Jayesh Vadukiya, M.D, New Age Construction Equipment Engineering Company
Mr. Jayesh Vadukiya, M.D, New Age Construction Equipment Engineering Company

New Age Construction Equipment Engineering Company is one of the leading manufacturers of construction equipment like Rope Suspended Working Platforms (Gondolas/ Cradles), Bar Bending Machines, Bar Cutting Machines, etc. The company is strictly complying with ISO 9001:2008 certification and its products have also received CE certificates. The stringent quality standards conforming to “OE” standards enable it to guarantee 100% satisfaction for the entire range of products.

New Age Construction Equipment Engineering Company

New Age believes in innovation, technology, and customization of its products, based on market research and end-users’ expectations, and has a strong sales & service team of professionals. The company has many instances of innovation and customization, especially of its Rope Suspended Platforms (RSP) / Gondolas/ Cradles. Presenting here two success stories on customized RSP for Dam & Silo Project.

Customized RSP with L type hoist stand
  • Site Name: Servalar dam
  • Location: Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu
  • Total No of RSP used at site: 6

Motorized Device photo
The job was to clean the wall of the dam. It was a very difficult job because of the wind pressure and the height of the wall. The width of the road on the dam was too short to fix a standard upper mechanism of RSP. Another problem was the customer’s requirement of designing the upper mechanism in such a way that vehicles should also pass through the upper mechanism and their movement should not be stopped during the cleaning.

Moreover, the upper mechanism was so heavy that it was next to impossible to shift it. The customer wanted to move the wall machine (upper mechanism + cradle) from one place to another in a short time, and we did that without the help of any laborers.


We designed the RSP in such a way that the client’s requirement was fulfilled, and work was done timely. We had also provided specially designed Motorized device for shifting of wall machine without any requirement of labor. With our vast experience of doing challenging projects, we are always ready to take new assignments and try to resolve all issues through our customized solutions.

New Age Parapit-Clamp

Curve Shape RSP at Silo Project
  • Site Name: J.K Cement SILO
  • Location: Karnataka
  • Total No of RSP used at site: 5

J.K Cement is working on a project in Karnataka to build a SILO. After completion of project, they required a cradle for repairing, painting, cleaning and maintaining the round wall of the SILO. Major challenges were:
  • Width of upper wall not right for installing upper mechanism, so PARAPIT BRACKETS was provided by New Age and installed on the wall of the SILO
  • Wall of SILO is round shape so standard RSP is not useful
  • There is no space to install upper mechanism
The client’s demand was to design RSP in such a way that workers can easily reach at the round wall and cover maximum area. New Age provided C-Shape RSP as a solution to all the challenges and fulfil client’s requirement.

ConclusionWe have completed the projects successfully by providing customized solutions and timely technical support. Training program was also organized by us for safe and easy operation and for providing information on safety parameters.

Safety Devices with L-Type Hoist stand in RSP
New Age Construction Equipment Engineering Company
  • Safety Locks
  • Centrifugal Speed Limiter in Motor
  • Electromagnetic brake in Motors
  • Manual Lowering in case of power failure
  • over Hoist / Top Limit Switch
  • Anti Tilting Cut off
  • Anti Sway Restriction / Rope Crab Fall Arrestor
  • Over Load Cut-off (Load cell based)
  • Load Display-Digital
  • Over current protection thro’ Relay (OLR)
  • Locking arrangement for upper counter weights
  • Hammer weight for wire rope locking
  • Panel board Lock & key
  • Galvanized Wire rope with proper U Clamps
  • Over Head Protection
Features of Customized RSP
  • Customized Platforms: C Shape, Curve Shape, Square shape, L-type – 90’ (1900 X 1900)
  • Galvanized. Considered all Safety Features
  • Extended Boom to cover Curve Reeds
  • Customized Upper Mechanism
  • No major maintenance during project.
  • Motorized device provided for moving upper mechanism form one place to another place
  • Provided technical solution for Gondolas from staring to completion of project.
  • Provided proper training to operators and site people.

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