100% satisfaction to our customers. Strict quality control measures, latest instruments for testing, and rigorous monitoring & control ensures best deal for our customers.”

New Age Construction provides customize solutions for Rope Suspended Platforms with higher safety features. These include L-type (90’), C-Shape, Curve-Shape, W-Shape, Square-Shape, Front Extension Platforms (fixed/ folding) and multiple modifications in Suspension Mechanism.

How does New Age Construction Equipment work? Mr. Vadukiya says, “Being specialized in cradle system, we visit the construction sites and after inspection, provide the proper solutions/cradles feasibility. Our in-house design/manufacturing team enable us to customize our machines as per the project requirement. We also have strong service teams positioned across India and spare parts locally available with us. Moreover, we provide all desired safety features and changes are accepted till completion of projects.”

Square-Shaped Gondolas
Project : BG Shirke: Virar, Mumbai

New Age Rope Suspended Platforms
Square Shape Gondolas (Rope Suspended Platforms) were initially introduced by New Age Construction at BG Shirke, Virar, Mumbai worksite. It was a special design of working platform proposed for duct/ shaft areas for higher safety, faster work & higher productivity.

This machine is easily accessible from all four walls of shaft. So, the people can work easily at all four walls at the same time without shifting of machines. This machine is designed to reduce shifting cost & time. This concept is much faster than any other arrangement and considered a revolution in the industry. Bamboos, H-frames or any standard gondolas (of 7.5m size, straight) cannot be compared with Square Shaped Gondolas.

Technical Parameters

Square Shaped Gondolas is designed with three hoist motors with customized platform size. Higher quality of material, branded electrical parts and advance safety features are added with the machines. The machines are hot dip galvanized; totally balanced and safe in operation with required loading capacity. The 3rd party safety inspection agency also approved the safety parameters.

Safety features
Safety Device:
New Age Safety Device

If the primary rope breaks, the safety lock gets activated and arrests RSP operation thro’ secondary rope within 100 MM
Centrifugal Speed Limiter:
New Age Safety Device

If RSP travelling (up or down) speed increased beyond the rated speed, this device gets activated and stops RSP operation. This device generally activates during free fall and brake failure conditions.
Electromagnetic Brake with manual release:
New Age Safety Device

Hoist motor is provided with electromagnetic brake as primary holding device.

Manual release mechanism shall help the cradle to be lowered to the ground level in case of power failure.
Over Hoist / Top Limit Switch:
New Age Safety Device

Function of over hoist limit switch is to prevent the over run of the cradle and hitting the suspension mechanism.

When the limit switch level touches upper end, power supply to electrical motor gets stopped.
Anti-Tiltin Cut off:
New Age Safety Device

This is a protection system to ensure uniform loading across the platform. If the load is concentrated on one side, the platform will get tilted resulting in unsafe condition.

This device gets actuated once the platform angle is tilted more than 4 Degrees and cuts off the power supply.
Anti-Sway Restriction:
New Age Safety Device

This mechanism avoidsthe swaying of RSP in the horizontal plane.

A separate wire rope (Laid from building top to ground) will pass through the sway arrestor roller fitted on the platform. This will thrust the platform to remain in the horizontal plane without swaying action. The same shall be separately provided as needed.
Overload Cut-off usig Load cell and display (Manual /Digital):
New Age Safety Device

Function of over load limit switch is to prevent the over loading of the cradle by alarming the operator. The load will be measured by electronic load cell fitted on the platform.

A manual or digital display of the load is also compulsory.
Over current protection thro' Relay (OLR):
New Age Safety Device

This will be part of electrical control system.

If the electrical motor draws beyond rated current due to overloading, this protection device will cut-off the electrical system.
Locking arrangement for upper counter weights:
New Age Safety Device

All the counter weights must be firmly placed on level ground and locked with lock & key arrangement to avoid un-authorised removal of counter weights.

Hammer weight for wire rope locking:

Operating wire rope must be firmly anchored at the ground level using hammer weight arrangements.

Panel board Lock & key:

RSP Electrical panel must be locked with lock & key arrangements to avoid unauthorised operation.

The keys to be handed over to authorised operators by identified RSP In-charge

Galvanised Wire rope with proper U Clamps:

Galvanised Wire rope with proper “U” clamps to be used.

Beside BG Shirke construction site, Square Shaped gondolas were also used at Island City Center (ICC), Bombay Dyeing, Mumbai by L&T Construction. ICC 1&2 is the most prestigious project wherein Square Shaped gondolas are recommended for lift shaft areas in two different dimensions 2200MM*2200MM and 2400MM*2400MM. The machines are well equipped with all advance safety features like Anti Tilting Device and Digital Load Cell.
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