MGS Architecture – Modern Green Structures & Architecture

MGS Architecture
MGS Architecture projects emerging developments in green design concept, architecture, sustainable and alternative building technologies and caters to the requirements of architects, designers, structural engineers, builders, developers etc. and delivers modern building concepts which help them to improve the aesthetics, durability and moreover functionality of their projects.

With the green building concept emerging as a forward eco-friendly construction area both globally and locally, there is a significant demand of green building materials and products. MGS Architecture, through its excellent source of information on alternative and sustainable building technologies such as roofing, façade, wall solutions, sheet metal, glass, tensile fabric, PEB, energy efficient doors & windows, lighting solutions, flooring, non-toxic paints, HVAC system etc, instills a great deal of confidence amongst its readers thereby making it a credible publication.

MGS Architecture's alliance with various professional international architectural companies & consultants has in fact, proved an 'icing on the cake.' Readers and industry would find the publication the best medium to reach the construction professionals and end-users of allied products.
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